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Chapter 643: The Origins of the Ancient War

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Weasel Beast rushed over soon after finding out that his master had come out from the dimension. PiQiu and CatQiu followed. They were relatively weak, so they didn’t go over to Weeping Ghost Shores, staying in the palace with Metal Swallowing Beast and the others.

The demon beasts raced to get inside, but upon seeing that Ling Xiao was sitting next to their master, they all settled down.

Their master had been in the dimension taking care of Boss Ling Xiao recently, and without anyone to keep them in check, they went wild. Originally, there was still You JunQi to keep an eye on them, except he wasn’t the most reliable either.

Surprisingly, the most reliable was the weakest Weasel Beast. However, with the pills and life crystals You XiaoMo had provided, his strength had improved by a lot. Now, he could command more and more rodent demons, and stronger ones, too.

Though Ghost Tomb Mountain Range was still that dangerous ancient warzone, he had plenty of eyes placed here now. He would be the first to receive the news if anything happened in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range or White Bone Town, even sooner than TianDao.

You XiaoMo’s current favorite was the Weasel Beast. Seeing him reminded You XiaoMo of the black robed man he had given to the Weasel Beast to take care of. After coming back, he had spent most of his time in his dimension taking care of Ling Xiao, so he didn’t know much about what had happened recently.

“How’s that man doing?”

Seeing that is master was looking over at him, the Weasel Beast replied, “He hasn’t woken yet, but his injuries are mostly healed. He’ll be fully healed in a few months.”

“Since his injuries have healed, how come he hasn’t woken up yet?” You XiaoMo asked in confusion. You XiaoMo had heard from the Weasel Beast that though the man had sustained heavy injuries, his regenerative abilities were very powerful. Logically speaking, he should’ve been awake by now.

The Weasel Beast scratched his head. “I’m not sure about that. Master, do you want to go and visit him?”

You XiaoMo looked to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao asked, “Who is this man you’re speaking of?”

You XiaoMo immediately replied with excitement. “Do you remember that black robed man we saw in the Peach Springs? That’s him. I saved him on my way out from the TongTian Palace. He’s your helper, right?”

Back then, he hadn’t only saved the black robed man, but also two members of TianGou. Though they had both been injured, their injuries weren’t severe, so the two went back to Weeping Ghost Shore directly, just missing the black robed man that was in You XiaoMo’s dimension back then.

Ling Xiao’s expression was a little strange. “Have you informed TianGou’s people? What about your demon beasts, are they not here?”

You XiaoMo blinked. “Why would I inform them? Do you mean SheQiu and the others? TianDao borrowed them not long after we came back, saying there was something important he needed help from them with. I let them go, seeing that he seemed after anxious.”

Ling Xiao didn’t reply, directly saying to the Weasel Beast, “Send someone to the Weeping Ghost Shores, tell them that the person they’re looking for is over here with me.”

The Weasel Beast looked at You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo nodded back for him to obey, feeling delighted. This wasn’t the first time Ling Xiao had ordered his contracted demon beasts. It was, however, rare that his demon beasts didn’t immediately obey and instead asked for his opinion first.

“From what you just said, did you mean that black robed man a member of the TianGou? Ah, is it that TianGui?”

After the Weasel Beast left, You XiaoMo put together Ling Xiao’s words and finally figured out the black robed man’s identity. Of the members of TianGou, TianGui was the most mysterious and often disappeared without warning, so even his companions rarely saw him, nevermind PiQiu and the others.

No wonder PiQiu and CatQiu didn’t have any reaction upon seeing the black robed man. In addition, all those that had met him were with TianDao now, so TianGou still had no idea that TianGui was here with him.

As for You JunQi, all he cared about was his son, and no one bothered him anyway, so even if he knew that TianGui was a member of TianGou, he wouldn’t see a need to inform TianGou, seeing that the man was ok.

“I’m delighted that you finally figured out who he is,” Ling Xiao said without sincerity.

If it wasn’t for him this time, TianGui might’ve been hidden here until he spoke up himself. If he recalled correctly, TianGui was going up against a three star enemy. It seemed like he had sustained heavy injuries while killing his opponent.

You XiaoMo’s gaze drifted. To much had happened as of late; he hadn’t had the tie to consider other things like that.

The Weasel Beast was very fast at sending messages, and TianGou knew within the day. TianDao almost thought that TianGui had been taken by TongTian Palace’s people and had sent plenty of people to look for the other over the course of these three months. Knowing that TianGui was at the palace, he calmed, merely telling the Weasel Beast to tell them to let TianGui stay and heal for now.

