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Chapter 110: Prelude to the Final War

“Ivan is a war maniac, and the Empire and the Freedom Alliance are all her people. It is estimated that in another week, the news of Ivan’s death and the successful seizure of power by the Freedom Alliance will come out.” Dean stood up from the grass and patted the grass on his legs. “When her new regime is established, soon other galaxies will attack us. Then she will make a logical counterattack. It is not only our galaxies that are involved in the war.”

“I don’t understand… What good is it for her to do that?” Jamie frowned.

“Ayulon’s nature yearns for war and bloodshed. Why did Ariella fall in love with Ivan? Do you understand that?”

Some things were engraved in the blood flowing through their veins. Human beings had to accept their flaws if they wanted to gain the strength of animals. Ayulons, even standing at the top of the food chain, had a fatal nature. Eventually, they destroyed themselves through constant aggression and war. Perhaps when Ariella first saw Ivan, she smelled the blood on her body and was called by her innate nature. So she fell in love with her.

“Ivan doesn’t care about anyone, including herself. She just wants to fight and get entangled in the war until she dies.”

“Then why did you come to help us…” Jamie asked, but then he thought it was wrong. Dean could not beat Ivan alone. Now he had only one way and that was to work with them.

Dean got up and went to the tree house. The grey windbreaker fluttered slightly in the wind. Nightmare followed him silently. Every step he took was firm. “I’m not here to help you. I just want the war to end soon… I want to go home. He’s waiting for me.”

“What a wonderful flower…” Winchester watched Jamie sort out the information and shook his head and face in disbelief. “How could there be such a man-like woman in the world?”

“No, isn’t there one here?” Colin voiced out. Winchester looked over and saw Alia, a flat-headed woman with strong features, wearing only a black vest.

Alia turned her eyes to him in silence.

“One month is definitely not enough for us to train.” Lydney’s eyebrows were wrinkled. Ivan’s army was huge. Auguste was no match for Ivan if he went right now.

“Didn’t Dean say that the Freedom Alliance was about to overthrow the imperial regime soon? People still have a good impression of the Freedom Alliance. When Ivan establishes a new regime, we won’t be able to defeat her again.”

“Don’t we only have a few days then?”

“Let’s go assault them.” Auguste suddenly said, “Ivan and Ariella are both in Didu now. Just kill them.”

“Brother, it’s easy for you to say, but how can you be sure that we can kill Ivan?” Carl howled.

“The black raven must be in Titus too. Once the primitive fighters are close to each other, they will have resonance, because they all have a certain core. It is very difficult for us to kill Ivan with the black raven there.” Alia sighed. “Red Shield can’t beat black Raven.”

“Isn’t there Nightmare and Pier?” Auguste raised his eyebrows and all eyes were on him. “Clean up, we’re leaving today.”


“Fuck, I didn’t expect that we really would go today.” Leston, holding XiaXia, took a deep breath at the port of berth in Titus.

Jamie poked Leston’s back. “Don’t talk nonsense, go quickly.”

“I’m going, don’t push me.”

Colin stood impassively in front of the viewing deck and looked down through the window of the port of berth at the bustling night scene of the city of Titus. In silence, Corson came up to him and shouted out a little worried, “Colin…”

“I’m all right. Let’s go.” Colin turned, smiled indifferently at him, took his hand, swayed his buttocks and moved forward enchantingly. Colin was wearing a woman’s dress and played a husband and wife with Corson.

YanYan turned back to a plant, and was held in Queltan’s arms. Hai’an rode around Auguste’s neck, looked at XiaXia, looked at YanYan, and finally grabbed Auguste’s hair and whispered, “I’m blind, I’m blind.” Why can’t I change back?

In order to make it easier for them to blend into Titus, XiaXia and YanYan changed back to their original plant forms. Hai’an changed as well when he saw them. As a result, he could only change back to the way he was when he was a child. Finally Hai’an decided to turn into a little boy. After all, it was so convenient to disguise that he and Auguste played a father and son.

Auguste held Hai’an’s calf and made him sit more firmly. “Maybe it’s because you were born from a flower?”

“Hmm…” Hai’an held his cheek in both hands and thought about the problem seriously.

“Where are we going now?” Cessie pushed a wheelchair out of the spaceship. Pier was sitting in the wheelchair without any reaction. He looked as quiet as he had fallen asleep. His Nadine core was taken out by Cessie.

“To the old site of the Castle Fernando, which is nearest to the army.” Winchester followed and watched his soldiers disembark one by one as ordinary tourists.

