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Translated by Mojo of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Sometime in the middle of August, Masazumi made his debut in society at a party thrown by the royal family which was held for all the children of noble families who were to turn eighteen that year. It was called the ‘Midsummer’s Banquet.’ It was the first time he had made an appearance like this, so he was nervous from start to finish, in the party’s exquisite atmosphere. 

The thing which had caused the most commotion was the announcement of the marriage between the Toudou Marquis family and the Nirei Count family, between Yoshihisa and Masazumi. What’s more, the Marquis had an illegitimate child, who was going to be recognized as the legal successor, Masazumi was actually an omega, and his gender had been reannounced to the public. Though it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the shock wore off after the announcement.

“I know it. I thought Masazumi-san might be like that. He’s just too pretty. He smells too nice for a man, anyway.”

“Yoshihisa-sama was known from the start amongst the well informed.”

There were other comments, but for the most part people were able to remain calm about this new information. Though of course a marriage between an alpha and an omega, both men, was something shocking to many. 

Their wedding ceremony was planned later, after Masazumi’s graduation ceremony, and Yoshihisa still had to be educated about his role as the successor. So they had decided not to rush into anything. Despite that, the majority of people believed that this was worth celebrating, and the party got more exciting. 

When they had entered the palace, Masazumi and Yoshihisa had worn black tailcoats, but then changed into white ones before the marriage announcement. This meant that many saw this party as pretty much resembling a wedding party. Takanori had suggested this arrangement because it would show people their happiness, so there would be no use arguing about it. Anyone who wanted to complain saw the people around them partying, and pressured by the celebratory mood would say nothing. It seemed that everything had gone as Takanori planned.

Yoshihisa didn’t leave Masazumi’s side even once during the banquet.

“They look very close.”

“Aren’t they just so innocent and cute? I get happy just by looking at them.”

“Yoshihisa-san really looks like a younger version of the Toudou Marquis.”

“He does, he does. He looks so dignified it’s hard to imagine he made a normal living until now. I suppose genetics never fail.”

“I heard they met at school, it’s like a story out of a novel.”

No matter where one went in the large hall, all anyone was talking about was the couple. At the party were about three hundred nobles, so most of the adults from the noble families had made an appearance. Masazumi had prepared himself a little because it was a possibility that Nashiba would come, but he was nowhere to be seen. Aside from these nobles there were a couple hundred entrepreneurs, politicians, and artists, so it was practically impossible to meet everyone there. It was possible Nashiba was there but they just hadn’t run into each other.

Instead, Masazumi came face to face with someone else rather unexpected.

When he saw one of the young waiters going around serving drinks, he accidentally exclaimed, “Oh!” It was Yanagimoto who he had met at Sagano’s villa. The one who had been gloomy all day, and barely opened his mouth to speak despite being the youngest. His hair was pushed back and set, and he was wearing a waiters uniform so the impression he gave was a lot different, but he was still instantly recognisable. 

Yanagimoto saw Masazumi, and made an expression of pure hatred. He hadn’t wanted them to meet, it was written on his sullen face. Masazumi’s emotions became complicated and he regretted raising his voice. He never had any intentions of seeing the community members again. Even if Sagano had come here today, he planned to just ignore him. But he never expected one of the others to be working as a waiter and he was completely caught off guard.

“Who is it?” Yoshihisa asked, and Masazumi hesitated on how to explain. 

Seeing that Masazumi was thinking about something, Yoshihisa seemed to realize something.

“Sorry if I’ve got the wrong person, but could you possibly be Yanagimoto-san?”

“…Yes, and?”

Masazumi was startled that they knew each other. He looked up at Yoshihisa questioningly, who lightly patted his back and looked at him as if to say, ‘don’t worry.’

“At that time, thank you for sending the luggage that Masazumi left. I questioned a secretary and found out the details of the situation. It seems you didn’t support the bullying and didn’t do what Sagano asked of you, I’m grateful.”

