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Chapter 109: Little Secrets 

After Jamie shut down the video conversation with Auguste, he walked out of the Vagrant with a bottle of wine and sat down on a hillside. At the end of the green grassland, the sun sank. Looking directly into the past, he could see a warm orange light, not a bit dazzling. The red evening rose petals were floating in the air, and the fragrance of flowers was floating in the gentle breeze. Wine, feeling the hot liquid down the throat, burning in the stomach.

Mian and Pace stood in the wheat field harvesting the newly ripe wheat. Because he awakened the blood of the snow wolf, Jamie could see that Pace took out a small box and handed it to Mian. After opening the lid, Mian looked surprised and touched the kitten’s head. The kitten also licked Mian with its pink tongue.

Jamie smiled and shook his head. He poured himself another mouthful of wine: “What do you think this is…”

“Isn’t that good? No gift is more valuable than a life.” A pleasant and slightly low voice sounded in Jamie’s ear, but when Jamie heard the voice, he stared, and all the wine he had not swallowed came out in one gulp.

“Fuck me! Why are you here, Dean?” Jamie looked at Dean like a ghost and took a cool breath.

“You can rest assured that no one knows you are here except me and Nightmare.” Dean sat gracefully next to Jamie, took his bottle and poured himself a mouthful.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Jamie sneered dryly. “You think life is important as you kill so many people?’

“Because I am a fool…”

Jamie had nothing to say. He moved his bottom as he didn’t want to sit too close to Dean. He used this action to show his dislike for Dean. “How did you get here? I heard you blinded one of Ariella’s eyes?”

“I can go anywhere I want.” Dean squinted and looked at Mian and Pace kissing in the rye. “Except where he is.”

Who he meant by this was self-evident, Jamie pouted and took another sip of wine: “You betrayed the Freedom Alliance? Weren’t you as loyal as a dog?”

Dean ignored Jamie’s mockery. “Caine and Patrick are the same person, and more accurately, they are the same person as Ivan.”

“You’re not fooling me, are you?”

“Ivan never appeared where Caine was. Ariella is Ayulon, but Caine is not.” Dean drooped his eyelids, covered his dark eyes, and the orange sunshine painted his face with vicissitudes of life. “Freeport is a hoax. The so-called freedom has never existed. Caine was just hitting those gimmicks to attract people like me to work for him.”


“Ivan started hunting you for Lydney. He is smart, isn’t he?” Dean looked sideways at Jamie. “Smart and easier to control than I am. At least if the person he was recruiting was Lydney, Ariella would not have been blinded.”

“Is it interesting to say these things now?” Jamie gave two sneers.

“It’s not interesting.” When Dean patted the position around him, there was a slight earthquake on the ground. Jamie looked back and saw Nightmare coming from behind them. He sat down beside Dean with a box of wine in his hand. Dean threw a bottle to Jamie and took a bottle of his own.

“Why don’t you go home?” Dean asked a strange question.

But Jamie understood. He pulled out the necklace hidden in his collar, opened it and touched the person in the picture. The picture was not clear because of years of rubbing and erosion. “The both of us were orphans. Where is our home? If she is not there, I will have no home.”

“I miss him.” Dean took a sip of wine. “I want to go home.”

Jamie was silent and did not speak. Dean was one of the people who saved his life. If Dean hadn’t followed Auguste to save the merchant ship, he would not have been hurt. Maybe he and Abel would have had a happy future. 

“You tell Auguste that you have only one month left. In a month’s time, war may not be an interstellar affair.”

Jamie’s pupils suddenly shrank. He turned to Dean and said, “What do you mean by that?”

“Ivan Randall, he’s a madman, born with blood.” Dean shook the bottle. “Two hundred years ago, she was the illegitimate daughter of Fernando…”

“Illegitimate daughter?! Are you right about the gender?”

Dean sighed. “Can you hear me out?”

“Go ahead! Say it!!!”

Two hundred years ago, the Fernando family gave birth to two babies, a boy and a girl.

The baby boy was Patrick, the only heir to the Count of Fernando, and the baby girl was Ivan Randall. But what made her different from her brother was that she was the product of Fernando’s drinking and a maid’s wandering all night.

