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Chapter 113: Annual Welfare

After seeing Ivan die, Lydney opened the blockade wall and the Emperor laid down all his weapons and gave up resistance.

Queltan and XiaXia strolled into the palace while Auguste and Ivan were fighting, because Ivan had never thought of protecting the emperor. The soldiers he left him, though many were useless straw bags. XiaXia scared all of them when he threw out his eyes. 

Queltan and YanYan went into the palace, tied the emperor up, threw him on the smooth floor, and XiaXia sat in the emperor’s chair, patting the cushion under his buttocks curiously, “Leston, this chair is so big. Let’s move it back. We haven’t tried to do it on such a big chair yet. Love, Winchester’s bathroom is too small. I’m not happy to go back. We can just try the position of the two people in the film we saw last time — oh, no!!”

The emperor sat gaping on the floor of the hall and was forced to listen to the love words of XiaXia and Leston’s boudoir. But when Leston heard the wild and unrestrained words of XiaXia, his face turned green and he quickly covered his XiaXia’s mouth. “My little ancestor, stop for a while. Shall we go back at night and say these words?”

XiaXia twisted his body and struggled to break free of Leston’s shackles. He opened his eyes wide and stared at Leston. He almost did not stare down. “What’s wrong with these words? Those people in the film speak more than I do. Didn’t you like to hear them when I said them in bed?”

“… I like to hear it but shall we go back and say it again?”

“I don’t! I’m going to say it now! Uh-huh-huh-huh-huh!!!” XiaXia struggled but still couldn’t get rid of Leston’s shackles. Leston lifted XiaXia from the emperor’s chair and covered his mouth to keep him from losing face. Didn’t you see that Queltan and YanYan looked at them both with wrong eyes?

Queltan whispered, pulling at YanYan’s sleeve, “Have we seen the movie Leston watched?”

“I haven’t seen it. It seems that it’s new. I haven’t had time to download it yet.”

“When you get back in the evening, you download it for me to see. Be careful not to be discovered by Winchester, or he’ll beat us both.”

“Rest assured! We have the help of the captain of the elite team.”

Queltan smiled with satisfaction at the assurance that YanYan was ready.

Queltan’s nano computer suddenly shook. He raised his right wrist and opened it. Lydney sent him a message.

[Carl’s Lydney]: Queltan, you can start the video in a minute. Are you ready for your oath?

[Pure teenager Queltan]: YanYan has prepared me.

[Carl’s Lydney]: Okay, remember not to stutter… Who changed my name?

[Lydney’s Doting Husband]: Of course it was me!

[Wife Loving Leston]: You are so shameless, Carl, take it to the bedroom!! 

[Lydney]:… I changed it back.

[Lydney’s Doting Husband]: AHH why? Nini, don’t you love me?

[Wife Loving Leston]: Good change!

[Wife Loving Leston], has been forbidden for 30 minutes by Administrator Lydney’s Doting Husband.

[Not XiaXia]: Oh, No.

[YanYan with a big mouth] 666666~~~

Regardless of what was going on in this temporary group, Queltan ignored it. Instead, he stepped out of the palace hall and stopped at the statue fountain outside. He took out a small mirror,arranged his clothes and tried to see if his hairstyle was out of order.

YanYan followed Queltan and kissed him as he wrapped his arms around his waist. “Are you nervous?”

“Not nervous.” Queltan pushed YanYan away a little bit disgusted. “Don’t come too close to me. What if you mess up my hairstyle?”

“All right.” YanYan laughed and walked away a little.

[Lydney] Okay, turn on the nano computer video. I’ve connected you to every nano computer in the Empire.

[Pure Teenager Queltan]: Okay!

Queltan took a deep breath, cleared his throat, let YanYan open the nano computer video, and shined it on his face.

For an instant, everyone in the galaxy with a nano computer, whether citizens of the Empire or rebels in the Freedom Alliance, saw Queltan’s face on the nano computer. Queltan had a serious face and was silent for several seconds before he said, “Today is a happy day, because I and my friends have just maintained the peace of the universe!”

YanYan: “…”

Finished! Queltan forgot his words!! “We punished the bad guys who did bad things, and the chaotic order of the Empire was properly maintained…. Nobles should not continue to enjoy privileges and pure human beings should not be discriminated against. Everyone is the same. I declare that from today on, the aristocratic system of the Empire will be abolished completely. In the coming days, we will also promulgate relevant laws on the protection of the rights and interests of pure human beings.”

Although somewhat unreliable, Queltan’s speech became smooth, with his unique teenage voice as a comforting magic. “I, Queltan Alto, solemnly swear that I will faithfully carry out the presidency of the Federation and do my utmost to abide by, maintain and defend the Federal Constitution!” 

While Queltan was still taking the oath, Dean left Titus with Nightmare. He sat in the cockpit and looked at a silver ring on his ring finger, which he had bought for Abel with his first salary after joining the army. If Abel hadn’t died, the ring should have been worn on his ring finger.

