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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio + alcohol (Addis: Guys, I swear she isn’t an alcoholic, she did the edits in like 2 weeks, lol.)

Long Yuan hid his body in the dark. Xuan Feng’s unique attribute made him completely hide even his scent. The King couldn’t discover his traces. But this ability couldn’t be maintained for a long time. After three minutes, even if he didn’t want to reveal himself, he would be forced to drop this ability.

The King looked around warily, so that Long Yuan could not have a chance to attack. Just now he found the opportunity to kill the King when the King was surprised. But now that the King had known that he had this ability, he was afraid it would not be so easy for him to be fooled. This kind of ability was only effective with the element of surprise. If the enemy was aware, it would not be so effective, and he must wait for the next opportunity.

Now that this trump card was shown. Long Yuan just fixed his eyes in the King’s direction. Ye Shao sat beside Long Yuan, but he didn’t dare to make any noise, afraid he’d disturb Long Yuan.

All of a sudden, the King’s huge red eyes narrowed and let out a few loud wails. Very soon after, from some distance away, there were sounds of response and the trees shook as if they had been hit hard, not to mention the ground that began to shake non-stop as if small waves had spread over from distance.

Large heads with horns peeked out from behind some trees and moved quickly towards this side. It seemed like they were the King’s summoned helpers. Long Yuan’s face immediately changed, dealing with the King alone was difficult enough. But with the addition of these helpers, his confidence to overthrow the King got even lower.

If he could also have help on his side, even without much possibility of winning, they could at least help to fend off these helpers who were approaching after the King’s summons. Then he could be able to have the energy to deal with the tough King. But he hadn’t heard anything from his end. They were probably still dealing with the large number of ordinary guards on the outskirts and couldn’t give him a hand at all.

Long Yuan glanced at his own energy reserve interface. The remaining half of the energy on it had fallen by another 5% when he had just fought the King.

“Ye Shao, I’m afraid I won’t be able to take care of you later. Leave in the escape pod that’s in this mecha. I’ll help you block the King’s attack.”

“You’re gonna make me leave on my own?” Ye Shao’s long eyelashes trembled and his obsidian pupils looked at Long Yuan, but his body did not make any movements. “I will not, I will go back with you.” He said, standing up. “I know you’ll have a spare mecha. Give it to me.”

“Be obedient.” Long Yuan entered a few commands on the operations screen in front of him, and immediately a five meter wide iron plate sprang up behind the cockpit of the mecha, revealing the silvery airship inside.

Ye Shao put down the baby, walked to Long Yuan with a calm face, and then closed in. His black pupils looked into Long Yuan’s eyes. Then he reached out and cupped Long Yuan’s face, pulled himself close and planted a kiss on Long Yuan’s tightly pressed lips.

“If you refuse me today, don’t expect me to forgive you. I will leave the palace and you will never find me ever again.” His chin, that had been tense since he was on Beta, tightened again as he stared into Long Yuan’s surprised eyes, shocked from the kiss initiated by the former. “But if you promise to let me stay, I’ll promise to be your consort, and I’ll be yours. Do you still insist on making me leave now?”

The corner of Long Yuan’s lips curved up, “Even if I don’t promise you, you are still mine.” He said as he wrapped his hand around Ye Shao’s waist. He pulled his face closer and deepened the kiss.

The baby that was standing next to them covered his eyes with his two plump little hands, but the gaps between his middle fingers and index fingers were so wide, one could see his big eyes  looking around. Mommy and Dad, Baby is still here, shame, shame~

And Baby ain’t running away like this, Baby can also be of help!

Long Yuan let Ye Shao go. In fact, what just happened only lasted a minute or two. The latter\s pale cheeks turned red and his black eyes looked brighter. He held out his hand toward Long Yuan. “You have promised me. Give it to me.”

Long Yuan swiped his hand on the necklace around his neck, took out a silver-gray necklace that stored another mecha, and placed it on Ye Shao’s hand. Then he turned to look at the baby standing not far away, “What about Baby?”

“I will protect him well.”

