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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Originally, Cesar hadn’t planned on coming, but he needed to temporarily leave this city for a while, and before he left, he couldn’t help but want to take a look at Finch. He hadn’t thought of a good excuse to see him, and he hadn’t even planned on being seen by Finch. It was just like two years ago; Cesar would take a look and then leave, disappearing from Finch’s world.

Cesar thought that he could do it and restrain himself, but now, he realized that he might have overestimated himself.

When Cesar saw Finch sitting obediently on the small chair and looking at the fairylike man in adoration as he murmured that it would be nice to have a boyfriend like this…

Cesar discovered that he felt very angry and thought, So if you just see any good-looking guy, you’ll say that? So at the time, when you saw me, it was only because I looked good… In your eyes, I’m no different from him.

So that’s why you could break up with me with no hesitation and resume your life easily to find a new boyfriend that looks good.

And that person is Xie Yan… Cesar frowned, his gaze cold.

Xie Yan wasn’t as simple as he seemed.


The battle in front of him came to an end, and Finch touched the goosebumps on his arm. He wondered where the murderous look had come from, and he looked around in confusion. Finch’s gaze landed on Cesar, who was standing ominously behind him…

Finch was speechless as he thought, Crap, I think I know where the murderous look is coming from…

The two of them looked at each other.

The next moment, Cesar averted his gaze, turned around, and walked away. Finch was stunned, and before he could come back to his senses, he had already rushed outside!

He stood in front of Cesar, blocking his path.

…Finch kept feeling that if he let Cesar leave again, he would regret it.

Cesar finally stopped walking when he saw Finch in front of him.

Actually, when he had been seen by Finch just then, Cesar regretted coming here, so he had left without a second thought. However, Finch had chased after him.

But what should he say now?

After a while, the corner of Cesar’s mouth hooked upwards, and he said with a calm tone that made it seem like he was talking about the weather, “It seems that you’ve been doing well recently. You like Xie Yan’s type?”

Finch was embarrassed. Had Cesar heard what he said just then?

Logically, they were only exes, so it wasn’t like Finch was being disloyal, so even if he had found a new love, it wasn’t that big of a deal. But… Finch inexplicably felt that he couldn’t let Cesar misunderstand. His feelings towards Xie Yan were purely the love of a fan! One should know that worship was the furthest thing from love, and Finch didn’t feel anything else for Xie Yan! Ha… even though it might have been a little, it was just a moment of silliness.

Finch immediately said solemnly, “No!”

After saying this, he felt that he was being a little cowardly. Cesar clearly didn’t plan on having anything to do with him anymore, so why was Finch scared that he would misunderstand… What did he have to explain himself for?

Cesar’s expression changed almost imperceptibly, and he seemed like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t. He shouldn’t think too much about what Finch had said as if he really cared about Cesar. In reality, if Cesar didn’t show up for a while, Finch would’ve forgotten him and continued on with his life.

Never mind, wasn’t Cesar already aware of this a long time ago?

Cesar nodded calmly and said, “I’m leaving.”

He walked past Finch briskly.

Finch’s eyes widened as Cesar walked away, and as he looked at Cesar’s indifferent expression, he seemed to return to the past.

That day when Finch had told Cesar that he was breaking up with him, he had felt a little uneasy and guilty. However, Cesar had been very calm, and he also left just as indifferently and without hesitation as he was today. He had been so indifferent, Finch suspected that he actually didn’t care at all.

So even though Finch had regretted it afterward and wanted to contact Cesar, in the end, he didn’t have the courage to go find him. Finch had even deleted all methods of contacting him so they could separate cleanly because he had been very cowardly, his love hadn’t been very deep, and he wasn’t brave enough.  So much so that when he encountered Cesar again, he hadn’t even dared to go up to him and say hi.

Even though he was very happy that he had encountered him again.

Now, Cesar was going to leave again; Cesar always came and went from his life, yet Finch had never really thought about urging him to stay… Finch bit his lip. He wondered if he was going crazy, but he suddenly ran over and grabbed Cesar’s sleeve.

They were on a quaint path and had already gotten out of the crowd. Maple leaves slowly fell from the trees above them.

The scenery was very beautiful.

Cesar looked back at Finch with stunned eyes.

However, the next moment, the beautiful scenery seemed to be covered by a layer of fog. Everything became dreamlike, and everything disappeared from around them, with only the cobbled ground and the maple trees around them left.

It was like they had traversed across space and time through ripples in water.

Finch thought, Am I hallucinating or dreaming?

Finch’s jaw dropped in shock, and he forgot what he had been about to say. He could only stand there blankly, with his hand still clutching Cesar’s sleeve. Finch watched as he seemingly went from the modern world to another cold, lonely world. When he looked up, what met his gaze wasn’t telephone poles and skyscrapers, but instead red brick, green tiles, carved pillars, and a blue sky.