How happy would Abel have been at that time?

“It’s all over…” Dean leaned back in his driving chair, his head turned back, his eyes closed and he murmured softly. His whole person showed a kind of decadent exhaustion.

After Abel’s death, he lived like a dead man for a hundred years. He did all kinds of military research day and night. He dared not stop himself, he dared not sleep because he saw Abel in his dreams. He was afraid that once he fell asleep, he would never wake up again.

Fortunately, it was all over. He could finally get a good sleep.

“Master, where are you going next?”

“… Let’s go to the Flower Street Star and see teacher.”



Auguste and his party had already returned to the Vagrant, and Leston, at the strong request of XiaXia, carried away the shining emperor’s chair.

“Auguste, are we leaving like this?” Hai’an was held in Auguste’s arms, lying on Auguste’s big bed, looking through the huge glass window at the fading Titus. “Don’t we have to say goodbye to Queltan?”

“You can say goodbye if you want.” Auguste took out a small blue bracelet from his pocket and put it on Hai’an’s left wrist, which was the nano computer bracelet he specially made for Hai’an.

Hai’an raised his hand and played with it. The thin white wrist looked particularly soft against the blue bracelet. “Is this a nano computer bracelet? How do I use it?”

“I’ll teach you.” Auguste took Hai’an’s right hand and clicked on the nano computer main interface, then clicked on the page chat software, entered a series of numbers, and added a chat group called “Saving the Universe”.

[Delicious JianJian has joined the group]

[Colin, a man wearing women’s clothes]: Beautiful.

[Delicious JianJian]: Winchester, Auguste and I are going on our honeymoon. See you later.^^

[Wife Loving Leston]: I bet a hundred of XiaXia’s eyeballs that this man should be Auguste, because JianJian can’t read at all.

[Wife Loving Leston], has been forbidden by Humble Auguste for 24 hours.

[Hard-pressed Winchester] Fuck me!! Auguste, you’re going to go??!!

“You can’t read yet. You can play after I teach you.” When he saw Leston’s words, Auguste remembered that Hai’an was still illiterate. Hai’an was not a man of the world. He was a native of the stars with YanYan and XiaXia. He couldn’t read normally. So Auguste turned off his nano computer and ignored Winchester’s cry.

He felt that at this time, he and JianJian should do something more meaningful. Although Hai’an and Auguste both lie in the big bed, in fact, Hai’an was not living under a soft mattress, but under Auguste’s hard chest.

“Where are we going now?” Seeing Auguste close his nano computer, Hai’an asked with some doubts.

“Let’s go to Flower Street Star, find Palatine to get the translated map, and then help Jamie find the moonlight.” Auguste’s hand passed under Hai’an’s arms and gently unfastened the button of his front jacket.

Hai’an wasn’t foolish enough to not know what Auguste was going to do. He got up quickly, but Auguste grabbed him at the waist and hugged him back. Auguste bit Hai’an’s sharp ears, then gently licked them. Hai’an felt safe and numb. The strong pleasure quickly swept over his whole body, and the blood gradually converges to an unspeakable position under him.

“Ahn…” Hai’an moaned and whispered, gasping quickly, “Auguste… No”

Hai’an grabbed Auguste’s wandering hand in his lap that was kneading his lower member. “Why… you have to do this as soon as you come to bed… Ah!!”

Auguste’s other hand had gone into Hai’an’s trousers, grabbed his member and rubbed it heavily. Hai’an stiffened up, his white toes curled up and groaned impatiently.

“Because I’m afraid…” Auguste whispered, “Do you know what I was thinking when I saw you rush in the army?”

“No, I don’t know…”

Auguste gave a chuckle and a hoarse voice said, “I don’t want to die, but I don’t think I’ve… If I can do enough for you, I won’t die…”

After saying this, Auguste turned over with Hai’an in his arms and cruelly pressed Hai’an under him. Auguste turned into a hooligan again!!

Hearing Auguste’s rhetoric, Hai’an stared at Auguste with disbelief.

So Auguste’s way of embracing his benefactor was to dry him to death?


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August 21, 2019 8:37 pm

Everything was wrapped up so fast! Auguste, don’t run away!

Thanks for the chapter!

August 21, 2019 9:54 pm

Their nicks are so hilarious everytime. XD I never would have thought that XiaXia would be so perverted XD XD

And the war is over. That is a good thing, it was a classic case of cutting the head of the snake and the rest fell apart. Now the Vagrant crew is off to their new advanture.

Thank you for the chapter!

August 31, 2019 5:27 am

Gahahaha! Dry him to death indeed. Lol. :’D

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Hahahhaha.. I love there Id names for chat group.. 😂

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They obviously all escaped the area then, before Black Raven crushed his core stone; it seemed like they were all there, especially Dean and Nightmare.
Dean, Auguste & Hai’an all appear to be heading for Flower Street.
Auguste seems hungry after all that fighting 😏
Thanks for translating.

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