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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Qian Min blinked, and after a moment, she shook her head frantically as if she realized something. She squatted down and wrote on the ground, and because she wrote so quickly it looked like her handwriting was very messy.

[It’s a drug problem! I’m very sick, so I took a handful of pills before coming in, and the drugs make the breathing rate very low!] Qian Min opened her mouth but couldn’t speak, Shen Si could see a thin layer of sweat stains on Qian Min’s forehead from anxiety, [I came in because I was sick, I can’t be the thief!]

“Drug reasons?” Shen Si looked at her, “Do you have a heart problem or did you overdose on tranquilizers?”

Qian Min lowered her head and after a moment she smiled a little bitterly, then wrote the word heart on the ground.

Seemingly sensing the silence in the air, Cheng Xiangwen tentatively squatted down, he touched Qian Min’s hand, and as Qian Min slumped, Cheng Xiangwen smiled a little, “I didn’t suspect you of being the thief.”

Surprised, she looked up, Qian Min looked at Cheng Xiangwen, and reached out and pointed at Cheng Xiangwen, then pointed at herself, face blank. Wasn’t he suspecting her of being the thief?

“I really don’t mean it, I just think that your breathing rate being too low is a little dangerous, but if you take medicine, that means you came in because you were sick?” Cheng Xiangwen’s voice still held a careless smile, “As far as I know, some patients in the playfield awaken the healing type mental ability, so I don’t think you have a problem!”

Qian Min was slightly overwhelmed, and stared at Cheng Xiangwen for a moment, then looked at Shen Si, and only after Shen Si nodded at her did Qian Min smile again. When Qian Min smiled and took Cheng Xiangwen’s hand and walked forward, Shen Si slightly tilted his head as he watched the two of them leave, his dark eyes a little inquisitive.

Heart problems?

Very coincidentally, he happened to know heart patients quite well.

The place was still in a mess, there were still a lot of people lying on the ground, and some of them were even more miserable than when they left, some of the bodies were even a bit mutilated. Shen Si walked over and took a look at them, and only after a moment did he speak.

“The bodies were ripped open.” Shen Si said to Cheng Xiangwen, “But…”

“But youI don’t know if they were still alive when they were cut up, right?” Cheng Xiangwen sighed, “It looks like the rumor that robbing others can make up for what was stolen from them has spread in the playfield. Although not as powerful as Survivors, the people who can’t move to resist because something important was stolen are at the bottom.”

So, Survivors attacked ordinary people, and ordinary people retreated to attack these inactive people?

Qian Min leaned next to Cheng Xiangwen, sniffed the blood in the air and kept frowning, the churning nausea kept coming up her throat and being suppressed by her. She watched Shen Si walk forward, stepping over the corpses on the ground and then surveying the surroundings, looking for something with suspicion.

“Mr. Shen?” Cheng Xiangwen listened to Shen Si’s footsteps, “Where are you planning to go?”

“To see if there are fewer people here.” Shen Si mentally overlapped the previous image with the current one, and then compared the number of people.

Cheng Xiangwen was silent for three seconds, “Did you memorize it?”

“No.” Shen Si replied, “But I can rewatch it.”

Not understanding the meaning of rewatching, Cheng Xiangwen scratched his head in bewilderment, but in Qian Min’s sight, the familiar clock slowly rose into the air. This time, the watch turned into a very dim light, followed by a picture coalescing in the air.

Qian Min opened her mouth wide and stared into the air, that was the scene when they were ready to leave. Wha… What? This had an online video function?

Qian Min felt that he only had two feelings since she entered the playfield, which were: what was this? And: what to do?

After comparing the people on the ground, Shen Si came back, “There are three people missing.”

“There are three? So many?” Cheng Xiangwen was a little surprised.

“Mn.” Shen Si pulled out the screen and looked at it again, “One is the person whose memory was stolen, but he wasn’t physically mutilated except for the stolen memory, probably escaped on his own. The person whose skin was stolen also disappeared, and another is the man who has been hiding in the corner and crying, not sure what was stolen from him.”

Cheng Xiangwen thought about it, “What you’re saying is, in addition to the one whose whole body skin was stolen, the other two are capable of movement?”


Just then, a very small sound reached their ears, so Shen Si and Qian Min looked in that direction, and behind the clock, a man quietly peeked out. He still had a little doubt in his eyes, and even some fear, but he stepped out from behind the stone.

It was the man who had lost his memory.

“Who is it?” Cheng Xiangwen faced the sound of footsteps walking over.

The man stood about two meters away from Shen Si, then he fell directly to his knees like he lost strength, “Help me! You are good people, right! I beg you, take me with you!”

“Huh?” Cheng Xiangwen listened to the man’s ear-piercing voice, “No way? Why? Who are you, and why should we take you with us?”

