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Chapter 651: Book Storage

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The situation in Dongzhou hadn’t changed drastically, so the other powers didn’t notice the changes being steadily set into motion. Although, at the moment, they were all more concerned with themselves, and probably didn’t have the energy to consider others.

Zu Ma’s arrival gave the Gu Ma Tribe more confidence.

Mo Ma realized that not even he could tell how powerful this previous holy maiden of theirs was. When she had first left Dongzhou, Mo Ma had thought it was quite a shame, but then Xia Yin had appeared, so he forgot about this ex-holy maiden.

Now that he looked back on that, Mo Ma regretted it.

If he had known that Zu Ma would become so powerful, then he wouldn’t have let her go. Yet now, she was coming to help the Gu Ma Tribe as a representative of Black Spider, when she should be their holy maiden.

This thought brought Mo Ma’s mood low.

Xi Shui Tribe, at the Five Blessing Spirit Eye.

It was three days later that the two of them visited the Five Blessing Spirit Eye for the second time. The spirit eye had Ling Xiao’s barrier sealing it, so it was fine even if no one stayed to guard it for now.

You XiaoMo squatted beside the spirit eye. For the past two days, he was catching up with his two shixiong, so he didn’t know what Ling Xiao was doing.

“You can tell me now, right? What are you planning?”

Ling Xiao didn’t immediately answer his question. He circled the cave before saying, “Do you remember how I told you before thar Black Spider is after the Five Blessing Spirit Eye?”

You XiaoMo nodded. “I remember. Back then you said that the Black Spider wants the Five Blessing Spirit Eye, which is why they’re helping the Gu Ma Tribe. But the ShuiXi Tribe’s Five Blessing Spirit Eye is about to dry up. If so, then wouldn’t their efforts be for nothing?”

“You think Black Spider doesn’t know about that?” Ling Xiao retorted, smiling.

You XiaoMo considered it for a moment. “I think… they should know about that.” There was no wall that would be able to prevent all wind from leaking through. Black Spider was so mysterious, it was hard to be sure if there were any of their spies in the ShuiXi Tribe.

Ling Xiao’s smile was meaningful. He walked over and patted his shoulder, as if saying that he was a young man of potential, worthy of teaching, before continuing to explain. “Considering Black Spider’s ability, it was impossible that they don’t know, yet they still decided to help the GuMa Tribe deal with the ShuiXi and WanSha Tribes. This means means that it’s very likely that there’s another Five Blessing Spirit Eye in DongZhou, and it’s most likely right under the ShuiXi Tribe’s territory.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up and raised a finger in excitement, saying, “I get it! So that’s why you asked MoQi XiYuan for this Five Blessing Spirit Eye. You’re trying to find the undiscovered Five Blessing Spirit Eye aren’t you?”

“That’s right. I’ve been searching for it these two days, but I haven’t had any luck yet.” Ling Xiao rubbed his chin, contemplative.

You XiaoMo thought for a while, asking, “But why must it be here? That Five Blessing Spirit Eye isn’t necessarily around here. Couldn’t it be somewhere else?”

Ling Xiao shook his head. “I’ve already looked into it. Starting from ancient times, with this Spirit Eyes as the center, seven to eight mid and low grade spirit eyes have appeared in a five hundred kilometer radius.”

“What does that have to do with the spirit eye you’re looking for?”

Ling Xiao didn’t answer his question directly, turning and side eyeing him. “Do you know why all these spirit eyes are low grade?”

You XiaoMo shook his head.

The Five Blessing Spirit Eye was categorized by quality, low grade, mid grade, high grade and transcendent grade. The better the quality, the more effective it was, with transcendent grade as the best, but treasures like the Five Blessing Spirit Eye weren’t so easy to come by.

The development of a Five Blessing Spirit Eye didn’t just need enough time, but an advantageous location as well, but DongZhou was the birthplace of the Five Blessing Spirit Eye. Why?

All those who knew about the Five Blessing Spirit Eye knew that transcendent grade spirit eyes begot high grade spirit eyes, high grade ones begot mid grade ones and mid grade ones begot low grade ones, and the better the quality the harder it was to develop.

Ever since the Five Blessing Spirit Eye was first discovered, a transcendent level spirit eye had never appeared. It was a thing of myths, and high grade ones had only ever appeared twice in ancient times. After that, they never appeared again. Low grade ones were relatively more common, and then mid grades ones.

Seven or eight Five Blessing Spirit Eyes didn’t seem like much, but as a rare sacred area, his was already a shocking number.

Some had brought up the problem of the birth of Five Blessing Spirit Eyes. They had once thought that DongZhou had a transcendent grade Five Blessing Spirit Eye, because only transcendent grade spirit eyes could create high grade spirit eyes, and only that could explain why spirit eyes were so common in DongZhou.

