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Chapter 25: Second World (11)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After this successful visit, although the Bai family still did not acknowledge the love between Fu Shaohua and Bai Duan, they sometimes invited him over with Bai Duan in his spare time, and Fu Shaohua also showed more relaxation and naturalness in front of the Bai family.

Although Fu Shaohua’s identity had not been officially declared, the Bai family’s style had further confirmed people’s belief in this matter. Even if some felt this was unbelievable, and some did not agree with it, they had to gradually accept the fact.

This was also what the Bai family wanted.

A big shot family like them, with countless eyes staring at their every move, was very vulnerable to gossip.

Without explicitly acknowledging Fu Shaohua’s feelings for Bai Duan, other people couldn’t grasp the real basis of their relationship, but at the same time, they acquiesced in this matter and eventually evolved their habits into their actual actions. If Bai Duan and Fu Shaohua broke up because of inappropriateness, since there was no definite relationship, it would not have a significant impact on Bai Duan’s reputation. And if they were together, other people would not be surprised by this, but with this old news, even the gossip mongers were too lazy to say more.

Fu Shaohua and Bai Duan were not dissatisfied with this ‘real and nameless’ situation. In their eyes, it was the most important thing that they could be together all the time without being destroyed and obstructed. As for ‘status,’ this kind of thing was not necessarily for the time being, anyway, they could get it sooner or later.

After winning the Best Supporting Actor Award, Fu Shaohua’s status rose with the tide. He soon received the leading actor of a well-scripted TV drama, and Bai Duan became the biggest investor in the show and successfully opened his investment career in the entertainment industry.

Bai Duan did not know how to invest, but he was not stingy. Money was only a series of figures since he had a deep background and did not know about hardships. He would not be as cautious as a businessman in calculating his gains and losses. It did not matter if he lost all his money. Anyway, he could get money quickly, sell a few antiques and carve out a few jade carvings, and then he would make a large sum of money without needing his family to help.

With the considerable investment from Bai Duan, the whole drama team was naturally excellent, and the big-name directors, artists, and producers were willing to give him this face – or to give the Bai family behind him face. As for Fu Shaohua, he also fulfilled his role as a male protagonist, supporting the whole TV series with his acting skills, and shining brilliantly in it.

This TV drama not only made Bai Duan a pot of gold but also made Fu Shaohua really stand firm in the entertainment circle, proving that he could not only play supporting roles but also control the leading role.

Therefore, the invitations for various male protagonists came in succession.

Zheng Mingze started his busy and exciting brokerage work. He had to choose script announcements for Fu Shaohua and send them over for his choice. Fu Shaohua also showed his excellent vision, and every decision was impeccable.

Bai Duan, an investor who knew nothing about investment and film and television art, did leisurely work. Anyway, if Fu Shaohua chose a drama, he would invest money in it. No director would refuse that his crew was richer, let alone Bai Duan, an investor who never made any excessive demands. As long as Fu Shaohua was not wronged, it was enough.

Within a few years, Fu Shaohua successfully secured his status as an older figure in the television industry and began to move to the big screen, followed by Bai Duan without hesitation.

Over the past few years, not only has Fu Shaohua’s status soared, but also Bai Duan’s status increased several times. With more money in the small treasury, he began to invest in other films and TV dramas without Fu Shaohua as an actor under his guidance, and none of them failed.

Outsiders did not know that this was Fu Shaohua’s contribution. Instead, they mistook Bai Duan for a Golden Lord with unique vision. Many directors and investors even regard him and Fu Shaohua as touchstones. But if Fu Shaohua was willing to act, it meant that the script was excellent and would be popular, and nine out of ten times it would win awards; and even if Fu Shaohua was not involved, but Bai Duan was willing to invest, also showed that the script would be a winner.

Later, even Hu Bin, the former ‘teacher’ who taught Bai Duan to invest, became his younger brother, as he would consult which TV shows or movies he invested in. He then invested money and ate meat with Bai Duan, and then he drank soup.

In such a period, Hu Bin’s account became more and more handsome, and his appellation of Bai Duan had become a respectful ‘Brother Duan.’ After all, even though he had a large amount of pocket money every month, as a qualified second ancestor, eating, drinking, entertaining, and raising women were also very expensive. Hu Bin never disliked having too much money.

Gradually, even Big Brother Bai, who had never been in the entertainment industry, heard his brother’s name and chatted at a small gathering to ask how much Bai Duan earned by investing in movies and TV dramas. When he heard Bai Duan’s answer, Big Brother Bai was silent for a long time, and suddenly doubted his life.

Admittedly, Big Brother Bai made a lot of money. Every business had a massive profit after success, but the money belonged to the total assets of the whole Bai family and the Bai’s enterprise. He could enter some into his own account but not much. In this way, he gets up earlier than chickens, sleeps later than dogs, and sometimes he has to work overtime on holidays. It was not as fast as his younger brother, who sat leisurely and relaxed at home and gave a sum of money to a manager to take care of everything.

Big Brother Bai was stuffed up for half a day, then emptied most of his account and slipped it into his younger brother’s pocket to help him make money.

