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Translated by satellite of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Please wait a moment.” After Lanka spoke, he retreated two steps and turned to Layton. “Other than entering the correct password, is there another way? ” Even though he was reluctant to acknowledge Gin’s importance, even he had to listen see reason.

Layton replied. “Give me a month, I’ll definitely think of something.”

Feisha shoved him over. “Then go talk it over with Baal. If he agrees, I’ve got no problem.”

Layton walked back toward them dejectedly. “Give me at least three days.”

Feisha said, “Sure, you just go ahead and use that tone to talk it out with Baal.”

Layton hung his head. “Then I’ve got nothing.”

Feisha thought it over and said, “What’s the probability of hitting the password by chance?”

Layton replied. “Well this time you guys can thank me. Because I didn’t add any zeroes on the lock, so your chances just increased from one in three million two hundred sixty five thousand nine hundred twenty (3,265,920) to one in three hundred sixty two thousand eight hundred ten (362,810).”

Feisha took a deep breath. “Putting theory aside for a moment, realistically, what do you think the chances are for us to guess correctly?”

They’re hoping to just take a wild guess and hope it works out?

Layton didn’t even have to think before replying. “Zero.”

“Thank you.” Feisha turned towards Lanka. “Well I guess we’re at fate’s mercy now.”

Baal spoke. “I’ll count to three, and if you don’t make your move, then I’ll start.”

Feisha said, “Antonio and Layton, hold Houllier back. Everyone else, go straight for Baal. I refuse to believe that in a hundred strikes not a single one lands a crit.”

Layton, who was just heading over to Antonio, stopped and asked rather curiously, “What’s the point of having a crib?” (1)

Feisha explained. “It does double damage.”

Attacking from with a crib doubles the damage? Layton, who believed himself to be a rather well-versed inventor and scientist, found he couldn’t understand at all. (2)

“One.” Baal started counting.

Lanka and Hughes vanished at the same time.

Baal just smiled disdainfully. “Two.”

Locktini and the warlocks turned their full focus onto Baal.


The word was barely out of his mouth before fireballs, weakening curses, cleaving spells, and numerous other spells and incantations attacked Baal all at once.

Baal lifted his head. On that face belonging to “Mani” was an expression full of mockery.

The fireballs and all other visible spells were forcibly stopped about half a meter away from Baal, as if trapped by an invisible shield. Baal’s fingers drummed lightly on the arms of his chair, and he turned his head thirty degrees to the left. “The invisible beings’ powers all originated from me, so did you really think…you could use them against me?” He lifted his palm up a bit and snapped his fingers.

Hughes and Lanka suddenly reappeared.

“You guys haven’t lived long enough. Even if I were to absorb all your power, it would barely be enough for my afternoon tea.” Baal smiled. “So you should be thankful you’re still young. I have to give you a little more time to grow properly. You’re luckier than your father.”

Hughes glared coldly at him– if looks could kill, the anger in his eyes would have reduced every bone in Baal’s body to ash, several hundred times over.

Lanka held his shoulder firmly and said, “We can’t even break through his barrier right now. We have to find another way.”

Hughes bit his lip hard enough to bleed, but continued to stare ruthlessly at Baal, who sat leisurely in the center of his barrier. “Perhaps we can learn from Isefel’s approach.”

“Where are we supposed to a find a second Black Star stone?” Lanka asked.

The Black Star stones were a specialty of Hell. Even ordinary angels would have a hard time obtaining one, much less invisible people.

Baal looked about left and right, seeing that they’d stopped after their attacks were rendered ineffective. His lips curled as he said, “Well, it seems like your attacks have ended here. Then starting now it’s my turn.”

He slowly stood up, then glanced disdainfully at the crowd outside the barrier with all the air of a reigning god. Then he spoke to Houllier. “Even if it’s only one fifth of your power, you’re still moving way too slowly.”

Houllier was only relying on Baal as a last resort. If he could choose, he would have rathered allied himself with Isefel from the start. After all, despite the fact that he was also a wanted man in both Heaven and Hell, his nature was much closer to the light than that of Baal’s. In reality, Heaven and Hell both turned a blind eye to him most times. But Baal was an enemy of God, and once wanted to challenge Lucifer for the title of the Demon King of Hell. To both Heaven and Hell, he was truly a thorn in their eye.

It was just that the army of “Justice” before him was so pathetically sparse, he felt heavy hearted just looking upon it. In all his history of battles, he’d never encountered a scene so one-sided……except for when he was being hunted by Hell.

So despite knowing that he might be able to win some approval if he sided with Lanka and the others, he was still extremely hesitant.

“Houllier, what are you thinking?” Baal asked with a chilling smile.

Houllier’s felt his heart tighten. He turned and smiled back. “Oh mighty Lord Baal, I am reflecting deeply.”

“Oh. Well then, first kill this annoying dwarf for me.” Baal seemed to sense Houllier’s hesitation, but was in no rush to establish his might.

Houllier’s eye twitched, and he bowed calmly. “As you command.”

Layton was suddenly 120% alert.

Antonio also moved unconsciously to guard him.

Houllier snuck a glance at Baal, who looking on leisurely as if waiting for a good show. He know that it was time to make a decision.

“Blaze of Thunder!” As he shouted, he slowly drew a gleaming white sword from within the void.

On one side of the blade were patterns of lightning.

He held the sword, spread his wings, and swooped down to where Layton stood.

Antonio immediately jumped forward, and faced him without hesitation.

Houllier brought the sword down in one smooth strike. Taking advantage of the time it took Antonio to dodge to the side, he rose several meters into the air with a beat of his wings, flying right over the werewolf and diving towards Layton, who was still hiding in the back.

