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Book Two: Field Training

Chapter 48: Depart

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After the final exams, the school holidays began.

With two months of vacation, the first years were really excited. And… they were even about to go on a month-long field trip. It was an important trip for the students and was a great way for them to improve their skills. Not only would they get credits, but they might also get some valuable materials during the training.

Luo XiaoLou and Master Yan talked to each other before the trip. Since it was the school’s arrangement, Master Yan agreed even though he had a sullen face. Before leaving the office, Master Yan handed Luo XiaoLou a chip. He said, “This is the material I’ve been working on. Here, take it. Add to it what little material knowledge you have in your head — as a follower of my work, there is probably no one in this office who is worse than you.”

Before Luo XiaoLou could say anything… Master Yan waved his hand. “Go away. When you come back, I’ll do a spot check.”

Luo XiaoLou pursed his lips. Putting the chip away carefully, Luo XiaoLou thanked Master Yan, turned around and left. He may have been a little emotional before, and even though he doesn’t blame the cranky old man for helping him further, Luo XiaoLou wanted to spit at the old man in his heart.

And he also informed his other master, fresh off the virtual net, whose lab he was also working in too.

Meanwhile, his other master,

Those two bastards! It’s like they’re in cahoots. Another one just came to take a leave of absence from me. It’s really infuriating!

Because of the master’s pot-bellied pallor, the assistants in the lab had been trembling with fear all morning, until one of his assistants finally managed to ask why and then cautiously explained after learning the reason, “The students are on holiday now. Listen to Song. Initially, we were all also students. I guess the school made some type of arrangement.”

The teacher’s pallor finally eased, “Well… they are still students and are both very young.” They were able to solve his questions during the virtual contest at such a young age which meant that they were both very talented. And… You have to teach them when they’re young to get a solid foundation. They still have a lot of room for improvement.

If the two boys were good at what they did, if they could reach his standards… It won’t be bad to train those two as true disciples. And then… he would be a match for that old man. The teacher smiled proudly at the thought of his rival… This was so much fun.


The exams were over and Luo XiaoLou, who missed many, was not at all relaxed.

Since he came to the future… for the first time, he left the city filled with tall buildings to see nature. It sounded exciting.

But… listening to Tian Li and Yates, it was not a safe place for training. It was also a training ground for the Jaeger. It was a place where one had to survive and thrive. The war still burned at the edge of the Federation against the beasts of another planet, or against the covetous civilizations outside of Federation, and even against interstellar pirates.

This was why the Federation placed so much emphasis on the training of its Mecha pilots. From the very beginning, they were giving them hands-on training.

Both 125 and Yuan Xi told Luo XiaoLou to pack more energy boxes. Now that he knew there were unknown dangers waiting for them, Luo XiaoLou paid more attention to the preparation of the energy boxes. For this reason, Luo XiaoLou went to Heavenly Winter. 

Luo XiaoLou didn’t bother the manager this time because he was only buying ordinary materials and was able to get a 60% discount with his gold card. Recently, he’d been flush with cash. Luo XiaoLou had bought a lot of each material on his list. What’s more… The materials didn’t even have to be delivered to Tian Li. His own warehouse had sufficient room now.

The most expensive ones were the Heavy Radium, which didn’t need to be bought… but they were at a discount. Luo XiaoLou bought two truckloads full of materials and realized he only used 130,000 federal coins. He couldn’t help but feel very satisfied. But when he looked at his account, which had been inactive lately, Luo XiaoLou was a bit depressed.

It wouldn’t work if he kept this up. In the future, he would only need to spend more money.

Luo XiaoLou couldn’t help but start thinking about ways to make money. Five minutes later, Luo XiaoLou stared at the manager’s contact information on the back of the gold card and smiled.

On the way back, Luo XiaoLou contacted the manager. It rang for two seconds and then connected. Manager Gao’s laughing voice came over, “I heard that little brother Luo came over to buy materials at Heavenly Winter today. Why didn’t you come up to see me?”

How shameless. Luo XiaoLou forgot that those at Heavenly Winter reported everything to this manager. He said, “It’s just a little thing and was not worth the trouble. However, I’m contacting you for another reason.”

“Oh? Let me guess. Little brother Luo wants to buy rare items?” The manager asked.

“On the contrary, I have something I want to sell on consignment to you. But… It’s a very common item and it’s not that rare.” Luo XiaoLou was hesitant. He was not sure if Manager Gao would accept his energy box. Of course it was a box without Black Chert.

