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Chapter 53: Don’t come to my house and Unexpected turn of events (PART THREE)

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

They really did it and Tsundere Director 

To be honest, over the past twenty years, Zhongli FengBai had a dream like expectation of his ‘first time’! He felt that it must be so good, as if he were flying! And they needed to cuddle while sweet talking to each other!

But clearly he ignored the most crucial aspect, that it was going to hurt! AHHHHHH! 

Although Mu Qiu had been very gentle, the young artist was very weak, mentally! Director Zhong felt unbearable pain from his butthole, thus as tears flowed, he roared, “Be gentle! I’m not a single-use item okay?!” 

Mu Qiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as his left hand caressed the little thing, trying to divert his attention, while his right hand continued to expand. 

The pain was so vivid that it was impossible to ignore. Zhongli FengBai clenched tightly to the bed sheet. 

So this was what tortue felt like…

The bedroom was very quiet, all there was was Mu Qiu’s panting and the lewd, wet sounds of his fingers entering and exiting.  

It wasn’t romantic at all! Zhongli FengBai turn to glare angrily at Mu Qiu once again with his bloodshot eyes!

What kind of spell was he under to not be able to reject this man!

It’s unscientific! He must have been drugged!

“Babe…” Mu QIu pulled out his fingers and pulled him closer. 

FFFFFUCK! His most secretive area was now pressing against that hot d***! Instantly Zhongli FengBai started cursing in his mind like crazy. 


Sweet! Talk! Not A Single Line! And straight to the main event!

Do you want a divorce?! 

“Don’t be afraid.” Mu Qiu slowly pushed in. 

“AH!!!!!!” There was a real difference between three fingers and the real thing! Especially since it was hard enough for Zhongli FengBai to even take three fingers in the first place! Thus he screamed in agony and cried even louder! 

“Baby don’t cry.” Mu Qiu felt like he was going crazy from the torture but also from heart ache. 

“…Wait, wait a second, I’m, I’m really not okay…” Zhongli FengBai said with pale lips and for the first time, he showed his confusion and pleaded. 

Mu Qiu kissed his tears and then after some hesitation, slowly pulled out. 

The pain lessened by a bit and Zhongli FengBai’s waist unconsciously twitched a bit. 

“Babe, it’s going to be fine.” Mu Qiu pulled him into an embrace, “I won’t do it anymore, it won’t hurt anymore.” 

Even though he wanted it like crazy, he couldn’t bear seeing him suffer like this. Next time he’ll prepare all the stuff before hand, maybe that’ll make it better. 

Zhongli FengBai leaned against his chest. He could hear his heartbeat and feel the burning hot thing pressing against him. 


“Sleep.” Mu Qiu said patting him on the back, “I won’t bully you anymore.”

Director Zhong roared in his mind, you try sleeping with a burning stick pressed against you!

Also…how is it so hard?! He really couldn’t hold back another ten F- words! 

Mu Qiu went to dim the lights and gently patted him on the back. All that’s left was to hum a lullaby. 

Director Zhong teared at the bedding.  That’s too much! Does he think I’m a kid?!

Mu Qiu had calluses on his hand and so every time he touched Zhongli FengBai’s back, he felt a tingle down his spine, as if shocked by electricity.  How was he supposed to sleep like this?! It was pure torture!

So, grinding his teeth, Director Zhong finally pounced him, unable to hold it in any longer?! Of course not!

He just buried his face into the blanket!

“There’s csjfjs in the nightstand.” Zhongli FengBai said through the blanket. 

“What?” Mu Qiu didn’t hear him.

“Csfslj!” Zhongli FengBai felt his ears burning!

I! Can’t! Believe! Said that!

“What is that?” Mu Qiu felt like he was having a listening exam. 

“A Condom!” Zhongli FengBai roared as his face was flushed red. Do you have a hearing disability?!


But what came afterwards wasn’t what he expected. Mu Qiu didn’t pull open the cabinet in excitement and pounce on him to continue their love making but instead asked like an idiot, “Why do you have this in your nightstand?” 

Director wanted to hit is face with a slipper, “What do you think?!” 

“…oh…” Mu Qiu’s mood went sour. 

