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Chapter 61: Conquest

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Don’t do this to me…

He grabbed onto Zhuo Yin tightly like a drowning man holding onto the only floating log.

However, the log was slowly sinking… Gu Ting Yu would soon drown in deep and baseless despair.

Don’t do this to me…

Zhuo Yin stared at Gu Ting Yu; he was waiting. From the two of them, one will eventually have to compromise.

“Tell me, are you in love with me?” Zhuo Yin asked.

There was a voiceless protest. In Gu Ting Yu’s world, even if he fell in love with someone, voicing it was difficult. Even with his past encounters, Bai Zhi Ao, Xiu Er, Qing Que, Liang Yue, Qian Lü… To all of them, he never once spoke of the word “love”.

To him, love was a promise. Gu Ting Yu had never broken a promise before; if he said so, then he would most certainly fulfill it, and love was a life-long promise.

He didn’t want to say it and he didn’t dare.

Gu Ting Yu hid his face… This cold man trampled him, continuously hurt him, he even threw him into a swarm of hungry snakes before… But for an unknown reason, Gu Ting Yu wished that Zhuo Yin would not give him to someone else…

A fruitless wish.

Zhuo Yin pulled Gu Ting Yu’s arm and threw him off the bed, “Get lost.”

A blue-eyed male, who was beside the bed, secretly sighed and slightly leaned forward. Quietly putting his hand on Gu Ting Yu’s back, he tried to comfort the shivering human.

Gu Ting Yu had his head down, his forehead right at the blue-eyed male’s chest.

However, even such tiny actions were noticed by Zhuo Yin——the red-eyed male beside the blue-eyed one was just about to stop him, but he was too late…

Nobody could stop Zhuo Yin when he was mad and jealous.

A sharp blade of wind pierced through the blue-eyed male’s heart, the force of the blade threw him a hundred meters away.

“No!!!” the red-eyed male let out an anguished scream; he ran towards the falling male to hold him in his hands. His blood-red eyes glared at Zhuo Yin, “Why?!”

“You think I don’t know about the two of you ?” Zhuo Yin used one arm to pull Gu Ting Yu back to the bedside, “Get lost before I decide to kill you too.”

Zhuo Yin could sense Gu Ting Yu shivering; he knew that the other was scared. He turned around and straddled Gu Ting Yu, “Stop testing my patience, say it, do you love me?” He seized both of Gu Ting Yu’s hands and locked his gaze on him.

“…” and Gu Ting Yu’s panting were the only replies he got.

“If you don’t answer me, I will kill you. I will throw you into an pit of snakes and make you a lowly prostitute.”

“I know…”

Of course you would do that… Gu Ting Yu’s face was pale, “… I’m just a pawn… Of course you can walk over me all you want…”

Zhuo Yin squeezed Gu Ting Yu’s wrist tightly, forming dark purple marks.

“But… but…” Gu Ting Yu closed his eyes in pain, “It’s exactly because I know, I… That’s why I feel so sad.”

… Even so, please don’t give me to someone else.

After he finished his sentence, Gu Ting Yu bit on his own lips with all his might, until blood started seeping down the corner of his mouth.

The awful pain in his chest stopped him from saying anything else; moreover, he…

No longer wanted to speak.

Looking at Gu Ting Yu’s agonized expression, Zhuo Yin somehow felt depressed. He had to admit, he liked seeing Gu Ting Yu resist, he even wished for Gu Ting Yu to bite him, but at this very moment… He only wished that the feelings Gu Ting Yu confessed to be real, he hoped that they had nothing to do with the spell he had cast.

“I need you to ‘really’ love me,” Zhuo Yin bit on Gu Ting Yu’s lips. Under the bed canopy, intermittent moans overflowed the veils.


The next morning.

Zhuo Yin had his upper body naked as he sat at the side of the bed, looking lazy yet content. Next to him, there was Gu Ting Yu, who still had his legs opened, maintaining the position from when Zhuo Yin went inside him. Gu Ting Yu no longer had the strength to pull his numb legs together before he fell asleep.