“You shouldn’t be…” Yanagimoto was nothing but casual and blunt, he even looked too bored to lower his head to Yoshihisa. But now that attitude seemed to Masazumi, to be one of honesty and awkwardness and not of hate. 

“Is it possible that you were the one to leave the door open? You didn’t shut it properly, on purpose?” Masazumi asked as soon as he recalled.

At that time, someone had said that Yanagimoto left the room to make a phone call, which would make sense if he wanted to leave the door open. Yanagimoto looked away angrily then responded in a whisper, “I thought that if you knew what they were really doing you would just go home. If you stayed over, who knows what would happen, so I figured that just letting an innocent rich kid like you hear the truth would be the quickest way. But I didn’t think that it would end up like that, so I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” Masazumi said as clearly as he could. “Thank you.”

Yanagimoto’s face became visibly red.

“… Is that all? I have to go.” He said in an obvious attempt to run away, and disappeared into a crowd of people. 

“Masazumi, you have allies. Whenever, wherever.”

“I realize that. I’m always realising it.”

“And don’t forget that I’m the biggest ally out of all of them.”

They moved over to a window, and faced each other.

Yoshihisa’s warm voice had sent warm waves through Masazumi’s body. Yoshihisa stroked his cheek with his longer fingers, then put his hand on his jaw to tilt his face up. Without being afraid of what others would think, Masazumi shut his lips tightly, and they kissed boldly as if to declare their bond while the partygoers were talking and dancing loudly a short distance away. 

Their tongues entwined, sucking against each other. Masazumi’s head felt funny.

“… Enough, already. We can’t do this here.”  His face felt hot from his neck to his ears, and he managed to appeal to Yoshihisa between heavy breaths. “My heat’s supposed to be ages away, but my body… feels strange”

Yoshihisa seemed to understand that it might be coming early, and gazed at Masazumi with the beginnings of lust in his eyes, “You’re right, we can’t do this here. Where would you rather do it?”


“Understood.” His alluring face and scent were enough to make Masazumi tremble, as he pressed their foreheads together. “This party will be over. I think we’ll be allowed out early, though. Want to run away together?”

“Eh. But… wait. Can you wait a little? Don’t you know what kind of place we’re in?” Masazumi tried to resist.

“Sorry. But I won’t wait.” He felt Yoshihisa’s words in his hips, making him bite his lips. He averted his face. Something warm swelled inside of him and he felt like he would burst, he could tell his underwear were getting wet. Now there could be no doubt, it must be his head. Yoshihisa would react too since he was with him.

“… Ah.”

“Don’t worry. I’m here. I understand everything you’re going through so just leave it up to me.”

Then and there Yoshihisa picked Masazumi up and lightly held him in his arms. ‘Uwaah’, the people surrounding them reacted. This had drawn attention, unlike their kiss. Masazumi buried his face in Yoshihisa’s shoulder out of embarrassment. Most likely everyone could guess that Yoshihisa was going to take him somewhere away from here, and they could also guess what they were going to do together when they got there. 

Still carrying Masazumi like a princess, Yoshihisa got them out of the banquet hall. In the changing room they had used earlier, Takanori and Renji were waiting for them, and they promised to ‘take care of things from here.’ Masazumi could hear them talking despite his head being fuzzy with lust.

He was placed in the Marquis’ car which had been prepared for them. 

Even though the driving was completely steady, any small stimulation got amplified and he couldn’t sit still. And if he was feeling horny then Yoshihisa would feel it and lose reason too. Unable to wait, he pulled Masazumi’s pants down to reveal his ass and entered him from behind. 

“Ahh, uuh… Ah, ahng….!” Masazumi couldn’t help but moan at the rod which was pushed wetly inside of him, and his hips trembled and writhed in desperation. His insides were stretched and rubbed against, by Yoshihisa who forced his way inside. His hole was greedy, embarrassingly it felt like it was trying to swallow up Yoshihisa inside of it. 