However, the Weasel Beast secretly told You XiaoMo afterwards that, when he had told TianGou about TianGui, their expressions had twisted terrifyingly.

Perhaps other people wouldn’t understand, but the Weasel Beast knew that the TianGou had been up in arms over TianGui’s disappearance for a full three months. It was just that, back then, he hadn’t known that TianGui was the black robed person.

You XiaoMo decided to would be for the best if he didn’t go to Weeping Ghost Shores for now.

Ling Xiao was strong, and in three months, his internal injuries had mostly healed. He had heard of the sacred level practitioner in White Bone Town, but he decided to leave this be for now.

Right now, he was more concerned about the overall situation in the TongTian Continent.

“Ling Xiao, let me show you something.” You XiaoMo remembered the pill he had taken from the stone platform. Afterwards, he had checked his DanQing Ancestor’s jade drive, but hadn’t found anything, so he was doubting if this was a magic pill at all.

Ling Xiao took the pill. “What’s this?”

Seeing that there were things that even Ling Xiao didn’t know, You XiaoMo’s enthusiasm was immediately peeked, informing Ling Xiao of everything the middle aged man had said three months ago, including the stuff about the rules and the master. This was something he couldn’t figure out.

“I understand.” Ling Xiao immediately organized all these scraps of info and asked, looking at You XiaoMo, “Do you have any questions?”

You XiaoMo slowly began,” This pill…”

Ling Xiao immediately understood what he wanted to say and held the pill up to him. “Strictly speaking, this isn’t a magic pill, but you could call it that if you really wanted to. I’ve never seen something like this before either. It should be a method the TongTian Emperor and that middle aged man thought up, to transcend into the level of the Almighty.”

“The Almighty?” You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up.

“That level is called the Almighty, but there can only be one, so if one were to transcend into the Almighty, then no one else will be able to. Since the last one is dead, it’s unsurprising that the TongTian Emperor wants to become the Almighty.”

You XiaoMo smacked his lips and said, “But that middle aged man said that the master of the rules has already died. If he’s really that powerful, then how did he die?”

“This is a huge secret, and very few – definitely less than five – people know. It’s doubtful that even the TongTian Emperor knows.” Ling Xiao suddenly adopted a mysterious tone of voice.

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up and asked in a low tone, “Then do you know?”

Ling Xiao glanced at him. “Of course I do, do you want me to tell you?”

You XiaoMo immediately nodded, “Tell me, tell me.”

Ling Xiao beckoned at him with a finger.

You XiaoMo leaned in and just as he offered up his ear, it was bitten. A wet tongue licked over his ear, even attempting slide inside. With a shudder, he tried to push away, but was dragged back, a pair of hands groping his body and making his limbs feel weak.

“Are you going to tell me or not?” You XiaoMo straightened his clothing. That guy had just had his rut yesterday, and it went on for several hours. He really couldn’t take it.

Ling Xiao could only hold him, staring hungrily at the soft body hidden within his clothes as he replied mysteriously, “You have probably heard of the previous Almighty, the first master of the TongTian Palace. Though there can only be one Almighty at a time, this isn’t certain…”

The first master of the TongTian Palace was similar to the current TongTian Emperor. He was a man who looked serious and honest, but was actually petty and deceitful. He had become the Almighty a thousand years before the ancient war. Because he was afraid of the power of the Four Ancient Beast Clans, he triggered the ancient war in an attempt to destroy the Four Ancient Beast Clans.

He did this because he had figured out that after he became the Almighty, the Four Ancient Beast Clans were the biggest threat to his position through the legacy of their blood.

The reason why he felt threatened by the Four Ancient Beast Clans as the Almighty was because, in a time more ancient than ancient times, there was a legend about the Four Ancient Beasts. A being far more powerful than the Four Ancient Beast Clans would be conceived through the perfect amalgamation of the bloodlines of the Four Ancient Beast merged. This being’s power could even rival the Almighty.

It was this being that the Almighty felt threatened by.

However, never mind the palace master’s thoughts, the Four Ancient Beasts wouldn’t allow this being to be conceived. After all, who was willing to be ruled over like that?

The Four Ancient Beast Clans were all prideful creatures. They had been at the top of the TongTian Continent for so long, enough that they even snubbed the Almighty. In addition, this being would only be created from a perfect amalgamation of the bloodlines of the Four Ancient Beast Clans, which meant a fourth of the blood of each clan. The Four Ancient Beast Clans looked highly upon the purity of their blood, so it was clear to see that this being could never come into existence.

However, the Almighty wasn’t convinced. The Four Ancient Beast Clans were still threats.

And so he plotted the ancient war.

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