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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Luo XiaoLou was still in a state of excitement, but he had seen Yuan Xi, who had been so sulky these past two days, so he grabbed his arm and proudly asked, “Look, how’s it? Is it good?”

Yuan Xi put his arm around Luo XiaoLou and looked him over with obvious tension and concern in his eyes. Luo XiaoLou almost cried. Is this guy finally going to return to normal? 

When Yuan Xi noticed that the person in his arms was fine, he instantly adjusted his expression, and coldly asked, “Are you okay? “

It hadn’t been more than a few days and this guy had learned how to change his face. Luo XiaoLou secretly spat blood. But being in Yuan Xi’s arms, Luo XiaoLou decided to pretend he didn’t know as he leaned against Yuan Xi and awkwardly said, “What can I do, aren’t you going to say something?”

Just thinking about it made him excited, and if this didn’t buy off this troublemaker, he was ready to break that damn mutual agreement with Yuan Xi! 

If it was anyone else, he would have stretched out his hand right now just for the fee, instead of having gone through all the trouble and having to look for people to help him buy strengthening agents at his own expense.

Yuan Xi only just noticed Cloudy Sky in front of him and immediately stayed there, unconsciously hugging Luo XiaoLou with more strength.

Luo XiaoLou narrowed his eyes so that he wouldn’t reveal too much. Yuan Xi’s instantly tense body said it all. As long as Yuan Xi was a mecha warrior, how could he not care about the mecha rank? Luo XiaoLou’s grin stretched up to his ears at the thought, then he pretended to ask carelessly, “No worse than that repairman you found, right?”

Yuan Xi didn’t say anything, but 125 instead lengthened its voice in response to him: “Sour…”

Yuan Xi came forward and touched Cloudy Sky, with excitement and thrill on his face. He looked like he would have gone into the cockpit to try it out if it wasn’t still in the studio.

When Yuan Xi regretfully dispelled this urge, he saw Luo XiaoLou and 125 standing beside him, tails up and with the word ‘praise me’ hanging on their faces.

Yuan Xi immediately averted his eyes and turned his head to pretend that he was continuing to seriously observe Cloudy Sky. He was still in a state of excitement and the urge to fight was still boiling in his blood, but he also felt that he should say something at this point, so Yuan Xi spoke up, “Don’t you have anything you want to confess?”

He really wanted to give a compliment, but what he said instead was what he cared to know about the most in the past two days.

After Yuan Xi finished speaking, he immediately turned back to Luo XiaoLou, and the two of them looked at each other, both of them somewhat unsure of how to continue. On the other hand, 125 opened its mouth wide and screamed into Luo XiaoLou’s ear, “He knows, he knows, he knows!!!”

Luo XiaoLou’s face turned white and red for a moment. His hand, that was behind his back, trembled unnaturally before he finally decided to fight to the death to deny that he had participated in the mecha competition.

Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou for a moment, sobered up, put away Cloudy Sky, and then pulled Luo XiaoLou out. As he did so, he said, “So, you’re going to explain tonight? Don’t worry, we have all night.”

Luo XiaoLou stiffened. It wasn’t easy to have a huge secret weighing on his mind all day, but would he risk having his exotic beast identity being found out by telling Yuan Xi? Not unless he wanted to start the Great Interstellar Escape with 125 now.

When he got back to their place, Yuan Xi threw Luo XiaoLou onto the bed with a grimace, and laid down beside him. 

“……Mn, went to the hospital.” Luo XiaoLou was silent for two seconds before finally deciding to tell the truth. Since Yuan Xi asked first, he must have known that he was injured.

“Why didn’t you tell me about your injury?” Yuan Xi stared at Luo XiaoLou and asked a direct question.

Luo XiaoLou was silent for a moment, and the smile on his face could no longer be maintained, so he asked, “I also want to ask, why did you all treat me that way when I came back that day? And why do you want a cold war?” 

From the way Yuan Xi was acting, it wasn’t as if he had learned about his participation in the mecha competition, otherwise he would never be so bland. Thinking of another possibility, Luo XiaoLou’s heart slowly swelled with anger.

Yuan Xi touched Luo XiaoLou’s cold face and said slowly, “They suspected you had something to do with the assassination, when—”

Luo XiaoLou’s head buzzed and he trembled all over. He directly interrupted Yuan Xi, and staring into his dark eyes, he viciously asked, “You think so too? Think I tried to assassinate you?”

Say it! If you dare to say yes, then I’ll find a way to get back at you once and for all, and I’ll be free to live on my own afterwards. I won’t be anyone’s slave, won’t have to work hard just to hide it, won’t have to cook and clean for you every day, and not have to try to follow in your footsteps— Luo XiaoLou thought angrily.

