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Chapter 104: Learn magic together

Auguste did not speak. He put his chin on Hai’an’s shoulder with two hands around his waist. Warm water was left along his body. In the white mist rising in the bathroom, Hai’an could only hear Auguste breathing in his ear and heartbeat from the close body.

“Wash up quickly.” Quietly holding Hai’an for a while, Auguste pulled out a towel and wrapped it around himself, opened the bathroom door and went out.

Why? Auguste didn’t try to be a hooligan.

Hai’an was shocked. He just thought that Auguste would do something to him in the bathroom. Was it because he was not exciting enough indoors that Auguste let him go so easily?

In fact, Auguste just heard the conversation between Colin and Corson next door…

“Why is the bathroom so crowded?” Colin was soaping in the bathroom and felt that Corson had hit himself again. “Don’t squeeze, I’m going to kiss the wall!”

Corson, with bubbles on his head, was rubbed with soap by Colin. “I didn’t squeeze you. You rubbed it all the time! When I wash my hair, you’ll help me soap up!!!”

“I don’t understand why Winchester didn’t make the bathroom bigger since he had the money to make one more room.”

“This is a temporary cheap military room, not a resort hotel, okay…”

“Well, it’s better there in the tree house. We can still take a bath together. Oddly, I don’t feel good about this soap. Why do I rub it for half a day or think it’s not clean?”

“Because you washed my thighs…”

The sound insulation of this room was too bad, and Hai’an has not finished his magic book, Auguste thought it would be good to wait for Hai’an to writing it. They have not tried to stand up yet.

“Do I really have to finish writing to go to bed?” Hai’an, with wet hair, sat in his chair and looked back at Auguste. He held a snow-white quill pen and wrote three quarters of his magic books, which were spread out on the table.

“Yes.” Auguste, without raising his head, browsed the news of the Star Wars intently.

Hai’an frowned and wrote a spell on the magic book with a feather pen that did not need to be dipped in ink. “There are many more…”

“I’ll be with you.” Hearing the complaint of Hai’an’s grievance, Auguste lifted the quilt, took a clean towel and sat down behind Hai’an to wipe his hair. “When you are sleepy, you can go to bed.”

“But you said I can’t sleep until I’ve finished writing.”

“I’m amusing you.”


Auguste laughed and kissed Hai’an’s soft face. “How can I get tired of you?”

“You’ve made me tired several times.”

“Write quickly and don’t talk.” Auguste clearly did not want to admit his guilt.


Hai’an only wrote the magic spells that he could recall from the elementary to the advanced level. Forbidden spells could not be taught to Queltan and Lydney. There were many magic documents in Nore so he did not read them all. Many magic spells were created by magicians themselves. It was not difficult to create new magic spells as long as you mastered the magic principles and foundations.

Golden light appeared at the tip of the feather pen and flashed across the page. In the eyes of ordinary people, this was only a blank notebook. Only those who sensed the magic element could see the magic spell written in the notebook.

“Can everyone learn magic?” Auguste craned his neck and looked at what Hai’an had written, only to find that there was a blank space on it. “What are you writing? I can’t see anything.”

“No, you can’t.” Hai’an’s voice had an indescribable triumph, “And this is my love letter for you. If you do not love me, you cannot see it.”

Auguste: “…”

When he gathered the next day, Colin reflected to Winchester one thing: the bathroom was too small, in view of the bad memories of last night’s bathing with Corson.

“You know what? My brother and I bathed face to face, chest to chest, back to back, buttock to buttock, and I felt my thighs wrong when I put soap on it! After rubbing for half a day, I don’t feel right, so I even wash my ass!!!!”

Corson grabbed Colin’s palm: There’s no need to say anything so disgraceful…

But Winchester beat him in one sentence: “I’m too poor. You can give me some money to renovate the bathroom.”

“Have you no money?” Colin did not believe that. Winchester’s Legion was the second largest, and Winchester or Alto’s close relatives, wages were certainly not low, how could they be without money?

“I really have no money.” Winchester spread out his hand. “I’ve used all my money on Pier. He’s going to “archive” us every day and send some robots to kill us unexpectedly every day.” Winchester laughed and was very excited. “After the first two ‘archives’, I found that the soldiers’ anti-attack ability has improved a whole level. It seems that it is good to die every day.” As soon as he spoke, a bomb was thrown at his feet and exploded. When the smoke had gone away, Colin found Winchester dead.

Colin: “…”

“Captain!” The elite squad stared at Winchester’s body. Some of them couldn’t respond. They rushed forward to see if there was any possibility of treatment for Winchester. But then the bombs overwhelmed them and soon they gave up Winchester’s body and turned to Colin.

“The hero is there! Go with him!!!” Dozens of muscular strong men looked at Colin with their eyes shining and their faces full of hope, but behind them were all kinds of bullets .

“The trough is coming again!” Colin pulled on Corson and turned away. The pain of death will be superimposed, so he will not die.

“Over there… It looks like someone’s dead.” Lydney pointed in the direction of the temporary cheap housing and said to Hai’an and Queltan.

Hearing Lydney’s words, Queltan stood up and looked at the tent. “Haha ha! It must be Winchester, or we’ll have heard him by this time.”

