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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: kai


It took more than an hour to do the make-up, and even more time to take the photographs. By the time the photos of all the main characters were done, it was already past 7 p.m.

Nan HuaiLin had not eaten breakfast, and lunch with Shen Chong was deadly expensive. The French food was also not very filling, so he was starving at the moment. When the group of people arrived at the opening banquet of the buffet restaurant, he saw nothing but food there.

The restaurant was packed and filled to the brim with the cast and crew of Star Country. Everyone was free to share tables, and Nan HuaiLin sat at a table with people he didn’t know.

After everyone’s initial hunger was sated, wine naturally became the absolute protagonist. With a ‘You toast me and I toast youattitude, the atmosphere quickly warmed up.

Nan HuaiLin did not like to drink, but others toasted him so he could not refuse. He had to go with the flow to toast and drank two glasses of beer and spicy white wine. He started feeling dizzy, and the desire to vomit became particularly strong. He hurriedly stopped eating. The food that had tasted delicious somehow suddenly became a little difficult to swallow. Finally, Nan HuaiLin couldn’t hold back and rushed to the bathroom. He vomited until he couldn’t bring anything else up and his face was covered in snot and tears. He was especially uncomfortable.

After vomiting, Nan HuaiLin rinsed his mouth and washed his face before returning to the restaurant. However, the toasting was not yet over so he had to drink two more glasses, after which he completely stopped, passing out on the table and unable to be awakened.

Shen Chong called Man Tianzhu and the two of them took Nan HuaiLin to the car. Shen Chong asked, “Do you know where he lives?”

Man Tianzhu said, “I only know that he lives in the Dong Fang Mansion.”

Shen Chong said, “Then just drop him off, and someone will pick him up.”

After Man Tianzhu drove away, Shen Chong called Fei Cheng.

“Your little Lin-zi is so drunk,” Shen Chong said. “I asked his assistant to take him back. You can pick him up later.”

“Fuck, why didn’t you take care of him?” Fei Cheng was furious.

“I didn’t know he was such a bad drinker,” Shen Chong said with a smile. “But he’s drunk, so you can do something about it.”

“Fuck off!” Fei Cheng hung up the phone.

Man Tianzhu was driving when Nan HuaiLin’s cell phone suddenly rang, and it kept ringing, so she had to pull over to get Nan HuaiLin’s cell phone.

The caller ID was Mr. Rabbit.

She remembered that Nan HuaiLin said this was his roommate who shared the apartment.

“Hello,” Man Tianzhu answered.

“Where are you?” The other side asked directly.

“I’ve arrived at Guomao,” Man Tianzhu, who vaguely felt that the other party’s voice was somewhat familiar, said. “I’ll be at the Dong Fang Mansion in ten minutes.”

“I’ll call you back in ten minutes.” The other side hung up after saying that.

Ten minutes later, Man Tianzhu arrived at the Dong Fang Residence and Mr. Rabbit’s phone call came on time. Man Tianzhu found his location according to the other party’s instructions, and when she saw Mr. Rabbit standing at the curb, she was instantly stunned. She wanted to grill Nan HuaiLin. For what reason did he give the tall, leggy and handsome Ming Xi Media Artist Director the name “Mr. Rabbit”? She seemed to have discovered some big secret…

When the car stopped, Man Tianzhu got out and greeted, “Hello, Fei Cheng!”

She stammered in fear.

Fei Cheng nodded at her and walked straight to the passenger side. He pulled open the door, unbuckled the seat belt, and carried the unconscious Nan HuaiLin out.

“Thank you for your hard work,” Fei Cheng said to Man Tianzhu, and then walked away with the person in his arms.

Even after Fei Cheng was gone, Man Tianzhu was left in a state of confusion.


“Nan HuaiLin?”

“Little Lin-zi?”

“Nan Nan?”




“I’m going to kiss you if you don’t wake up, hmn?”

Nan HuaiLin did not respond at all, leaning in his arms and sleeping soundly.

The smell of alcohol was not strong, so how come he was so drunk?

His drinking capacity was really bad.


