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Chapter 650: Zu Ma

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Xiao-shidi!” Fang ChenLe impatiently walked out and just happened to meet You XiaoMo coming in at the door, immediately showing an expression of surprise.

You XiaoMo had two shifus. Although his first shifu did not fulfill his responsibilities as a master, he regarded several of his shixiongs as his relatives. However, his feelings towards Wei Bai were not at the same level.

MoQi Rong left the area to the three and departed with his clansmen. From the last time where Fu ZiLin was unwilling to go back to the ShuiXi Tribe with him immediately, he could see that their bonds were deeper than usual.

In the past, he frequently heard Mister Fang mentioning his Xiao-shidi, saying how good he was and how easily he caused trouble and so on. At that time, he never thought that this Xiao-shidi was You XiaoMo. He even been envious that You XiaoMo had two shixiongs who constantly kept him in their minds.

Both shixiongs and shidis had a lot to say when meeting for the first time after several years.

Fu ZiLin was different from Fang ChenLe and the two did not actually say much when they met last time. The main reason was because Fu ZiLin did not know how to convey his feelings and he was usually not too talkative.

However, Fang ChenLe was different. He was a gentle Da-shixiong who cared about his shidis. But he had endless things to speak about when his chatterbox nature appeared. It was not too much to say that he was like a naggy mother.

You XiaoMo had long been accustomed to his Da-shixiong’s love of nagging. The two of them could continue on for two to four hours once they started talking. They still had the attitude where they had not chatted long enough even after talking from midday till sunset. Ling Xiao had left midway through their talk.

“Da-shixiong, how did you guys get to the TongTian Continent?” You XiaoMo remembered that Ling Xiao told him that a special passageway was required to travel back and forth from a Middle Level Realm to a Higher Level Realm. However, one needed to have a Divine Realm cultivation or higher, and he remembered Zhao DaZhou saying that they were out traveling.

“It’s a long story.” Fang ChenLe action of drinking tea to moisten his throat stopped. He put the cup back on the table and sighed heavily.

“Then cut the long story short.” You XiaoMo subconsciously replied.

Fang ChenLe speechlessly stared at him. You XiaoMo rubbed his nose in embarrassment.

Fang ChenLe explained, “At that time, ZiLin and I had truly left Tian Xin Sect to travel, but we met several strange people when our journey had just began…”

Fu ZiLin and him had witnessed a black rift appearing suddenly before them before some strange people walked out from the rift. Those people even wanted to kill all witnesses, but it seemed that one of them had made a mistake in manipulating the rift, which led to that rift destabilizing suddenly and sucking them inside.

The situation was extremely critical at that time because they were not strong enough. So they were still seriously injured even though the rift was a spatial passageway and were already in the TongTian Continent when they regained consciousness.

There was also a story which had to be told as for why they would be in Dong Zhou and were even working themselves to the bone for the ShuiXi Tribe.

They were randomly transported to Dong Zhou. Dong Zhou was also an Ancient Battlefield and some of the dimension in the area was weaker, so it was not impossible.

Unlike the Guma Tribe, though the ShuiXi Tribe was also xenophobic, it was not as severe as the Guma Tribe who would treat the lives of outsiders with contempt and even be capable of killing them without blinking an eye.

During that period, there were already grievances between the two tribes and the Guma Tribe was frequently setting their sights on the ShuiXi Tribe. It was at this time that they had an encounter with MoQi Rong.

MoQi Rong was the most beloved son of MoQi XiYuan. There was a position of a priest in the tribe, and it had always been held by mages. This position was extremely important and the person who took on the mantle of the priest was even on equal footing with MoQi XiYuan. MoQi XiYuan was grooming MoQi Rong as the future priest.

Nevertheless, the Guma Tribe was able to take advantage of a gap in their defense regardless of how carefully they protected him. It was Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin who had saved him when he was being hunted down and his life was hanging on the line. However, they were also an arrow at the end of its flight at that time and were brought back to the tribe by MoQi Rong afterwards.

In order to repay the two people, MoQi XiYuan not only saved them, but also let them stay in the ShuiXi Tribe when they had nowhere to go.

Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin were both people with genuine talent (真材实料). Although they had insufficient experience, their minds were nimble and knew how to accommodate to their circumstances. The ShuiXi Tribe was a big tribe, yet their living conditions were not really good in those days. They helped to improve the situation and were put in an important position after they gained the trust of MoQi XiYuan.

One must know that it was hard to gain the trust of the Chief of a tribe, as sometimes putting someone in an important position did not represent trusting that person.

It was at this time that the two came into contact with the Five Blessing Spirit Eye. Their aptitude had improved and their strength advanced by leaps and bounds to become inseparable from the Five Blessing Spirit Eye. Since then, they had become more earnest in helping the ShuiXi Tribe.

Fang ChenLe was now the priest of the ShuiXi Tribe.

The reason MoQi XiYuan dared to set his mind at ease and leave for Dong Yu was because Fang ChenLe was overseeing the tribe. This clearly showed his trust in Fang ChenLe.