“Baby can also help, don’t underestimate Baby.” As soon as Long Yuan and Ye Shao talked about him, Baby immediately put down his hand, and put them on his hips. He puffed as he said, “Those things can’t hurt Baby!” He also raised his small double chin and snorted loudly, “Mommy and Dad, if you guys don’t believe Baby, Baby will show you!”

As the baby finished talking, time was up for Xuan Feng’s invisibility ability. 

The King suddenly noticed the jetblack mecha which appeared under the shade of the trees. He immediately leapt up from the ground with a hit of his tail and flew towards Xuan Feng that was under Long Yuan’s operation.

“Watch carefully, Baby will not let you down.” During Long Yuan’s rapid input of instructions to avoid the King’s attack, the baby’s figure blurred with the speed visible to the naked eye, and disappeared from the operations cockpit the next moment.

“Baby!” Ye Shao’s face changed and he took two steps forward. But as he reached for the baby, his figure disappeared from the position where he had stood.

Ye Shao looked at the spot in disbelief. He knew a little bit about the baby’s ability when he was rescued from the King’s palace, but he was still a child less than a year old after all. If he was so reckless in dealing with the monster who seemed more powerful than him, what should he do if he was injured?

He went out just like this, what nonsense!

Ye Shao’s face turned pale.

Long Yuan dodged the King’s attack and saw a small figure flashing across the screen. “He’s there!”

Looking at where Long Yuan pointed out, Ye Shao saw a small figure in a silver gray one-piece outfit quickly bouncing off the ground and facing one of the huge monsters beckoned over by the King. Compared to the monster that was almost 10 floors tall, the baby was tiny, looking like a little ant playing around the monsters legs.

Ye Shao tightened the grab of the necklace in his hand. “Project me out. I’ll protect him. Once I get him, I’ll put him in my cockpit. You focus on the King.”

Long Yuan did not respond to Ye Shao, but he quickly input a command with his hands. Ye Shao only felt that the scene in front of him flashed before the scene outside appeared, and his body also felt the rush of wind around him while he was free-falling.

But the next second, a silver gray mecha appeared in mid air, catching Ye Shao’s falling body.


Ling Yun wiped a trace of blood from her lips, and her tense body relaxed. She held a pulsing thing in her palm. She looked away slightly and crushed the object in her hands. The look in Cang Huo’s eyes slowly became dull, and the black shadow surrounding him gradually disappeared, before his huge body finally fell heavily to the ground.

Ling Yun sighed, but then the slight heavy-hearted look in her eyes was replaced by resoluteness. After coughing up a mouthful of blood, she twisted her huge tail and glided quickly toward the gigantic tree.


The outer layer of the baby’s body seemed to have a layer of protection attached to it, no matter what kind of attacks the monsters in front of him were using, he could not see any effect at all. Ye Shao was relieved to let the baby take on the terrifying monsters after he saw that none of the monsters had any way of getting at the baby at all.

He had to let the baby help him now. Long Yuan had exhausted all his attention when dealing with the King alone. He had to help Long Yuan block those monsters who wanted to help the King sneak attack him. But because the number was too large, he simply couldn’t parry. But with the baby helping him on one side, he had eliminated three ugly huge-sized monsters.

But if backup didn’t come on time, he and the baby would not be able to stop the rest of these monsters that were getting extremely fierce with their attacks.

Long Yuan’s forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat. He used his lightsaber to block the bone spurs. Countless cracks had appeared on the lightsaber. It would not be able to hold on any longer. If the King gave it another blow, the lightsaber would be completely damaged.

Long Yuan quickly glanced at Ye Shao, who was struggling to block the monsters for him. His black pupil was completely covered by a layer of blue glow. “Xuan Feng, activate the mind control manipulation mode.”

A lot of his mental strength had already been consumed during such a long battle with the King. He didn’t know how long he could support after switching modes now, but as long as Ye Shao could escape… 

Long Yuan secretly made up his mind to protect Ye Shao until he could leave here safely, even if he had to sacrifice himself.

