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Chapter 53: Don’t come to my house and Unexpected turn of events (PART TWO)

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Su Nuo lied in bed without an ounce of fatigue! Because he was still conflicted over whether or not to text Mr. Director!

Ahhhh so troublesome!

After he let his mind run wild for ten minutes, he decided to call Zhongli FengBai! Have a midnight heart to heart talk or something!

“Hello, NuoNuo.” Director Zhong answered really quickly.

Mu Qiu was beside him, stretching out his neck, trying to hear their conversation. Very much like a pervert!

With a face of disgust, Director Zhong pushed his head away.

Mr. Mu was very anxious.

“Yep, it’s me.” Su Nuo said in his blanket, “What are you doing?” Starting off with some small talk was a good way to transition!

“I’m looking at the night sky.” Zhongli FengBai said like an artist.

Mu Qiu complained mentally; clearly he was playing checkers with him! But he also clearly couldn’t say that!


“I have something to ask you.” Su Nuo calmed his nerves and made sure to be taciturn about it!

“What?” Zhongli FengBai asked as he forcefully pushed Mu Qiu’s head away——stop trying to lean over! Pervert!

Mr. Mu was completely caught off guard and got pushed out the bed. Thus, he let out a scream of terror, it was very loud!

“There’s someone else in the room with you?” Su Nuo asked shockingly upon hearing the voice.

“Not at all! It’s from the TV!” Zhongli FengBai said, biting through his teeth.

“I could tell,” Su Nuo didn’t save him face at all, “It’s Mr. Mu, right?”

“…” Zhongli FengBai stared at Mu Qiu with great anger in his eyes!

Mr. Mu felt very wronged, it was you who pushed me, don’t be unreasonable!

But Su XiaoNuo felt that it was perfect because Mu Qiu was good friends with Mr. Director!

So he asked straightforwardly, “So you guys together?”

“What are you talking about? Clearly not!” Zhongli FengBai flared up upon hearing it, “How could I be with him? Don’t go around making guesses! We have a really pure relationship!”

Mr. Mu climbed up to the bed and hugged him from behind — even though they just french kissed three minutes ago!

Zhongli FengBai threw daggers at him with his eyes.

It was ineffective against Mu Qiu and hugged him tighter!

“Then can you let him be on the phone?” Su Nuo said, “I have something I need to ask.”

“If you want him, why don’t you call him directly?!” Zhongli FengBai felt like he was going to choke!

Mu Qiu was elated and took over the phone. It was such a beautiful thing, calling the wife for the husband, it was as if they were already a family!

“Mr. Mu,” Su Nuo continued, “can I ask you for some help?”

“Of course!” Mu Qiu answered eagerly. Actually, he was just discussing it with Zhongli FengBai about called him over for afternoon tea tomorrow to find out what was going on. But to think he would call first.

“My brother’s staying over tonight, please tell him not to come over.” Su Nuo said calmly, but on the inside, he was a mess and felt a little wronged.

“…why don’t you tell him yourself?” Mu Qiu was confused.

“I have other things to do, I’m going to hang up now, bye and thanks.” Su Nuo hung up with lighting speed.

Mu Qiu felt his strength go away, he didn’t get to the main point!

“What did he say?” Zhongli FengBai asked him anxiously.

“…He told me to tell Ouyang not to come over because his brother’s home.” Mu Qiu felt very sympathetic towards Ouyang Long because no matter how you looked at it, it wasn’t good news!

“…then are you going to say it?” Zhongli FengBai asked.

“Let me organize my language first.” Mu Qiu said, unsure of himself because he was afraid that Ouyang Long would go on a drinking spree again after this!

“Do you want to play some piano music as background for the phone call? The kind that can calm down Mr.Ouyang.” Zhongli FengBai suggested like a professional, a professional artist!

“I think it’s doable.” Mu Qiu agreed.

Thus, Zhongli FengBai jumped down the bed and picked out a very classical piece of piano compilation to put into the CD player.

As the music notes slowly flowed out, it was just perfectly romantic and beautiful!

“Do you have any suggestions as to how I can break it to him more softly?” Language wasn’t Mu Qiu’s strong suit, so he humbly asked for advice.

But Director Zhong couldn’t think of one on the spot either, so he replied very tsundere like, “How about you drink some red wine? Maybe that’ll give you inspiration!” When he’s filming, he often uses red wine as inspiration! It worked wonders then!

“Wine?” Mu Qiu paused and thought that getting drunk was going to make it worse! But it was suggested by Zhongli FengBai so there’s no way he would reject it! Thus Mr. Mu nodded, “Thanks.”

Zhongli FengBai went to the wine cabinet and took out the red wine. He poured them both a cup.

“Then how about we tell him something nice first then move onto the harsher stuff.” Once he had a gulp of wine, Mr. Mu felt his mind clear up a bit.

“But what’s good news lately?” Zhongli FengBai asked as he sat in front of him, cross-legged.

“…There doesn’t seem to be one.” Mu Qiu said as he palmed his head.

Zhongli FengBai organized his thought and said, “What we need to tell Director Ouyang is mainly that he shouldn’t go over to NuoNuo’s house and not that his brother’s there right?”

“Yes.” Mu Qiu nodded.

“Okay, then let me do the talking.” Zhongli FengBai said as he reached out his hand, “Give me the phone.”

“How do you plan on saying it?” Mu Qiu pulled out the phone number both shocked and bewildered.

Director Zhong didn’t say anything just called. With a really serious expression.

Mr. Mu couldn’t help but think to himself, such a cold beauty!

“What’s the problem?” Ouyang Long picked up the phone, thinking it was Mu Qiu.

“It’s me.” Zhongli FengBai said.

“…Director Zhong?” Ouyang Long asked bewildered, “Do you need me for something?”

