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Chapter 103: Why is it so crowded here?

“Why did Abbott call Ivan master? Wasn’t he Patrick’s man?” Leston took an apple from the table, chewed it, and muttered, “Can he betray the Empire?”

Colin quickly denied, “No way! His loyalty to the Fernando family is beyond your imagination. He can never betray Patrick.”

“Ha-ha-ha! Can you tell me that Patrick and Ivan are actually the same person?” Leston laughed and swallowed the apple. As a result, everyone looked at him carefully. “If you lie down in the trough, I’ll just say that Patrick and Ivan don’t look alike at all.”

“Have you seen him then?”

“… That’s not true, but aren’t his pictures circulating in the stars? Besides, I’ve seen that their eyes and hair are not the same.”

Colin turned his eyes to Leston. “Come on, that’s a picture of him as a kid. His hair can be dyed. Even if he doesn’t wear fake irises, he can change the color of his pupils by puncture dyeing.”

“So what you mean is that Patrick is actually Ivan? Don’t kid, will you? It’s impossible for the rebel leader to be the leader of the Emperor.”

“Why not?” XiaXia climbed on Leston’s back, he leaned in his ear and asked, “I don’t think it’s impossible either.”

“The Imperial gene pool contains the genes of all the members of the Fernando family. Every soldier in the army has to undergo genetic testing at the time of physical examination to prevent unidentified people from entering the army.” Corson put away his projection, and his eyebrows were full of doubts. “Even if Ivan could fake every military test, he could not escape the Royal test. After all, our emperor was not a kind-hearted person, and would not let anyone with unknown genes take control of the military power of the Empire.”

Ivan Randall said in front of the all Star People in the Imperial Marshal’s Declaration that he devoted his loyalty to the Empire. He surrendered all military power as soon as the Emperor gave the order, and thus gained the emperor’s trust. When they had just arrived at Freeport, they watched the live broadcast of Ivan’s declaration of office, Jamie praised him for his ingenuity.

No one in the Empire would have the courage to surrender all his rights. Ivan made such a promise to all the citizens of the Empire that unless he made any serious mistake, the emperor would not be able to regain his rights.

But now there’s a man, Abbott, who makes all this confusing. Abbott was originally a disciple of Oliver, but his identity as guardian of the Fernando family was not revealed until Oliver died and he returned to Didu. He did leave Didu with the guards of the Fernando family, and had been involved in the research and production of rebel weapons. Now he was the chief weapon maker of the Freedom Alliance.

“Red Shield, was it Abbott who let you go?” Alia suddenly asked this question, which surprised everyone.

“Sorry, there is no memory in my memory center. You can try to contact Dean or Raven. Maybe they know something about it.”

“No memory?” Winchester opened his eyes wide and was shocked. “But the stars say you were let go by Abbott! Didn’t Oliver record a video of Abbott apologizing to you instead of him?”

“In fact, apart from the fact that I have no memory of it, some of my memories are very vague, and even some of them are totally out of touch.” The voice of Red Shield’s live voice was as tender as ever, “Star Love Channel soap opera is less interesting, and you won’t believe such low-level rumors.”

Winchester: “…”

“According to Red Shield, her memory slot may have been damaged. Some people tried to implant some memories in her memory slot, but failed.” Auguste caressed Hai’an’s smooth silver hair and seemed to be in a good mood.

Carl was still mad at Cessie and seized every opportunity to blackmail him, “Would it be Cessie?”

Lydney knocked Carl on the head. “You and Auguste know why Cessie and Pier are here. Why don’t you just ask them directly?”

“Well, let’s call it quits. Let’s end here today.” Winchester pushed back his chair and stood up. “Even if we understand everything now, we can’t make a call directly. Everyone is tired. Let’s rest today. YanYan and Queltan come with me.”

Queltan and YanYan glanced at each other, then followed Winchester out of the conference room.

After Winchester opened the door of the conference room, logistical soldiers came in to distribute room cards to them. Winchester carefully considered the “special” situations of Auguste and JianJian, Leston and XiaXia, Carl and Lydney, and only issued them one room card a pair.

But Colin was not happy when he got a room card. He ran after Winchester and said, “Hey, Winchester, what do you mean, giving me two room cards, I can sleep well with my brother…”

Hai’an did not quite understand what Auguste was saying behind them, so he took out the unfinished magic book and slowly wrote in it on the table. Even the people in the conference room did not notice until Auguste pushed back his chair and squatted down in front of him.

“Come up, I’ll carry you.” Auguste patted Hai’an’s calf.

