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Chapter 642: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Ling Xiao turned back and looked at the spiritual water which he had absorbed till there was less than a third left, and gave his family’s wife a funny look, “What do we do now? There’s only so little spiritual water left, and we have to be frugal when using it in the future. Does it make your heart ache?”

You XiaoMo immediately grinned and rubbed against Ling Xiao’s arm as he hugged it, “My heart won’t ache if I give it to you. If it’s for someone else, I won’t even give them a mouthful.”

Just like the black robed man for example. Although he was also seriously injured, You XiaoMo did not dare to throw him into spiritual water lake. After making sure that he would live, he threw him out of his dimension without even giving him the chance to wake up. This was the difference.

Ling Xiao pinched his nose, “Why do I feel like you’re getting more and more sticky after I woke up this time? You can even act coquettishly. Are you having a guilty conscience about something?”

Being accused of this by Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo involuntarily remembered all the things that he was guilty about. Originally, it was not his intention to do so. He was simply happy to see that Ling Xiao was awake. After all, this was the first time that Ling Xiao had been in a coma for three months where he did not move a single muscle. This was totally different from secluded cultivation.

You XiaoMo moved his eyes shiftily, “How can there be? I was very worried during this period of time where you were in a coma. Furthermore, if you didn’t wake up, the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range would really be leveled by someone.”

“Who dares to level the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range?” Ling Xiao indifferently raised an eyebrow. Despite being unconscious for three months, but with just a little extrapolation, he was clear about the current situation.

Levelling this was not as simple as stomping it flat.

You XiaoMo instantly animatedly told him about the news that many people wanted to join them. This was the first time that so many people were rushing to be their comrades. Since the rumor of their disagreement with the Vermillion Blood Clan leaked out, many experts did not dare to get too close to them for fear of being implicated.

Ling Xiao did not have any reaction after listening, instead he was nonchalant, “Such things like comrades and subordinates are valued for their quality rather than their numbers. Moreover, it’s just an unusual period now. A hasty recruitment would only give an opportunity for those that harbor evil designs to exploit.”

This was truth that had come from practice. Otherwise, Ling Xiao would not have only led a dozen experts to shake up the TongTian Palace, which was the number one force in the TongTian Continent, causing them to fail at the final step when they were about to succeed.

“Then forget about it. In any case, I also don’t want too many people in our palace.” You XiaoMo was not interested in being the boss, because it represented responsibility and was more troublesome.

Ling Xiao smile dryly, “But I have a piece of good news to tell you.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up, “What good news?”

Ling Xiao laughed and said, “Uncle Gu has handed the command of the TianGou over to me. We’ll be comrades in the future.”

His strength was already above that of Uncle Gu. The latter was extremely gratified as Lin Gu had waited a long time for this day. Afterwards, he simply handed over the TianGou to Ling Xiao. The members of the TianGou were also very compatible with this young master, even the most difficult one to handle in the TianGou was wrangled by him.

You XiaoMo was also very happy for him. With this, the chances of rescuing his father had increased a little. Although the members of TianGou had strange personalities, their fighting strength could not be underestimated. Once he thought of this, an idea flashed through his mind, but he did not manage to catch it as it passed by too quickly.

They went ashore together. Ling Xiao was only wearing a pair of white trousers. His long black hair was in a mess, casually sticking to his sensual and strong chest. He looked more attractive and sexy than usual while dripping wet.

It was only then that You XiaoMo noticed that he had no clothes on, and remembered that he was the one that had stripped Ling Xiao bare. You XiaoMo looked down and blushed.

At first, he was afraid that clothes would hinder the absorption of spiritual water, so he did not think much before stripping him down to his trousers. Now that the trousers were wet, it was tightly clinging to two strong and lean thighs, clearly outlining the gigantic sleeping object between his legs.

“You like what you see?” Ling Xiao suddenly asked in a low voice while intimately whispering into his red ears.

Despite being an old married couple, You XiaoMo could not help blushing as his gaze darted all around. He just did not dare to look at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao cupped his face with both hands and intimately rubbed noses with him, “Wife, in total, we haven’t seen each other for a year and three months. I miss you very much. How about you? Do you miss me?”

You XiaoMo nodded shyly. He felt that his feelings differed to some extent from Ling Xiao’s.

In the second test, he was under the impression that the year he spent in it was actually very short, so he regarded it only as a test from beginning to end at that time. Thus, he did not feel that time was passing slowly and was difficult to bear, but it was different for Ling Xiao.

He had passed the whole year day by day, and had spared no pains or effort to save him during that year. You XiaoMo did not need to personally experience that feeling for him to understand how it must have felt. When all is said and done, the TongTian Palace was just too abominable.

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo immediately looked up and said, “Let me tell you, that TongTian Emperor was originally… Mhn…”

Before You XiaoMo had finished talking, Ling Xiao bowed his head and kissed him on his lips. How could he let You XiaoMo speak of such distasteful things with such a good atmosphere? He had really really missed his wife very much. During that year, he thought of it for many nights.