But Manager Gao was clearly interested. He was curious to know the level of the young man he was keeping a watch on. Immediately, he asked, “Oh? It’s rare to be able to see Young Master Luo’s finished product. You first tell me what it is.”

“An energy box.” Luo XiaoLou started to think about what the right price would be if he could sell it on consignment. A 5,000 Luo Energy Box on the market costs 140,000 federal coins. The one he made was at least around 8,000 Luo, so could he sell it for 200,000?

Luo XiaoLou didn’t argue that it was his own finished product. Manager Gao really didn’t miss anything. When he heard that it was an energy box, the manager said, “I can’t vouch for anything that’s common. The energy box can be consigned even if it is common. But you haven’t told me which grade you’ll be putting on consignment, little brother Luo.”

Luo XiaoLou hesitated. Three months ago, the Kane Group launched their premium energy box, which immediately caused a huge shock in the market and Kane Group moved up a few levels. Selling a few energy boxes on my own will not affect the Kane Group anymore, Luo XiaoLou thought.

Thinking about it, Luo XiaoLou said, “It’s less than Grade 4. Maybe a little less than Kane’s at 7,000 Luo.”

The manager was silent… and Luo XiaoLou wondered if it was because of Kane’s new energy box… that there’d be no market for his retail. 

At this moment, Manager Gao’s excited voice came out in a forced voice, “When will little brother Luo send it over? We’ll sell as many as you want!”

The Kane Group had a new Grade 4 energy box and it was the first time a premium box had been sold on the open market. They had been trying to get the design of the new Grade 4 box, but so far there was no success. It was only later that he got word from the Kane Group that Master Yan, the Federation’s Master Mecha Maker, was in the Kane Group!

With that news, most of the ambitious corporations and families had been put to rest… there were not enough Master Makers of Master Yan’s caliber. Even if they had thier own Master Mecha Makers, they were no match for Master Yan. Although these masters themselves could make Grade 4 Energy Boxes, they could only design it according to the ones that others could make. But to design a Grade 4 Energy Box that others couldn’t make? That was just not possible.

So… A long time has passed and the market was still dominated by the Kane Group.

And to add insult to injury, the Kane Group only sold about 5,000 Grade 4 boxes a month. It was too tempting for those who had to customize a Grade 4 energy box with a handful of masterminds. At the beginning of each month, even people from nearby planets came just to buy these Grade 4 energy boxes.

So… Even though each Grade 4 energy box was worth 350,000 federal coins, they were still sold out in the shortest time possible. Even for the people who lived on Planet Anse… not many could get them.

The fact that they couldn’t be bought easily was more likely to motivate people to buy the premium boxes. It was easier for people to get excited about the premium boxes. So… When he heard that Luo XiaoLou had a 7,000 Luo Energy Box, Manager Gao immediately knew that their chance to get the box had come!

He always had his eye on Luo XiaoLou, but he didn’t expect such a surprise from him.

As long as the word got out in the underground market, even if they didn’t get a few premium energy boxes a month, their customers would grow exponentially.

Thinking of this, Manager Gao’s eyes narrowed, and then he said, “We usually charge a 20 to 30 percent consignment fee for the items we sell on consignment. But XiaoLou, you and I go back a long way,” he said. “And with Tian Li’s father’s connections… I’ll only charge you 10 percent. And… When we sell on consignment here at Heavenly Winter, we don’t give out customer information. No one knows who sells the merchandise so you can rest assured. But when it comes to the price… I want you to let us set the price. What do you think, Brother Luo?”

Luo XiaoLou was shocked by the manager’s enthusiasm. But he was more excited about the money and so he smilingly said, “That’s okay. I’ll send it over before I leave.”

The manager managed to swallow his urging for Luo XiaoLou to hurry up. He was already too aggressive today.

Luo XiaoLou returned to his workroom and started making energy boxes. The first ones were for his own use.

The energy stone used was still Heavy Radium, not Black Chert. Luo XiaoLou knew that he could not use Black Chert because at his current level, it would be too wasteful to use it and he might even waste it. But… Luo XiaoLou still used his newfound skills to to create the energy box; he used it to turn the Source of Consciousness into a fine filament to comb through the inner workings of the Heavy Radium.

Five minutes later, when Luo XiaoLou took out the energy box, he was speechless. His fingers trembled. 18,000 Luo! After using the Source of Consciousness power, the energy almost doubled!