“… Don’t squeeze me so hard, or I’m gonna cum.”

“S– sorry…” But he couldn’t stop his jerky hips, or the moans that spilled out of his mouth despite his shame. With every labored breath his hole would clench in response. Then Yoshihisa suddenly pressed upwards.

“Hahh! Ahhhn–!”

Once Yoshihisa had buried his cock to the base, he started moving bit by bit. He stuck his hands under Masazumi’s pin-tucked shirt, feeling his way around his chest. While Yoshihisa enjoyed playing with his skin, soaked in sweat, every touch sent shivers over Masazumi’s body.

He imagined how he must look, with only his bottom half undressed, still wearing his shirt, hands pressed into the carpet and gasping with pleasure. The thought almost sent him over the edge. But as Yoshihisa began thrusting harder his senses were overwhelmed with a tingling sensation that passed across his whole body, and he became unable to think of anything except how good he was feeling.

After being thrusted into a couple of times, Masazumi would collapse forward slightly, and Yoshihisa would grab his hips and bring them close together again without stopping. Lubricant built up inside of him and gushed out, letting off that erotic scent that omegas had in the midst of heat.

“Nhh… Holy shit.” Masazumi felt flushed with fever, sweating all over, as Yoshihisa strained and twitched inside of him. He felt close to fainting because of how relentlessly his dick was pounding his insides. 

“Ahh, I can’t stand it, you’re incredible tonight, even more than our other times together.” Yoshihisa grabbed both of Masazumi’s hips firmly, and continued thrusting until he came. 

“Aahh– no! No, it’s too much! I’m gonna break–” The obscene sound of liquid spilling out of Masazumi filled the car, and their momentum made them slam into each other a few more times. His internal walls were rubbed against so harshly he cried out.

“Sorry, I couldn’t restrain myself.” The cock buried deep inside of him pulsated intensely. Feeling the semen flow into him, Masazumi shivered. Threads of saliva spilled out of his open mouth.

“Ah, a– ahn, hnn..”

“Masazumi.” Without pulling out, Yoshihisa wrapped his strong arms around Masazumi who squealed and cried.

“You’re so cute. I love you.”

He pressed their wet lips together, entwining their tongues and sucking at the saliva as if it tasted so good he couldn’t get enough. Masazumi was made to sit on Yoshihisa’s lap, facing him, and his dress shirt was pulled over his head. His hard nipples stuck out greedily, red and swollen. Yoshihisa played with them attentively, licking them and rubbing them with his fingers. 

He kissed them, flicked them with his tongue and teased them, sucked on them, and made them twitch. 

“Hah, uhh… hhh.” As Masazumi gasped at the pleasant feeling, the cock still inside of him had regained strength. “…Wait. I can’t, anymore”

If he was fucked like that again he didn’t know what would become of him.

“Then what about you ride me like this instead?” Yoshihisa began rubbing Masazumi’s dick which quivered needily. He gasped and looked away.

“Don’t make that face. I’m like an animal when I have you in heat next to me.”

“I don’t mind if you’re an animal. I love you, I love you.” Masazumi batted his eyelashes and began squirming on Yoshihisa’s lap, wanting the sensations that came from behind rather than in front. 

“You’re so lewd,” Yoshihisa said, and lightly nibbled his ear. “I love when you’re like this. Makes me want to knock you up.”

So this was an alpha’s impregnation instinct. Their skin was almost glued together, and a part of them was connected. It came across clearly just how deeply he was loved, so he placed both his arms on Yoshihisa’s shoulders and whispered his assent into his ear, “Do it if you want to. … Impregnate me.”

Yoshihisa grabbed Masazumi’s hips, raising him up and then pulling him down until his entire cock was buried.

“Ahh– ahh!” Masazumi’s body weight forced it inside of him, and he sobbed with pleasure. After that he was made to take two more loads, and then Yoshihisa made advances on him for three whole days once they had arrived at the Marquis residence. 