The screen in front of Long Yuan flickered a few times, and a line appeared, “Are you sure you want to activate mind control?” Along with this line was some stiff mechanical male voice, “You will feel some discomfort after activating the mind control, after all, you have already consumed a fraction of your mental strength. Are you sure you want to activate mode?”

“Xuan Feng, are you doubting my order?”

“No. No matter what orders you give, I will obey them, and I will stay with you until the end.” The line on the hovering screen jumped a few times, and then it was dimmed. At the same time, the area that had been dark next to the control lit up, and a thin thread peeked out of the seat, quickly buried under the thin skin of Long Yuan’s neck. Long Yuan slowly closed his eyes, as if he had fallen into a deep sleep. 

King raised his hand and released the second blow to Xuan Feng. But at this time, Xuan Feng’s figure flashed suddenly and disappeared in front of him. The next second, Xuan Feng’s figure appeared on his side and caught the King’s arm, which he wanted to attack. The huge steel foot rotated, and the other hand grasped the King’s waist. When the King could not reach Long Yuan’s hand, he was lifted and thrown off heavily.

The King’s body pressed heavily on the body of a monster beside Ye Shao, and with his body slipping out ten meters, it knocked down three big trees and stopped. The King got up from the oppressed monster. His blood red eyes glared in Long Yuan’s direction. The next second, he attacked Long Yuan again. He pulled his heavy tail toward Xuan Feng. At the same time, he closed his mouth, as if something was brewing.

Xuan Feng was more sensitive than before, almost in the moment before the King’s tail swept to him, he disappeared in place.

The King became angrier and angrier. His tail twisted and his huge head darted to look for the trace of Xuan Feng. Then his red pupil flashed. He turned around and opened his big mouth behind him. A stream of black liquid was ejected from his mouth.

Long Yuan, who controlled the appearance of his body in the air, couldn’t dodge at once. A little black liquid was sprayed on the steel leg, and a large hole was immediately melted into it.

As soon as Ling Yun arrived at the battlefield, she saw the mecha operated by Long Yuan. Because of the King’s attack it was half kneeling on the ground, when she saw that the King wanted to use the bone spurs on his elbow to pierce Long Yuan’s cockpit, she rushed out and blocked the King’s attack.

The King looked at Ling Yun with astonished eyes, and then quickly restrained the expression in his eyes, “You are really back, my dear sister, do you want to help this human strangle me?”

“Brother, it’s not that I want to have a hard time with you, it’s that you are too much. I didn’t want to argue with you or deal with you. I could hide from you because of your pursuit of me, but you caught my son and you still had that idea. I can’t let you hurt Shao Shao! Only on this, I can’t give in to you!” Ling Yun’s face quickly flashed helplessness, but instantly firmed up.

“If you hadn’t been avoiding me all the time, I wouldn’t have found Ye Shao.” The King’s eyes became redder and redder, “But now that you appeared, I don’t mind if you take the place of Ye Shao temporarily.”

“If I replaced Shao Shao, would you let him go?”

“I can promise you I will let him go this time.” After hearing this sentence, the hesitation in the eyes of the King finally disappeared.

Ling Yun didn’t say anything more. As soon as the snake’s tail was drawn, she rushed to the King.

Two similar human body’s with the tail of a giant snake immediately tussled together.

Long Yuan had time to observe Xuan Feng’s knee hit by the King’s venom. Fortunately, the venom only eroded the protective layer on the surface of the mecha. The mechanism controlling the movement of the mecha was only slightly damaged, which did not have much impact on the mecha’s actions. But after this, Xuan Feng needed to let Imperial Star’s Research department repair and maintain it for a period of time.


Delia blasted open half of the body of the last monster with light and stepped on its corpse. The figure of the mecha Honglian controlled by Delia flashed and appeared ten zhang away.

“The soldiers who are still able to fight should keep up with me. They have just heard about those changes. The King must have gathered some monsters. I’m afraid His Highness can’t deal with them alone! The rest of the soldiers, look for a safe place to hide and wait for us to come back. Don’t act rashly!”

“Yes.” After surviving, more than thirty mecha quickly followed Delia and jumped forward.


