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Chapter 654: Pulling Aggro

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

For two whole days, You XiaoMo himself did not know how many meters they had dug. He only knew that every minute and second they were mechanically repeating the actions of lifting shovels and inserting them into the soil, then moving the soil into his dimension.

He would occasionally peek into his dimension these two days and had found that the pile of soil was now as high as a hill. Although digging tunnels was an extremely boring thing, but practice made perfect, and he did not feel unhappy with someone accompanying him.

“Ling Xiao, how long more must we dig?” You XiaoMo planted his butt on the ground and looked at Ling Xiao who was still digging the tunnel.

The tall figure in the narrow passage gave a feeling of being unable to stretch out one’s hands and feet. The light of the Night Pearl illuminated his profile, outlining half of a perfect silhouette as the black hair sticking to the side of his face swayed with his movements. It is clearly a very tiring job. You XiaoMo stared blankly as Ling Xiao had given him the feeling that ‘a man who was working seriously was the most attractive’.

Ling Xiao’s movements were faster and he did not use a shovel to dig. He had discarded it after digging with it for an hour at the beginning. Though his method wasted more spiritual energy, it was not a problem for them.

However, the rate of depletion of spiritual energy was faster than ever because of the continuous usage of spiritual power. You XiaoMo had continuously handed him bottles of spiritual water and Ling Xiao was now on his third bottle.

Ling Xiao stopped and turned around to see him lazing on the ground after hearing what You XiaoMo said, then he replied, “The progress has been faster than expected. Only one third is left.”

You XiaoMo embarrassedly stood up. Three-quarters of their current progress achieved was due to Ling Xiao’s efforts. He had not dug a tunnel before, so he always felt that it was not easy. Thus, he had not dug much in the past two days.

“Has the location of the highest grade of Spirit Eye been determined?” You XiaoMo walked up to him and asked. Although they knew that the highest grade of Spirit Eye was beneath the ancestral temple, they were unable to calculate how deep it was so they need to personally confirm it while they were digging.

“I’ve almost got it, it’s in the southeastern direction…” Ling Xiao made a gesture to illustrate his words as he spoke. His feeling became clearer as the distance shortened.

You XiaoMo nodded in understanding. Since it has been confirmed, there was no need to continue digging without a definite goal as they did two days ago.

At that moment, Xiao Ping who was guarding the barrier suddenly flew in.

Ling Xiao was the first to discover this. Unless someone came in Xiao Ping would not come if nothing happened.

Sure enough, when they returned to the cave and took a look, Fu ZiLin was standing outside the barrier.

You XiaoMo was momentarily astonished and immediately let him in, “Second-shixiong, why did you come here? Did something happen?”

Fu Zilin knew of their secret plan and before You XiaoMo went into secluded cultivation, he had told them that they were not to be disturbed when it was unnecessary. For them to have come here despite knowing this meant that something big had happened.

Fu ZiLin cut straight to the point and explained his purpose for coming here.

It is indeed a major event and it was also a critical moment of change in the structure of Dong Zhou. Fang Yang led experts from the Black Spider and the Guma Tribe to attack the ShuiXi Tribe in order to force Ling Xiao out. This was the largest battle of the Three Great Tribes to date.

Fortunately, MoQi XiYuan had made preparations for this. The WanSha Tribe had stationed many experts in the ShuiXi Tribe as they did not worry that the Guma Tribe would attack the WanSha Tribe.

The reason why the Guma Tribe had set their sights on the ShuiXi Tribe was mainly due to their location. Of the Three Great Tribes in Dong Zhou, the ShuiXi Tribe was located between the Guma and the WanSha Tribe. It was impossible for them to seize the WanSha Tribe unless they could bypass the ShuiXi Tribe.

Originally, the alliance between the ShuiXi Tribe and WanSha Tribe was enough for them to fight to a standstill with the Guma Tribe and the Black Spider. However, Zu Ma made a move since their purpose was to force Ling Xiao out.

As the incumbent holy maiden of the Guma Tribe, Zu Ma’s strength was beyond doubt. Even MoQi XiYuan feared her somewhat. The original situation that was in a balance was broken because of her. Then, Zu Ma called Ling Xiao out and declared that she wanted to meet him, otherwise she would level the ShuiXi Tribe.

MoQi XiYuan was so angry that his face turned blue. However, the situation was not good for them. The ShuiXi Tribe and WanSha Tribe would only suffer heavy casualties even if they continued fighting, so he asked Fu ZiLin to find Ling Xiao.

“What’s coming will come after all.” A glint flashed through Ling Xiao’s eyes, as if he had foreseen this situation. He then told You XiaoMo, “You stay here. I’ll go out to meet her.”

You XiaoMo actually wanted to watch a good show too, but the digging of the tunnel was already at the crucial point. He would be about to dig it out. As long as he put in a little more effort, so You XiaoMo could only promise to stay.

Afterwards, Ling Xiao and Fu ZiLin left.

You XiaoMo left Xiao Ping there to watch the barrier and then went back with the Metal Swallowing Beast to dig the tunnel. Although he could not dig as much nor as fast as Ling Xiao, he had mastered quite a few skills in digging within the past two days. His speed was so fast that the Metal Swallowing Beast who witnessed this let out rumbling sounds from time to time.