“What are you oh-ing you dumbass!” Director Zhong kicked him right in the face and shouted in a crazed fervor, “I’m going to castrate you if you don’t shut your brain! It’s a prop! I took it back for inspiration! The female lead is going to use it to seduce the male lead! It’s to portray the raw human emotion and need, but clearly you won’t understand cause your—oof!” Don’t suddenly kiss me like that!

“Which drawer?” Mu Qiu’s eyes lit up like a wolf! (like an animal!)

Zhongli FengBai made a very tsundere like sound, “heh.”

So, by himself, Mu Qiu ramaged through both nightstands and finally pounced on the bed with his accomplishment. 

“If you hurt me again I’m going to kill you.” Director Zhong said through his teeth. 

“I won’t.” Mu Qiu said as he ripped open the package. 

Seeing his very erect thing, Zhongli FengBai was filled with despair. Compared to last time, this time was barely passable, just…barely. 

“Why is it so big?!” When his little chrysanthum (butthole) was finally conquered, Zhongli FengBai screamed in tears. 

This! Prehistoric! Human! 

Mu Qiu leaned in and kissed him passionately. Zhongli FengBai hugged his neck and felt like he was breaking down!

“Does it still hurt?” After stopping for a while, Mu Qiu whispered to his ear. 

“YES!!!” Zhongli FengBai screamed very unartistically.

That’s some lungs he got there. Looks like his fine…Mr. Mu let his heart rest halfway and started moving again. Doing it was really a wonderful experience!

“Ahh…” Don’t know how long later, an unknown spot in his body was touched and Zhongli FengBai let out a surprised noise. 

“Here?” Mu Qiu asked.

“Don’t.” Zhongli FengBai said frowning. 

“Doesn’t it feel good?” Mu Qiu, evilly pushed that spot again. 

“Ahhh….” Zhongli FengBai’s eyes started to become watery. 

The him right now was super super luring! Mu Qiu loved him to death. Thus he leaned in, hugged him close and continued pushing through his weak spot. 

“Don’t…ahh…I can’t…Mu Qiu…Mu Qiu……” Zhongli FengBai screamed as his head was up in clouds and tried to push him away. 

But there was no way he was able to push him off! Mu Qiu got faster and faster, each time more powerful than the last, making Zhongli FengBai almost losing consciousness. 

“Baby, does it feel good?” Mu Qiu asked as he was panting. 

Zhongli FengBai’s mind was in a mess, so he only knew to shake his head while hugging him close. 

His fingernails dug deep into Mu Qiu’s back, leaving behind scratch marks. But the slight pain just pushed his lust further. Mu Qiu almost burnt from his own desires. 

Zhongli FengBai was pushed to the point his consciousness left him with no fight left in him. A long time seemed to have passed until this crazy affair ended.

The bed was in chaos and Zhongli FengBai lied sideways, curled up on the scrunched up bed sheets, still slightly quivering.

Mu Qiu filled a bathtub of water and gentle carried him in the bath. The warm water carried away the sticky feeling and Zhongli FengBai regained a bit of consciousness. Then his whole body shook as he realized Mu Qiu’s fingers were still in that unspeakable spot! 

 “What are you doing?” Although his voice was dry from before, Director Zhong still managed to shout weakly. 

“I’m cleaning up.” Mu Qiu said kissing his forehead, “Get a good rest.”


“You bastard.” Zhongli FengBai said weakly. 

Mu Qiu looked at him lovingly, he didn’t mind his little temper at all and made sure his movements were even more gentle. 

Well, he already done the most outrageous thing, there’s no point being embarrassed now, Zhongli FengBai comforted himself. Then, still dizzy, he shrunk into the other’s embrace.

The warm water plus a massage was very comfortable… A night like this was very very wonderful!

Due to Mr. Mu being too vigorous, Zhongli FengBai only woke up the day after during lunch. Even then, he was still weak. When he tried to get up, he felt as if his lower body had been run over by a truck. It was so sour he felt as if was becoming numb. 

“Mu Qiu…” Zhongli FengBai said with a sore throat. 

But no one answered!

“Mu Qiu!” Zhongli FengBai said coughing.

Still no one!

What?! Director Zhong thought angrily but also powerlessly. His heart was filled with sadness and anger. You did a hit and run on me?! Do you have a death wish?! 

