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Chapter 653: Assemble

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The building in front of them was ShuiXi Tribe’s Ancestral Shrine. It existed ever since the ShuiXi Tribe was built, and it was long-established.

The Ancestral Shrine was imposing and spectacular. It occupied over five thousand square meters, and it was ShuiXi Tribe’s signature building. Its entire structure gave off a concentrated, simplistic aura, and because it was an important Forbidden Zone, there were about twenty to thirty clan members guarding it inside and out.

Normally, the Ancestral Shrine wasn’t open to the public unless it was time to pay respects. Furthermore, only MoQi XiYuan and a few high-ranking elders could enter, and not even MoQi Rong had the seniority to do so.

Even if the results that Ling Xiao calculated weren’t a hundred percent accurate, it was still at least ninety percent. There was most likely no errors in his conclusion, so it was very possible that the transcendent level Spirit Eye was below this Ancestral Shrine.

You XiaoMo didn’t even blink when he saw it.

If the Black Spider made a huge ruckus below the Ancestral Shrine, there was a high chance it would lead to the Ancestral Shrine shaking or collapsing. After all, there were so many experts guarding this place, so any movements at all could possibly attract their attention. It was impossible to sneak into it recklessly.

He could suddenly sort of understand why the ShuiXi Tribe never discovered that there was a world-shaking rich treasure ground here despite always having been located on top of the transcendent level Spirit Eye.

The Ancestral Shrine was the most important place for any major powerhouse or sect. Generations and generations would all make offerings to their ancestors here, and there wasn’t even enough time to protect everyone, so it was impossible to make any large movements nearby. No wonder MoQi XiYuan had never discovered that he was sitting on a mountain of treasure.

“This kind of situation seems to be unfavorable for us as well.” You XiaoMo scooted closer to Ling Xiao and whispered carefully.

Ling Xiao took him in a circle around the Ancestral Shrine. MoQi XiYuan had indeed protected the Ancestral Shrine extremely tightly, but it still wasn’t impossible.

“Why do you think I wanted that Five Blessing Spirit Eye from MoQi XiYuan?” Ling Xiao asked in reply, as if guiding him.

You XiaoMo shifted his eyes with a pondering expression. He sketched out the position of the Spirit Eye and Ancestral Shrine in his mind, and his eyes suddenly lit up. “I know, don’t tell me that you wanted…”

Ling Xiao dragged him away. It was enough to just think about it, there was no need to say it out loud.

You XiaoMo looked at him, exhilarated. “Could it be that the person who snuck into the tribe last night was here to look for the transcendent level Spirit Eye beneath the Ancestral Shrine?”

“It’s not a ‘could it be,’ it’s an ‘absolutely.'” Ling Xiao said without even looking back.

ShuiXi Tribe was the tribe that ranked last among the Dong Zhou’s three large tribes. Not only that, it lagged behind the Guma Tribe quite a bit, and it had no treasures whatsoever that others coveted besides the Five Blessing Spirit Eye.

The two of them returned to the room. Ling Xiao decided to go to the lower grade Spirit Eye after a while. Since someone had already infiltrated ShuiXi Tribe at night, that meant that the transcendent level Spirit Eye could be exposed at any moment. The plans had to be carried out soon.

Ling Xiao told You XiaoMo to let Fang ChenLe know. Fang ChenLe wasn’t very clear on what their plans were, but it didn’t hinder him from being biased towards his own xiao-shidi. MoQi XiYuan did owe them a favor, but he had pretty much paid it all back during these few years. Moreover, xiao-shidi had promised that his plans wouldn’t harm the ShuiXi Tribe.

The transcendent level Spirit Eye wasn’t the ShuiXi Tribe’s in the first place. Even if it was located underneath the Ancestral Shrine, whoever was able to take it would take it.

MoQi XiYuan also learned of this soon after. However, he didn’t harbor any suspicions, since he was still very busy after what happened last night, so he didn’t have time to worry about anything else.

After passing through the secret pathway, the two of them appeared in the Five Blessing Spirit Eye’s cave.

You XiaoMo happily pulled out two shovels from his dimension. This was still his first time digging a tunnel, so he was in fairly high spirits.

Ling Xiao’s plan was to utilize this Spirit Eye to create a passageway that would lead to the Ancestral Shrine. Even though the two objects were fairly far apart, it wasn’t very difficult with their abilities. It was just a problem of time; they had to dig a tunnel in a short amount of time.

You XiaoMo released the Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping. Even though the Metal Swallowing Beast was small, it was still pretty capable. It could always be of some use when digging tunnels, and it was better than having nothing. Xiao Ping was sent to guard the cave. If anyone came in, it would instantly notify them.

At first, he also wanted to find the Giant Roc, but the Giant Roc had to protect Da-shixiong and second-shixiong. In addition, even though it was his contracted demon beast, bringing a contracted demon beast along while he was cultivating would still make people a little suspicious, so he had no choice but to give up on this idea.

Ling Xiao had already confirmed the direction of the tunnel. All they had to do was dig down in that direction.

