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Translated by Mojo of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“Hey, hey, have you made your plans for the summer holidays already?”

“Going to England, same as last year. My dad’s friend happens to have a manor house there, so…”

“Since I’m taking exams this year, I have to stay cooped up in the house with the tutor. But midway through I’m allowed to go to Maui to take a break.”

As July approached, the school was busy with conversation about the upcoming holiday. It happened every year, but this year was slightly different. The cheerful and carefree atmosphere of the school festival had been overturned and replaced with a mood of self-control. This was especially obvious in the high school, where during the cleanup, since an incident had occurred. 

“I have training for my club on the second day of the holidays so I’ll just be hanging out with those guys.”

“Speaking clubs, what’s going to happen to the tennis club from now on? Nashiba… well, his personality wasn’t great but he was strong in that club. It’s a waste.”

“Oi! Idiot. Shh.”

“It’s Nirei-senpai.” The first year kouhais had been lost in thought, not noticing Masazumi’s presence behind them. He had been listening to their conversation for a little while.

“H- hello…” The three of them tried to hide their discomposure, bowing their heads in greeting.

“… Keep up the good work.” Masazumi faced forwards as always and walked away from them. As he left, he could hear the sound of sighs behind him, as if they had forgotten to breathe from tension. 

‘Not that I even really cared,’ he thought. He was tired of the prevailing sentiment throughout the school, treating him with the utmost care.

Before, he had brazen followers who wouldn’t care about what anyone said, but essentially he had no friends and had lived in secret isolation. This current situation was different from that, he couldn’t calm down and sometimes it was hard to breathe. 

Just a little bit more than two weeks ago, that incident had occured in the dorms. The story that spread was that Nashiba and his friends, who had hated Masazumi from way back, broke into his room to assault him. Then the dormitory dean and a worker went in and stopped them. The truth that Masazumi was an omega was kept quiet and it was known as just a failed attempt to beat him up.

The incident became quickly known all around the school, and Nashiba had retired from school of his own accord at the beginning of July. Apparently, he had now transferred to a school far away where the rumors wouldn’t be spread. 

The two who had been operating under Nashiba’s orders, Toyonaga and Nakamori, were suspended from school for a week for their behavior. Though their sentences had already been lifted, they still hadn’t returned to school. Throughout the school, everyone secretly predicted that they probably wouldn’t show their faces again even after the end of summer break.

Out of nowhere, the speculation was spread widely that the attack against the beautiful second son of the Nirei family had been sexual assault. Someone had spread the plausible rumor and everyone had accepted it. Since it was the truth, even the teachers didn’t have the means to stop the spread of the rumor.

An attempted rape incident was one of the biggest scandals in the history of the school. The whole campus was engulfed in an atmosphere where it was difficult to speak. 

What’s more, Miyake Yoshihisa, who had worked as a groundsman for the school, was revealed to be connected to the famous Toudou Marquis family, and the upper and lower school were sent even further into uproar. If that Miyake was the one who had saved Masazumi, then Nashiba had made the Marquis family his enemy, and the families of those three boys were no doubt trembling in fear.

The relative of the Marquis family, Kase Masamichi who hoped to remain the secretary of the head of the family, had left school right after the incident to accompany Yoshihisa. 

Under the guise of medical treatment, they stayed at the Marquis’ villa for two days, and Masazumi was somehow able to overcome his heat with Yoshihisa’s help.

After three days, he tried to return to class, and everyone worried about the health of his body. Even though this incident had occurred, Masazumi had been protected by the power of the Marquis family and his own family. The fact that he was an omega had been kept secret.

That fact was still nothing but painful to deal with.

Since he had become paired with Yoshihisa, sooner or later, he was going to have to publicly announce his gender. Sometime during August, Yoshihisa would come out formally to society as the heir to the Toudou family, and most likely he would announce Masazumi as his marriage partner as well.

In other words, Masazumi’s gender would be known by the whole student body before the break was over. 

Truthfully, he wasn’t mentally prepared yet. He had always convinced the people in his surroundings that he was a beta, and anyone who doubted or teased him, he had treated with a cold and arrogant attitude. Now he wondered if that attitude would come back to haunt him, and felt gloomy.

It would be karma: he understood that liars were bound to get criticized. He would have to prepare himself. At least, if he had another omega who he could talk with he might feel alright, no matter how strong willed he was he ended up thinking like that.

He knew there wasn’t any in the school. If there had been, the Dean and the school doctor would have told him secretly. So they could join forces.

Male omegas were extremely rare. A rare group among a rare group. In this school filled with the sons of famous families, the possibility of two omegas being enrolled was obviously low. Whatever the reason, omegas just weren’t born into the upper classes. 

In the middle of next month, Yoshihisa would be formally announced as the heir to the Marquis family, that’s what Masamichi had told him. The fact that Masazumi was an omega would also be revealed on that day. Once the second term started, there was no doubt that would be the hot topic within the school. 

So halfway through June, Masazumi’s last ever summer holiday of his high school life began. 


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Hi, I'm the translator for "Marriage of an Omega" 🙂

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July 23, 2021 10:11 am

Just bear with it Masazumi..everything will be fine esp since Nashiba the jerk and gang is not around at the school anymore 🙂

July 23, 2021 11:04 am

Masazumi’s a lovely character who has been written as putting his family first. In earlier chapters he only came across as cold to those who were rude or acted inappropriately to him. So I can’t see why, other than those types, anyone would be unkind 🤞🤞
Just hope the Toudou Marquis didn’t have a pre-arranged marriage lined up for his new heir.

July 23, 2021 11:05 am

Thank you for the chapter and translation.

July 24, 2021 11:32 pm

You get what you sow! Hang in there M, things will be okay!

July 29, 2021 2:22 pm

Karma is a bitch! But I don’t think anyone would dare cross masazumi, considering his family… I think… I hope…
Thanks for the chapter 💕

December 1, 2022 8:40 am

Huhuhuhu I’m sooo gladd!! Thank you Miyake please take good care of him!!!

March 20, 2023 4:52 pm

Masazumi’s life and outlook have drastically improved, thanks to Yoshihisa.

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