In his excitement, Luo XiaoLou simply locked himself up in his room for a few days and made sixty energy boxes. By the end of the day, when he became more proficient with the Source of Consciousness, he would occasionally create energy boxes that were more than 20,000 Luo. 

After Luo XiaoLou finished his work, the number of boxes on the table quietly dropped by twenty and a certain green stone slithered into an obscure corner.

As for the energy boxes for the manager, Luo XiaoLou did not use any Source of Consciousness power. He limited the energy to about 8,000 to 10,000 Luo, then mailed ten of them to the manager.

So far he had just used half of his materials. Luo XiaoLou’s eyes widened as he thought about the consignment of energy boxes. Even if he only sold one, he’d get his production costs back.

As for the high-end Energy Boxes, Luo XiaoLou kept ten for himself. The other thirty were to be delivered to Yuan Xi. Before he left, he looked over his shoulder at what appeared to be an honest, innocent 125 on the table. Suddenly he asked, “Do you think that’s enough?”

The satisfied voice of 125 said, “That’s about right. I wish I could be as much as Yuan Xi, but then you’d get mad. I’m sure of it. It just goes to show that you love him more than you love me. Oi, I must be the most pathetic in the Federation —” 125 pretended to cry, only to choke as Luo XiaoLou banged on the table.

Why the fuck should I love him? And why should I love you?

“I don’t think the two of you have any need for love… especially one who is a self-made man… An armor that never listens, and a mecha that likes to hide things.” Luo XiaoLou simply interrupted 125’s delusion.

125 hurtfully yelled, “Look! You even used me as a model. I just finished ‘Life of a Family of Three’ yesterday and I learned a lot from it! Irresponsible parents always ignore the physical and psychological developmental needs of their children.”

“Delete that damn book immediately and don’t you ever use my account again. That will only make you more retarded! Don’t worry, as of tomorrow, I’ll take very good care of your needs — I’m working on a forced disassembly and shutdown of a mecha’s energy system.” Luo XiaoLou said.

125 took a breath.

A few seconds later, the necklace had turned completely dark green. It was as if it had been an ordinary stone all along.


Yuan Xi froze as Luo XiaoLou handed the boxes to him. He took them one by one and looked at them. Satisfied, he put them into the space button. As Luo XiaoLou expectantly looked at him, Yuan Xi’s ears perked up. Turning his head in the other direction, he said, “Not bad, you’ve done well. I’m finally getting some use out of my stupid slave.”

Luo XiaoLou smiled a little. He thought he interpret Yuan Xi’s words to mean that he was useful.

That night, having packed for a long trip, Luo XiaoLou returned to bed and then began to count if he had forgotten anything.

“Some dry food. Enough nutrition pills for the two of us for three months. Summer clothes — you said it would be hot where we’re going… and my storage box…” Luo XiaoLou carefully recalled. 

“You’ve brought enough. Besides… trust me. Some necessary things will be ready for us on the ship.” Yuan Xi’s eyebrows jumped again. He closed his tablet and was deeply impressed with his self-control. At the same time, he thought of his father’s words. Wives are always nagging. All we men have to do is to be patient.

Thinking about having to spend a month in the wilderness, Yuan Xi decided he could gag Luo XiaoLou with another meaningful thing.

Yuan Xi pulled Luo XiaoLou off the bed and began to strip him. By the time Luo XiaoLou came to, he realized that he was almost stripped to the bone!

“Hey! What did you do? I didn’t think —”

“I saw that you sent me the ‘Perfect Family Strategy’. I think you’re suggesting I pay more attention to your needs. I have finished the chapter on how to be more responsive.” Yuan Xi gazed down at Luo XiaoLou brightly. He grunted condescendingly and said, “If you want it, just say so. I told you I’d give it to you.”

He was going to kill the damn stone! Why is it trying to play a trick on me?! Luo XiaoLou thought sadly. Knowing that no amount of talking was going to change Yuan Xi’s mind, Luo XiaoLou gritted his teeth. Then he moved to undress Yuan Xi of his pajamas. Forget it, he had already lost his face and his clothes now.

Yuan Xi’s body was as perfect as his face, and it was hard to look away. It was very comfortable to touch and felt completely different from his own. The thin muscles that were full of strength were very flexible but also delicate and white. 

Suddenly, Yuan Xi grabbed Luo XiaoLou’s hand. He said fiercely, “You… You stay still. I’ve never seen a slave as horny and thirsty as you.”