Fang ChenLe could feel the favor MoQi XiYuan had towards them, so he promised to be the priest until MoQi Rong had the ability to inherit this position.

Speaking of it, this was a great turning point in their lives.

If it was not for that rift and those strange people, they might not have been able to come to TongTian Continent in their lifetime. It was only after living here for several years that they realized how narrow their perspective was.

“Da-shixiong, if I’m not mistaken, those strange people you met were probably from the Vermillion Blood Clan.” You XiaoMo deduced that from the time when they left, it was the period when the Vermillion Blood Clan sent people down to the Lower Realm.

Fang ChenLe already knew about his situation with the Vermillion Blood Clan and laughed helplessly, “It seems that even in the unseen world, the Heavens still bind us together.”

“This shows that we are predestined ah!” You XiaoMo was very happy. It was fortunate that they were all right. However, he would have to end the Vermillion Blood Clan sooner or later with new hatred piled on old.

The fellow disciples spoke of some private matters too. You XiaoMo told them of his and Ling Xiao’s life in the TongTian Continent these few years, and also of the days he spend in Dao Xin Academy. To sum up, it was full of surprise and danger.

“Xiao-shidi, I’ve heard that you really intend to help the ShuiXi Tribe deal with the Guma Tribe?” Fang ChenLe was worried that he had become involved in this unnecessary conflict because of the two of them. He knew that his Xiao-shidi and Ling Xiao had a lot of enemies now and was afraid that they would not be able to cope if they interfered in this matter.

You XiaoMo did not know what he was thinking, nor did he know what Ling Xiao’s aim was. He just replied, “This was the decision made by Ling Xiao.”

Fang ChenLe suddenly laughed in understanding. If it was so, he did not need to worry about it anymore. It was absolutely impossible for his Xiao-shidi to be in danger with how much importance Ling Xiao attached to him.

They chatted until the sun went down, and only reluctantly tore themselves away when Ling Xiao came back.

The two settled down in the ShuiXi Tribe and were honored as distinguished guests by MoQi XiYuan. Although they did not need to eat, many still paid heed to their desire for good food, so MoQi XiYuan asked people to prepare dinner.

The two went back to their room to rest after dinner.

The next day, Fang ChenLe personally explained the details of the war between the Three Great Tribes. The current situation of the war was practically in a mess with the assistance of the Black Spider.

On the other hand, the Black Spider and the Guma Tribe had also gotten the news that Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were preparing to help the ShuiXi Tribe. The participation of the two were extremely disadvantageous to them, so they immediately fed this news back to Lin ShaoYi.

“The last last time was at the bottom of the ocean in Dong Yu, the last time was at the Peach Blossom Ruins, this time it’s in Dong Yu again. Dong Yu, Dong Yu. Lin Xiao, ah, Lin Xiao, you certainly want to make enemies out of me, don’t you?”  
t/n: Ling Xiao’s (凌霄) real name is Lin Xiao (麟霄), which is also the Lin from the Qilin Clan (麒麟族).

Lin ShaoYi took two quick steps before he suddenly turned and sat on a rattan chair. His expression was obscure, as if enshrouding a raging storm of fury, yet he was laughing instead of spitting in anger. The people below him all became fearful. Their master was seldom angry, but someone would be out of luck every time he got angry.

“Master, please calm your anger!” At this time, a soft and beautiful voice capable of soothing one’s heart drifted in from the door. As she walked in, the little bell on her chest let out pleasant jingling sounds.

Everyone knew who was coming without looking back, and they all left out a sigh of relief. They would not have to bear the anger of their master as long as she was there.

“So it’s Zu Ma.” A smile immediately adorned Lin ShaoYi’s handsome face as he looked at the woman who came in.

Zu Ma was the incumbent holy maiden of the Guma Tribe. She was the most beautiful woman in Dong Zhou and was as pure and holy as a lotus. The people of the tribe had always revered her as an inviolable fairy that one could only watch from afar. Her most conspicuous symbol was the bell on her chest. It was a silver bell that constantly let out a jingling sound. This sound was not just an ordinary noise, but one that could ensnare those with weak willpower.

Zu Ma walked to Lin ShaoYi and gave a slight bow as she stated, “Master, Zu Ma is willing to go to Dong Zhou to resolve your troubles.”

“Zu Ma is considerate. Then I’ll have to trouble you with regards to the issue in Dong Zhou this time.” Lin ShaoYi leisurely laughed. The terrifying aura enveloping his body seemed to have turned into a spring wind instantly as he looked at the woman in front of him with a gentle gaze.

Zu Ma gave a soft smile, “It’s Zu Ma’s privilege to share Master’s worries and labor for Master.”

Lin ShaoYi did not speak any more and only nodded with satisfaction.

The next day, Zu Ma departed with several powerful experts from the Black Spider to Dong Zhou. No one except Mo Ma knew that the incumbent holy maiden was coming.

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