The man immediately burst into tears, crying a handful of snot and a handful of tears, “I don’t know anything now, there are horrible things everywhere, and I even forgot my name! Those people even came over to cut up the bodies, if this continues I will die! There was a man before, he cried and got on the bridge and then killed himself, I don’t know what the hell happened, I just feel horrible!”

“Suicide?” Shen Si looked at the nearby bridge and sure enough, he saw familiar fabric underneath it.

It turned out that the man had had his hope and desire to survive stolen from him, leaving behind a sense of despair that caused him to easily choose suicide.

“Then why are you looking for us?” Cheng Xiangwen’s voice was tinged with suspicion, “You think we’re the good guys?”

“It was this thing that told me! Told me what this gentleman looks like.” The man hurriedly handed the object in his hand to Shen Si, “Wearing a gray jacket, hair dyed white, a little yellow from fading, the roots are black, looks a little cold, so I have no choice but to believe it now!”

Taking the tool from the man’s hand, Shen Si looked at the thing, “Someone told you about me?”


Shen Si looked to Cheng Xiangwen, “Do you know what this is?”

“What is what?” Cheng Xiangwen reached out and fumbled around, frowning slightly as he touched it, “What ah? I don’t know at all, why do they know Mr. Shen’s appearance? Could it be the information released by the organization?”


Outside the playfield, there were a few people from the Inspection Unit testing the data. Although others wanted to go forward, there were members of the Special Unit there and those organizations glared at them with cold eyes. Although their faces were frosty, they also didn’t hinder them.

The Special Unit had taken a step back and ignored the playfield opening here, but now they just had to come.

Looking at the data on the machine, He Xin looked to Wu Qiu next to him, “Well? Did you get in touch with the people in the playfield?”

“So far, we’ve made contact with all of them.” Wu Qiu wore glasses and handed the list of data in her hand to He Xin, “The prop we researched after analyzing Xiao Ying’s ability confirmed that we can transmit information into the playfield, although there is still a strong time limit, it is enough to send important messages.”

He Xin nodded, “What is the situation inside, did you ask?”

“Currently within the playfield are three members of our organization, respectively lurking in the organization Karma Fire Heaven, Kuraraki and Scorched Dragon, three still alive, but their state isn’t good.”


“The person in Karma Fire Heaven is physically normal and is looking for what was stolen from him, the person in Kuraraki has had his senses stolen and is in a very bad state, and as for the one in Scorched Dragon, he was abandoned by the organization because his memories were stolen and currently has no idea what he should do, and has even forgotten his name.”

He Xin looked at Wu Qiu, “What orders did you issue to him?”

“I told him Shen Si’s likeness and characteristics, so he could go for help if he saw Shen Si, andd at least be assured of staying alive until he remembered his abilities.”

He Xin nodded, “By the way, did anyone from the Underworld Trade Union get in?”

“No.” Wu Qiu shook his head, “Because the Underworld Trade Union has Xi Luo, the Special Unit is not in favor of letting people from the Underworld Trade Union go to this playfield. They explicitly forbade people from the Underworld Trade Union from coming, and when I contacted them just now, there were only these three people.”

“Shen Si’s situation can’t be determined, but there is basically no possibility that he will die at the very beginning, his ability can completely rewind time in a flash.”

“I knew that I should’ve given Shen Si a communication prop.” He Xin pushed his glasses up, “Unfortunately, he suddenly decided to enter the playfield, and this playfield opened too fast.”

Wu Qiu flipped a page of information, and looked at Shen Si’s physical data on it, after a moment she spoke, “Team Leader, Shen Si’s problem is really just a special case, right?”

“Mn, he’s the only one so far.” He Xin touched his chin, “The ability to upgrade rapidly, even to the point of not being able to keep up with the speed of the evolution of the ability, but in a playfield, it will be alleviated, and can speed up the mastery of his power, suspected to have echoes with the playfield. So far, no matter Survivor or new survivor, Shen Si’s the only one.”

“That’s amazing.” Wu Qiu looked at the rapidly soaring data, “From the beginning when nothing could be detected, to the ability to manifest and get to this level in such a short time, it won’t take long for his ability to fully catch up with the existing S-Rank Survivors. It even makes me wonder if he’s human or not.”

“Of course he is.” He Xin replied, “I’ve collected his body data and done tests to make sure he had a normal human body, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him.”

Wu Qiu looked at He Xin, and after He Xin nodded to her, Wu Qiu took off her glasses. She instantly turned into a timid appearance, clutching the document like a small white rabbit.

“Then, Team Leader, I’ll go on to contact the people in the playfield.” Wu Qiu carefully moved her fingers, “The abnormal fluctuations generated by the props have been recorded, and with a little more updating, we can definitely communicate better with the people inside after that.”

“Go ahead.” He Xin waved his hand, “Leave it to you.”

Watching Wu Qiu trot back like a rabbit, He Xin continued to stare at the playfield data, a moment later he looked up, Wu Qiu’s words echoed repeatedly in his mind.

“Not a human?”

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