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Chapter 96: Got into trouble again

Auguste had just been thinking about the star, not paying attention to the quarrel between Colin and Corson, and when he finished that sentence, he found that everyone was staring at him with an inexplicable look.

“What are you doing?” Auguste was puzzled.

“Nothing. It’s a nice day today.” Colin immediately shut up and changed the subject. He was not JianJian. What if Auguste withheld his salary?

“They thought you were going to eat shit.”

Hai’an had long been hiding behind Auguste and laughing silently. He laughed directly when he heard XiaXia’s words.

Auguste: “…”

Why did he have such a group of idiotic people?

In retaliation, Auguste did not agree with Leston’s request to stay and guard the ship this time, but took Hai’an.

The distance between the main star and the companion star was very short, so the explosion above the main star could affect the companion star. It would only take a few minutes for them to land on the main star’s surface. It was only after they arrived on the main star that they understood why the planet was called a Tomb Star.

It was a tomb for mechanical life.

There was no land on the star. Every piece of land they saw was covered in metal mechanical debris. There were abandoned spaceships, old-fashioned smart appliances that had been repaired, broken hands and broken feet from robots, all kinds of materials closely packed together. There was no bare exposed land and no trace of life.

“For over a hundreds of meters,” Alia came down from the cockpit of Red Shield and looked at the models of several robots. “The detectors show that 10,000 meters underground is still metal debris, and no trace of life can be found.”

“Didn’t Uncle Ye say that there were two people living here? How could there be no trace of life?” Colin scratched his head and wondered if maybe the explosion on the main star killed the two men. But how did they explain the letter they received?

“Either they are dead, the letter was delayed. Or — ” Alia continued to operate the detector in her hands, with a serious expression on her face. “They live in the heart of this planet.”

“In the core? Aren’t you kidding, Alia? There’s metal wreckage everywhere. There’s no hole in it. How did they get to the heart?” Colin walked more than a dozen meters forward, and found nothing unusual. The feedback of ultrasound had been transmitted to everyone’s nano computer. Until the depth of 20,000 meters, there was no access to the center of the earth. The further down, the metal was tighter. Unless the metal layer exploded, it would be impossible to reach the center.

“Don’t go too far.” Seeing Colin leave the team, Corson quickly shouted at him, “There’s a magnetic storm coming.”

Winchester had begun to command his soldiers to build small tents here. The soldiers were using materials they found and were moving very quickly.

“What are your plans? Train the soldiers here?”

“That’s right.” 

“I don’t think that’s wise.” Auguste frowned. He didn’t feel any killing intent on the planet, he didn’t think it was dangerous, but without exploring the whole planet, Auguste disapproved of Winchester’s practice of starting training directly.

Winchester also knew that this was dangerous, but their time was really limited. “The number of planets affected by war is increasing rapidly, and our time is running out. Before the war between the Free Alliance and the Empire reaches the galaxy as a whole, we have to rush back. And Queltan… We don’t have that much time for him to grow up enough to shoulder the burden of his father.”

“So what if you train perfect soldiers?” Alia came straight up and shouted, “Will you take the human body to fight with Ivan’s mechanical legion? Or who is crazier than Dean? Are you a vegetarian when you are against Raven and Nightmare? Once they see blood, they will never stop. You will not even have the chance to escape!!!”

“On the Empire’s side, we can help you to hold down Raven and Ariella at best, but don’t forget that the Freedom Alliance also has Caine and Dean.” Even Carl felt that Winchester’s actions were killing him.

“Actually, I can help…” Hai’an stepped forward and was ready to say that he could still teach magic to everyone, but before he finished, the ground began to churn violently. All the robots rose and picked up the metal debris from the ground to assemble their own weapons. Red and blue lights flashed, mechanical gears, and the sound of rotation between connections was very obvious.

At the same time, Alia’s detector began to flicker frequently. The green dots of life appeared one by one on the screen. All the dead mechanical creatures on the planet, like the resurrected dead, were now all active.

“Run!” Carl quickly picked up Lydney, who was the most vulnerable of all the people there. Even with a protective shield, he was still not reassured. He did not want to repeat the painful experience of the night at the festival. He jumped into the back of a damaged fighter with Lydney in his arms, squatted down and assembled a small particle gun. Then he handed it to Lydney. “Here’s the gun. Will you shoot the robot behind me?” When he saw Lydney nodding, Carl smiled and kissed him on the forehead. He took out a chair and put it on his back, let Lydney sit in the chair with his back facing him, and gave him the gun for protection.