You XiaoMo soon lost himself in the desire that Ling Xiao had stirred up. His arms went around Ling Xiao’s neck and he voluntarily opened his mouth to let Ling Xiao in.

After a year of separation, this old married couple were as passionate as newlyweds. Regardless of how well they knew each others bodies, the flames of desire came the moment they were mentioned.

The two bodies were tightly entwined, and the neatly clothed You XiaoMo soon became like Ling Xiao, as even his trousers were stripped off. Yet, Ling Xiao’s trousers were still on. It was just that the head of his gigantic sword had completely risen, and his sword was straight as a ramrod as if it wanted to tear through the trousers. The boiling heat made You XiaoMo, who was sticking onto it, tremble a little.

While the two were rolling together in the meadow and enjoying the the pleasure of close intimacy between a husband and wife, it was obviously not very peaceful outside.

Although it was a plus for the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range to become so bustling, the drawbacks were also top-notch, in that it was easy to get into a fight due to a slight disagreement, especially in White Bone Town.

The White Bone Town could now be regarded as the property of the TianGou, but ever since the town had flourished, there would be fights breaking out from time to time everyday. Originally, this did not pose any danger for the White Bone Town, so the TianGou turned a blind eye to it.

It was not known if it was due to this kind of laissez-faire behavior that made those outsiders belittle the TianGou. There was news of fierce fighting emerging in an endless stream daily, and eventually a group war even broke out.

When it came to this group warfare, the ‘sin’ that Ling Xiao created definitely had to be mentioned as well.

Ever since Ling Xiao’s reputation exploded, the number of experts who came to the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range out of admiration for him had continually increased. However, the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range was a very dangerous place. For them to find the palace, they had to traverse the Cartilage Mountain and break through the barrier that Ling Xiao had laid down afterwards. Otherwise, it was impossible.

As a result, the White Bone Town had developed, and the town boundaries had expanded by two or three times.

Each and every one of those practitioners all started squatting in White Bone Town and refused to leave. Later, it was not known who had thought of this shit idea; they actually established their own small forces, then each one of them said that they were the real subordinates of Ling Xiao and argued till they were red in the face.

It was only three months and they actually started fighting.

It was tolerable if was just a small-scale fight. However, the problem was that it was not the case this time because the strongest amongst the small forces suddenly wiped out many of the other small forces in White Bone Town.

Even the TianGou had no choice but to pay attention to this situation, because the leader of this force was an expert who was a Level Twelve demon beast. It was said that he wanted to become Ling Xiao’s subordinate. In order to show his sincerity, he purged all the small fish in White Bone Town

It would be good to have the Level Twelve expert to join them, but Level Twelve demon beasts were all haughty creatures and they could easily establish a force in Xi Jing just by depending on their own cultivation base. There was no need for them to run over to become someone’s subordinate, therefore the TianGou suspected that his motives may be impure.

A day had passed before You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao came out of their dimension.

However, no one knew that Ling Xiao had woken up, so it made no difference whether he came out in the morning or evening. No one had imagined that they would have such a wild day in their dimension.

You XiaoMo had not moved around anywhere for three months. When they came out, they were in their bedroom and no one else was there.

His Qiu team had not been idle during this period. Since Lin Gu handed the TianGou to Ling Xiao, PiQiu and the rest had accompanied Tian Dao and the others in their work, and had become more right and proper. Due to the situation in White Bone Town, as well as the recent chaotic events in Xi Jing, each and every one of them were all very busy.

While Ling Xiao was changing clothes, You XiaoMo had run out.

As soon as the door opened, a blue shadow pounced on him. Caught off guard, You XiaoMo was hit head-on and was nearly squashed flat. At the same time, a familiar voice sounded above his head.

“Son, son, you finally come out! Daddy missed you so much!” You JunQi hugged his son’s head with all his strength. This feeling of recovering what one had previously lost was absolutely not any less than that of Ling Xiao’s. When he learned that You XiaoMo was detained by the people from TongTian Palace, and had even been told that his son was dead, he would have rushed to the TongTian Palace if not for Ling Xiao obstructing him.

You XiaoMo gave him a kick, “We clearly just saw each other yesterday! Are you trying to strangle me?”

You JunQi sulkily poked his fingers together, “Son, one day apart seems like three years ah~”

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes at him.

Speaking of this cheap dad, his luck was quite good. Others, including Ling Xiao, had been injured, but he was the only one who was completely without a scratch. Furthermore, it was said that one third of the countless injured and dead white-robed men from TongTian Palace was his handiwork. The reason was because his old dad had a super-strong sneak attack ability that was said to have been perfected when he was being hunted down by You ZhenTian.

However, You XiaoMo was extremely gratified that he was all right.

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