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Chapter 95: They all changed 

Hai’an was pinched by Auguste and felt breathless. His long eyebrows wrinkled, he waved Auguste’s hand away and turned over to continue to sleep. In the process of Hai’an turning over, there was a tremendous vibration on the ground, even the bed they slept in was shaking.

Auguste got up quickly to get Hai’an out of bed, but he didn’t need to. Hai’an, with bare buttocks, fell to the ground.

“Waa…” Hai’an sat up from the ground with his nose covered. Red blood slowly flowed down his fingers and hit his snow-white chest drop by drop. All the tears in his eyes were caused by his sore nasal cavity.

There was chaos in the room. Vases originally placed on the cabinet and water cups from the table fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Seeing Auguste standing there, he felt that his choice of not grabbing JianJian was right. If the magnitude of the earthquake was worse, they needed to move.

“JianJian, let go of your hand and show me.” Auguste went round to Hai’an and held his chin and head up.

Hai’an felt only the pain from his nose, the strong smell of blood in his nose and mouth, and the uncontrolled flow of tears in his eyes.

“I’m fine…” Hai’an’s hands did not move, quietly mobilized the light elements, and gradually the white spots converged in his hands. By the time Hai’an moved his hands away, his nose was no longer painful, but the salty bloody smell in his nose had not dispersed.

Auguste drew a sheet of tissue and wiped Hai’an’s bloody face. Hai’an wiped his red eyes and asked, “Is the main star exploding again?”

“I guess so.”

Outside the door came a rush of footsteps. Suddenly, Auguste had an ominous foreboding. He quickly took the quilt and wrapped Hai’an up.

“Look out of the window, Auguste!” Carl’s familiar voice appeared in the doorway. The small wooden door was knocked on by him, but he didn’t kick the door directly as before. “I know you’re not dressed, so I won’t go in. Winchester’s looking for you.”

Hai’an’s earlobes turned red. Sure enough, everyone knew that he slept with Auguste…

Instead of rushing to dress Hai’an, Auguste took him to the window.

Hai’an was stunned at this. He could almost see all of the main star on the companion star. Even if he couldn’t see anything on the surface of the main star, he could see that it was a round planet. But now the main star has been blown up nearly a quarter of its surface, like a missing lollipop, leaving only a fragmented surface of the planet.

“The main star… It really blew up…” Hai’an looked back at Auguste.

“Dress first.” Auguste walked around the room looking for clothes with a big grin.

Hai’an blushed and turned to look out the window. He was angry. “You don’t wear underwear, Auguste!”

Auguste himself did not wear underwear, why make him wear underwear?

“You don’t like to wear underwear. I thought you would like me to not wear it as well.” Auguste took his clothes and put them on Hai’an’s back. He smiled and rubbed Hai’an’s sharp ears with the tip of his nose intentionally. He felt the soft blushing ears recover and Hai’an’s gasping.

“Do you wear underwear?” Auguste swayed in front of Hai’an with a pair of underwear in his right hand with a mini black dragon on it.

Hai’an wrinkled his small face and pulled down his underwear. “Wear it, I wear it.”

“Don’t take it off.” Auguste saw Hai’an put on his underwear and pinched the left side of his face. “Otherwise, I’ll bite your ear.”

Hai’an: “…”

He was going to sneak off when Auguste wasn’t paying attention… Did he want to take it off now?

Hai’an hesitated for a long time. Auguste dressed him and he did not decide whether to take off his underwear secretly or not.

Auguste knew what he was thinking at the first glance of Hai’an’s expression, but Auguste thought his JianJian was too naive. Did he think he would give him the chance to secretly take off his underwear?

By the time Auguste and Hai’an came downstairs, Winchester had taken Queltan outside the tree house.

Next to them stood another tall man, dressed in dark black clothes, with short hair like Alia’s hair, standing erect like a statue, until Hai’an saw his face and found it was YanYan.

“YanYan… How did you grow so fast?” Hai’an felt it was a little strange. Why did YanYan grow so fast this night? It took him several days to grow up to this size.

“Oh, belg –” As soon as YanYan opened his mouth, he belched, and the serious and dangerous breath appeared in an instant. “Maybe I ate too much.”

“In one night, he ate our year’s stock of meat.” When it came to eating, Winchester was heartbroken.

After dinner last night, only an hour later, YanYan began to cry out of hunger. Queltan took him to the food warehouse to find meat without saying a word. In just one night, YanYan ate a whole cabin of vacuum-preserved meat, and then grew almost as tall as him the next day.

Was it meat? It had to be hormones.

Queltan also had some heartache. His plant was too big and ate too much. He was not rich now. Could he afford to have YanYan?

“I think… YanYan may have changed.” Carl helped Lydney out of the tree house. Lydney’s feet were somewhat weak. He needed to rely on Carl to stand firm. “Not only YanYan, but also XiaXia mutated.”


