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Chapter 660: The Real Reason

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The impact of three Divine Realms fighting was vast, causing a state of devastation all around. The ground was blackened by the firepower and some bystanders were also affected.

But, when the crowd saw that Tian Gui left the one he just defeated to chase after another, they were astonished. From the value proposition, Cheng Yi, a two star, was nowhere near as valuable as a four star.   

Ke YuMing was that four star expert.

The blood on him made it looks as if he was deeply wounded, but in reality, they were minor injuries. His original form was a rhinoceros like beast, with a strong constitution, there was no way he would’ve been seriously injured with just one hit.

When he saw that Tian Gui chased after Cheng Yi, a flash of complacency washed over Ke YuMing’s eyes. Although it was embarrassing to lose to a three star, he had already checked Tian Gui’s info beforehand and knew that he had beaten a three star TongTian Palace expert at a two star level.  

What he didn’t know was that Tian Gui advanced during battle, so once he found out that Tian Gui was three star, his emotional state tilted. He was instantly reminded of the three star expert killed by Tian Gui. Afraid that he was going to die, his momentum was lost instantly.  

Although he shouldn’t be feeling this, Ke YuMing felt relieved.

Ke YuMing stood up and stared at the direction they left for a few seconds before taking out a teleportation talisman from his magic bag. Before he crushed the talisman, he looked at that direction once again and whispered, “Goodbye, Cheng Yi!”

After that, he crushed the talisman.

After two seconds later, the supposed to occur spacial crack and the resulting spacial energy to engulf him didn’t happen. The Ghost Tomb Mountain Range was still in front of him and below his feet was still the burnt ground.

Ke YuMing turned pale from shock. When he held out his hand, the crushed teleportation talisman slowly turned to dust and was blown away. Could it be that it malfunctioned?

Subconsciously he came to this conclusion, not thinking that someone could have done something. Even though there was an accident, he wasn’t overly flustered. He was a level twelve practitioner, he had plenty of teleportation talismans, if one didn’t work then he’d just try another.  

But, when he continuously crushed five teleportation talismans, and they all failed, he finally realized that something was wrong. No matter how unlucky he was, there was no way they all malfunctioned, especially since he made those himself. He knew they’re quality.  

“Hey, you can’t think of the reason? Want me to tell you?” Just then, mocking laughter could be heard coming from behind him.

In shock, Ke YuMing turned around sharply and finally discovered the people across from him, about fifty meters away. The one who talked was a cute black haired young man. He was the most immature out of them, with a smiling face. What was astonishing to him was that even with so little distance, he didn’t discover their presence!

But when his gaze landed on Ling Xiao, even without You XiaoMo telling him, he knew the answer.

Ling Xiao’s information was even more detailed that Tian Gui. Being a high ranked member of the Black Spider, he had obviously seen Ling Xiao’s portfolio. If he was just feeling relieved about not fighting Tian Gui, then he now preferred the battle maniac Tian Gui. Anything was better than meeting  Ling Xiao.

“Since you’re already here, then stay and be our guest. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a warm welcome.” You XiaoMo said with enthusiasm.

Then, Ke YuMing was captured by them. As for Cheng Yi, Tian Ming detested those who ran in the middle of battle, thus was killed on the spot by him.  

Level Elevens weren’t even comparable to losing two Level Twelves, even for the Black Spider. Once Lin ShaoYi heard of the news, his face turned as black as coal. Every mission involving Ling Xiao failed, and with great losses as well. He had wanted to give Ling Xiao a big gift, but now that turned into a joke.

When Zu Ma walked in, the first thing she saw was a room of shattered pieces. All of them from high grade decorations, each costing at least a few million spirit gems. Now they were all gone.

Zu Ma calmly glanced over them and walked in as if nothing happened. She then said to the maids standing by the side who had their heads so low, it almost touched the ground, “You guys can leave.”

As if pardoned from a death sentence, the four maids quickly hurried off.  

Once they were the only ones left, Zu Ma slowly walked in front of Lin ShaoYi and said with a light smile, “No matter how angry you get, that doesn’t change anything. We faced great losses from the two operations and the conflict between the Black Spider and the Four Ancient Beast Clans is just getting stronger. If we don’t think of a solution fast, our plan of many years would be destroyed in a day.”

Zu Ma paused a bit before continuing, “I never understood why you choose such a roundabout method. Even though Ling Xiao is quite strong but he isn’t near your level right now. Why do you let him go, giving him the chance to grow?”

Lin ShaoYi’s anger had already died. Hearing her words, his lips curled up, “Are you saying I should go myself?”

“Isn’t that the best and most direct method?” Zu Ma didn’t answer his question directly. Actually this had been the thing that she could never understand.