He had to be fed by Yoshihisa on the bed too, as he was too weak to even eat by himself. 

“I love you.”

How many times Yoshihisa told him that, he couldn’t count. 

He was happy.


After a summer break full of events he would not forget for the rest of his life, Masazumi returned nervously to school with feelings of unease and self-consciousness. The fact that he was an omega, that he was married to the successor of the Toudou Marquis family, would no doubt have spread around the school by now. And a number of students enrolled here had been at the royal family’s party. Ultimately, he wondered how everyone saw him. 

There might be some who change their attitudes completely to try and get close to him. Or would they all dislike him anyway, undaunted? The usually strong-willed Masazumi had never been in a situation like this before and the more he thought about it the less reassured he became. 

He entered the entrance hall with reluctant steps. A group of familiar faces, who happened to be present, all began shouting and surrounding him.

“Congrats on the wedding!”


“Oh, Nirei, I heard how close you two are from my parents, who were at the party.”

He received numerous blessings from his kouhais and from friends of the same year, and he had to shake a lot of hands. 

“…You guys.” The reaction was the complete opposite of what he had expected, so he became flustered. He did expect there to be people congratulating him but more than that he thought it would be curious eyes, and gossip. That’s what he had prepared himself for. Apparently, it had been a needless fear. 

The relief and joy that welled up inside him were almost too much to handle. He had let his guard down so he was on the verge of tears, but he tried to endure it. His smile wasn’t coming out right. He couldn’t respond very well as he usually did, and he was at his limit trying to shake everyone’s hand. From the outside, he probably looked composed. He realized acutely how any of these people had always thought of him as a friend despite his frequent cold demeanor, and he was filled with gratitude.

“Good work.” Masamichi, who looked as if he were trying to find the right timing, called out to Masazumi. “Are you going to keep studying?” Masamichi smiled cheekily, as if he were trying to hit a nerve. “Because cheering on your husband from the sidelines is your main job now.”

“Yes… I will be staying with you all.” Masazumi still knew hardly anything about the world, and he recognised his own naive points, so he thought it was best that they rely on Masamichi for a little while longer. That way would be more relief for Yoshihisa as well.

Masazumi’s school life surprisingly didn’t change all that much. Before he had said that he was in poor health, so he often just watched P.E class and he had a private room. So even now that he was known as the school’s only omega his treatment didn’t have to change. He had just been told that it was okay to miss class if his heat came. And he had permission to stay overnight outside the school, since it had been recommended that he meet with his partner instead of taking suppressants. He called Yoshihisa about once every three days. 

“It was supposed to come yesterday, maybe it’s going to come late this time.”

When his heat came they had arranged to meet at one of the nearby Marquis houses, but due to Masazumi’s young age, it was often early or late. He was happy when it didn’t come because it usually brought with it painful feelings, but more often than not the desire for it to come was stronger because it meant he could meet with Yoshihisa at long last.

“I can come whenever you need me to, so don’t worry.”

“Yes… but I want to meet up. I really want to.”

“If you say something like that then I might just come and steal you away from there.”

Reflexively he thought that he would be okay with that, but he wanted to at least graduate so he restrained himself. 

It was about two days after that, when he collapsed in class with a dizzy spell. He was conscious but nauseated, and he threw up.

“It seems you’re pregnant.” The doctor’s diagnosis was something he had expected himself, but he couldn’t react. 

No way, he thought. 

He was happy but confused, since he hadn’t had time to mentally prepare himself. He also wondered what Yoshihisa would think. Takanori and his parents would be shocked as well. All four of them were contacted and came to visit him.

“I kind of expected it. Congratulations.” Takanori spoke calmly, and then dragged their over-excited parents out of the room to leave Masazumi and Yoshihisa alone together.

