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Chapter 130: The death of Uncle Ye and Palatine: another kind of rebirth, God loves all.

“I’m a senior Knight now, and in a few years, I’ll be a knight of light. Not surprisingly, when I’m 30, I’ll be the youngest paladin in history.” The teenager’s voice was hoarse and unpleasant, but Palatine listened carefully.

Yellian was sitting in a chair, holding a bunch of yellow roses to model for Palatine. One day a few years later, the teenager suddenly brought flowers to Palatine every day, almost without any repetition. He was as serious and shy as if he was going on a date with his lover, “When I become a paladin, no, maybe when I become a knight of light, I can take you out of here.”

Palatine’s hand shook, and a good painting was destroyed. He lowered his eyes and said lightly, “No, I won’t leave here.”

Yelian stayed still for a moment and then was angry. “Why you obviously don’t like the Gabriel family, do you? So why don’t you leave here? Because of your father?”

The teenager threw away the bouquet and went to Palatine’s side to question him. Obviously, he knew a lot of secrets. He did not understand why Palatine’s father was so bad. Why did Palatine not want to leave? He wanted to expose the ugly face of the Gabriel family to his father, but he was stopped by his teacher.

Palatine sighed, “No, it’s for my own beliefs.”

For the first time, Yellian did not stay in Palatine’s room until dawn, while Palatine sat silently in front of the drawing board until dawn, looking at the yellow roses that Yellian had thrown on the ground – it had withered a little, but was still younger than him.

Palatine stretched out his hand, pulled a strand of hair from behind him to his chest, and looked at his white hair in a daze. The candles in the room were burning, making a crackling sound, and calling back Palatine’s mind.

He lowered his head and burst into tears.

But no one would come to comfort him.

After that night, Yelian did not come to see Palatine for several days. Sometimes Palatine would lie in bed and sometimes sit in front of the drawing board. But he was waiting for him. He looked at the tile all day and all night, wondering what he was expecting and what he was disappointed about.

Maybe he wouldn’t come today.

Palatine had some discomfort and headache today. After sitting in front of the drawing board for a while, he climbed into bed.

Before closing his eyes, Palatine took a look at the candlestick on the wall – the candles in the stone house were specially made and would not extinguish for a hundred years, lighting the whole room as bright as day, but what about that? He could neither fall entirely into darkness nor gain real light.

Yelian pushed aside two bricks this time, “Am I getting fat? Brick can’t come out. I’ve doubled the tunnel these days. Did you miss me, Palatine?” Yellian talked to himself, only to find that Palatine had not responded to him at all. He looked up and found Palatine huddled in the quilt, leaving him only a back head with grey hair – which was very unusual.

“Palatine? Palatine?” Yellian crawled out of the tunnel and rushed to Palatine’s window to pat his face, touching a cold, and sweaty face with his hands.

“Yelian…” Palatine seemed to be awakened, and still in a nightmare, frowning and whispering Yelian’s name. Yelian was flustered, and his blue eyes were full of worries. Had he known that he would lose his temper with Palatine that day, would he just faint and walk away without leaving? It’s fair for Gabriel to take him anyway, but he didn’t expect to get Palatine sick.

“What’s wrong with you, Palatine?” The young man lowered his head and asked quietly in the other man’s ear.

“I’m cold…”

Yelian did not say a word, picking up his clothes and lying in the quilt. When he met Palatine, he was shivering with his cold body temperature, but he still held him in his arms without hesitation: “When you were a child, you shared your nectar, now you spare your body temperature, maybe you’ll have to share your life later.”

Yellian put his arms around Palatine’s waist and said in a low, obscure voice, “… But I’ll give it to you.” After that, he secretly laughed.

You are like a precious gem. Let me give you everything. I only wish you to be the most dazzling presence around me.


“What are you doing, mysteriously?” Palatine felt helpless, touching the black cloth that covered his eyes.

Yellian was an adult, a head taller than Palatine. The tall body of a young man seemed to cover up all the storms for his beloved. He took Palatine’s hand and ambled forward. His soft and magnetic voice whispered in his ear, “A surprise for you. I give you the real sunshine.” Yellian pulled off the black cloth, put his arm around Palatine’s waist, and kissed him on the side of his face. “Do you like it?”

Palatine looked at the place where “Sunshine” had been hanging. He was distracted that “Sunshine” had been taken down by Yelian and put up beside the wall. He cut a small square window in the wall so that Palatine could see the sky outside.

Real, bright sunshine.

“I’ve learned some magic and disguised it outside. You don’t have to worry about being discovered. Just be careful when you look at the sunshine. I’m staying a little late today. I’m leaving. I’ll see you again in the evening… Why are you crying?” Yellian waited for half a day and found that the man in his arms had no reaction. Looking forward, he found Palatine crying.