Taking it as a bad joke that Fate had played on him, and that Yuan Xi wasn’t his type at all except for his face anyway, Luo XiaoLou tried to ignore the unexplainable pain in his heart.

“Of course not.” Yuan Xi said without any hesitation before looking sarcastically at Luo XiaoLou, “I know that you wouldn’t. I would recognize you even if you looked nothing like yourself. And, I trust you, I have never trusted anyone but my parents.”

Yuan Xi said, sweeping a glance at Luo XiaoLou as if it was such a blessing to have his trust, and there had been others who were actually ungrateful.

Luo XiaoLou gulped and swallowed back the words of gratitude that reached his lips.

Then, Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou, anger gathering in his eyes along with something deeper like hurt, “What have you done, after what I did to you? It’s insulting to be hurt when you’re next to me but not be prepared at all to say anything to me. Luo XiaoLou, I’d like to know why you don’t even trust me now?” 

That last bit was the last thing he could stand!

After the attempted assassination that day, he knew it wasn’t Luo XiaoLou. But would it be intentional or coincidental if someone like Luo XiaoLou was also in danger? Because he was worried, he refused everyone’s request for him to go to the hospital immediately and insisted on rushing back.

As a result, there was no one in the house when he got there. And when Luo XiaoLou came back, with his movements, Yuan Xi could tell right away that Luo XiaoLou was hurt, but Luo XiaoLou wasn’t going to say anything.

No matter how much he secretly mocked his father, and no matter how much he felt that his newly established marriage was better than his father’s, his mother trusted his father unconditionally as compared to Luo XiaoLou.

At this moment, Yuan Xi’s heart was sour, and once again, Luo XiaoLou made him experience this rare emotion of jealousy.

When there were only the two of them, Yuan Xi rarely called Luo XiaoLou by his full name, mostly using ‘you’ instead, and occasionally calling him by something like ‘little slave’. So, Luo XiaoLou was shocked when he was coldly questioned by Yuan Xi with his name thrown on his face.

Without saying anything himself, this guy started a cold war and dared to backstab him!

Even so, Luo XiaoLou subconsciously explained, “That, it’s not that I don’t trust you. I just—just got hurt accidentally. Really, that was nothing at all.” Luo XiaoLou struggled to organize his words, and avoided the heavy words, “The other day, someone smashed something not far from me, and I accidentally got stabbed by those pieces and hurt my shoulder, so I had 125 help with it.”

Luo XiaoLou briefly and quickly blurted out, hoping that Yuan Xi wouldn’t focus on it again. Yuan Xi, however, was still considering if Luo XiaoLou’s injury was part of a conspiracy by those who had attacked him. To deliberately make the others suspicious of Luo XiaoLou?

In order to change the subject, Luo XiaoLou remembered another thing that made him very angry and immediately asked, “If you trust me, then why were you so dead set on not letting me repair Cloudy Sky? Am I not as skilled as the mecha maker you went looking for?”

Yuan Xi glanced at the growling Luo XiaoLou, and though he didn’t really want to answer, so he said, “You were hurt, weren’t you? Then I knew you’d gone to the hospital and kept insisting, so I did whatever you wanted.” Yuan Xi didn’t dare to tell the whole truth. His mecha’s tier was too high, and besides not worrying about Luo XiaoLou’s injury, he was also worried that Luo XiaoLou wouldn’t be able to repair it in time.

Tomorrow’s match was important to him, and after winning, he would be able to take Luo XiaoLou back to meet his parents.

However, seeing the loss in Luo XiaoLou’s eyes made him feel bad too. So knowing that Luo XiaoLou had been to the hospital and that the doctor assured him that he was fine, Yuan Xi asked his men to bring back Cloudy Sky.

Knowing what had happened, Luo XiaoLou’s heart stepped down and his mouth curled up slightly as he asked, “Why are you so sure I wasn’t the one who tried to assassinate you?”

Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou with the look one gave an idiot, snorted and said arrogantly, “You like me so much, how could you do such a thing?”

Luo XiaoLou coughed messily as he blushed. Before, he would have despised Yuan Xi’s incredible pride and arrogance, and of course now as well, but he was a little afraid to look at Yuan Xi.

“I, I’m going to take a shower first.” Luo XiaoLou wolfishly pushed Yuan Xi out of the way and made his way into the shower.

Yuan Xi suppressed the desire to follow. He had been in a bad mood for the past few days and finally it had all been explained, so he relaxed on the bed and waited for Luo XiaoLou. Tomorrow’s match would probably be the most difficult, but it also made Yuan Xi uncontrollably excited.

Luo XiaoLou stripped off his clothes and prepared to shower.

Luo XiaoLou almost shrieked when he saw the red marks twining from his thighs to his chest!

When did he, when did he get a tattoo!? Red and white, I can’t tell you what’s going on, what’s going on here?