The resurrected robots raised their kinetic guns and fired at Winchester’s soldiers. Several of them were shot in seconds, but when they arrived, the spaceship they were flying in disappeared. Red Shield quickly opened the shield and put her arm in front of Alia, so that she could quickly enter the cockpit.

Corson and Colin pulled the bolt of their weapon and started shooting at the robots. Winchester’s soldiers could only retreat. Although none of them escaped, they were completely unprepared for such an unexpected attack. The accuracy of their shots had almost dropped to the level of recruits. They couldn’t hit the robots mobile hubs at all, but only break their legs or arms. Hitting parts of their breastplates wasted a lot of ammunition.

Leston watched them with XiaXia, pulled to his side, fired ten rounds in succession, but none of them missed. All of them hit the robot’s active center. The light in the eyes of the robot that had their centers destroyed flashed, then extinguished and stopped all the action a few seconds later. He sighed and scolded, “What a bunch of waste!”

The Emperor’s Regiment had reached a certain level. Even the men in the Legion of Grey Alto (Queltan’s father) were so scum. It was conceivable that the Legions ranked after them looked like. 

“Leston, six o’clock, three seconds and you’ll be hit by a grenade.” XiaXia suddenly make a sound.

“What?” Leston did not hear clearly and asked.

XiaXia did not answer Leston’s question, but took him a step to the right. Instantly Leston felt a grenade brushing his ear and blowing up the abandoned fighter behind them. The grenade fired very fast and the breaking wind was very small. No one on the rover could hear it except Jamie, Auguste and Carl. The reason why Jamie could hear the explosion of the grenade was because his wife, Cedar, had died from a grenade, so he would never miss it again.

If he hadn’t been pulled out of position, he might have been shot.

Leston watched the flames burning behind him and looked at XiaXia in shock. “XiaXia, can you see the trajectory of the projections?”

“Yes.” XiaXia was proud, clapping his chest, “If I throw my eyes out, I can see more!”

“Okay.” Leston hugged XiaXia’s shoulder. “You can throw your eyes out at random.”

“Run to the other side of the planet! Let’s back up! Let’s go!!!!!” Colin blew up a robot with a high-explosive gun and shouted at Winchester. It turned out that Leston threw something at him and he caught it. It was an eye?!

“Colin, connect the page!” Leston’s voice was blurred by the explosion.

“What are you doing?” Colin was puzzled, but still connected to the page.

Communications Mac was something that Auguste and Leston used to communicate during battle, it connected to the nanocomputers of everyone on the rover. Leston was not a fighter, he was only responsible for staying on the rover, observing the general situation on the battlefield, and warning them to avoid the high-risk shooters when they are out in fighter planes or aircraft armor. Leston was not on the rover right now. They didn’t have fighter planes or aircraft armors. 

“Bend down!” Colin heard Leston’s instructions to bend down. Without saying a word and asking why, he stooped down. Auguste didn’t give instructions during the battle. Everything had to be under the command of a surveillance officer. You were not allowed to ask why.

This was the Vagrant’s regulations, everyone must obey. They had been fighting side by side for nearly a hundred years, deep understanding had been integrated into the flesh and blood, and Colin believed that Leston would not give instructions for no reason.

“ZZZWW -” A slight break of wind blew over Colin’s back. It was a grenade. Colin’s eyes lit up and praised his headset: “Leston, you’re doing well!”

“Of course, I don’t want to know who has been helping you avoid bullets.”

“Fuck.” Colin sneered and continued to shoot with a high-explosive gun, interrupting the action of the robots chasing Winchester’s team.

Hai’an and Auguste were more relaxed than others. Hai’an’s side was surrounded by ice fog. Every bullet was frozen when it approached him, and then fell to the ground. Robots who wanted to approach Hai’an would be entangled by vines and turned into ashes with fire. Hai’an wanted to rescue the soldiers who had been shot. He walked up to them and found that they had lost their breath. Some soldiers were even blown up by shrapnels. The strong smell of blood made Hai’an sick, but Auguste kept pulling Hai’an to the center instead of retreating with Winchester.

“Where are we going?” Hai’an asked doubtfully.

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