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Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Sniffing at the divine aroma in the air, Ye Xi begrudgingly swallowed back his drool and decided to endure the scorching hunger in his forsaken stomach. Before Ye Xi was transported to the Quest World, apart from his good looks, he was quite ordinary in every other respect. But at least he grew up under the tender loving care of his family, and never ever encountered the situation where he was forced to watch everyone else chow down a sumptuous banquet while he starved.

Especially after power-walking for half an hour, it was time to urgently restore his energy levels!

Poor little Ye Xi was so upset that his hair curled up, his lips quivered, his nose became stuffy and he was obviously about to cry…

Shit, I don’t want diamonds to pierce through my eyes just yet! Ye Xi brutally pinched his thigh and forced back the diamond tears which were in the process of amassing in his eyes.

Tears could be forced back, but the frizzy hair that exploded on his head was not so easy to control!

So, three seconds later, Shangguan and the other attendants anxiously surrounded the dinner table, looking at the inexplicably exploding little master with worried eyes.

Their little master had been pampered his entire life. As the centre of attention in this household, an occasional tantrum was quite the normal thing.

Ye Xi begrudgingly drank a mouthful of the legendary alpine snow water, while he tried to rapidly come up with a plan.

Since this world was virtual, there would be many ways to obtain food if the question of ethics and dignity could be ignored. First, he could force the attendants to bring food, if that didn’t work, then he could steal from the kitchen, or even take food by force. All in all, getting food should not be a problem, which meant he would not starve to death…the question was what kind of consequences would this bring?

Up until now, Ye Xi felt that the Quest World was quite lax about restricting his actions. There was no set script to follow, and his command to remove the attendants from the bathroom was faithfully executed. However, Ye Xi had not yet considered the consequences of severely contradicting his character design – ie. if he did something completely out of character, which Little Master Murong from the original novel would never have done, would he be punished as a result?

When Ye Xi thought of that last part, he decided not to act rashly.

As he could not talk to the operating system right now, he would wait until he was alone. He decided to open the quest interface and check the status of ‘New Player Quest 3: Wash up then go to the dining room for breakfast’.

The status was still (0/1), not completed.

Ye Xi crankily stared at the flower petals in his plate, then picked up a small cherry blossom petal with his chopsticks and swallowed it. After eating five cherry blossom petals, the quest still showed (0/1).

You’ve got to be kidding me, do I have to finish the entire plate for it to count as a completed quest? Ye Xi grumbled in his head while he swallowed more flower petals with a tormented expression on his face.

At least it’s just flower petals and not something disgusting…

But why cherry blossoms and rose petals? Don’t they know that these flowers fall from my hair?? It’s like eating my own dandruff, ugh!

But as Ye Xi ate more of the flower petals, he discovered his hunger decreased proportionally to the flower petals in his plate.

Ye Xi, “…”

This Young Master Murong really could get full from just eating flower petals!

Filling his stomach was one thing, but feeling satisfied from eating delicious food was another. Although Ye Xi’s sense of hunger had vanished, his craving for meat did not diminish one single bit. Once he had swallowed the final flower petal and drank the last drop of alpine snow water, Ye Xi could see that New Player Quest 3 had instantly been updated to (1/1) ‘completed’ status.

Ye Xi gently let out a pent-up breath, his frizzy mushroom-shaped hair straightening somewhat.

After New Player Quest 3 changed to ‘completed’ status, New Player Quest 4 immediately appeared in the quest window:

‘Live in the Murong family mansion for three days and familiarise yourself with the Quest World. (0/1) Tips: The main quests will activate in three days.’

Ye Xi stared at the empty plate and glass in front of him and sighed, then turned off the system interface.

After a long march back to his bedroom, Ye Xi closed the bedroom door, slumped into his bed and rolled around his mattress a dozen or so times, fully enjoying the comfort of his super-sized bed. After that, he pressed the ‘Help’ button to summon the operating system.

Electronic voice, “Hello, is there something I can help you with?”

Ye Xi, “I would like to confirm, would I die if I consumed nothing other than flowers and water?”

Electronic voice, “According to the design of the original novel, fresh flowers and alpine snow water will satisfy all the nutritional and energy needs for your body.”

Ye Xi felt slightly relieved, and continued, “If I did something that contradicted the original character design for Little Master Murong, would I be punished?”

Electronic voice, “Breaking with the original character design will cause ten percent of your experience points to be deducted from your total. If your current total is zero or less, then one thousand points will be deducted from your total for each incident.”

There was a sharp intake of breath from Ye Xi, then he commended himself for asking this question before doing anything to contradict his character design. “Are there any rules for breaking character design? For example, what kind of actions would constitute breaking character design?”

The electronic voice said unsympathetically, “Whether an action constitutes as breaking character design will be automatically determined by the system. The calculations are extremely complex, and there are no written descriptions. It is suggested that you should restrict your speech and actions within the predetermined character design. You may check with the service desk before taking action.”

Ye Xi, “…”

WTF? Service desk?!

The electronic voice continued, “Tips: Deductions for breaking character design will only be made while interacting with NPCs, you will not be punished for it when you are alone.”

When Ye Xi heard that last sentence, a light bulb flashed in his brain, and he quickly inquired, “Wait, what did you mean by that last statement? Are you saying I can do whatever I want when I’m by myself, as long as none of the NPCs see me?”

Electronic voice, “Correct.”