Fei Cheng laughed to himself. He thought his brain might be broken. Why else would he find everything Nan HuaiLin did cute? It was cute when he was crying on the subway.  It was cute when he lied to him on the phone that he was a Pure K waitress. Cute, when he collapsed in his arms. Cute, when he was angry. The way he kissed him was very cute. The way he was scared away when he heard his brother was coming was cute. The way he bribed him was cute. The drunken look was also very cute.

In short, he found that all of Nan HuaiLin’s looks were cute as hell.

Maybe this was It’s not that you have all the looks I like, it’s that I like all the looks you have.

However, Nan HuaiLin’s popularity with him wasn’t high, but he had a lot of interest in Nan HuaiLin. It seemed that he still had a long way to go.

Today, Shen Chong called him at noon and said that Nan HuaiLin confessed, “He had no feelings toward him. Not now, and not in the future.” Because of this statement, he had been depressed till now.

Nan HuaiLin didn’t seem to like him at all. So sad.

However, he completely understood. Nan HuaiLin had just ended a seven-year-long relationship, which was also his first love. It certainly wouldn’t be easy to recover from it.

What he could do was to simply and brutally pamper him. He’d spoil him and one day, he would brush up on his goodwill with Nan HuaiLin and make him think about him.

He was very confident.

When he arrived home, Fei Cheng carefully put Nan HuaiLin to bed and gently patted his cheek. “Wake up.”

Nan HuaiLin grunted, but didn’t wake up.

Fei Cheng smiled. “I’m going to undress you.”

Nan HuaiLin did not object.

Fei Cheng then started to undress Nan HuaiLin, taking off all of his clothes quickly, not daring to eat tofu with his hands1, but taking advantage with his eyes. After finding the set of shorts and T-shirt that Nan HuaiLin always wore, he helped him change before leaving.

He went to the kitchen to make a cup of honey water and made Nan HuaiLin drink it, and then went to the bathroom to wring a hot towel to wipe his face and hands.

After doing this, Fei Cheng couldn’t think of anything else to do for him, so he sat on the edge of the bed and stared at Nan HuaiLin. After sitting for a while, he simply went to bed and lay on his side facing Nan HuaiLin, so close that he could count each of his eyelashes.

Fei Cheng counted 179 eyelashes on his left eye and 188 on his right.

Nan HuaiLin suddenly rolled over and tumbled into Fei Cheng’s arms.

This position was too intimate and dangerous. Fei Cheng was afraid that, with his brain, he would do something beastly, so he removed his arm from around Nan HuaiLin’s waist, carefully got out of bed, and turned off the lights.

Nan HuaiLin was roused from sleep by hunger.

It was dark all around, he could not see anything. He fumbled to turn on the light and realized it was his own room. He was so out of it that he couldn’t remember how he got home from the restaurant. Looking down at his body, his clothes had been changed, definitely by Fei Cheng.

He picked up his phone and looked at it, 2:28 a.m. He decided to take a shower before getting something to eat, since his body was sticky and uncomfortable.

When he opened the door, he found the lights on in the living room and Fei Cheng curled up on the sofa, asleep.

Nan HuaiLin went over and woke Fei Cheng up. “Why are you sleeping here? Go back to your room and sleep.”

“You’re awake?” Fei Cheng sat up, stretched and yawned. “What time is it now?”

“2:30 a.m.,” Nan HuaiLin said. “Go back to bed. You have to get up early for work tomorrow.”

“Are you hungry?” Fei Cheng asked.

“A little,” Nan HuaiLin said. “I’ll take a shower and get something to eat.”

Fei Cheng nodded. “You go ahead and wash up.”

Nan HuaiLin went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Twenty minutes later, he came out of the bathroom with his hair scrubbed, and inhaled the aroma of food.

Could it be Fei Cheng who was cooking?

As he thought about that, he walked over quickly and saw Fei Cheng was putting a bowl of noodles on the dining table.

“Just in time,” Fei Cheng said with a smile. “Come and eat.”

Nan HuaiLin looked at him blankly, “Didn’t you say you couldn’t take care of yourself with no housework?”

“If I didn’t say so, you wouldn’t have moved in with me,” Fei Cheng said with a triumphant smile. “I’m actually not as useless as I said.”

“You…” Nan HuaiLin got stuck.