Count Fernando had a noble and beautiful wife, and Ivan would not have been born if Ivan’s mother had not dared to climb up the bed. The Count claimed that the humble maid had deliberately seduced him, but Ivan scoffed at this statement. Count Fernando’s private life was not as chaotic as that of other nobles, but it was not clean.

Ivan’s mother did not find the count until Ivan was born. She wanted him to provide them with good livelihood as . Because people of the Empire attached great importance to their children, the count took his daughter and killed Ivan’s mother. Count Fernando gave Ivan to his wife to show his loyalty. Fernando’s wife was very unkind to Ivan, treated her as a humble maid and only pretended to be very kind to her.

Ivan never resisted, and she knew that revenge took time. It wasn’t until one year that the Count Fernando’s family took her on a trip to another planet. She had been playing with Patrick, but he had deliberately thrown her into the forest of the planet. Five days later, when he found his daughter missing, the count rushed to send someone to look for her. When he found Ivan, she was drinking the blood of a rabbit.

No one knows how Ivan survived those five days. All they knew was that Ivan had no wounds on her whole body except the bloodstains of other animals. Her face was very ruddy, and she even picked a blue flower with great sentiment.

Ivan hid an Ayulon egg in a flower basket and brought it back to Titus.

After the egg hatched, there appeared an ugly creature Ivan had never seen before, a chubby voice, short limbs and a fat tail. It was ugly enough, but Ivan raised her and gave her a nice name, Ariella.

Ariella had a memory and inheritance. She was very clever. Three years later, she succeeded in obtaining a human form and had been living with Ivan.

As the emperor feared Fernando, he buckled to kill his family.

When Abbott led the guards into Patrick’s house, he happened to see Ariella digging out Patrick’s heart, while Ivan stood aside, even wiping a handful of Patrick’s blood and licking her bright red fingers.

“I also have the blood of the Fernando family.” Ivan stood in a pool of blood, with a sick smile on her face. “Isn’t that the blood you’re loyal to? Then I can do it, and I can do it better than him.”

Count Fernando was dead, and his children were the next masters. Abbott didn’t hesitate becoming loyal to Ivan. Before leaving, he killed his wife. The woman was too troublesome, trying to persuade him to leave the Fernando family. He knew that his own blood was not good, and that none of his sons had inherited his loyalty.

After Abbott killed her, he found that the younger son hiding in the cabinet had little time left. So Abbott did not kill Colin. Perhaps in his mind, the weak son could not survive the fire.

Abbott never saved the original machine armor fighters. When he went to steal machine armor, he happened to bump into Cessie who was stealing a Nadine Core. He told Oliver about that and put something in the medicine Oliver had been taking.

Oliver was a strange man with a strange temper. Besides Cessie, his relatives were left with the original machine armour fighters. As Cessie ran away and the original machine armour fighters sleeping, no one ever asked about the cause of Oliver’s death. And Abbott destroyed  Oliver’s manuscript about how to read the memory of the original machine armour. Only the core of the original machine armour fighters was left.

But on the way to escape, there was something wrong with the planes carrying Nightmare and Red Shield. They were disrupted by the pursuing forces of the Empire. They didn’t know which planet they had landed on, but they left the big killer, the black Raven.

“That’s all I know.” Dean sneered. “After Ivan founded the rebels, she started business with Ariella. Oliver’s apprentices were there. They accumulated capital by dealing arms and grew bigger step by step. When she was Caine, she rarely appeared in public, but only on occasions with Ariella. Most of the time, she played Ivan Randall in the Emperor’s regiment, and Ariella often appeared with her in various trading occasions.”

Jamie frowned. “How do you know these things, and you said that in a month’s time, war may not be an interstellar thing?”

“Abbott’s old trash, he has Oliver’s manuscript, his speed of decoding the memory of the original machine armor fighters is not as fast as mine. He has only now decoded the memory of two original machine armor fighters, and I have already decoded all of them.” Dean turned and looked at Nightmare sitting next to him, proud. “I got four primitive machine-armored fighters’ heads from Cessie. The ability to lie is to read the mind.”

“When Nightmare gains the ability to lie, Ivan loses, and he comes to me.” Dean sneered. “He can’t wait. Abbott is too old to be as smart as I am and he can’t get Lydney. He will turn into Caine and ask for help. As a result, I and Nightmare suddenly know too many secrets.”

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