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Chapter 112: With a belt and two dogs

The Ayulon, who had lost her head, fell down, and her flesh and blood were quickly engulfed by the pale blue flames, gradually burning to a white bone.

Auguste shook off the head on his right wing, but the flame did not extinguish. As Hai’an ran, he felt the soul stone on his shirt start to burn. The hot temperature made his chest ache, as if he was going to burn him up together.

“Brother!” Carl shouted and started to rush over, but Auguste stopped him. Auguste was back in his human shape, standing in the middle of the ruins, the fire on his right hand had spread to his shoulder.

“Don’t come near me.”

Carl had to stop and shout anxiously, “What the hell is this flame?”

Auguste was silent and did not know how to begin explaining. Carl had no memory. He did not know what the flame was.This flame was the flame produced by the burning of an Ayulon’s soul. Every Ayulon burns when he dies. Finally, some soul stones are left behind. His relatives would collect these soul stones for him, because there was a legend in Ayulon that as long as the soul stones were still there, the dead would rise one day in a few years.

But if an Ayulon did not die, he would start burning, and when the flame died, there would be no soul stone, and he would disappear completely in the world. The flame of the soul would spread, and those who were touched by it, regardless of race, would burn and die together. When an Ayulon fought on various planets, they would cultivate a group of suicidal Ayulon fighters. If the invasion failed, they would start to spontaneously ignite and drag the whole planet to death.

Ariella’s body was still burning, and the fire would continue to spread until it engulfed all life within the blockade wall!

“Carl, go and help Dean kill Ivan, and then take Winchester and leave.” Auguste paused after saying this, and finally whispered, “Help me take care of JianJian.”

Carl shouted, not listening to what Auguste was saying, “What the fuck are you talking about!? How can this flame be extinguished? Tell me!! What are you dawdling about for??!”

“I said get out of here!” Auguste took a deep breath and finally stopped being indifferent. He shouted at Carl, “Go!”

“Go, my ass!” Carl’s eyes were red, his nose was sore, and he sat down on the ground and began to whine. “Ah, my leg is broken. Come and carry me on your back…”

Despite that, Carl shed tears.

When they were still young, they wandered around the planets, but no matter what danger they met, Auguste would not leave him behind. He was very dumb. He had no memory to inherit. He did not know any survival skills at all, nor did he use Ayulon abilities. Being with him would only drag Auguste down.

Every time they ran away, he would sit down and cry, “Let me die!”

Auguste would always pull him up, punch him a few times, and then pick him up and run away.

So they wandered for hundreds of years, and Auguste taught him how to fight, how to change, how to control his abilities, and finally they could fight together, how could they separate?

“Auguste!” Hai’an had come while Carl was still crying on the ground.

Hai’an’s eyes widened and looked at Auguste’s right hand, which had been burned to white bones.

“JianJian! Don’t come near me!” Auguste breathed a little fast, his voice became hoarse, and the pain of burning his soul was unbearable even to him. He stepped back a few steps further from Hai’an. “Carl, get up and leave here with JianJian!”

“What about you?” Carl sniffed and raised his head, and when he saw Auguste’s right hand, he started yelling again, “Oh, let me die here!”

Hai’an did not listen to Auguste’s words, and started to walk towards him. Auguste turned to run away first. As a result, a bunch of vines grew under his feet and wrapped him in place. The flames could only burn things with souls. There was no soul in the bunch of vines. Auguste broke one but it only wrapped around him again, not to mention that he had only one hand.

“Does it hurt?” Hai’an went up to Auguste and raised his hand to touch Auguste’s arm.

“Don’t touch me!” Auguste flashed sideways and shouted at Hai’an.

Hai’an frowned, and his watery green eyes stared at Auguste with a grieving face, “You shouldn’t have shouted at me.”

“I… JianJian! ” Auguste did not know what to say. He was hesitating whether to apologize to Hai’an. He saw Hai’an coming towards him.

“I’m all right. The flame doesn’t work on me.” Hai’an laughed and raised his hand. The pale blue flames gradually converged and condensed into a ray of fire on his hand. At last they disappeared. Then Hai’an healed Auguste’s arm. The white elements of light gathered in his palm. After the bright white light passed, Auguste’s broken right hand grew again.

Auguste: “…”

Why was the flame of Ayulon’s great killer soul as fierce as a roast chicken fire and extinguished when it wanted to be destroyed?

Hai’an did not know how strong the flame was. He only knew that it might burn Auguste to death – when he did not start, of course. Elves can manipulate magic elements. How fierce a fire is, in Hai’an’s opinion, just meant it was a bunch of unrestrained fire elements. There was no magic added to the fire and it was not a divine fire. What did he have to fear?

For the elves, a natural flame had no lethality unless it was emitted by a magician singing a magic spell, but there was nothing to fear, as long as your magic level was higher than the caster, you can easily extinguish the flame.

“Bah! Auguste, you’re just kidding with me!” Carl was unhappy. Just as Auguste’s appearance made him think he was going to die, the fire went out as soon as he was near JianJian. The two men were too tired and Carl felt like he was being bullied without Lydney around.

Carl got up from the ground, patted his ass and left. He didn’t want to see Auguste’s face at all.