It wasn’t clear why this was happening, but Luo XiaoLou instinctively felt it wasn’t good. He stood confused for a moment before using his Source of Consciousness power to call out to 125, who was watching TV in the living room.

125 quietly avoided Yuan Xi’s sight and slipped into the bathroom.

“What’s this?”

“Jesus! How did you get an exotic beast tattoo?”

The two huddled in the bathroom and talked quietly.

“This must not be seen by anyone. Tattoos are the biggest feature of the exotic beast, even if none of the people have seen them before.” 125 said immediately.

Luo XiaoLou thought for a while and finally decided that it was the reason why he barely consumed the Source of Consciousness power today. At that time, his body had started to get hot all over, but because Cloudy Sky strengthened successfully and Yuan Xi came back to him, he hadn’t even cared about it at all.

“How is this going to disappear?” Luo XiaoLou anxiously asked. If it was going to be so tragic, he didn’t want to just settle and have to be constantly on the run…

“Mn, it’ll go away in three days under normal circumstances,” 125 said.

Luo XiaoLou felt a little more comfortable knowing that it wasn’t permanent. But still, having to find a way to keep Yuan Xi from seeing his body for three days, Luo XiaoLou had a bit of a headache just thinking about that.

Luo XiaoLou hurriedly took a shower, put on his most conservative long-sleeved pajama pants, and then rubbed himself into bed.

Good thing Yuan Xi was ready for a good night’s rest today too, so he cuddled up and went to sleep.


Inside a room not far from them, Su Lan was sipping and smiling as she looked at some paper. She was really happy that she now had enough evidence to get Luo XiaoLou out of Yuan Xi’s room. Watching Yuan Xi actually treat another person like that was just too much of an eyesore.

“Cousin, I’ll do it tomorrow. It’s the last day of the tournament anyway, and Yuan Xi will be coming back with us.” Su Lan said.

Yue Shang put down his cup, was silent for a moment, and said, “Su Lan, I don’t agree with you touching Luo XiaoLou.”

Su Lan was horrified. Yue Shang’s feelings for Yuan Xi were the same as hers, and the fact that Yue Shang and Yuan Xi had grown up together was something no one else could compare to. So, it would only make sense for Yue Shang to hate Luo XiaoLou even more, but why did Yue Shang say something like that? More importantly, she couldn’t move many people without Yue Shang’s agreement.

“Why?” Su Lan stared at her cousin closely and urgently asked, “Cousin, what about after that, what will you do?” 

“Of course, I hope Yuan Xi will give up Luo XiaoLou. In my eyes, Luo XiaoLou is not fit to be with Yuan Xi. That person is not right for him, and he is not worthy of Yuan Xi at all,” Yue Shang’s face was cold. “But, Yuan Xi has stressed to me that he likes him. As long as Yuan Xi doesn’t get tired of Luo XiaoLou, I won’t touch him.” Yue Shang said quietly, “And, Yuan Xi is more than just someone I like.”

Su Lan grumbled depressingly, “I know, he’s still the one you want to follow. But is it necessary to go this far? Besides, as long as Luo XiaoLou is a suspect, we should arrest him first. After all, Yuan Xi’s safety is more important than anything else.”

Yue Shang didn’t say anything else, and just pushed the door open as he said to Su Lan, “It’s too late, I need to rest. I have a match tomorrow.”

Su Lan was exasperated and could only leave.

The next day, after Yuan Xi left, Luo XiaoLou tried to disguise the tattoos on his body, but they couldn’t be concealed at all. Luo XiaoLou’s nerves were in turmoil, and knowing that Su Lan was watching him from next door made Luo XiaoLou even more agitated.

In the morning, Luo XiaoLou was invited by Tian Li and Yates to dinner outside.

Today was the final for the top ten. Mu Chen and Yates had finished their competitions the day before yesterday and yesterday respectively, and the rankings had been released, with Mu Chen placing at Rank 91 and Yates at Rank 45, which was also very impressive for Saint Miro Academy.

Tian Li excitedly asked the two of them to treat them. In the morning and afternoon, they were going to watch the final, so they discussed having lunch together. Luo XiaoLou watched Yuan Xi’s match in the morning. Yuan Xi didn’t meet the young officer, but met Shao Rong, who was the best match of the morning.

It was the most exciting match of the morning, and Luo XiaoLou watched it from start to finish, his eyes narrowed as if he were the one participating. Luo XiaoLou’s mood finally relaxed as he left the room at noon.

When they met, Mu Chen smiled at Luo XiaoLou and greeted him, then the four of them walked outside together.

At this time, whether it was Luo XiaoLou who was preparing to go to lunch, those who were competing, or those who stayed back and didn’t have time to leave, no one knew that a large number of troops from the military had surrounded the entire city.


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