Seeing this, Hughes and the others were about to rush over, but were easily blocked off by Baal, who casted a simple barrier. “The true gentleman knows how to rise above and observe the game without speaking. The audience should not leap in to join the actors’ dance.” (3)

Feisha was always shouting at Layton, but when it came to crucial moments, he was filled with worry. “Hack him down with the axe! Aim straight for his head!”

Back among the dwarves, Layton very rarely participated in battles, and it was only after he arrived at Noah’s Ark that he finally touched his axe handle a few times. But in the end he was an inventor, a creator. If he was facing a normal person then he could probably get by, but this was definitely his first time dealing with an enemy on the scale of a fallen angel. He never could have dreamed that one day he’d be slated for death by a demonic lord of Baal’s standing.

So before Houllier’s sword even reached him, his legs had already gone weak.

Seeing Houllier’s sword swinging down towards him, however, he instinctively backed up several paces……

While Layton despaired, Houllier despaired even deeper.

The instant he drew the sword, he had already decided.

Although Baal had the advantage right now, but this type of advantage was fleeting at best. Even if he were to kill every person present here, Michael and Lucifer will never let him go after the calamity he raged upon Genesis. When the time came, they’d come personally to take care of him. So Baal’s failure was just a matter of time. On this point, Houllier was already crystal clear. But he was still an immortal being, and even God would only be able destroy his body with no way to exterminate his powerful soul. Houllier, on the other hand, had no such advantage. So his decision was clear– he would have to rely on Lanka’s side to give it their best shot!

But switching sides took some finesse. He was afraid if he went straight for it, he wouldn’t even make it halfway there before being disintegrated immediately by Baal. So he came up with a plan– he would use the guise of an attack and quickly hide himself within their ranks.

He just had to hold on until Lucifer or Michael realized Baal had risen again– the moment they came in, guns blazing, it would be his escape from certain death. Perhaps, for his honorable deeds in battle, they’d even consider forgiving his previous transgressions.

Houllier was very satisfied with this gambit of his.

But clearly Layton hadn’t been thinking nearly as clearly. He just knew that the sword was coming ever closer towards his head. Then his ankle tripped on something, and he started falling backwards.

Feisha’s eyes suddenly widened as he shouted, “Watch out!”

But his shout couldn’t stop Layton’s impending castration.

Hughes body-slammed his way towards the barrier……

Layton felt like his palm was pressing down on something, and a beeping sound suddenly rang out.

When he finally regained his senses, he found himself sitting on top of the crystal coffin, his palm pressed just about the password lock.

Everyone was stunned into silence.

Only the crystal coffin was emitting a low sound of vibration.

Houllier remained in the air, his sword still raised high. This scene was definitely not playing out according to his rather wishful plan.

Hughes was the first one to come back to his senses. He threw himself at the barrier furiously, screaming wildly, “No! No!”

But the more fiercely he slammed on the barrier, the wider Baal’s grin grew. “So interesting.”

Feisha was the second to react. He stood up in the barrier and shouted at Layton. “Hurry, think of a way to get Gin out!”

The crystal coffin’s space-time transport system was ready to initiate, and began flashing a red warning.

Layton quickly jumped off the crystal coffin, and without a second thought, lifted his axe and smashed it down.

In times of crisis, people will always revert back to their most basic instincts. And sometimes the most basic tactics turn out to be the most effective. The coffin shattered, broken shards landing on Gin’s face.

Gin’s eyelids moved.

Layton hurried and reached over to lift him out.

Just at this moment–!

Gin opened his eyes.

Everyone watched as he opened his eyes.

Everyone held their breath.

And then––

Gin vanished.

The moment Layton was just about to reach him, almost touching the edge of his clothes, he vanished.

“Gin.” Hughes collapsed onto the ground, staring vacantly at the crystal coffin.

Layton was also at a loss, his hand still frozen in midair as he looked blankly on.

Feisha was swearing angrily. “Fuck! Should’ve thought of that long ago! Even safes can be smashed, there’s no reason coffins can’t be!” As he thought this, he couldn’t help pulling his hair and stamp his feet in frustration.

Baal, meanwhile, almost laughed himself out of his chair. He hadn’t had such a good, hearty laugh since his spirit was first sealed in Genesis long ago.

But the one most depressed at the moment was still Houllier.

Sincee all his plans to renounce the dark side were left for dead before they could even leave the womb. No matter what he said at this point, no one was going to believe that his attack was a feint meant to take him to their side. ……But that dwarf was really way too panicky! Couldn’t he tell that the sword just now was at least a meter away from his nose!?

Translator’s Notes

1. The puns strike back! The Chinese word for “critical hit” (ala games) is “暴击”, pronounced bao ji and literally meaning “a violent hit.” This isn’t really a standard word in Chinese though, it’s a modern gamer slang. So Layton hears “抱鸡”, pronounced the exact same way but meaning “holding/hugging a chicken.”

I used “crit” since it’s a common shortening that non-gamers probably can’t identify, but I couldn’t think of anything that sounded like “crit” that would make sense in context so…there it is.

2. Follow-up from the note above, originally this line read “Holding a chicken could double the damage?” Tried to change it to something that almost makes sense.
3. The first part of this sentence was originally “观棋不语真君子”, translating literally as “the one who watches a game of chess without speaking is a gentleman.” It’s the first line from a saying originally taken from Stories to Awaken the World ( The expression is followed up with “把酒多言是小人”, translated as “the one who drinks and speaks too much is a lowlife.” It means that a polite and cultured man knows how to observe without interrupting, while uncultured lowlives (or “small people”) will be rude and rowdy.

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