Luo XiaoLou’s face turned red. I used to masturbate to pornography. Who… who had the chance to do it live? Who’s ever had a live-action version? It wasn’t a moment of fascination oh no don’t faint and forget! Besides, isn’t it true that Yuan Xi pulls this and that on him every time? Who the hell is he to talk about him?

Yuan Xi scrambled to cover his arousal. If this humble little slave knew how easily he could arouse the desires of his noble master… That didn’t seem right. But the body below defied his master’s wishes, and Yuan Xi glared angrily at Luo XiaoLou. 

He kissed Luo XiaoLou’s thin chest in a punishing manner until the red bulge began to swell with desire — ah… Luo XiaoLou’s green stone was no longer there. Then Yuan Xi left a trail of kisses as he went up. The collarbone, the neck, kissing and biting Luo XiaoLou’s Adam’s apple. Yuan Xi squinted…

Luo XiaoLou had sent him some books to take a closer look at. The last one, ‘The Complete Guide to Downloading Pornographic Addresses’, he should read when he gets back from training. He’d never seen it because he’d never been interested before. But now that he thought about it… There was nothing wrong with that. It was also something he wanted… 

Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou, who was flushed. He ducked his head in satisfaction. For the second time, he kissed Luo XiaoLou on the lips with urgency and violence. 

In Luo XiaoLou’s disordered mind, he felt that something was wrong. What kind of friends help each other out by kissing? But… but he can’t seem to stop Yuan Xi. 

Mmmn. Yuan Xi made him do it. Luo XiaoLou consoled himself with the thought that they wouldn’t go all the way anyway. Then, they began to enjoy the night… and were both a little excited too. 

So the next day… The day they were to leave… Yuan Xi stared at Luo XiaoLou, who hadn’t had time to get dressed, with annoyance. Yuan Xi was the team leader and so the teacher instructed him to arrive by eight. 

Luo XiaoLou was rubbing his back. Shit, Yuan Xi had been holding him down all night. Luo XiaoLou immediately glared when he caught sight of Yuan Xi. He couldn’t blame him for getting up late! 

125 whispered, “He must be thinking, ‘You stalker, you little goblin!’”

Luo XiaoLou almost jumped out of his skin. He lowered his head and he couldn’t stop himself from covering his face. Oh, God. He was so busy yesterday, he forgot to lock 125 in the next room. They’ll ruin the bastard’s brain at this rate!


They barely made it to school before eight and almost all the students were on the ship by then. Luo XiaoLou had only known that they were going far away, but it didn’t occur to him that the place they were going to wasn’t even on Planet Anse.

The place where they were going to train was a newly discovered but unexplored asteroid that the Saint Miro Military Academy had requested from the Federation Government. It had been thoroughly cleaned up before and the most aggressive creatures had been eliminated, so only the less aggressive ones remained.

Their training mission was to find the information collectors scattered around the asteroid from the military headquarters. If they found them, their mission would be complete and they could contact the ship and return.

The Mecha Department and Mecha Manufacturing Department were divided into eleven groups. The extra group was led by Zhuang Yi.

Yuan Xi was the leader of the first group and there were about seventy of them.

To Luo XiaoLou’s surprise, Yates was in one of the other groups, but had asked the teacher to switch to Yuan Xi’s group. When Tian Li and Luo XiaoLou asked him about it, Yates smiled brightly and said, “In case anything happens to my new armor… I’ll just ask Luo XiaoLou to fix it.”

Tian Li was in the second group and his team leader was Luo ShaoTian. At this point, Tian Li immediately said that he felt very safe following the strong man.

Yuan Xi returned from the teacher who gave out instructions, picked up a large bag that was placed at Luo XiaoLou’s feet and walked forward.

Luo XiaoLou got up and waved to his two friends. He walked off with Yuan Xi, who officially informed him yesterday that he was going to be his exclusive mecha maker, and as his exclusive mecha maker, Luo XiaoLou had better stay close to him at all times.

Tian Li wiggled his eyebrows and whispered to Yates, “Don’t you think Luo XiaoLou is getting more and more virtuous?”

The front seats were all for the team leader and the team leader’s mecha maker, so Yuan Xi was supposed to sit first, while Luo XiaoLou sat below him. However, Yuan Xi looked over at Luo ShaoTian and Ling Xu, went inside and then sat himself down on the second seat.

Ling Xu raised an eyebrow, while Luo ShaoTian squinted at Luo XiaoLou, who was huddled behind Yuan Xi. Mother said before I left, that if I can… I should make it happen during the training. Must make it so Luo XiaoLou will never come back.

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Blizzard passing by say hey~
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