Gu Ting Yu’s head leaned on Zhuo Yin as he slept; Zhuo Yin lit up a candle. A small flicker of fire shone on Gu Ting Yu’s exhausted face. Last night was wild… Zhuo Yin sucked every inch of Gu Ting Yu’s body, he almost wanted to eat him whole.

Zhuo Yin nestled up to Gu Ting Yu, only his own fluids remained inside of this human… The room was filled with lust. Zhuo Yin pulled up the blanket and covered Gu Ting Yu up to the waist.

Wanting to caress Gu Ting Yu’s face, he extended his hand. However, when his fingertips touched the other’s warm skin, he couldn’t but withdraw his hand again.

He tried to smile, yet he could not see the sadness in his own eyes.

Zhuo Yin got off the bed and walked out of the room naked. All of a sudden, a thought came across his calm mind——

Why do I want to hear him say that he loves me…

To prove that “Heart Decaying Shadow” works…?

To prove that I can win the game…?

Or maybe… This is no longer a game…

Zhuo Yin was tired of controlling people’s souls. While he enjoyed watching people give in to their own desires, he also wished that someone could break the chains he cast…

He cast a huge web, but now he wasn’t afraid of his prey getting out, instead he feared that he was caught in the web himself.

When Gu Ting Yu woke up and saw Zhuo Yin again, he was on another man, thrusting in and out of him… The hall was filled with indecent moans, no one would notice Gu Ting Yu who was now standing by the door frame.

Zhuo Yin peeked at Gu Ting Yu through the corner of his eyes, he knew that he would come. He repeatedly pictured Gu Ting Yu waking up on an empty bed, wobbling to look for him… But now, when Gu Ting Yu opened the door, Zhuo Yin only increased his speed and force as he continued to shove himself into the man beneath him…

The door closed quietly.

Zhuo Yin stopped as he knew that Gu Ting Yu left.

This so-called game meant that…

If you were serious, you would lose.

He didn’t want his thoughts to be swayed by a mere human, those uncontrollable emotions were very frightening.

When night fell, Gu Ting Yu was deep in his thoughts as he leaned on the bed headboard.

Outside, Zhuo Yin had already circled around the room over a hundred times. He could no longer stand plunging in and out of a bunch of cold bodies, he longed for Gu Ting Yu’s warmth.


Zhuo Yin’s breathing became irregular.

“Dammit!” Zhuo Yin kicked the rock door open as he cursed, he pressed the shocked Gu Ting Yu on the bed, followed by a storm-like assault.

“Uh… Um…” Gu Ting Yu could hardly breathe. Zhuo Yin’s forked tongue ravaged his mouth, long and soft. It stirred his tongue and reached his windpipe, Zhuo Yin’s scent lingered in every corner of Gu Ting Yu’s mouth.

Only their heavy panting remained in the darkness; Zhuo Yin knew Gu Ting Yu’s body well, and he set flames inside of him. In no time at all, Gu Ting Yu became aroused under Zhuo Yin’s skillful techniques.

“Hold onto my waist.” Zhuo Yin placed Gu Ting Yu’s separated legs on either side of his hips, and he dragged open Gu Ting Yu’s buttcheeks to reveal the wet and soft insides.

If I die one day… then it must be by his hand, Zhuo Yin thought as he pounded into Gu Ting Yu and bit his tingling nipple.

“Ah!!!” the huge member inside of Gu Ting Yu was not the only thing he was enduring… The humiliation of being taken by someone even though he was a man continued to torment him… yet…

Only now, when he was on the verge of losing his sanity, at a place of darkness hidden from God… Gu Ting Yu indulged himself in his own desires, he started to understand the pleasure of giving in to one’s cravings…

Understanding one’s kindness and learning about the desires of another.

What God wanted for people might not be what the people wanted.

“Ah… Ah… ah… Ah…” The headboard was creaking; under the gauze, there was a lengthy battle of the conqueror and the conquered.

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