The bone spurs on the King’s elbow collided with Ling Yun’s, and Ling Yun quickly stretched out another hand to block the long arched nails swept by the King, forming a bunch of black sharp edged hands, and then pushed and jostled her hands to attack the King’s abdomen in turn.

The King blocked Ling Yun from pushing against his hand. His mouth opened, and he shot black liquid towards Ling Yun from inside. Ling Yun’s eyes suddenly widened. In front of her, a round washbasin sized shield made of white scales appeared, catching the King’s venom. The black poison dripped down to the ground along the scale shield, and in an instant it corroded the ground, creating a big hole of green smoke.

The King wiggled his huge tail, trying to sweep his tail at Ling Yun. But at this time, the shadow of Xuan Feng came out from behind him. The King had to change the direction of his tail’s attack. Long Yuan, the smoker, manipulated Xuan Feng to retreat a few steps.

Xuan Feng’s body was now filled with large and small injuries, but the biggest wound was the big hole in the knee that was eroded by the King’s venom not long ago. But with the help of Ling Yun, they are still nearly tied with the King, which showed the King’s strength.

The King fought with Long Yuan and Ling Yun, and opened his mouth and let out a snake’s hiss. The monsters who were forced to stop outside by Ye Shao and the baby suddenly seemed to eat stimulants and were attacking harder. Ye Shao didn’t want to defeat them, but only wanted to stop them. Only if those monsters took a step forward would they stop them. Originally, it was very hard to block them. Moreover, Long Yuan helped to see if he was more dangerous. But now their attacks were fiercer, and Ye Shao couldn’t stop them.

Finally, a monster broke through Ye Shao’s defense line, and the baby immediately flew forward. His small body was extremely flexible. He quickly flew to the monster, two small hands on his chest, and several silver small flying knives appeared in his hands. When his hand moved, those flying knives shot at the monster. The small flying knife shot at the monster’s body cut through the monster’s hard skin. The baby moved his fingers again. The throwing knives inserted into the monster’s body were pulled out and continued to slide to another part of the monster’s body. If one was careful, they could see a nearly invisible fiber-like thin line on the handle of the flying knife.

But in any case, the baby was blocking the attacking monster.

Ye Shao also breathed a sigh of relief and concentrated on blocking the monsters in front of him. His body was so dexterous that they could only see him shuttling between them. However, because of the King’s voice just now, these monsters had become much more difficult to deal with. If this continued, he would soon be unable to resist.

And his original physical strength was not as good as before, so now it was very hard to stop these monsters.

Just then, a fiery red mecha jumped into the battle circle of Ye Shao, helping Ye Shao deal with the monsters who were trying to break through the line. Following Delia’s mecha, more than thirty other mecha also rushed in. With more than a dozen transformed monsters, there was no need to worry about the war situation here. Sheryl drove his mecha to guard Delia’s side, helping her deal with the monsters attacking from her side.


The King saw that the reinforcements at Long Yuan’s side arrived, but the guards on his side who had been summoned by him were blocked. It was estimated that they would be defeated by each other soon, and then it would be his turn at last——

He was not willing to stare at Ling Yun, that pair of golden pupils held an obvious trace of killing intent. His best choice now was to run away. As long as he was alive, it was not a problem to make a comeback.

As soon as the King figured out this key point, he no longer wanted to defeat Ling Yun. After all, the number of people they were fighting was now much more than on his side. Moreover, if he fought with Ling Yun again, he was not sure that he could draw with them. The strength in his body had been consumed a lot in the fight against them. If his helpers were surrounded, he would not be able to support it for long.

The essence in the King’s eyes flashed. When the essence was covered in the depth of his eyes, he was holding a strong electric current in his hand. He raised his hand slightly, and the current in his palm converged into two parts.

In the formation of these two parts, he first used his strong tail to sweep toward Ling Yun to divert her attention, and then when Ling Yun dodged, he threw energy at her. A ball of electricity was thrown at Long Yuan. At last, after two people tried to avoid the electric bunch with tracking ability emitted by him, the King raised his huge body, suspending it in the air. The King twisted his tail, and his whole body flew into the sky like a power, moving rapidly towards the distance. While he was moving, his body began to change gradually, back to the human appearance, and at the same time, he flew faster and faster.