“What should I say, I’m very happy. But I also feel like I’ve done something inexcusable to you.” Yoshihisa gazed at him with a reliable and determined expression. Placing a hand over his stomach, still not quite believing it. 

Masazumi spoke clearly, “It’s not something you need to apologise for. I already thought that I would be fine with having a baby. So I’m really happy”

By saying it out loud he was able to come to terms a little bit with the notion that he would be a parent. Hearing Masazumi speak without a trace of confusion, seemed to stop Yoshihisa from overthinking. He nodded deeply and seriously, “Thank you. I think things might get difficult from here, but I will support you however I can. It’s earlier than we planned but let’s get the party over with. I want to be with you as much as possible until they’re born.”

The passionate words made Masazumi’s heart pound. He shyly agreed. Yoshihisa placed his hand on top of Masazumi’s which still lay on his belly.  Masazumi sat up in the bed to look at Yoshihisa, and they brought their faces together at the same time. Their lips touched tenderly, Masazumi was spellbound by the gentle feeling.


Nine months into the school year, Masazumi dropped out, and in May, he safely delivered a baby boy.

“Thank you for giving birth to him.” 

With the baby in his arms, Yoshihisa came to stand beside Masazumi’s pillow as he was recovering and bowed deeply.

“What should we do about the name?” Masazumi asked as he reached out to stroke the baby’s cheek. Now, all that he wished was that this baby could grow up healthily. All the trouble leading up to the labor was forgotten when he looked at its face, and he became purely happy. 

“Out of the ones we thought of, I worried about it for a long time. But I think we should call him ‘Yuuma’” 1

“Yuuma. Yes, I agree” Masazumi said it out loud as if he were reflecting, and stuck his hand out. Yoshihisa gripped it firmly in response. 

They would enroll him in the same school that they had met and, just possibly, he might find a soulmate of his own.



I would like to give my thanks to everyone who picked up this book.

This is my second omegaverse work. In terms of their publication order, the book I published about half a year ago “My dear older omega” was first, and the book “The high-class omega loves a stubborn alpha” was the first one I ever wrote of this series. This time I took the protagonists from that magazine work “The high-class omega… “ and rewrote it, compiling it into a single book. 

The earlier book, “My dear… “ was a story with their child as the protagonist, so in terms of the world it’s set in the order was reversed, but I will be happy if anyone with an interest takes the time to read them together.

In both the magazine and the book format, I used the illustrations of Samamiya Akaza-sensei. As I was writing, I placed the color pages beside me and I was able to expand my imagination and think, “how would Masazumi say this, how would he move, what kind of face would Yoshihisa make here”. Thanks to that I believe that my attachment to the two has grown.

As the book is put into a paperback format, I am happy I get to see the illustrations so many more times over. Thank you very much for contributing despite how busy you are.

When I think of whether my readers will enjoy the omegaverse world I have created with some of my own arrangements, I get very excited. I planned to follow the foundational setting but I also believe that the smaller elements vary from author to author. I wrote in a variety of situations where I had to come up with ideas, “from here what happens… ah, I created this bit of plot but if I don’t do it like that it won’t make sense…” There were a lot of times like that. I had to reflect on a lot of the difference that happens between omegaverse and a BL about normal society. There were also some scenes that I wouldn’t be able to write unless this were omegaverse, so it was fun.

The person other than the couple who I want to dive deeper into is Masazumi’s brother Takanori. I always end up trying to imagine what sort of person he would fall in love with. He is precocious but I think he should get married late, I wonder how that would turn out.

We have reached the end of the work. I would like to thank all the staff who oversaw the creation of this book, you are always looking out for me. This time especially, thank you very much.

I hope to see some of you again, as there are more books to come.

  • Toono Haruhi
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Translator Notes:

  1. 悠真. The first kanji suggests someone with a cool and relaxed personality, and the second suggests being true to oneself. Together they imply the wish that the child will have a carefree and moral upbringing, and the impression of the name is ‘honest and reliable.


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