“You’d better dig with all your might. Now is a good opportunity. The people from the ShuiXi Tribe have gone out to face the attack and there’s not many left in the tribe now. Let’s quickly dig it out before the battle is over.” You XiaoMo said to Metal Swallowing Beast at his feet as he continued digging.

The Metal Swallowing Beast’s claws were digging rapidly, so much so that the excavated earth flew everywhere and some even fell onto You XiaoMo’s clothes and dirtied them. However, You XiaoMo did not bother about this. Digging a tunnel was a dirty job. He also was not like Ling Xiao who was able to keep himself clean and tidy from beginning to end. If worst comes to worst, he could just change his clothes after he was done.

One man and one beast, one master and one servant, dug very quickly, and they had advanced several meters in the next moment.

At the same time, Ling Xiao rushed to the battlefield with Fu ZiLin. The battlefield was in a state of mutual hostility and the sight of crackling sparks could be seen everywhere. Both sides were itching to tear each other to shreds.

“Brother Ling, I’m afraid I’ll trouble you for the next part.” MoQi XiYuan hurriedly walked over. Although Ling Xiao was much younger than him, the one with greater strength had the power to speak, so they now spoke to each other as if they were of the same generation. He had been thinking about asking Ling Xiao to step in even if Zu Ma did not bring up her demand.

WanSha Tribe’s chief, Wan Tong, also came with MoQi XiYuan. Wan Tong was a man of few words. Under his leadership, though the WanSha Tribe was not outstanding, it was sound and stable and was in a better situation than the ShuiXi Tribe. Wan Tong nodded slightly in greeting when he saw Ling Xiao.

Looking at the other fraction, Ling Xiao’s line of sight fell on the woman in white standing at the lead. Her white clothes fluttered and she looked cold and heavenly. Her strength was even above Mo Ma.

Zu Ma’s eyes were also focused on him. Her cold eyes met his gaze when he looked over, and an oppressive feeling suddenly rose in the air. She gave a slight and unobservable frown after persisting on holding his gaze for a moment.

“Sure enough, he’s very strong. It’s no wonder that master has always regarded him as an opponent.” Zu Ma lifted her lips as she stated with indifference.

At this time, Yan Hui, who stood not far behind her, came up and said in a low voice, “Lady Zu Ma, you must be careful. The strength of this man, Ling Xiao, cannot be judged based on rumors alone.”

Zu Ma glanced at him, “Mhm, when the matters in Dong Zhou have been resolved, you guys can return to Xi Jing.”

Yan Hui was pleased, “Thank you, Lady Zu Ma.”

Su Lang, who heard their conversation, bit his lower lip unhappily. He had investigated You XiaoMo’s matters ever since Yan Hui had dealt such a severe blow to him. It was truly as Yan Hui had said, You XiaoMo was already a Grade Two or Three mage before he had hit twenty five. The psychological blow from this matter had a great impact on him.

As the second-in-command of the Black Spider, Zu Ma did not only have self-confidence, but also strength. Thus, she had always been curious about Ling Xiao and wanted to meet the man acknowledged by Lin ShaoYi,. If he could not defeat her, this man was only nothing more than this.

The people from the TongTian Continent did not just take strength into consideration, but also age, which was an important factor. For one who was too young and inexperienced, their actual combat effectiveness would be greatly reduced even if they had strength.

Although Ling Xiao had lived for ten thousand years, he actually fell a little short  in the eyes of such an old fox like Zu Ma. The reason why the TongTian Emperor was defeated and forced to hide was also due to this. With how intelligent and wise Zu Ma was she also knew this truth.

“If you want to fight, then come.”

At that moment, Ling Xiao suddenly walked out. His handsome and aloof figure was extremely lofty as his leisurely gaze fell directly on Zu Ma. His tone was little casual, as if he was just performing a perfunctory gesture, and the tension of battle completely could not be seen from him. Instead, he seemed more like guest player walking around the scene.

Zu Ma’s beautiful eyebrows wrinkled slightly, showing a trace of displeasure. It was obvious that she did not like Ling Xiao’s attitude and her impression of him immediately dropped tremendously.

The experts from the Black Spider were also annoyed by his tone which seemed as if he was looking down upon them.

If it was the past, there would definitely be many people who would have wanted to admonish Ling Xiao’s arrogance. However, Ling Xiao’s name had truly become famous in the TongTian Continent since the first battle in the TongTian Palace, and no one dared to regard him as a character that was not worth mentioning.

“Your Excellency is very confident in himself. Zu Ma is really looking forward to it.”

Zu Ma took two steps forward. Her hands were folded on her chest. The vast world contrasted with her figure clothed in white gave the impression that she was an independent white lotus that had abandoned the complexities of the world. She lifted her head and straightened her posture with indifference and arrogance, as her gaze directed at Ling Xiao flashed with several cold rays of light.

Ling Xiao smirked. His smile seemed to be ridiculing her, “Then cut the crap talk and quickly get the fight over with. I’m busy and don’t have time to deal with a woman like you.”

Suddenly a wave of killing intent that could not be ignored rose in Zu Ma’s eyes.

In a split second, aggro was pulled to the max!

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