Hai’an wiped his lips, put the books and pen away, and then put his arms around Auguste’s neck.

“That’s what you do every time… I’ll walk back myself in the future.” Hai’an put his face on Auguste’s broad back and muttered softly.

Auguste couldn’t help laughing when he heard Hai’an’s complaint. “I used to walk with you in my arms. When you were young, I let you ride on my neck. Today I let you ride too. What’s wrong with you? Huh? Little villain.”

Hai’an blushed, recalling that Auguste had tricked him into riding on him in the spaceship’s cabin and slapped him on the butt to make him move. He raised his face and bit Auguste’s ear hatefully, but the bite was not heavy at all. The warm breath and wet lips and tongue were just like when they had sex.

“Don’t make any noise.” Auguste slapped Hai’an’s ass and told him to settle down. “There are so many people watching. You should hold back a little. Don’t wave.”

Hai’an: “…”

Hai’an turned his head and looked around. He found that there were indeed quite a few people, and he turned his head back again.

Walking along, Auguste suddenly stopped and put Hai’an on the ground. “Come on, I’ll teach you to open the door.” As he spoke, Auguste seized Hai’an’s hand and laid it on his waist.

Hai’an drew back his hand. “The door is not on your waist. You want to deceive me again.”

“But the door is stuck in my pocket.” Auguste lowered his head, bit Hai’an’s neck, dragged Hai’an’s hand into his pocket, and Hai’an could not release it, so he had to follow his movements and take out the door card.

“Scan it over there.” Auguste pointed to a blue sensing area on the door handle and said to Hai’an.

Before Hai’an reached out and swiped his card, Auguste poked him in the waist. Hai’an was itchy and quickly retracted his hand.

“JianJian, stand still.” Auguste also pinched Hai’an’s waist.


Hai’an held out his hand again, but only then did he raise it. Auguste immediately poked at his itchy flesh.

“Why don’t you move?”


Auguste must be retaliating for biting his ear!!!

Hai’an took a deep breath and instead of stretching his hand slowly, he quickly swiped the door card in the sensing area, broke away from Auguste’s arm and rushed into the room. But Auguste seemed to be deliberately releasing water. When Hai’an entered the room, he closed the door and snatched Hai’an’s waist.

“Haha… I’m wrong, Hah…Augu. Don’t tickle…” Hai’an laughed out of breath, wriggling in Auguste’s arms, and could not ran anywhere.

Just listen to the “ding-” sound, the photoelectric system of the house sensed people’s entry, automatically switching lights up, Hai’an’s eyes had tears in them, he glanced at the room through the hazy line of sight, but found that there was only one mattress in the room.

“Oh, here’s a bed.”

“No… I don’t — ” Hai’an was kissed by Auguste before he spoke, but Auguste took Hai’an’s soft tongue for a moment and let him breathe slowly against the wall.

“Now we have a bed,” Auguste whispered, clinging to Hai’an’s lips.

“That’s just a mattress.” Hai’an tried to struggle.

Auguste sneered, threw Hai’an on the mattress, pressed several times on the electronic screen behind the door panel, and the mattress began to disintegrate into pieces of furniture, tables, chairs, bedsteads and even a small bathroom.

Hai’an, who had been lying on the mattress, now was in bed, with an extra pillow behind his head and a quilt over his body.

“Go and take a bath.” Auguste lifted the quilt, pulled Hai’an out of and patted him on the butt. “Then go and write your book.”

“Oh.” Hai’an obediently said, holding the bath towel, and went to the bathroom.

When Hai’an entered the bathroom, he found that he could not use the bathroom at all, because it was the first time that he had taken a bath by himself. Before that, Auguste had helped him take a bath.

“Auguste…” When Auguste got into the quilt, he saw Hai’an pop his head out of the bathroom and looked innocently at him. “I don’t know how to use these things…” When Hai’an finished speaking, he saw Auguste pull the quilt off and walk towards him, but he wasn’t wearing anything, nor did he mean to hide it. “You’re not dressed!”

“I’ll take a bath after you finish. It’s too crowded for two people here.” Although Auguste was muttering about it being crowded, he stepped into the bathroom to put water on. He didn’t mean to leave, so he took a bath together with Hai’an.

The small bathroom was good for one person to wash, two people to wash was really playing with fire. Washing, Hai’an felt something on top of his waist, but he did not dare to look back, only dare to whisper, “You top me.”

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Hahaha. Auguste is insatiable. Poor Hai’an, he’s going to need a lot of fluids to resist all that exertion.

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