Ye Xi, “Would I be punished for scratching my feet in the bedroom by myself?”

Electronic voice, “No, you would not.”

Ye Xi, “But I would be punished for scratching my feet in front of the butler?”

Electronic voice, “Correct. If you do that, you would end the butler’s one-sided love for you while losing 1000 experience points at the same time, your level would also drop to -3.”

Ye Xi, “…”

He’d stop loving me for scratching my feet?! Are the feelings in the Mary Sue world so shallow?!

Ye Xi pondered for a moment, then asked, “Can I get a car and drive it around the mansion?”

Electronic voice, “This is against basic settings. In the original novel, you clearly complained that ‘your family is too rich, your house is too big and it is so frustrating that you have to walk so far to get anywhere.’”

Fine then, I’ll just treat all the walking as exercise. Ye Xi bit back his indignation. He asked, “If I asked the kitchen to make me a steak, would I be punished for breaking my character design?”

Electronic voice, “Yes, your character design states that your body cannot tolerate eating greasy food like meat.”

Ye Xi, “What if I sneaked into the kitchen in the middle of the night and ate meat without anyone seeing me?”

Electronic voice, “You would not be punished.”

Ye Xi immediately resolved to steal meat from the kitchen tonight. He had such high aspirations!

In the remaining hours of the day, Ye Xi went to the bathroom three more times. His pee was still rainbow coloured, and when doing number two, he pooped out small rainbow-coloured pellets. Not only were there no nasty smells, they actually had a light floral fragrance!

Not completely unexpected from a guy who only ate fresh flowers every day. Ye Xi dolefully thought to himself as he stared at the rainbow-coloured excrement in the diamond toilet.

For an entire day, Ye Xi only consumed three plates of flower petals and three glasses of water. Despite not feeling hungry, the taste in his mouth was so bland that his eyes attained a ravenous glow from his cravings. Once he was done with the toilet, he filled the diamond bathtub with 1982 Lafite 1 and took a red wine bath, then returned to his bedroom to rest.

Holding a violin, the butler eagerly awaited him outside his bedroom, “Little Master, shall I play a serenade2 next to your bed tonight to help you sleep?”

Ye Xi immediately refused, “No, thank you.”

The butler left looking despondent.

Ye Xi closed the door while feeling physically and mentally exhausted. Then he realised that, apart from eating, drinking and going to the toilet, he did not seem to have achieved anything else today.

After all, the original novel did not actually mention what Young Master Murong did for a living. If he was rich enough to not have to work, then focusing his entire attention on eating, drinking and going to the toilet every day should not really be a problem.

If he really did have a career, it would probably be as a professional runaway groom…

Ye Xi laid on his bed feeling tired and sore, his lower back and legs ached after so much walking.

Fuck! My thighs feel like they have shrunk a whole size! If I have to walk so much and climb all those stairs every day, no wonder I have such a good figure! Ye Xi griped to himself.

To avoid a repeat of the tragedy from this morning, Ye Xi asked for a pillow and a duvet from the butler, then feeling clever, laid along the edge of the bed. He opened the system interface to study his character profile so as to avoid breaking it, but this Little Master Murong really had no noteworthy characteristics at all. His character profile was as pompous as it gets. As Ye Xi read over the monotonous, yet highly pretentious character design, Ye Xi’s eyelids started to feel heavy, and he fell asleep in no time.

Ye Xi woke up in his bed in the middle of the night.

The crystal chandeliers which hung every ten metres 3 along the ceiling had probably been turned off by the butler, but in their place were a multitude of scattered, faintly-lit dots. Tiny blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple and white lights were littered across the ceiling for as far as the eyes could see. Like the twinkling stars in an endless night sky, hundreds and thousands of little night lights glowed softly in the dark. Ye Xi looked around with sleep-ridden eyes.

To his left, was an endless field of snowy white bed sheets.

To his right, was an endless field of snowy white bed sheets.

Over the top of his head, was an endless field of snowy white bed sheets.

Below the bottom of his feet, was an endless field of snowy white bed sheets.

And in front of him, was an endless artificial night sky.

Heaven help me!

He felt like a corpse that had been tossed into a vast wilderness…

Ye Xi frantically wrapped himself up into a small ball with his duvet to reclaim some sense of security. He hastily opened the system interface and pressed the Help button, then shouted, “Service desk! Service desk! You have a bug! I was sleeping on the edge of the bed earlier, but when I woke up, I’m back in the middle of the bed again!”

The electronic voice said in a cold, harsh voice, “There are no bugs. According to the descriptions in the original novel, you wake up in the ‘middle’ of your four-hectare 4 bed every day.”

Ye Xi, “…”

The electronic voice added, “The Quest World is one hundred percent faithful. If the novel says ‘the middle of the bed’, then the middle of the bed it will be.”


Author’s Notes:

It must feel like waking up in the middle of an athletics field in the middle of the night, hahahaha…

Heaven help him indeed!

After four chapters of eating, drinking and going to the toilet, the dom still hasn’t made his entrance. I feel like it’s time to farewell the insignificant and usher in the glorious…


If this novel doesn’t exceed 200,000 words, I’ll transport myself!!!


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Translator Notes:

  1. A very expensive red wine from the Château Lafite Rothschild in southwestern France
  2. The original text says nocturne, ie. the classical music Chopin was famous for. But I thought a serenade would sound more familiar to an English audience.
  3. ~33 feet
  4. ten-acre
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