Hai’an pulled out Queltan and Lydney early this morning, squatted in a pit in the metal ruins, took out the magic book he had written overnight and began to explain the two magic foundations to them.

“JianJian, I think this magic is really simple.” Queltan said, singing the elementary flame curse quickly, and then a fire burst out in his right hand, reflecting the faces of the three men in a red glow. “Look, I’m already going to burn.”

Hai’an, who explained half the magic principle, said:…

Still trying to digest the knowledge Lydney:!!!

“Wow, it’s so hot here, my legs are melting!” At-6765453, endowed with ice crystal legs by Hai’an, was siting on the pit to protect them from being killed by robots, but as soon as the flames of Queltan came out, the ice crystal legs of At-6765453 began to melt when they felt the heat.

“Ah! I’m wrong. I’ll fix it for you right away!” Queltan was in a hurry, extinguishing the flame of his right hand, singing the magic of freezing, waving his left hand, and re-icing the leg of At-6765453, but exerting too much force, he covered the whole body with a velvety snowflake.

“Am I growing hair?” At-6765453 rubbed the snowflakes on his arms and rustled down to the ground, leaning his head and looking innocently at Hai’an with blue, electronic eyes.

Hai’an has been dazed. He thought Queltan was a magical genius!!

Hai’an did not expect that Queltan’s magic affinity was so strong. He just read the magic spells once and could sing them fluently and quickly. If Queltan was born in Nore, then he must be the kind of student that every major magic institute wanted to recruit.

“I don’t think I have anything to teach you…” Hai’an handed the magic book to Queltan. “Today, you can write down the magic spells on it, and then test them one by one from the primary magic to see if they can all be released.”

“Good! Then I can help my YanYan, right?!” With magic books in his hand, Queltan had bright eyes, YanYan had been taken away by Auguste for special training, and did not know whether they had been attacked by robots.

Hai’an shook his head. “No, you have to stay here and practice magic all the time.”

“But I’ve learned it.”

“Your control is too poor. It’s not enough to learn how to do it. For example, the frozen spell you just cast is too wide.” Hai’an said, stretching out his left hand, condensed a transparent ice into s hockey ball. There was a fire in the ice hockey ball, like a small sun, while under the “sun” there was a small green flower, and light blue snowflakes were sprinkled on its side.

“Here you are.” Hai’an handed the ice hockey to At-6765453, then turned around and continued to speak to Queltan, “In addition, you have to learn to let the elements of the original unity live in harmony.”

“That’s amazing.” Lydney looked at the ice hockey At-6765453 was given and was amazed. “I used to think in the laboratory that everything under the microscope was the most mysterious thing, but I never knew there was such a beautiful scene in the world.”

“Microscope, what’s that?” Hai’an heard a new name and was curious.

“When we go back to the Vagrant, I can show you.”

“Good!” Hai’an nodded quickly. “I’ll give you and Carl a gift when you can cast the elementary magic.”


“Yes, it’s a magic that will keep you and Carl alive as long as you can.”

Hearing Hai’an’s words, Lydney felt his steady heartbeat become fierce in an instant. The gap between his and Carl’s life spans had always been a matter of deep concern to him. He was now in his twenties. Maybe in eighty years, he would grow old little by little and eventually die. But he knew that even on the day of his death, Carl would be as young as ever.

He believed that Carl would still love him even though his appearance was no longer there, but he did not know whether Carl could face the rest of his life alone when he died. Maybe he would leave the world with him, or maybe he would meet other people. That person might not be pure human, he would have a long life, and could accompany Carl through the rest of his life…

But he was reluctant to let go.

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August 16, 2019 6:13 pm

the kiddo is an sponge for magic theory lol!

August 16, 2019 9:42 pm

Queltan, you’re such a prodigious!!! Lidney, apply yourself, please.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 17, 2019 12:38 pm

Did the author implies the (not really) twins doing the deed? Or as more than brothers? It seems Alia is the only one without a partner in their team. Haha…

August 30, 2019 11:02 pm

O.o The brothers sleep together, have a bath together and live together. Is there anything else they do together? *_* And whoaaa, Queltan is so OP. 😀

October 20, 2019 6:15 am

Oooohhh… JianJian made Auguste shut up.. 👍👍

“You know what? My brother and I bathed face to face, chest to chest, back to back, buttock to buttock, and I felt my thighs wrong when I put soap on it! After rubbing for half a day, I don’t feel right, so I even wash my ass!!!!”
Hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha… omg… Colin..

April 23, 2021 11:27 pm

The perversion is still contagious. Winchester hears all of Colin’s complaints about showering too close to his brother and doesn’t suggest ‘take your own shower!’ just ‘I’m poor, give me money I’ll upgrade the bath.’ HaHaHa!!!

September 25, 2021 2:03 am

Is it strange that Queltan has magic so quickly?
Glad Lydney’s character is getting the opportunity to match his lifespan with Carl.
Thank you for translating.

May 22, 2023 4:32 am

How envious Queltan~ at least he can now be good at something and lead well 🥺 protect those he care about too.

Aiyooo 🙈 those two brothers will be the death of me. I’m too dirty 😭

Funny, amazing, and morbid, how Winchester seemed to get the hang of getting killed skskkwksk

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