From the living room came the sound of a door opening. 

Zhongli FengBai instantly shut his eyes closed. 

After a light ruffle sound from plastic bags, the bedroom door was pushed open. Director Zhong continued to pretend to be asleep. 

Quietly Mu Qiu walked over, first testing his forehead for a fever then tucked him in better and finally kissed him lightly, “I love you.”


F! Director Zhong thought angrily and flushed red, in his mind. Even his sweet talk was super cheesy!

Mu Qiu carefully made his way out of the bedroom and after a few minutes, sounds of pots and pans clashing occured. Super warm and sweet! Very much feels like home!

Zhongli FengBai opened his eyes, not wanting to get up so he just stared blankly at the ceiling. 

A young artist staring at the ceiling filled with stars, super fitting! 

They actually did it…once he remembered such an improbable affair, Director Zhong felt all sorts of emotions well up. 

How good was Mu Qiu for him to not reject him and even donating a condom following the flow of things!

It doesn’t make sense!

Thinking back and forth, he decided to pull out a notebook from his night stand and started to list the pros and cons of Mr. Mu. 

Five minutes later. 

The cons column was filled to the brim, like ‘low EQ, doesn’t read, nouveau riche, etc”! He almost couldn’t fit it all in! On the pros side, there was just one line, ‘good to me and tall’. 

AHHHHH!!!! Zhongli FengBai felt like he was going crazy! What kind of good points are those?!! How did I sleep with such a proless man! And was content and comfortable with ti!! So sad!!

“You’re awake?” Mu Qiu peeked in to take a look. 

“Ah!” Zhongli FengBai quickly tucked the notebook underneath his pillow. 

“What are you writing?” Mu Qiu asked curiously. 

“I’m not writing anything!” Zhongli FengBai stared angrily at him with a guilty conscious. 


Okay, you didn’t write anything, but what kind of face was that. Mu Qiu looked at him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. 

“I’m going back to sleep!” Zhongli FengBai said as he pulled his blanket over his head. He felt that he was unable to make eye contact after doing that kind of a thing.

“Don’t sleep yet, drink some congee first.” Mu Qiu pulled him up, “You need to eat before you take your medicine. You have a light fever.”

Of course I know! Zhongli FengBai glared daggers at him! 

Mu Qiu kissed him and run over to the kitchen to bring over a bowl of congee. 

The fragrant congee was very tasty and Zhongli FengBai felt a little better. 

As Mu Qiu was feeding him, he asked, “How about I come over to live with you.” 

“Cough, cough.” Zhongli FengBai almost spit out his food, “What are you saying?”

“Or you come over.” Mu Qiu said sincerely, “You’re insomnia has a lot to do with your irregular schedule.”

“What does that have to do with living together?! You’re not a lavender plant!” Which can help you sleep! Zhongli FengBai shouted in protest. 

“It’s not good to take pills regularly. If we live together, I’ll take care of you.” Mu Qiu rubbed his head, “How about it?”

“Nope!” Zhongli FengBai rejected, “We have no relationship with each other! Why would we live together?!”

Mu Qiu looked at him helplessly. Even after that…you say we have nothing to do with each other?

Zhongli FengBai felt a guilty feeling from his gaze, thus he shouted in his mind, don’t think you can win over me just because we did it once! (take control over me)

A pure soul! Won’t be! Controlled! By! The sinful! Lust!

“Please consider it.” Mu Qiu said, holding his hand. 

“Nothing happened yesterday!” Zhongli FengBai said with a flushed red face. This…random…unspeakable…feeling!

Yesterday…was his blunder! 

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September 7, 2019 5:04 am

For some reason Dora’s “We did it” song popped into my head

September 7, 2019 7:10 am

Mr.Q if pulling is not working then starts pushing. That definitely will work 😏😏
Thank you so much exr 💖

June 23, 2020 9:29 am

this is how first times are.. True story indeed makes more sense despite all the funny parts… pfft. Poor boi.

July 5, 2020 12:29 am

Kinda peeved the side couple s scene was more detailed than the mains. ☹️ Guess we have time but ☹️

November 22, 2021 6:26 am

Mu Qiu picked a nightmare to fall in lust, I mean love, with. Good job he’s pretty thick skinned
Thanks for translating and editing.

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