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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Lu Zhao hadn’t noticed that he was blocking someone else’s path and asked again, “Classmate, are you an omega?”

Shi Yu suddenly found this person a bit annoying. His slightly cold eyes fell to where his wrist was being held. “Yes. Still not letting go?”

Lu Zhao then realized what he had done and took two steps back with a look of guilt for offending someone. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

Shi Yu looked away. “The one on the stairs is the student president. Go talk to him.” After saying that, he left without looking back.

He didn’t know why, but he really didn’t want to see Jiang ChengLi.

Lu Zhao stood in the same place with a face full of remorse. Had he touched the hand of an omega so frivolously? No, the one just now was so good-looking with a cold temperament…He thought he was an alpha at first.

While lost in thought, someone passed in front of him, bringing up a small wind. He felt a little cold somehow. His eyelids hurt a little, as if frost had crossed them in a flash.

Lu Zhao was sure that this was an alpha and a very dominant alpha! He saw Jiang ChengLi walking further and further away and remembered that Shi Yu had just told him that this was the student president.

He ran after him with his school bag. “You’re the president, right? I’m a transfer student. The director told me to call you last night! You didn’t accept my friend verification last night, so I couldn’t get in touch.”

Jiang ChengLi indifferently dropped his eyes and apologized insincerely. “There were too many messages last night, I didn’t see yours.”


In the Omega Class, He Huan was constantly browsing the campus forum.

The photo of Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi at the senior meeting last night was posted. It looked like a pair of good-looking people. The ‘seventeen’ was on top and no one was willing to follow a BE CP.

But some people were willing to watch Shi Yu under the sea.

#SeekingShi Yu VX! The teardrop mole happens to be growing on my cute spot! #555 save the child!

This post was the most current HOT thread.

[364: Suddenly glad JCL rejected SY. I still have a chance! Hahaha!]

[377: Yesterday the seniors on stage answering questions looked too cute! If anyone has their contact information, send me a DM!]

[411: Back to more than 300 floors. People’s vision looks only at JCL. Who even compares to JCL?]

[563: Off-campus passerby. Although I know Nan Zhong for their omegas, SY is really stunning to me.]


Several times, He Huan wanted to send the post to Shi Yu and comfort him. The sky was the limit, and they had just gotten over the seventeenth haze. But she thought that with Shi Yu’s character, seeing such posts might have side effects, so she pursed her lips and shut up.

It was only before the start of school that a new HOT thread appeared in the forum.

#Two beauties a day, Nan Zhong students are so happy! Seeking to fish for the new transfer student! #HOT

Meanwhile, Lian Jing sent a message to the small group: [Report! His name is Lu! I just saw it! pheromones are a bit like peach blossoms, I can smell them from the teacher’s office!]

The Omega Class was a bunch of students that liked to like everything. 

[Five sheep brand: What? Now there is a transfer student? How handsome…He is handsome. But isn’t President Jiang more handsome?]

[Lian’s Big Sign: [smug] In front of President Jiang, everyone can only be second…]

[Xia Zhi Ning: There are handsome ones that are good. Unfortunately, why is he in A2?]

[Lian’s Big Sign: I heard that he has a □□□ performance. In order to balance A1 and A2, the school put him into A2, but I guess A2’s class teacher fought for him.]

Shi Yu was not in the conversation and could not prevent Lian Jing from sighing, “Eh, Shi Yu, there are many handsome alphas, eh.”

If it was as usual, Lian Jing would not say such things to Shi Yu. But a few days ago, Shi Yu was rejected in love. He held to the belief that there was an alpha to help him out of the haze of love.

Lian Jing was about to continue to tease Shi Yu, when the quiet school bell rang.

“Not interested.” Shi Yu put away his books and left. Lian Jing shook his head regretfully and continued to discuss it eagerly with He Huan.

On the way to the library, Shi Yu met the alpha from that morning.

Lu Zhao, holding his new school uniform in his arms, was interested in Nan Zhong’s environment and kept talking to Li Chen who was in front of him. The person in front of him was indifferent and impatient.

Lu Zhao turned around, saw Shi Yu and began waving at him with an excited face. Li Chen thought this person was having some kind of attack and was a little surprised to see Shi Yu.

“Classmate, it’s me…”

Lu Zhao went forward, but Li Chen pulled him back. “Eh, eh. No more campus shopping.”

“No hurry. I want to meet him! He’s an omega, right? Is he a senior?”

“I advise you not to think about him.” Li Chen saw Shi Yu go into the library without looking back so he let go of Lu Zhao. “You’re here to study, not to fall in love.”

Lu Zhao just smiled. “I like him…Love at first sight, no?”

“…” I wish Jiang ChengLi could hear that.