It was unfortunate that their predecessors had never managed to discover that transcendent one before the ancient war. Then, this idea had slowly been lost to time.

Though most people either didn’t believe it or didn’t remember it, but those who would rather believe it existed, even if it didn’t, still existed, Black Spider among them.

The ShuiXi Tribe was a great power. If they attempted anything secretly, they were bound to be noticed eventually. Then, when the news of the transcendent grade spirit eye got out, the other powers would definitely try to interfere.

Lin ShaoYi was an extremely possessive person. He would never share anything he desired with others, so he decided to use the most violent method: destroy the ShuiXi Tribe. Though this seemed like he was delusional about his own power, he did, in fact, have the ability to achieve this.

But, that was most unfortunate for him was that he had the unpredictable Ling Xiao as his enemy.

As his rival, Ling Xiao was very intelligent. Once he found out about Lin ShaoYi sending people to aid the GuMa Tribe in destroying the ShuiXi Tribe, he began suspecting the other’s true intentions.

However, if it wasn’t for the fact that they just so happened to meet Su Lang and Yan Hui at the town the GuMa Tribe were gathering at, find out Yan Hui’s goal and associate it with Lin ShaoYi, then Ling Xiao probably wouldn’t have realized that Lin ShaoYi’s goal was the transcendent grade spirit eye.

This was what one called fate.

You XiaoMo was still confused after hearing all of this, but he gained something from it all: this spirit eye was required if they wanted to find the transcendent grade spirit eye.

“We don’t have much time. Are you certain you can find it within a few days?”

Not long ago, TianDao had sent them a message. It seemed that Black Spider had sent a powerful person to DongZhou. It had been a few days already and that person should’ve already arrived at the GuMa Tribe. If they really were after the transcendent grade spirit eye, then they wouldn’t wait too long to act.

“I need to calculate it’s exact location,” Ling Xiao replied.

DongZhou was massive and while the ShuiXi Tribe was only one of three big tribes, and the smallest of the three as well, their territory was still immense.

If they didn’t calculate the location, then they would have to search the area inch by inch and who knows when they’d find it. Thus, they needed to know the general locations of where previous spirit eyes were discovered.

You XiaoMo blinked. “Then do you know where those spirit eyes are?”

Ling Xiao shook his head, frowning as he said, “MoQi XiYuan should know it best, but he’s suspicious of our intentions. If we let him know of this, then he might desire to possess it himself, so it’s all up to you next…”

Here, he looked at You XiaoMo with a meaningful expression, as if scheming something.

You XiaoMo looked down at himself. What? Would MoQi XiYuan spill if it was him? He wasn’t that charismatic, was he?

However, reality proved that You XiaoMo’s thoughts had gone in the wrong direction.

Ling Xiao meant to have You XiaoMo use Fang ChenLe’s position in the GuMa Tribe to get into the ShuiXi Tribe’s book storage for some research.

DongZhou had always held the oldest culture in the TongTian Continent. Though a war had raged through this area before, much of what existed back then had been preserved. For example, the three big tribes had preserved the most comprehensive collection of books in the entire TongTian Continent.

These books were a very important cultural heritage to the tribes. Thus, there was a rule that people generally weren’t allowed to enter the book storage to read them.

However, Fang ChenLe was the priest of the ShuiXi Tribe and his position was only second to MoQi XiYuan, so he could go inside the book storage whenever without needing MoQi XiYuan’s agreement.

Fang ChenLe was very efficient.

You XiaoMo explained everything to him not long later in the day, and by the second morning, he had managed to get things handled.

To avoid MoQi XiYuan’s suspicion, You XiaoMo had Fu ZiLin put on an act with him. Originally, Fu ZiLin had helped him create over ten large bookcases and he hadn’t managed to fill them yet. He just had to let MoQi XiYuan believe that he was going inside for his own book collection.

MoQi XiYuan managed to get a huge boon from the unfair transaction, so he let them go inside to copy a portion of the books.

In the morning, You XiaoMo happily dragged Ling Xiao and his two shixiong inside in the name of getting them to help him.

In order to not arouse suspicion, he really did take out a pile of jade drives and start copying one by one, aiming to have someone make them into physical books in the future.

Fang ChenLe was also helping. It was when the sun got to its highest point that he stood and casually walked towards the second floor.

The second floor was the forbidden section of the book storage. The books in there were the ones of true value, which couldn’t be given to outsiders. Usually, there were two tribesmen watching over the entrance to the second floor. The two didn’t stop Fang ChenLe because of the other’s position, and even opened the door for him without prompting.

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