Lin ShaoYi suddenly stood up and walked over to the window. Looking at the busy crowd, at all the immature fresh blood of the Black Spider, he finally said, “Do you think I don’t want to?”

Zu Ma was shocked, could it be…

Lin ShaoYi let out a cold laugh, “Zu Ma, you’re the one who’s been with me the longest, do you not understand my personality?”

“Ling Xiao truly is a threat with a huge potential. If it wasn’t for the two old farts on top, I would have killed Ling Xiao tens of thousands of years ago!”

“Then why…” Zu Ma didn’t think to this layer.

“Ling Xiao’s father! Do you really think he’s held captive in the Qilin Clan? If he wasn’t willing, there was no way the Qilin Clan could contain him!” The more he talked, the more the flames of anger started to build in his eyes.

Zu Ma’s heart quickened. She had heard him talk about the Qilin Clan, but never very detailed. Now, it seems like there was another layer to the story and he had never told anyone this. Now that he was telling her this, does it mean that she’s finally being completely trusted?

Everyone believed that he had everything but, in reality, he was alway held down by two people in the Qilin Clan. As long as they existed, he had no way of turning the tide around. His agreement with Ling Xiao was just meant to create an open fight by those two’s standards. It was also the reason why he couldn’t do anything major himself. He wasn’t their opponent now, so he was waiting for a chance. It shouldn’t be long before he had everyone in the TongTian Continent beneath his feet.  


Cheng Yi’s death also affected the White Bone Town. After a while of effort, their force were starting to come together, with over a hundred members situated in the small town. Only a small fraction was inside the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range.

Hearing that Cheng Yi was killed, these people instantly fled the town like frightened birds. They had already angered the gods and people with their evil doings, following Cheng Yi. Now that they lost their strongest support, TianGou just needed to send a few people and they were as good as dead.  

It was only then did the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range finally reach an era of peace.

At the Weeping Ghost Shore, Ling Xiao tossed the power-sealed-Ke YuMing over to Tian Yi. Tian Yi was someone who looked normal, his original form was a demon beast and his cultivation base was only at the Divine Realm five star, not very high, but he had methods.  

No matter how unyielding the person, after a few days, Tian Yi could get them to talk and spill their secrets.

The reason they didn’t kill Ke YuMing was for this as well. Being a Sacred Realm four star, his position in the Black Spider couldn’t be low, thus he should know a few secrets.

“Young master, there’s something else.” Tian Dao suddenly opened his mouth and stopped Ling Xiao who was just going out. Once he turned around, he continued, “We got confirmation from Zhong Tian, the Mage Assemblage is still going to happen but half a year later.”

“What’s the exact situation?” Ling Xiao asked.

Tian Dao tossed him a jade drive, “The specifics are all in there.”

Ling Xiao caught the jade drive, nodded and walked off without turning around. His pace was slightly quicker than normal, although it wasn’t very apparent, Tian Dao realized it and couldn’t help but chuckle.

By the looks of things, Tian Gui was back!

Ever since Ling Xiao became the true young master of TianGou, whenever Tian Gui came back, he would always pick a fight with Ling Xiao. The reason was obvious, he was strong and the stronger the opponent, the more thrill Tian Gui got. A lot of the times he met Ling Xiao he would pick a fight, but Ling Xiao wasn’t interested so turned into a hide and seek game.  

Unsurprisingly, the moment Ling Xiao left, Tian Gui came back. The first thing he said was, “Where’s the young master?”

Tian Dao could only facepalm.

Back in Cartilage Mountain Palace.

You XiaoMo didn’t go with Ling Xiao to the Weeping Ghost Shore and instead brought back his two shixiong and the Giant Roc. He got his cheap dad to assign them a room while he ran to the Pill Refining Room.

Since he just advanced, even with the help of the five-colored spiritual energy, he still needed to consolidate his level. His time in secluded cultivation wasn’t long, by the time he got out, Ling Xiao was already back.

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May 7, 2019 1:07 am

This Tian Gui fellow is soo adorable!!!Even Ling Xiao almost treating him like a little brother by the way he choose to fleeing instead of just saying no using his veto power,soo adorableee!!!

February 19, 2020 3:40 am

Tian Gui is Goku confirmed. Only crazy person would get excited fighting someone stronger than them lol.

February 26, 2020 2:13 pm

Guys, can someone remind me who giant roc was?? Pretty please

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Tian Gui remind me of ka chan

September 13, 2021 4:21 pm

So many secrets.
Let’s hope there’s a little peace for a while before the next storm.
Whatever happened to the 2 shixiong’s contracted beasts? Did the author forget about them, or are they stuck in the lower realm?
Thank you for translating.

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