Auguste hijacked three passenger ships, temporarily placed the tourists on the companion stars, and asked Pace and Mian to take care of them. Dean made Nightmare copy the faces of tourists, covering Auguste and Winchester’s soldiers and disguising them as tourists entering Titus.

The inspection of Titus’s mooring port was very strict. The people on the rover and Winchester’s elite team could only enter Titus by a spaceship and get Ivan’s main position and arrange the blockade wall near the military headquarters in order to prevent Ivan from escaping. Dean drove Nightmare, Alia took Red Shield, and the remaining two soldiers on board were lurking outside Titus. Once Auguste transmitted the coordinates of Nightmare, they immediately attacked to minimize the casualties of ordinary people.

“Carl, you, Colin and Corson escort Lydney to the blockade research area to open the blockade wall.” Auguste approached Carl and whispered so that they seemed as natural to others.

“What about me? Where are my YanYan and I going?”

“Leston and XiaXia will escort you to the palace.”

“To the palace? Why?” Queltan’s face was puzzled. He was a magician! How can he not fight?!

Winchester came up and took Queltan away. “Don’t ask so many questions for a child, just do it – Ouch!”

Winchester was bitten by YanYan.

People walking near them heard Winchester’s voice and looked their way. The captain of the elite squad stared at him with eyes as if he was berating his son, “Chief! Keep your voice down! See how quiet and dedicated all the other heroes are?!”

Winchester rubbed his arm and looked up at Colin. He was the only man in a woman’s costume. He and Corson were at the front. His buttocks twisted delightfully, and he hugged Corson stickily. They were really like a couple.

“Dad! I want to eat sugar ~”Hai’an hopped around Auguste’s neck, messed up Auguste’s hair and perfectly portrayed the image of a child.

“If you don’t obey me, I’ll spank you.”


Winchester: “…”

This couple also performed very carefully.

“Oh, hurry and get my luggage.” The captain of the elite squad snorted, raised his chin and proudly pointed to the luggage at his feet.

Winchester sighed, “Yes, yes.” He played a servant of an aristocrat who was now the captain of an elite squad.

“Dad, you are very kind to me.” Hai’an was riding steadily around Auguste’s neck, one hand pulling his hair, the other holding the lollipop Auguste bought him, while licking and talking to Auguste in a sweet childish voice.

When Jamie saw it, he immediately teased them, “Oh, Daddy is eating lollipops with JianJian again? How delicious, is it yummy JianJian?”

The connotation of this sentence was simply too yellow to understand, only the pure Hai’an did not understand, but seriously answered: “Delicious, this is my first time eating lollipops.” After thinking about it, Hai’an went on to add, “I haven’t eaten this kind of sugar before.”

“Don’t talk to the weird uncle.” Auguste took Hai’an down, put him in his arms, and walked quickly forward.

[Cheap’s Auguste]: Are you there?

[Carl’s Lydney]: I’ve hacked the Institute’s network, and I’m breaking into Titus’s main satellite area network.

[Cheap’s Auguste]: We will begin soon.

[Carl’s Lydney]: Okay.

The old site of the Castle of Fernando was abandoned because Abbott urged to keep the last face of the Fernando family. No one moved the land, which gave Auguste’s team their chance.

Auguste was walking down the street outside the old site of the Castle, buying clothes and souvenirs like any other ordinary tourist. The captain of the elite team and Winchester went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. They watched the route of the old site of the Castle of Fernando from the high-rise building and wondered how to rush into the army.

[Carl’s Lydney]: Done.

[Fan of Colin]: Yes.

[Cessie]: Received.

In the instant that Lydney’s message was sent out, the entire network of Titus was paralyzed, all the monitors on the streets turned black and nothing could be seen. The monitors in charge of surveillance rang with an alarm in an instant.

Ear-shaking air-defense alarms sounded over Titus Star. Ivan frowned fiercely when she heard it. “Black Raven!”

Hearing Ivan’s call, Raven ripped open its wires and dashed out against the wall. Abbott chased after him, “Raven! Your repairs haven’t been finished yet –” Raven disappeared before the words were finished.

Winchester and the captain of the elite squad rushed out of the hotel door, ran to the old site of the Castle of Fernando and gathered with Auguste. As a result, Cessie was pulling out a pile of parts from his backpack and started assembling something.

Again, wasn’t this a Nadine core?

“Cessie, be careful…” Winchester swallowed. “If you shake your hand, we’ll have to die here today.”

“Rest assured.” Cessie looked calm and his hands kept moving. “I’ve died enough. I can assemble this thing with my eyes closed.”

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