“Ah.” Dean laughed softly, cut off Raven’s left hand with a sword, flashed a light on his left shoulder, crackled and sparked. “Are you not sad Ariella died?”

Ivan just kept silent and did not speak. Instead, Raven began to talk crookedly, “Nightmare, you are cheating, I don’t accept it!”

Nightmare itself has the ability to heal automatically, and now it was a combination of a shield and healing, the attack of Raven on him could not make any wounds, even if occasionally he got a few scratches, it would soon heal and disappear.

“I said, you can’t do this, you are two people beating one, I don’t agree!” Raven was still very angry.

“There’s one thing we can do, you pop Dean out, and I’ll pop my master out too. Let’s fight each other, or I won’t accept it!”

Nightmare: “…” How could he have such a stupid brother?

“If you don’t talk, I’ll take you for granted.” Raven suddenly turned around, with his back to Nightmare. Nightmare was too late to stop. The lightsaber in his hand directly penetrated the body of Raven. At the moment of turning, Raven bounced the cockpit out of his chest, and at the same time, reached into his chest with one hand, grasped the Nadine core, and crushed it.

The core structure of Nadine was complex, and the original mechatron warriors can choose to crush it and detonate large-scale explosions. Within this explosion range, only those in the cockpit of the original fighter who detonated Nadine’s core would not be injured.

When the cockpit landed, Ivan’s nano computer received the last message from Raven.——

[Raven MengMeng]: Master, I will always love you the most (> =)/~

The loud bang of the explosion caused a dazzling white light to explode around Raven. In that instant, almost half of the Emperor’s capital stars were illuminated. Where the dazzling white light swept through, whether trees or houses, or fighter planes and aircraft armors, it rapidly carbonized and burned into ashes, leaving no residue at all.

Ivan looked at the white light from the cockpit window, somewhat stunned. But then the whole world began to crumble and spun. Ivan was dizzy and closed her eyes. In the darkness, she seemed to see many scenes. When Raven was awakened by her, she cheerfully called her master. Before Ariella was an adult, she fell down and cried in her arms. Back in time, the dead came back, but Raven could never wake up – he stood upright like a mountain, like a real soldier, with a huge hole in his chest.

The fragmentation of a Nadine core was irreversible and cannot be archived.

Ivan sat in the cockpit, on the right side of the console, there was a huge game board, which was originally Ariella’s. Sometimes she liked to turn back to her Ayulon form and poke it carefully with the tip of her tail. Then it was stolen by Raven.

Her men had been subdued, and Luke, who was attacking the shield outside Titus, stopped. The bright white light just now attracted the whole planet’s attention.

Ivan opened the cockpit door and stepped out. Ariella’s bones were near her. She looked at the snow-white skeleton in a daze and touched it. But the white bones soon turned to dust on her fingertips and dispersed in the wind.

Eventually, Ivan found a necklace on the dusty ground, the soul stone that Ariella gave her.

She picked up the necklace, shook the dust off it, reached for the soul stone, the pale blue flame spread to Ivan instantly. It was not the soul stone, but the flame of the soul that had not been extinguished by Hai’an.

Ivan raised her head and took a look at the world full of holes in the burning flame.

“Raven… Ariella…” Her last sigh came from the air, and when the flames went out, a black necklace fell where Ivan stood, except that there was no small soul stone on it.

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August 20, 2019 2:09 pm

Did anyone survive? I’m the 1st post?!

August 20, 2019 3:41 pm

So what’s Ivan’s aim at the end? Revenge to the empire? Her family? The world? Or is she simply a psycho addicted to mayhem and war?

What’s bugging me is that Jamie’s goal is to find a flower that could ressurect his lover. Then why did Dean fell to hopeless despair when there’s a possibility of his own lover resurrecting too?

August 20, 2019 10:30 pm

Thank you for the chapter!!! Hai’an is the best possible match for Auguste! Nothing can stop him, even the killer flame that burns mighty Ayulons, for him those are just ordinary flames that can be easily controlled. Ah, Auguste, will have some apologising to do and, I bet, he will be even more clingy than before. After all he is alive thanks to his precious little elf. So Ivan, Ariella and Raven are dead and both the Empire and the Freedom Alliance lost their leaders at the same time with Ivan playing the role. Is it the end of the… Read more »

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Carl is a good brother. Auguste was such a nice big brother to him… Hehe

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We should start a campaign to track down the remaining Ayulon descendants so that no shitty crazy ass Ayulon blood will destroy the universe on a whim in the future. And we need an expedition to search for moonlight flower and ask the dealer who cultivated Hai’an’s shaking grass to cultivate it.

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Ah, very poetic death. And also pointless. Smh.

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Wait a minute, why does Ariella still die? Aren’t they all in the archive and not in real life? Ok, the author explains about special conditions related to Raven, but he didn’t mention anything about Ariella right? Ah, I’m feeling confused now ..

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Good riddance to crazy rubbish….

September 25, 2021 10:11 am

No! Unless they moved far enough away in time, not just Dean & Nightmare, but Auguste, Hai’an, Carl, Jamie and Cessie were nearby watching too, plus Alia, Red Shield, Winchester and his men; were the others some place else? Could Nightmare or Red Shield activate an archive?
Thanks for translating.

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