Who am I? Where am I?

Finch stared at Cesar in confusion.

Cesar’s expression became grave as he looked at the scenery around him change. He pressed his lips together and was silent, his sleeve still in Finch’s grasp.

They had accidentally been drawn into a new projection field.

A projection field that was completely isolated from the real world.

Cesar frowned and thought about what the problem had been.

Finch was panicked. This situation was even scarier than the previous ones, because before, at least he had been in a place he was familiar with, and there had only been ghosts. But what was this? It was easier for a person to be afraid in an unfamiliar place.

Could they have really traversed through time and space?

Finch was terror-stricken, and he clutched Cesar’s sleeve even tighter as if he was grabbing onto his last ray of hope.

At this time, rapid footsteps suddenly sounded from in front of them, and there seemed to be a lot of people running towards them. When Finch looked up, he froze, his face pale.

These people looked like imperial guards, and they were all carrying a sword on their backs. But if they were real people, then that was fine; Finch could’ve been able to confirm that he had traveled back in time.

However, these people looked lifelike from the front, even more lifelike than in pictures. It was practically impossible to tell if they were real or fake, but from the side, they were just a line…

They were men made out of paper!

It was practically like seeing people run out of a picture, and not only could they move, they also had expressions and could speak…

The paper men gathered around them, and their leader knelt down on one knee, saying respectfully to Cesar, “Your Majesty.”

Finch was bewildered. These paper men were quite good at acting…

Just as Finch was feeling confused, two of the paper men grabbed their swords and pointed them at Finch, saying, “Lord Xiao left the palace without permission, how should deal with him, Your Majesty?”

Finch was speechless.

He seemed to know something, but… it couldn’t be real!!!

No, this was too preposterous, seeing a ghost would make more sense…

Cesar had originally been in deep thought, but when he saw them point their swords at Finch, his eyes grew cold and he ran out of patience. Cesar swung at the paper men in front of him, tearing them apart!

Although there were a lot of paper men, they didn’t seem to be very strong. They were destroyed easily and were extremely vulnerable to Cesar.

Cesar’s movement seemed to upset them, and they had originally been quite normal. However, the eyes of the paper men suddenly turned red, and they madly charged at Cesar!

But just this wasn’t enough to make Finch scared. The scary thing was that when the paper men started charging, countless paper men with red eyes swarmed closer endlessly! Although they were individually very weak, they were like a colony of ants that could kill even an elephant!

This, this was too much.

Finch was terrified. It might be impossible for even Cesar to kill all of them!

Finch recalled what the paper men had called him and Cesar, and he had a vague idea. If it was really true, then he and Cesar didn’t need to resist, and it would be better for them to conserve their energy to find a way to leave.

Finch suddenly said quietly, “Don’t move, see if they’ll stop.”

Cesar glanced at Finch and looked thoughtful. He stopped and quickly pulled Finch backward a step and stepped in front of him protectively.

When Cesar stopped attacking, the paper men also stopped. The red light in their eyes gradually faded as if nothing had happened at all. The leader said respectfully to Cesar, “Your Majesty, how should we deal with Lord Xiao?”

They were asking how to deal with Finch.

Cesar looked at Finch, who seemed to know something.

Finch looked nervously at the paper men in front of him who could go crazy at the drop of a hat. Finch wasn’t sure if his guess was right or not, but he would have to take his chances. He said in a low voice to Cesar, “Tell them to bring me back to the palace.”

Cesar was silent for a few seconds before he said to the paper guards, “Bring him back to the palace, I’ll deal with him myself.”

The paper guards immediately said, “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Then, they turned to Finch and escorted him back. Finch was very cooperative and didn’t dare to act rashly.

Cesar followed.

They walked on a long, stone path and finally arrived at a large, scarlet door. They entered the magnificent palace, and the guards silently escorted Finch to a place that seemed to be a bedroom before closing the door.

Only Finch and Cesar were left in the room.

Cesar crossed his arms and looked at Finch meaningfully. “Now you can say what you know.”

“You might not believe it but…” Finch thought about the strange things they had seen and heard here, swallowed, and said his absurd guess, “we… might have entered a book.”

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Thanks for the update… yesterday was stalking out the website for an update then went back to the previous chapter just to see that the update is today and not yesterday… but I’m happy….

December 5, 2020 9:54 am

Ohhhh. Why is it that every time they’re about to make some progress, something drags them to another weird situation?

Thanks for the chapter!

December 5, 2020 10:59 am

I swear Finch is a magnet for those fields! Ahaha
Their moment destroyed. What a timing

December 5, 2020 11:59 pm

So I was right… something did happen. Let’s see how this unfolds.

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Man…they were THIS CLOSE to finishing a real conversation! Stupid supernatural stuff. Though the people made of paper are an interesting twist. Why not if you end up in a book?

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Black Lotus On the Halfmoon
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The author has an amazing imagination.

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