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Chapter 648: The Five Blessing Spirit Eyes

Translated by Ra the forever remain ded of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

(Pls, let me die, stop resurrecting me <_<)

One cannot mention the Qilin Clan without mentioning Lin ShaoYi.

The main reason the Qilin Clan was more difficult to deal with compared to the Demon Phoenix Clan lied on this man Lin ShaoYi. Ever since the rise of Lin ShaoYi, the Qilin Clan had become an item in his pocket.

Ling Xiao possessed the qualifications to inherit the position as Qilin Clan’s head, but due to the rejection of the clan members and his resistance to staying in the same place with them, even if he knew the current head of QiLin Clan didn’t reject him, he still didn’t bother interacting with the other members.

Furthermore, one of the reasons also started from Lin Gu.

Since Ling Xiao’s father was imprisoned by the Qilin Clan, Lin Gu never had any good impression toward the Qilin Clan, which was why he didn’t let the young Ling Xiao stay inside the clan, and he would often teach him all the bad deeds of the Qilin Clan.

Therefore, even though both of them were candidates for the succession, Lin ShaoYi had more inborn advantages. He was the most outstanding youth among the three generations, he was skillful and crafty, and he knew how to win over people.

At the moment, the entire Qilin Clan, except the clan head, had taken side with Lin ShaoYi, including Ling Xiao’s grandfather, Lin Tian.

As the result, it was almost impossible to inquire information about Ling Xiao’s father inside this impenetrable defense of the QiLin Clan, but fortunately, nothing was absolute.

Lin Gu didn’t waste those thousands of years not gaining anything.

Back in the day, Ling Xiao’s father had plenty of followers, even though not all of them remained loyal to him until this day, but some of them still stayed in touch in secret.

From their words, Ling Xiao learned that his father was imprisoned inside the Purgatory tower.

The Purgatory tower was used by the Qilin Clan to punish traitors, the tortuous punishments were set to aim directly at the clan members.

For the ordinary clan members, one year inside was far more than what they could handle. Thus, unless one had an exceptional tenacious willpower, one would go crazy after thousands of years inside.

Sadly the informant was not able to enter the Purgatory tower because his status wasn’t high enough, so he had no way to know the current situation of Ling Xiao’s father. In addition, Lin ShaoYi’s eyes were everywhere inside the Qilin clan so he didn’t dare to make a big move.

Since he couldn’t investigate the Purgatory tower, that man decided to switch his investigation to the man, Lin ShaoYi, himself.

Lin ShaoYi’s whereabouts was full of mystery. Every month he would disappear for some days, and everytime he came back, his aura would become more and more dangerous, sometimes a faint bloody smell could be sensed from him.

Except for Ling Xiao, no one knew what he was up to.

“What are you thinking?” Following Ling Xiao’s aura, You XiaoMo found him standing inside the pavilion with both his hands behind his back while looking at the distant mountain ranges. He went closer.

The more they learned about the Qilin Clan, the more they discovered that the QiLin clan was a super-hard-to-chew bone. Back then You XiaoMo didn’t understand why Lin Gu couldn’t find Ling Xiao’s father despite all the effort after thousands of years, now he knew, it wasn’t because they didn’t try hard enough, it was because the enemy was too strong.

Originally they could just expose Lin ShaoYi’s true face as the leader of the Black Spider because as long as this news went out, it wouldn’t be just the Qilin Clan but also the True Dragon clan that would point their spear against him, which was enough to make him flustered. But when You XiaoMo thought about Ling Xiao’s father who was still imprisoned inside Qilin Clan, if they really provoked Lin ShaoYi, they wouldn’t be able to guarantee that Lin ShaoYi wouldn’t make a move on this father-in-law whom he had yet to meet.

Ling Xiao took back his line of sight, his eyes flashed with a ray of light, “Let’s go to Dong Zhou.”

You XiaoMo couldn’t keep up with his thinking, why did they have to leave for Dong Zhou so suddenly? Even though both Da shixiong and second shixiong were there, it was quite strange.

“Why?” He asked.

“Do you know why Lin ShaoYi helped the Gu Ma tribe unify Dong Zhou?” Ling Xiao slightly raised his lips and revealed a suggestive smile, his eyes flashing as if he was calculating something.

“Why?” You XiaoMo asked again.

Ling Xiao replied, “At first, I didn’t know why he would spread his hand toward Dong Zhou, but later on when I asked Tian Dao to investigate, I finally figured out his goal is very likely to be the the Five Blessing Spirit Eye.”

“What is the Five Blessing Spirit Eye?”

“It’s Dong Zhou’s biggest treasure…”

The Five Blessing Spirit Eye was Tong Tian continent’s top ranked blessed place. The place was created by the spiritual energy of the earth and heaven’s five elements. Whether it was practitioners or mages, as long as they cultivated around the Five Blessing Spirit Eye, their cultivation could increase drastically. Moreover, it had no backlash. Especially toward mages, the Five Blessing Spirit Eye could change their soul’s quality.

Just this effectiveness alone was enough for every mage of Tong Tian continent to rush like ducks and fight manically for the Five Blessing Spirit Eye. After all, there was a reason for Dong Zhou to be called the mage’s paradise during the ancient battles.

The place where the Five Blessing Spirit Eye was first discovered was in Dong Zhou. It was later deducted that Dong Zhou was the most suitable region to nurture the Five Blessing Spirit Eye, and only by then was it exploited without restraint.

However, the Five Blessing Spirit Eye didn’t exist forever. What practitioners and mages cultivated around the Five Blessing Spirit Eyes was in fact the energy they absorbed from the Five Blessing Spirit Eye itself. From ancients time to the present, some the Five Blessing Spirit Eyes had been fully absorbed.