Even though the transcendent level Spirit Eye was beneath the Ancestral Shrine, it should be very deep below ground, or else there was no way the ShuiXi Tribe wouldn’t have found out about it. What they had to do now was to dig continuously downward.

The mission to dig a tunnel officially began.

You XiaoMo brandished his shovel as his soul force furiously began to churn. The dirt and stones beneath his hands were just like tofu, and the dirt that he dug out was temporarily stored inside his dimension.

Ling Xiao was even faster than him, as if this was his specialty.

The sun went down very quickly. The cave was dark in the first place, but luckily, they had come prepared. You XiaoMo fished out several Night Pearls, and their surroundings immediately lit up.

When it was the dead of night, the sound of metal and rocks colliding would occasionally emit from the cave. At that moment, the two people who were currently ‘working’ hard didn’t know that the ShuiXi Tribe was currently being honored with the mysterious black-clothed man’s presence again. Because the other party had come randomly and didn’t harm anyone, MoQi XiYuan didn’t know what the black-clothed person’s goal was either.

After the black-clothed person left, MoQi XiYuan thought that he wouldn’t come back. But after a short amount of time, another mysterious person appeared in the same situation as the first. They made a circle inside the tribe, as if they were searching for something, but they didn’t find anything so they left.

MoQi XiYuan finally grew angry.

For better or worse, the ShuiXi Tribe was one of Dong Zhou’s three powerhouses. Two mysterious people had unexpectedly come and gone of their own will, and if it was leaked out, how could he face anyone?

He presumed that they would most likely come back tomorrow night as well, so this time, MoQi XiYuan personally kept watch. However, the other side seemed to also have detected this, and so nobody appeared the second night.

However, MoQi XiYuan didn’t lower his guard. He had already started to suspect. He had already ruled ShuiXi Tribe for over ten thousand years now, and he knew absolutely everything inside the tribe. Even though the black-clothed people were powerful, MoQi XiYuan wasn’t easy to handle either. Since they dared to brave the risk and sneak inside, it was very likely that there was something inside the tribe that was luring them in to the point that they didn’t even care about their safety.

MoQi XiYuan would never allow anything to break free from his control, so he started to send troops to investigate thoroughly. However, just when his operations began, something happened. The Guma Tribe attacked them.

MoQi XiYuan had no choice but to send people to face the enemies again. A large majority of the tribe’s experts were drawn out, and everything was really too coincidental.

In the Guma Tribe–

Zu Ma was about to leave the meeting hall when she saw Fang Yang walk inside. She saw that his expression was extremely unpleasant, and she asked, “How are things? Did he go out to fight?”

Fang Yang’s face was dark. “No, there wasn’t a glimpse of his shadow. Unless we dispatch everyone, ShuiXi and MoSha can still handle it with their ability.”

Today, he stood in the formation shouting for Ling Xiao to come out and fight a match with him the entire time, but never mind fighting back, he hadn’t even seen his shadow. Only then did he know Ling Xiao hadn’t come over at all.

“Perhaps he thinks that he doesn’t need to act right now?” An expert standing next to Zu Ma mused.

Fang Yang immediately laughed coldly. “Are you implying that he’s looking down upon this young master?”

The person explained hastily, “No, of course not. Didn’t he fight a match with TongTian Emperor? I imagine he’s most likely waiting for Master to make a move.”

Fang Yang sneered, clearly looking down upon him. However, he didn’t retort, because this was true. If they really did start fighting, he definitely wouldn’t be Ling Xiao’s opponent. There was too much of a gap in their strength levels, but there was still a possibility if Zu Ma acted.

“This isn’t impossible, but I believe that the most likely reason is because he already knows the position of the transcendent level Spirit Eye. Two days ago, I received news from someone in Guma Tribe who infiltrated ShuiXi Tribe. Ling Xiao made an agreement with MoQi XiYuan. MoQi XiYuan handed over the nearly dried up Spirit Eye to them, and they would help ShuiXi Tribe to resist Guma Tribe. But starting from two days ago, they entered the Five Blessing Spirit Eye and haven’t come out since.”

Zu Ma’s expression didn’t change as she spoke. It was precisely because of this that they would arrange for people to go attack ShuiXi Tribe, preparing to force Ling Xiao out. Unexpectedly, he hadn’t appeared, which instantly confirmed their conjectures.

“What should we do next? If he doesn’t appear, we’re still not able to attack the ShuiXi Tribe.” An expert said anxiously.

A cold light flitted through Zu Ma’s eyes. “If he doesn’t come out, then we’ll force him until he does. When necessary, I’ll ride over myself.”

All of them immediately looked at each other. There weren’t many opportunities for Zu Ma to act. Everyone knew that she was very powerful, and she was the strongest in the Black Spider, besides Master. But ever since she had become a member of the Black Spider, she had only appeared two or three times, so there were very few people who had witnessed her method of fighting before.

Several unusual expressions flashed through Fang Yang’s eyes.

The next day, Fang Yang personally led the experts from the tribe and the Black Spider as they rushed to the battlefield. This time, the troops seemed to outnumber any time previously, alarming ShuiXi and MoSha. They thought that this was finally the last battle, and they immediately assembled all of their experts.

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