Looking silently at the Bai brothers who ‘didn’t work properly,’ “…”

With the ‘support’ of Big Brother Bai, the investment of Bai Duan in entertainment circles became bigger and bigger, even if some people wanted to make trouble, they would absolutely not eat good fruit. Firstly, the background of Bai Duan was deep; secondly, Fu Shaohua was becoming more prominent and more significant in the entertainment circle; thirdly, even the heir of the Bai family was involved and invested a lot of money in it. If anyone wanted to hinder the next Bai family heir from making money, they would die!

Gradually, in the entertainment circle, the original ‘Little Bai’ had become full of respect ‘Mr. White,’ and ‘Little Fu’ had become ‘Emperor Fu.’ After basically sweeping the domestic awards for actors, Fu Shaohua began to enter the international arena. Although he had not won awards, for the time being, he took a crucial step.

Both of them had a good career, and there were not too many emotional twists and turns.

There were many temptations in the entertainment circle, and it was easy to fake things and cultivate feelings because he was too deeply involved in acting. But Fu Shaohua did not have half a peach blossom (lady) in the entertainment circle because he always followed the beautiful and rich Bai investor behind him.

Bai Duan did not enter the family business after graduating from university, so life was quite relaxed and leisurely. From time to time, he would go to the studio to watch. When he met Fu Shaohua, he would mostly follow him and go to other places to view scenes. Fu Shaohua worked hard to film, and he would travel around the mountains and rivers, and love and play.

Even though the couple did not announce their love affair and had no intimate behavior outside because they wanted to be on guard against all-pervasive journalists, the elite in the entertainment circle could understand their relationship at a glance. After all, the difference between ‘boyfriend’ and ‘male friend’ was quite big, even if they behaved correctly, the emotional flow between their eyes could not be ignored.

No one wanted to offend Bai Duan to collude with Fu Shaohua. They climbed so high in the entertainment circle, they couldn’t give up everything because of love. What’s more, Fu Shaohua was an emotional insulator, because this kind of thing did not happen to him at all, and only in front of Bai Duan would he show a high EQ and right side.

Compared with the bare Fu Shaohua, Bai Duan was quite popular. After all, as long as the young master of the Bai family was settled, ‘Emperor Fu’ was not worth mentioning.

Some male stars and actresses tried to imply that Little Master Bai was born dull, but before he understood what the other person meant, these people quickly disappeared in the circle. With this happening several times, rumors gradually spread that Emperor Fu was not as mild and harmless as he had shown, but relying on the power of Bai Duan to fake the power of a tiger.

It was a pity that Bai Duan was indifferent to such rumors and was still intimate with Fu Shaohua. Fu Shaohua showed no signs of convergence. On the contrary, he was more and more bold because of his fearlessness.

The stars in the entertainment circle had returned in succession, but some people who liked Bai Duan were beyond Fu Shaohua’s control.

As a young master of the Bai family, Bai Duan, even without inheritance rights, people still wanted to cling to the family’s favorite son, not to mention that he looked even better than the stars. Even if there were rumors that he liked men, there were still some gold-digging Missus who hoped to marry him or hoped to be part of the rich man’s affairs of fostering a mistress outside the home. Not infrequently, it was better to have a man who couldn’t give birth to a child than a woman who would bring an illegitimate child to the door at any time.

Compared with love, they paid more attention to the Bai Family’s brothers and their indirect interests.

Unfortunately, the Bai family did not mean to introduce many girls to Bai Duan and bring him back to the ‘right path,’ so the conscious people had to take a roundabout approach and take the lead in destroying the relationship between the Bai family and Fu Shaohua. If they made Fu Shaohua break up with Young Master Bai, then they would have a chance naturally.

The Bai family also knew about these plans, but they did not stop them. They would not forcibly destroy their son’s feelings and the intimacy between family members, but if Bai Duan and Fu Shaohua couldn’t stand the test and be destroyed by others, they could only express ‘regret’ happily, and then try to let Bai Duan develop a new love and forget the hurt.

So, while carving a pair bird leisurely, Bai Duan received an anonymous MMS.

The MMS was a clear picture taken with a high-definition camera, in which a man and a woman sat opposite each other in a cafe. The man’s back was facing the camera, but Bai Duan could recognize him at a glance – Fu Shaohua’s figure was too familiar to not be identified, even if he turned into ash, he could recognize him.

This photo should have been taken today because Fu Shaohua was dressed exactly the same as when he went out and it was chosen for him by Bai Duan. As for the woman facing Fu Shaohua, Bai Duan recognized her at a glance. Although he had not met this woman, he had seen her picture in the initial investigation of Fu Shaohua’s data, and she made Bai Duan grind his teeth.

She was Fu Shaohua’s once-beloved ex-girlfriend.

The actress named Molly was no longer as charming and glowing as she used to be in the past, but instead, she was now very haggard. She had obviously not had a good life these years, but she was more and more pitiful. She gazed at Fu Shaohua’s eyes with deep regret and deep yearning, seemingly with tears.

At the bottom of the picture was a short line of text, describing the location of the cafe, and its meaning was clear.

Bai Duan took his cell phone and looked at the text message, narrowing his eyes slightly.


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Fu Shaohua’s figure was too familiar to not be identified, even if he turned into ash, he could recognize him.
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