“Don’t be so kind to me…” Palatine turned and buried his head in Yellian’s arms, muffled.

You will make me reluctant to die, unwilling to leave you.

Yellian raised Palatine’s chin and looked at his tear-soaked grey pupils. Suddenly, he bit Palatine’s lips until his pale lips were red. “Kissing on the lips means the possession, Palatine. Will you wait for me for a few more years? Wait a few years, I’ll take you out of here.”

“… Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Palatine looked down as if he had made a decision, and earnestly agreed to Yellian.

With Palatine’s assurance, Yellian was relieved to leave. Palatine generally did not make promises easily, but once he made promises, he would never change.

That morning, after Yellian left, Hill Gabriel came to the stone house.

Palatine sat in front of the drawing board and stopped his brush when he saw Hill Gabriel.

Hill Gabriel approached and saw a young man without a face. He was holding a bunch of yellow roses with shining blonde hair.

“It took you so many years to let the person in the picture grow up.” Hill Gabriel’s voice was mild, but Palatine’s hand shook.

He put down his brush and went to the astrological table and sat down. “There are no stars in the daytime. I can’t watch them.”

“This time it’s not astrology, it’s calculation.” Hill Gabriel circled in front of Palatine and pressed down his book. “Help me to figure out the fate of Nore.”

Palatine turned over the astrological table and gasped with the great breath, “You let me reckon the fate of the mainland and use my life for a prophecy… On what basis… What are you doing?”

“This is the last time, as long as the calculation is over, I will let you leave here, you can see the outside world.”

Get out of here… Palatine’s finger gradually clenched and used astrology to calculate fate, which almost exhausted all one’s life. He only promised Yellian yesterday to leave here with him…

But even without calculating for Hill Gabriel, he couldn’t get out of here. Perhaps he couldn’t wait much longer for Yellian. Palatine looked at his white hair with long legs bent and grey hair on the ground, and he would die.

“I can’t…” Palatine stepped back a few steps.

Hill Gabriel approached, “You can, you are the most powerful astrologer of the Gabriel family in a century, and only you can survive the whole process of calculation… I’ll let you go as soon as a result comes out. You can go anywhere you want.”

Palatine closed his eyes and thought of Yellian. “Okay… Give me three days. Don’t let anybody disturb me in these three days.”

Yellian found today’s Palatine somewhat strange.

Because he was too gentle.

Although Palatine was usually very gentle, but not so… fragile.

“Yelian has grown up…” Palatine pulled Yelian into bed, sat beside him, and stroked his face. “I’m way past my thirties this year. I’m much older than Yelian…”

Yellian grabbed Palatine’s hand with his backhand, and his ear was red. “Palatine is not old at all. What if one day I am older than you?”

“… Do you like me then?” Palatine laughed. Palatine’s pale grey eyes glistened slightly in the candle, like precious gems. They caught all of Yelian’s eyes. Many people praised him for his beautiful eyes, but Yelian always felt that it was because those people had not seen Palatine’s eyes.

But that’s all right. Palatine was his.

“Like…” Yellian’s throat slipped. “I’ve liked you since I was a child. In fact, I’ve seen you before. You’re a priest and saved my teacher. So I followed you here secretly, but I don’t know what the chain was made of, so I couldn’t take you out of here yet…”

“I also like Yelian…” Palatine sighed and sat on Yellian.

Yellian almost jumped up in horror at the sudden movement of Palatine but was kissed by Palatine. The young white-haired man’s wet and soft tongue reached in, grabbed Yellian’s tongue, and stirred it up, bringing out the sound of stained suction. Yellian stared wide, Palatine did not close his eyes, but half-closed, and watched him with an emotion that Yellian could not understand.

“What’s wrong with Palatine – hiss!” After a kiss, Yellian was about to ask him what was wrong with him today. Palatine’s flexible fingers had already unfastened Yellian’s trousers, and he held his half-hard member and moved, feeling the columnar object in his hand waking up.


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August 29, 2019 8:52 pm

The father is an evil man… Why can’t he leave Palatine alone?

Hmm, is Palatine gonna sacrifice himself, right? Nooo. I feel I’m gonna cry the next chapter.

August 29, 2019 11:29 pm

Will Paladine predict the war of Nore? And the paintings, are we looking at prelude for the “Beloved”?
Thank you for the chapter!

August 31, 2019 6:45 pm

Nuuuu. So saaad.

September 26, 2021 9:14 am

Farewell love making?
Pallatine really deserves to have a better life next time around, with health, happiness and the reciprocated love of Uncle Ye.
I hope Hill Gabriel suffers intolerably for this.
Thanks for translating.

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