“For the next few days NuoNuo might go with me to film, so he won’t be at home.” Zhongli FengBai said as roundabout as possible, “I just want to tell you in case you make a wasted trip.”

“…Okay, I got it, thanks.” Ouyang Long’s voice sounded a bit deep.

“No problem, get some rest soon, goodnight.” Zhongli FengBai hang up and returned the phone to Mu Qiu, “Done.”

Even if! It was a normal conversation! It was! Art!

Mu Qiu’s love for him was even more expressive! So he pushed him straight down!

“What are you doing!” The young artist said with so much shock that the color was gone from his face!

Mr. Mu gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

OMG! Zhongli FengBai panicked a bit. They just kissed, how could he go for another round so soon! Two french kisses in a day was too thirsty! Not artsy at all!

But even less artsy things were coming! As Mu Qiu was kissing passionately, he was also undressing him! The perked nipples on his chest were being rubbed by Mu Qiu’s fingertips, and Zhongli FengBai felt himself frowning.

What! The hell! Is! Going! On!!!

“Be good.” (baby? Be nice? Hold still?) Mu Qiu said as he kissed his Adam’s apple. Even though the one below him was resisting, it wasn’t violent. So Mr. Mu felt like he understood the situation and pushed things further, using his knees to spread the other’s legs. His hands were also moving more unbridled.

Isn’t this going too fast?! Zhongli FengBai shouted in his heart! And I haven’t even confirmed our relationship yet! What are you touching!

Piano music flowed into the room, there were two glasses of wine placed side by side on the bedside. It was the perfect moment for doing a certain thing.

When Mu Qiu finally unbuttoned everything, he leaned in and sucked the gorgeous nipples.

“You pervert!” Zhongli FengBai shouted as he was panting.

Mu Qiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that as his hands slowly went down the hips until he finally hugged those soft buttcheeks.

“What are you squeezing!” Director Zhong roared once again.

So as to stop him from talking, Mu Qiu could only give him a deep kiss.

Zhongli FengBai angrily bit him, unwilling to resign himself.

He actually didn’t want to push him away! That didn’t make sense! Mu Qiu untied his pants and slid his hands in. Director Zhong froze a bit. Mu Qiu was very gentle with his moments. Zhongli FengBai closed his eyes and tilted his head to one side. Resigning himself…

Mu Qiu felt the corner of his lips curl as he sat up, lifting the other’s legs with him.

Zhongli FengBai gripped tightly to the bedsheet as he felt his pants and underwear being taken off at the same time. In his head he was shouting criticisms, what are you in such a rush for! Take things off one at a time! That’s how you get into the mood you barbarian!

But he mustn’t have shouted that out loud nor break his sentences up in anger! Because…it became very comfortable as if thrown into a bed of clouds.

“Ahh….ahh…” Zhongli FengBai weaved his fingers into his black hair. Even his voice was trembling.

Mu Qiu quickened his attack, pushing him into ecstasy. (oblivion,impasse)

Zhongli FengBai laid in bed, eyes slightly hazy. (out of focus)

Mu Qiu loved him like this, and so he moved onto the next objective.

The aloe gel on his bedside was used as lube. The cold touch temporarily cleared Zhongli FengBai’s mind for a second, but before he could fully react to it, a dull pain came from his backside.

“You!” Zhongli FengBai stared at him wide-eyed.

“Don’t be nervous.” Mu Qiu kissed his lips.


The young artist felt his hands go soft.

Mu Qiu was very, very patient. Only when he felt that his body was no longer tense did he add another finger.

“Ah!!!” Zhongli FengBai’s mind was full of swear words, very not artsy!

“It’s it really painful?” Mu Qiu with heartache.

What do you think?! Zhongli FengBai’s eyes turned red.

Why! Don’t! You! Try it! Yourself?!

“Babe, it’ll be over soon.” Mu Qiu was also trying his best to hold back.

Zhongli FengBai gripped onto the bedsheet with furrowed brows.

Mr. Mu continued exploring.

“Do you even know what you’re doing?!” After three fingers, the young artist finally went on a rampage!

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.” Mu Qiu kissed his tears away, feeling his heart ache painfully.

“You have no skills at all!” Zhongli FengBai shouted, still choking as he stared angrily at him! Do you want to kill me?!

“…” I don’t want to practice this on someone else, though. Mr. Mu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Director Mu really wanted to burn!

At the end of the summer! At this chill! In this golden beginning of fall! I stand here alone! Above the clouds! Appreciating! That single chrysanthemum! Amongst the chaos! As it’s deflowered!

“Please just hold on a bit more okay?” Mu Qiu leaned in and kissed him.

“If I…you’re dead!” As a young artsy person, Director Zhong couldn’t say the word ‘anal fissure’ out loud, so he beeped himself out.

“I’ll be really careful.” Mu Qiu gave an exceptionally passionate kiss!

Just like the main lead of a teen drama!

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September 1, 2019 9:43 am

Another one down… I’ll just wait for Qiu Zi Yan and Tang Xiao Yu…. HAHAHA

That aside, I think another misunderstanding would arise… HAHAHAHA. The important part is Nuo Nuo’s over protective brother is at his house, not Director Ouyang Long shouldn’t be there…

Thanks for the chapter!

September 1, 2019 2:33 pm

The message was not clear so the director could actually go there! 😂

Thank you 🙏

September 1, 2019 9:19 pm

Finally for our tsun2 couple 😆 way to go Mu Q! Nuonuo msg gonna back fired 😅
Thank you exr pls keeps this coming 👍🏼

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Appreciation for the chrysanthemums!! 😂😂

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Lmao..the chrysanthemum in bold..hahahaha

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Another funny romp in bed. Good job!

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