“Don’t ‘you’ me,” Fei Cheng dragged him over, pressed him into a chair and sat down across from him. “Aren’t you hungry? Hurry up and eat. These are my best egg noodles. Taste them.”

Nan HuaiLin picked up his chopsticks as Fei Cheng looked at him with anticipation.

As soon as he took the noodles into his mouth, Fei Cheng asked, “How is it?”

“It’s delicious,” Nan HuaiLin said with his head bowed. “It’s the best egg noodles I’ve ever eaten in my life.”

“Isn’t that too exaggerated?” Fei Cheng said with a smile.

Nan HuaiLin looked up at him with eyes that seemed to be literally floating in a layer of moisture, “Other than my parents, you are the first person in the world to cook for me.”

“I’m glad to be your first,” Fei Cheng smiled and replied. “I can cook for you more often if you like it.”

Nan HuaiLin shook his head and said, “No, once is enough.”

Nan HuaiLin bowed his head and ate the noodles but didn’t speak again.

Fei Cheng just quietly watched him eat.

After a bowl of noodles, Nan HuaiLin felt that his stomach was full, warm and comfortable.

Fei Cheng asked, “Are you full?”

Nan HuaiLin nodded. “Yes, I’m full. I’ll do the dishes. You go to bed.”

Fei Cheng said, “I’m not sleepy now.”

Nan HuaiLin was standing in front of the sink and washing dishes, when he suddenly remembered something. He turned back and said, “I’m going to start filming the day after tomorrow. No. Tomorrow we fly to Hengdian. I may have to live in Hengdian for the next three months.”

“Oh,” Fei Cheng’s mood suddenly dropped. “I see.”

“Why don’t you hire a housekeeper,” Nan HuaiLin said. “To do some cooking and cleaning for you or something?”

“No, I can take care of myself.” Fei Cheng said. “You have a good shoot, don’t worry about me. I’ll visit you in Hengdian when I’m free.”

“Don’t,” Nan HuaiLin said. “People will misunderstand.”

“Misunderstand what?” Fei Cheng said. “Misunderstand and think you’re my sugar baby?”

Nan HuaiLin said, “Nowadays, people are not afraid to speculate on others with the utmost malice, especially in the acting circle, people’s words can be feared.”

Fei Cheng nodded and didn’t say anything.

Nan HuaiLin quickly washed the dishes and said, “Go to bed.”

“Mn,” Fei Cheng stood up. “Don’t get up to make breakfast for me tomorrow morning, I’ll go out to eat.”

Nan HuaiLin nodded, “Okay.”

Fei Cheng rubbed his fluffy soft hair and said with a smile, “Good night.”

“Good night,” Nan HuaiLin said. “Have good dreams.”

As he walked to the door of the room, Nan HuaiLin suddenly said, “Fei Cheng.”

Fei Cheng turned to look at him. “Hm?”

Nan HuaiLin looked at him and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

Fei Cheng smiled. “Thank me for what?”

“For everything, thank you.” Nan HuaiLin said. “After I met you, my life has become different, you are my lucky star.”

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “It’s an honor.”

Nan HuaiLin smiled, turned around and went into his room.

Nan HuaiLin woke up at sunrise, and the bright sunlight made Nan HuaiLin unable to open his eyes. He picked up his cell phone to see what time it was, but it turned off automatically when the battery ran out.

When he found a charger to charge it and turned it on, he was startled by the frenetic screen of message notifications.

All these dazzling messages came from Weibo alerts.

Tapping on the home screen, Nan HuaiLin was a bit confused when he saw the alarming red number on the Weibo icon.

He hurriedly clicked into Weibo and turned off the message alerts. Then he clicked into his own Weibo page to find that his number of followers, which had been no more than a hundred, had passed 10,000 overnight. Moreover, the number of comments on the latest tweet had reached more than 2,000.

When he clicked in, Nan HuaiLin instantly felt the malice from the world.

@LoveJingTian: [It’s not your fault that you’re ugly, but it’s your fault that you’re ugly and disgusting.]

@dailymeowmie: [Stole Jing Tian’s role? You also deserve the same!]

@LoveSugarNutty: [Another actor sold on the top and is nothing but a tawdry slut, so ugly. Don’t admire you.]