“Yes.” Lydney nodded. “Because I’ve been raising XiaXia, you probably haven’t seen what it looks like…”

Hai’an recalled the first time he saw XiaXia. There were many eyes hanging on XiaXia’s branches at that time. Although it was frightening at first sight, he became accustomed to seeing it. Was an older XiaXia more terrible?

“XiaXia eyes can move freely on his branches. He can even throw all his eyes out. Once I opened the door, I trampled on one of his eyes. Later, I searched all the documents about tear trees on the Star Net and found no similar records. The only explanation was that he had changed.”

“What does XiaXia look like, like Cessie’s tree?”

“I don’t know that either of them should have different directions of variation…”

“You got out of bed, Lydney!” Colin screamed and ran out of the tree house, looking surprised. “I heard Corson say last night that you guys collapsed your beds.”

“Wow!” XiaXia behind Colin uttered a sigh, rushed to Lydney and grabbed him by the arm. Lydney blushed.

Auguste came up to Hai’an and whispered, “Look, we’re still good from doing it in front of the rose bushes at dusk, at least nobody says we’re two…”

“JianJian you got out of bed, too! Didn’t Auguste come back with you last night? Were you two fighting outside?!!!” Corson rushed over to cover Colin’s mouth and stopped him from making even more disgraceful remarks. Didn’t he see that Auguste’s face was green?

“JianJian can cure, you know nothing!” Corson whispered and Colin bit his lips.

“Oh ~” Colin decided to just think about what he wanted to say, but the dirty expression on his face said it all.

Hai’an: “…” I heard it all.

“It doesn’t matter if there is any variation in YanYan… He has eaten both what he ought and what he ought not to eat.” Winchester looked helpless. “Now I’m only concerned about the situation on the main star. It blew up -” Winchester turned and pointed to the star. When he saw that there was nothing missing, the rest was stuck in his mouth. “How could it be…” Winchester was stunned and took a few incredible steps forward. “I saw it clearly… Did you see that, too?”

Auguste narrowed his eyes and stared in the direction of the star for no other reason. Now the star became what they saw when they first came here. It was still grey, as if with endless despair and desolation, a ray of light could not penetrate.

“Everyone gets up so early.” Pace stood on the balcony on the second floor of the tree house and greeted them. “The main star is all right. Once it was blown up to half, and it recovered in a few minutes.”

“Pace, here’s a letter written in code.” Mian took a letter and went to Pace. Pace opened the envelope. After a few glances, his arm suddenly became elongated. He handed it to Auguste and said, “This letter is for you.”

“What does it say?” Winchester came up to the letter, which was full of high-level codes, and even Auguste could not translate it completely.

“Show me.” Lydney took the letter, read it carefully and began to translate it to them. “I invite you all to play with the Tomb Star.”

“Tomb Star? Is that the name of the star? Why is it so strange?”

“Are you sure we won’t be killed when we go up there?” Colin doubted that the companion star had such a strong shock that it had not been blown up to slag on the main star.

“I suspect that there are new primitive fighters on it.”

Alia’s voice suddenly came from behind the tree house, and Red Shield stood beside her. Red Shield’s armor was metallic in the sunshine. “Red Shield told me that she sensed the energy fluctuation of another primitive machine armor fighter.”

Colin shrugged. “It’s no surprise that they can build a proto-armored fighter, since they can build a Nadine Core.”

“But we don’t know what the ability of that primitive fighter is right now. Wouldn’t it be bad to rush up like that?” Corson was still more conservative. If the original machine armor was as cruel as Raven, would they still have a way to live?

“Are you a fool? He invited us over.” Colin grabbed Corson’s elbow and shouted abuse.

“You’re a fool. If you’re invited to go, I’ll invite you to eat. Are you going to eat shit?”

“Go.” Auguste’s answer was brief. He didn’t feel the killing intent on that planet. “There’s no danger there.”


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August 13, 2019 2:24 am

Ehat a wonderful ability, to sense the danger 😀 I would have been just as conservative)))

August 14, 2019 9:42 pm

Everyone was lovey dovey last night, it seems. Except for YanYan and Queltan… Winchester won’t allow it. XD

Thanks for the chapter!

August 19, 2019 4:17 am

So Lydney and Carl also had their first time and they’ve collapsed their beds?! Colin should really learn to keep his mouth shut. He is making it awkward for all the couples around.

Hm… with how YanYan looks I bet Queltan could actually be a bottom XD

That exploding companion star… who is it?

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Colin has a death wish…..

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Filterless Colin; mouth opens & brain never engages 🤦‍♀️😆
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Both human forms seem to be growing fast compared to time it took Hai’an.
What a strange planet that can replenish itself.
Thanks for translating.

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