Lu Zhao was still asking questions about Shi Yu, but Li Chen played deaf and dumb and didn’t respond.


Since there were new books in the library, Shi Yu was busy on the second floor for half an hour before pushing the cart up to the third floor. He wanted to update the bookshelves. When the elevator door opened, there was a girl standing in front of the door. She suddenly blushed when she saw Shi Yu.

Shi Yu moved the cart full of books to the side. “Are you going down?”

“Ah, no…” The girl waved her hand. “I was going to go down to check the books, but you’re here, so I don’t need to.”

Shi Yu then remembered that there were also students in the first year of high school preparing for the literature competition. “Wait a minute. I’ll check the books for you once I have them lined up.”

The little girl nodded obediently and followed Shi Yu.

Shi Yu wanted to say that she should go to the front desk and wait, but when he looked back at her blushing face, he couldn’t say much. 

The girl quietly followed Shi Yu. Her gaze couldn’t help but to fall on Shi Yu’s teardrop mole.

The omega really looked good.

She was also a member of the underwater army, but her emotions towards Shi Yu did not start until yesterday. As early as Shi Yu’s first day as a librarian she was moved, but recently the seniors were on fire, making her feel a sense of crisis.

“Do you like reading books?” She asked in a whisper as she followed behind.

Shi Yu nodded at the books around them. “Generally.”

“Do you like novels? The books of those famous Japanese authors are still quite meaningful. Ah, I also like to read speculative fiction.”


“I’m entering a literature contest this time and I’ve only read two-thirds of the books on the recommended list…”

Shi Yu had a vague feeling that something wasn’t right when his little schoolmate kept talking about herself. As expected he soon heard, “Can I add your contact? In the future, it will be convenient to look up books…”

Shi Yu pushed the cart to the last row of bookshelves, only to find someone already standing inside when he entered. 

Knowing that there wasn’t much space in the last row, she quietly waited next door. “What’s wrong?”

“… Nothing.” He just bumped into Jiang ChengLi. Shi Yu put the cart next to him and moved the books as if nothing had happened.

Jiang ChengLi was standing in the corner. He looked at him with a smile. His voice was very soft, “Senior?”

Shi Yu, “…” This person had not been coming in recently, right? He put the books on the sparse shelves as if he didn’t hear him and hoped that the awkward situation would end soon.

But the little sister couldn’t see anything. She shyly walked to the other side of the bookshelf and secretly tore a piece of paper from her notebook. “That….senior…This is my contact information. You, if you can…add me?”

Unfortunately, the school girl’s eyes were not very good and the note was handed to Jiang ChengLi’s face.

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes darkened slightly. A layer of unpleasant light dropped in the pupils of his eyes.

The two seniors were silent in unspoken agreement. No one made a move.

Jiang ChengLi saw the girl’s fingertips were shaking a little. He raised his eyebrows and made a gesture. “No answer?”

It was obvious that it was just a small thing for Shi Yu but somehow he did not want to give a response in front of Jiang ChengLi. He would be unhappy if he took it….No, why should he care if he’s happy or not? Shi Yu frowned a little, reached out and took the note in his hand. “Got it.”

The school girl waited for a long time and thought she had no chance. Shi Yu took away the note when she still had three minutes of disbelief. “Then…Then I’ll wait for you.”

The girl toddled off with a red face, but because she was so excited, she tripped over the cart when she came out. “Ah…”

Shi Yu had just put the books on the shelf when he noticed the overhead light dim.

The books fell like rain, one after another, making a loud noise, and before Shi Yu could raise his hand, he was pulled into the arms of the person beside him.

Jiang ChengLi’s body and the wall behind him formed an excellent protection. Shi Yu in his arms, heard the heavy books as they smashed on his shoulders and back.

The sound of books falling was as clear as the smell of cold frost on the alpha.

The girl’s face turned pale with fear and she stood at a loss for words.

As Shi Yu’s thoughts scattered, the man in front of him drew away and moved the bookshelf back to its original position. Jiang ChengLi gave an apologetic smile to the teacher who came to check. “Sorry, I was careless.”

The teacher wanted to punish the person who made such a big noise, but when he saw that it was Jiang ChengLi, he smiled. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Everyone come over and help. It was only a bookshelf that fell down. No one was hurt.”

The young girl still wanted to say something, but Senior Jiang moved towards her and bowed his head, “I have to trouble the young sister to organize the books.”

He raised his hand. There was a conspicuous scrape on the back of his right hand. “Your Senior Shi has to go help me deal with the wound.”

Then he clasped Shi Yu’s hand behind him and left from the other side of the bookshelf.


The author has something to say.

Xiao Jiang: What if my boyfriend goes around and gets laid?

Xiao Shi: ?


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