@31367712: [Can you please fly over to South Korea and go under the knife before debuting into the entertainment circle? Your ugliness is making my eyes bleed.]

@SBBBBBB: [May you go out and get hit by a car! I don’t know what to say.]

The comments were full of such abuse and curses, Nan HuaiLin was a bit speechless and even wanted to laugh a bit. He really didn’t expect that he would suddenly fall into a thorn bush before he even started walking on the flower road. But how did these people find his Weibo account?

He was really curious.

The name of his Weibo account was “Big Forest,” which did not match his name at all. After thinking about it for a while, he deleted all of the only dozen tweets, so that these keyboard warriors who were full of shit had no place to curse; ergo, suffocating them.

Then he put his phone down and went to wash up. He heard it ringing and ran over from the bathroom to answer the call.

“Xiao Nan,” Man Tianzhu said on the other side. “The first payment has been made to your card, take a look.”

“Really?” Nan HuaiLin was surprised. “Don’t hang up yet, let me read the message.”

Sure enough, there was a text message from CCB.

[Your savings card account with tail number 3585 earned RMB 250,000.00 on April 25 at 9:36:22, with a current balance of RMB 250,137.48. CCB]

Nan HuaiLin was so excited that he jumped up and down.

Two hundred and fifty thousand was already a huge sum of money for him.

“Sister Xiaozhu,” Nan HuaiLin said, restraining his excitement. “I received it.”

“It’s good that you received it,” Man Tianzhu said. “This is half of the pay, the other half will not be paid until after the completion of the film.”

In other words, there was another 250,000?

Nan HuaiLin was going crazy with joy, if he wasn’t still on the phone with Man Tianzhu, he would have screamed like crazy.

Nan HuaiLin restrained himself again and again, pretending to be calm, “Yes, I know.”

Man Tianzhu asked, “Do you remember what happened last night?”

“I’m not sure,” Nan HuaiLin was ashamed. “You sent me back, right?”

“Mn,” Man Tianzhu was silent for a short while. “Director Fei came to pick you up, and he carried you away in a princess hug.”

“I’m sorry, Sister Zhu, I didn’t mean to hide it from you, I just didn’t want you to worry too much,” Nan HuaiLin hurriedly explained. “I’m telling the truth, Fei Cheng and I – Director Fei and I are really just simple roommates sharing an apartment, there is absolutely no improper relationship, really.”

“I believe you, I’m just a little surprised. And,” Man Tianzhu suddenly burst out laughing over there. “I want to earnestly interview you. Why is the name of Director Fei saved in your cell phone address book Mr. Rabbit? I’m really curious.”

“Ah,” said Nan HuaiLin, embarrassed. “Have you seen Alice in Wonderland?”

“…” Man Tianzhu chuckled. “No need to say it, I got it.”

Nan HuaiLin followed and laughed, then suddenly remembered about Weibo and said, “Sister Xiaozhu, my Weibo has exploded.”

“What’s wrong?” Man Tianzhu asked.

“I woke up with more than 2,000 comments cursing me,” Nan HuaiLin said.

“Chen Jing Tian’s fans did it, right?” Man Tianzhu understood in a second.

“Mn,” Nan HuaiLin said. “I just emptied the Weibo account.”

“I’ll ask Sister Shan about this, so you don’t have to worry about it,” Man Tianzhu said. “What’s your Weibo name? I’ll follow you.”

Nan HuaiLin was almost too shy to say, “…The forest is big.”

“There are all kinds of birds, right?” Man Tianzhu laughed and took over.

“Isn’t it silly?” Nan HuaiLin said. “Should I change it?”

“Don’t change it. This name is quite cute. You can keep it as a private account. I will apply for another official account, using your name,” Man Tianzhu said. “Tomorrow I will fly to Hengdian. Today you can have a small gathering with friends, but only wine or less, your alcohol consumption is really…”

Nan HuaiLin originally wanted to say he didn’t have many friends, but he suddenly thought of Ruan Xin.

Ruan Xin was certainly not his friend, but he had long thought of inviting Ruan Xin to dinner. Also, it just so happened that he got paid for the film today, so whatever Ruan Xin wanted to eat he could afford. As for why he was introduced to Luo Ke, as long as Ruan Xin did not say, he did not intend to ask.