“Not good.” Ling Yun immediately exclaimed, as she saw the King’s body fly into the air.

She looked at the electric ball in front of her. She simply swept it with her tail, and the tip of her tail suddenly hurt. She didn’t care. If the King ran away, the consequences could certainly not be dealt with. The King must die!

Ling Yun chased after the King. Long Yuan saw that he was floating in the air. He looked at the electric ball flying in the air with cold eyes. Then he took out a gun barrel with huge firepower. With his current energy, he could only send out two shots. However, as long as the King’s feet could be stopped, and if he was still lucky enough to hurt him, everything would be worth it. A dazzling white light with a huge output rate condensed in the muzzle of the gun.

Long Yuan operated Xuan Feng to avoid the electric currents chasing him. He skillfully turned over several times. When the light ball landed in front of him and connected with the King escaping figure in a straight line, the gun muzzle in his hand immediately shot out a dazzling light. In this white light, the electric ball dissipated into invisibility, but its power was also consumed, and it directly shot at the King. Long Yuan didn’t stop at this point, and the dazzling white light flowed from the muzzle again, almost chasing the far away white beam. The second beam soon caught up with the previous one. The two beams of light fused in an instant, and rapidly pursued the King’s back.

The King, who seemed to be unable to dodge, was hit by the beam of light, and the figure immediately swayed for a while. The air burst a dazzling spark, wrapping the King’s body inside.

Seeing such a scene, Ling Yun stopped in the air for a while, but soon she continued to chase after the King in the direction of the attack. She did not believe that the King would die due to this attack. Only when she confirmed the death of the powerful King, could she really put down her heart.

This time was also a fluke. If the King didn’t change into a human form in order to escape faster, the attack would cause some damage to his powerful body at most. However, the bodies of others were much weaker than that of the beast’s after the transformation, and it was certain that he would be seriously injured.

Ling Yun soon arrived at the place where the light burst out. She was facing down where half of the trees were destroyed by the strong energy shock wave. As expected, in the middle of the slightly concave place, she saw a figure full of bloodstains.

Ling Yun controlled her body and landed on the side of the blood stained King. The King’s abdomen was blasted open with a big hole. His arms on both sides of his body were also damaged. His leg posture was strangely pinched aside. For such a serious injury even the powerful repair ability of the royal family would take ten days to half a month to heal it.

Ling Yun saw this but did not put down his guard, and since the King’s appearance did not arouse her sense of crisis, Ling Yun also changed back to her human form and walked to the King’s side.

The King opened his eyes and looked at Ling Yun. As soon as he opened his mouth, a stream of blood flowed out. “My dear sister, I have become this way. Can’t you let me go?”

“Brother, it’s not that I want to kill you, but I can’t believe you. If I let you go, you’ll try to get revenge, and I don’t believe you’ll let any of us go.”

The King closed his eyes and said, as if very weak, “I can assure you that I will never attack you again.” 

But Ling Yun, who did not relax her vigilance, was sensitive to the sense of crisis that came from behind her. Her eyes flashed and strengthened the defense around her body. She did not hide from the attack. She obviously saw the joy on the King’s bloody face.

Ling Yun sighed secretly, seeing the King’s appearance, she wanted to let go, but now she was really and truly disappointed in him.

Ling Yun reached out his hand, and after strengthening the defense, she easily grasped the things that came from behind her. This was much slower than the King’s usual attack, also owing to his serious injury.

After grasping the thing that attacked her, Ling Yun accumulated a strong electric light in her hand, and turned the tail of the King that she held in her hand from the ground below into a ball of smoke.


Ling Yun stretched her fingernails and went to the King’s side. She didn’t give him a chance to speak again. She closed her eyes and cut off the King’s head neatly. Then she sent out the electric light again, turning the King’s head in her hand into a mass of black ash, and the headless corpse was taken care of the same way. Finally, she dug a small pit and buried the black ash carefully.

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