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Chapter 131: The death of Uncle Ye and Palatine 4: another kind of rebirth, God loves all.

Not only was Yellian suffering from lust, but Palatine was also suffering. The despair and sadness squeezed from all sides made him want to cry, but he couldn’t. Yellian didn’t know anything.

Yellian watched Palatine’s lips go down all the way, across his chest and abdomen, hovering in front of his member, holding it, carefully licking it with the tip of his tongue, swallowing the liquid oozing out of his mouth.

At the moment when Palatine spoke to Yellian, he raised his eyes and saw Yellian’s profound and far-reaching eyes, like sapphires and the sea, which were full of love that could swallow him up like waves. Palatine blinked a few times and dispersed the rising fog.

“Yelian… Shall we stay together forever?” Palatine knelt on the bed, hands-on Yelian’s side, little by little he moved forward, with his forehead against Yelian, shining lips reminded Yelian of the feeling he had just experienced- hot and soft…

Like a man bewitched by a goblin, Yelian felt that he was captured by Palatine and was willing to plunge into an abyss for him.


Hearing Yelian’s answer, Palatine laughed. It was the first time that Yelian had seen such a smile on their more than ten years together. It was like the last fireworks of life burning. It was brilliant and dazzling.

Palatine’s eyes were half-closed, and the water in his eyes was condensed. He felt that his whole body was too hot. He had never been so hot or so refreshed in his life.

Looking at the sunshine on the wall, Palatine sniffed, and tears slid down his cheeks. He was despondent.

I haven’t had enough. How come I’m going to die?

“Palatine… Why are you crying? Did I hurt you?” Paying close attention to the movement of Palatine, Yelian saw his darling crying and stopped immediately and asked in a hurry.

“Cry, move again… Make a bigger effort…” Palatine opened his eyes, red tails and wet eyes full of desire and discontent as if questioning why Yelian suddenly stopped.

Yelian: “…”

Always feel abandoned, to satisfy his lover, Yelian struggled to speak up again.

It was not until noon that Yellian got up and found himself in a panic when he missed the time to leave, but Palatine moved over, revealed his body full of kisses, and gently hugged Yellian’s waist, “They won’t come today.”

“Why?” Ye Lian was not very happy when he heard the words, but frowned worriedly.

“Hill Gabriel asked me to prophesy for him. I gave a request, or do you have to go back?” Palatine hung his head down, somewhat lost.

How could Yelian make his lover sad? Anyway, he really had nothing to do with it: “No problem, I can accompany you with your prophecy? Your body…”

Palatine laughed, went out of bed naked, lifted the Sunshine, let the warm sunshine outside shine in, and then sat down at the window with the drawing board, “You lie in bed, I will draw for you.”

Yelian was stunned for a moment, obediently lifted the quilt, half-seated on the bed, wantonly revealing his morning vigor.

Palatin: “…”

Why are you so energetic early in the morning?

“Take a cloth and cover it. Don’t dirty my eyes.”

Yelian was also a little unhappy, “You obviously liked it last night…”

Palatine pretended not to hear him. He cut his wrist with an artist’s knife and bled in the paint dish.

“What are you doing?” Yellian saw Palatine hurt himself, and his pupils suddenly shrank. He rushed to him and clapped his knife and asked angrily.

When Palatine moved the light element, the wound on his wrist healed in an instant, “Okay, don’t worry, isn’t it okay? Come back and sit down. I’m going to draw.” Palatine patted Yellian’s bare ass. “By the way, give this painting another time magic, and I’ll keep it in your eyes forever.”

“Then you should paint yourself…” Yelian’s voice was low, angry, and sad.

“I can only draw you now. Go back and sit down.”

During these three days, Palatine and Yellian were drunk in this stone house, dreaming and dying. After painting, they would crack, just occasionally eating some dry food to fill their stomachs.

“Yelian, where do you live?”

“Well… I live in a castle with a luxurious room. Why do you ask?”

“I think if I go out in the future, where can I find you…”

“I flattened the top of my castle and planted all the flowers we ate. If you go out, you can see it, but it’s all right. I’ll pick you up.”


When Yellian left, Palatine asked him to take the picture with him. Yellian was not satisfied when he looked at it. “Why don’t I have eyes?”