After ending the call with Man Tianzhu, Nan HuaiLin originally wanted to call Ruan Xin, but was afraid of disturbing his work, so he sent a WeChat instead: [Assistant Ruan, I want to invite you to dinner, thank you for letting me do housekeeping at Mr. Fei’s house last time, you decide the time and place, I can do it anytime.]

After the WeChat was sent, Nan HuaiLin took the phone and waited apprehensively for a reply.

After waiting for five minutes, Ruan Xin replied: [Okay, 7 p.m. You decide the place].

Nan HuaiLin immediately texted back: [What do you like to eat?]

Ruan Xin: [Sichuan cuisine or hot pot are OK.]

Nan HuaiLin: [Then I’ll book the place and send it to you.]

Ruan Xin: [Okay.]

Nan HuaiLin rushed to search for Sichuan cuisine restaurants and hot pot restaurants near Dongdan in the public reviews. He finally settled on the best rated Sichuan cuisine restaurant, and sent the name and address to Ruan Xin.

After a day of reading scripts at home, Nan HuaiLin made dinner for Fei Cheng before six o’clock, then changed clothes and went out. He sent Fei Cheng a WeChat message on the way: [Dinner is ready, just heat it up in the microwave when you get home from work, I have to go out.]

At half past six, Nan HuaiLin got seated in the small private room of the Sichuan restaurant.

After waiting for twenty minutes, Ruan Xin arrived.

“Order whatever you want,” Nan HuaiLin said. “I got the first big paycheck in my life today, and you’re the first one I thought of.”

“Congratulations,” Ruan Xin said with a smile. “Then I’ll make myself at home.”

Although he said so, Ruan Xin only ordered enough for two people to eat, and he wouldn’t let Nan HuaiLin add more dishes.

When the waiter left with the menu, Ruan Xin said, “You already know that I introduced you to Luo Ke for the audition, right?”

Nan HuaiLin didn’t expect Ruan Xin to be so blunt, so he was stunned and nodded, “I know.”

Ruan Xin smiled and said, “I knew Shen Chong, that big mouth, couldn’t keep a secret.”

Since Ruan Xin took the initiative to mention it, there was no need for Nan HuaiLin to hide it. He looked at Ruan Xin and asked, “Can you tell me why?”

Ruan Xin said, “I can only tell you that I did it out of my own selfishness. I can’t say what that selfishness is.”

Nan HuaiLin nodded, “I see. But no matter what, I have to thank you solemnly. Thank you, Assistant Ruan, for giving me such a good opportunity.”

Ruan Xin said, “I’m ashamed to accept your thanks. Still, I want to say that if you don’t have the strength, even the best opportunity in front of you will be in vain. In the end, the only person who can help you in this world is yourself.”

The male god was the male god, always to be believed.

Nan ‘fanboy’ Huai Lin once again knelt down under the male god’s suit pants.


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Translator Notes:

  1. the Chinese word for Tofu is 豆腐 Dòu fu. The Chinese to English translation of 豆 Dòu is beans, and 腐 fǔ is decay or rot. “eat tofu” in Chinese slang means flirting or taking advantage.


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October 22, 2021 10:25 am

The cheese this time is in the title and chapter 😉😁 I love it.
So real, how disgusting netizens / fans can be. They’re also fickle though; one wrongdoing by that Jing Tian and those so-called fans will be baying for his end.
Definitely pregnancy causing all his changes. When will it be confirmed; he’s going to be floored!
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 23, 2021 3:43 am

Those netizens, really… heh. And why do I feel that the one responsible for the Weibo account leak is the ‘hometown’ guy?
I really would like to know why kind of selfishness lead Assistant Ruan to introduce Nan Huai Lin to an opportunity like that?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 25, 2021 2:13 pm

RX is super awesome!! Love it! NHL is just so humble and hardworking! I love his character! It seems NHL’s manager may not be bad! Yes NHL is changing due to his pregnancy. But there has to be something with NHL being from an ancient town because FC was having dreams of him before they slept together?? Looking forward to more chapters! ❤️❤️

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March 6, 2022 12:17 pm

Somebody’s THIRSTY. Why are you giving FC a glass of water?

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