For example, the Gu Ma tribe’s Five Blessing Spirit Eye.

The reason why so many transcendent level mages with high level appeared inside the Gu Ma tribe was thanks to the the Five Blessing Spirit Eye. But judging from their usage, their Five Blessing Spirit Eye must have disappeared.

The loss of Five Blessing Spirit Eye could mean that transcendent level mages may not appear in the future again. The answer to their problem? Stealing other’s Five Blessing Spirit Eye.

Not many people knew about the Five Blessing Spirit Eye because, after all, it was a treasure that defies heaven, hiding alone wasn’t enough, who would announce it publicly. Like Gu Ma tribe, maybe the only people who knew about it were Mo Ma and Xia Yin who had extremely high status.

You XiaoMo was extremely looking forward to it, because his current cultivation progress had reached the bottleneck. He had progressed too fast previously, and every since then, the speed went down gradually. If he didn’t grab an opportunity soon, he afraid that it would take him another year to breakthrough to grade five.

The Five Blessing Spirit Eye sounded like it was prepared just for him. Right now, even if Ling Xiao forbid him from going, he would still go Dong Zhou, and also to visit his two shixiongs.

Ling Xiao’s main purpose wasn’t to destroy Lin ShaoYi’s plan. In his opinion, Lin ShaoYi had stretched his hands way too far. The matter with Xi Jing alone was already enough to make him unable to stretch out anymore.

After Tian Dao’s investigation of the Five Blessing Spirit Eye, Ling Xiao immediately thought of his wife, but at the time he was busy fighting to death with Tong Tian palace’s master, so the plan was delayed.

“When will we leave for Dong Zhou?” You XiaoMo was somewhat impatient.

“In two days.” Ling Xiao answered, he knew You XiaoMo would respond.

Without Ling Xiao to push him, You XiaoMo had already fully prepared for their departure, all that was left was for Ling Xiao to finish entrusting the Tian Gou’s business and they could leave right away.

Since Ling Xiao was here, they only brought the Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping along. Xiao Pong was borrowed by Tian Dao since it was the killer of restriction barrier, it would be too wasteful not taking advantage of it.

Ra: Husband the multi-purpose tools…Who need contracted beasts when you have a multi-purpose husband <_<

After the collaboration between the Weasel Beast and Tian Dao’s intel network, Tian Dao sent the Weasel Beast to work everyday. In order to reward him, You XiaoMo gave him the turkeys that had grown quite a lot inside his dimension as food, he also wrote down the recipe for beggar chicken so that they could study it by themselves.

PiQiu and CatQiu also wanted to follow them to Dong Zhou as well because they hadn’t been together with their master much during those years, they really missed their master’s…care, but they were thrown back by Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo knew that during these past few years he hadn’t spent much time with his contracted beasts, but they had no choice, there were too many troubles following them. Probably not until they solved all the problems did they finally have a chance to get together.

Two days later, they set off for Dong Zhou.

This was the second time they went to Dong Zhou, yet the atmosphere was obviously different compared to before.

After the war among the three tribes broke out, Dong Zhou was filled with tension with the strained atmosphere. The scenes of people wearing different symbols and clothings clashing their swords against each other could be seen everywhere.

The two of them intentionally went to Gu Ma tribe’s town, the building that Yan Hui and Su Lang stayed before had been unoccupied since, there was dust everywhere.

The situation inside the Gu Ma tribe was not so good at the moment. Even though Xia Yin had colluded secretly with Moqi XiYuan, on the surface, she still hadn’t gone against Mo Ma. Although Mo Ma was also doubting Xia Yin, but since she was a holy maiden, her reputation within the Gu Ma tribe was extremely high, so unless he had evidence to prove that Xia Yin had betrayed the tribe, Xia Yin’s status in the tribe could not be shaken by one-sided words alone.

But Mo Ma wasn’t a fool, he was trying to push Xia Yin to rebel.

With Lin ShaoYi’s help, Mo Ma restricted Xia Yin in every aspect as he secretly made moves to go against her. Mo Ma avoided letting Xia Yin know all the secret incidents and missions. He thought this move could drive Xia Yin to a corner, but who would have thought, he was the one being used by Xia Yin instead.

The Gu Ma tribe’s biggest enemies were Shui Xi and Wan Sha, yet Mo Ma didn’t deal with the enemies, instead, he wholeheartedly focused on pushing his own people away.

Xia Yin let some people spread out the rumor, and now everyone knew about Mo Ma’s conducts and deeds. The holy maiden was their moral pillar, how could the tribe head Mo Ma do such a thing. In that moment, doubts against Mo Ma had seeded inside everyone.

Xia Yin’s chance to betray the Gu Ma tribe was when one of her men was killed by Mo Ma’s trusted aide in front of many people.

Xia Yin purposely set up this plan, and then she left the Gu Ma tribe openly with honor, while stirring up the water inside the Gu Ma tribe even more. She also took with her a group of strong practitioners who were loyal to her, which enraged Mo Ma even further.

All this happened before You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao arrived in Dong Zhou.

Mo Ma used three days to suppress those voices that spoke against him. The Gu Ma tribe had changed to a dictatorship. In order to annex Shui Xi and Wan Sha, he even promised to give the Black Spider the first Five Blessing Spirit Eye they discovered. One must know that, Mo Ma was asking a tiger for its skin, furthermore, the Black Spider had never revealed their true intentions to them.

t/n: asking a tiger for its skin = asking someone of evil characters for a favor, which was against his interest

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