“Yellian’s eyes are the most beautiful. I just want to collect them by myself…” Palatine smiled, touched Yellian’s eyes, tiptoed on his lips, and stamped a kiss. “I love you, Yellian.”

“You, you… I love you too…” Yelian’s face was red. Although they had met each other honestly many times in recent days, he was still not used to the heat of Palatine. Ah, there were some troubles.

Palatine’s smile faded away after Yellian left. He hung up Sunshine again, collected all the portraits of Yellian, lit them with candles, burned them up, and sat down at the astrological table, opened the heavy books and wrote on paper.

On the morning of the fourth day, Hill Gabriel pushed open the iron door. Palatine was dressed neatly and sat at the astrological table. In front of him, there was a roll of parchment. “Have you figured it out?”

Palatine coughed a few times and swallowed a few drops of blood in his throat, “Yes.”

Hill Gabriel hurried up, did not care about Palatine, but immediately opened the sheepskin roll, only to see a blank, frowning, “What does this mean?”

“If you send me out of here, I’ll tell you how to see the prophecy.”

Hill Gabriel was silent for a moment. Sure enough, he had a carriage for Palatine, loaded with gold and silver jewels, and sent him to the suburbs. “Now you can say that?”

“You can find the nectar of blue flowers and wipe it on the sheepskin roll, and you can see it.”

“I hope you don’t lie to me.”

“No.” Palatine lowered his eyes and looked out the window at the splendid scenery. It was spring, and in the suburbs, with countless flowers blooming all the way. “I don’t want to go back…”

After Gabriel left, Palatine kicked against the window for a while and pressed down the sweetness of his throat. The scent of flowers floated out of the window and into the carriage. Palatine stepped out of the carriage with the help of the doorframe. Under the empty white robe was a fragile body like bone, while the long hair that had only reached the bend of his legs was now at his ankles. With his steps, he swayed gently, like the last dance of dead leaves carried by the autumn wind.

Palatine felt his vision was blurred, and his footsteps were heavy, but he tried to raise his head and look in the direction of the Emperor’s Capital. Sure enough, he saw a castle with a flat roof, covered with unknown wild safflower. Palatine laughed and shed tears, “You fool…”

He abandoned the treasure box full of precious jewels and the magnificent carriage behind him, and the fragrant flowers and the song of birds on his side could not keep his eyes, as if he had found and seen the most precious scenery in his dark life which had not seen the day for more than ten years.



“Yel… Cough…”

Palatine walked forward step by step, but only after a few steps fell down on the road, coughing and choking bright red blood, dyed his lips and white robes red. He fell on the ground covered with fresh grass and leaves, almost stopped breathing and felt the life all around him, but he was dying. His eyes were still unwilling to look at the place full of wild safflower, his hands were hanging feebly in front of him, but he could not touch his beloved anymore.

“Ye… Lian…”

“Palatine, I’m here.” Yellian took Palatine’s clenched hands and gently took him into his arms to soothe his breathing.

“… Yelian?” Palatine opened his eyes and gazed at the man in front of him, his hair still shining like sunshine. Only his favorite eyes, now he could only see the white pupil. “Your eyes… And your face…” 

Yellian put Palatine’s hand on his cheek. “I’m all right. I can still see you.”

Yellian tracked Palatine because his behavior in the past three days was so strange that he could not rest assured. God knows how terrified and desperate he was when he saw the dying Palatine on the roadside in the suburbs.

He found his teacher with Palatine in his arms and traded half his life and his eyes for twenty years of Palatine’s life.

“We can be together all the time…” Yellian sighed and could not bear to scold Palatine for almost leaving him. The man in his arms was so weak as if he could break all his bones with a gentle effort.

“No… You’re still so young…:” Palatine shook his head, slid his throat knot up and down, choked and almost speechless. He grabbed Yellian’s arm. “Didn’t you say you’re going to be a paladin? What else do you have to do like that?”

“I won’t do it!” Yellian interrupted Palatine, closing his eyes and not wanting Palatine to see, “I will not be a paladin, I will not let you die, nor will I let you leave me, nor will there be only ten years left between us.”


Yellian held Palatine in his arms and whispered in his ear, “You like my eyes, my hair, my smile, anywhere on me, can I show you a person in the future? I’ll take you to my teacher. Believe me, we’ll be together forever.”


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Ah! This love is so heart-breaking!

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