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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Why are you off work so early?” Nan HuaiLin couldn’t help but ask. “It’s not even four o’clock yet.”

Fei Cheng changed his shoes and said, “My brother isn’t here, so I’m the boss. Who dares to stop me if I want to leave early?”

Nan HuaiLin, “…”

Fei Cheng turned his head to look at him. “Didn’t you say you had something to do? Were you joking?”

“Yes,” Nan HuaiLin said with a smile. “I was planning to cook a big meal for you as a surprise, but I didn’t expect you to come back so early. I haven’t even started yet.”

Fei Cheng laughed. “It’s not too late to start. I can help you.”

Nan HuaiLin said, “It’s a little early, isn’t it? Are you hungry?”

Fei Cheng nodded. “I’m super hungry.”

So let’s do it.

Fei Cheng wanted to do the work, but he really wasn’t cut out for it. He washed the leaves and dropped the plates. Nan HuaiLin thought he wasn’t helping, so he threw him out of the kitchen.

Fei Cheng didn’t go far, just sat in the dining room as he pretended to play with his phone while he actually was snapping pictures. Before, Nan HuaiLin was only attractive, but now he had reached the point of dazzling. Even as he stood in the kitchen with an apron full of grease and smoke, Nan HuaiLin shone so brightly that he couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

Now, Fei Cheng didn’t want to do anything. He just wanted to quietly watch Nan HuaiLin, the mood was like drinking carbonated drinks, all filled with bubbles.

They weren’t even in a relationship, and he was like this. How much would he love him in the future? He’d be a wife slave. The wife in his heart could never do anything wrong.

Ah, I so want to fall in love. Ah, I so want to kiss and hug, and raise high.

He was now so horny, that just a look at Nan HuaiLin’s back caused him to get hard and hot.

When can I get a full wife-like rating? So anxious.

Fei Cheng surreptitiously tugged at his crotch, then got up to fetch himself a bottle of ice water to cool off. After he gulped down half a bottle, he couldn’t help but go to the kitchen and ask, “Do you want some water?”

Nan HuaiLin was indeed a bit thirsty, but both hands were busy, so he said, “I’ll drink it later.”

Fei Cheng came over. “I’ll feed you,” he said. He brought the water bottle to Nan HuaiLin’s mouth, and deliberately said, “I drank from it. Don’t you mind?”

Nan HuaiLin sighed. Can I say I don’t like it?

Although…He didn’t really mind.

After taking a few sips of water from Fei Cheng’s hand, Nan HuaiLin gave a “hmm” to indicate that he was done, then Fei Cheng took away the water bottle, and wiped the water stains left on his lips with his fingers.

The rough fingertips lightly rubbed against his soft lips. They rubbed out a subtle electric current. Now both of them were a little bit excited.

Nan HuaiLin quickly glanced at Fei Cheng and lowered his head. He nudged him with his elbow. “Get out of here. You’re in the way.”

“Okay.” Fei Cheng turned around and left. He put the finger that had just touched Nan HuaiLin’s lips in his mouth, sucked on it and then licked his lips. It was sweet as honey.

When the dishes were brought out one by one, Nan HuaiLin said, “Aren’t you super hungry? Eat first, don’t wait for me.”

Fei Cheng, with a good face, smiled and said, “I’ll wait for you to eat together.”

Nan HuaiLin, “…”

Why did he think this person was being silly today?

And a little cute.

When Nan HuaiLin finished his work and sat down opposite Fei Cheng, it was still light outside.

This dinner was really a bit early to eat.

“Let’s get started.” Nan HuaiLin said.

Confucius said, ‘Food, beauty, and sex too.’

With just food and beauty, Fei Cheng felt happy for a long time.

“I may not look too good later,” Fei Cheng said. “So don’t laugh at me.”

Nan HuaiLin smiled and said, “You can eat openly. If I laugh at you I am Hannibal’s kind.”

The two men began to eat.

Fei Cheng ate so much that he couldn’t even talk. Nan HuaiLin looked at him, and somehow, his heart suddenly felt a little sore and aching. He gave Fei Cheng some water and said, “Eat slowly. Don’t choke.”

Fei Cheng smiled at him, and said vaguely, “Don’t mind me. Eat your food.”

Nan HuaiLin had stir-fried six dishes, and thought there would be leftovers, but Fei Cheng swept them all away. Nan HuaiLin was especially worried that he would spoil his stomach.

Suddenly he remembered the first time they ate together. It was a barbecue at a big stall, back then he was also surprised by Fei Cheng’s incredible appetite, and deeply suspected that he was the reincarnation of a gourmand.

“Have you been such a good eater since you were a kid?” Nan HuaiLin asked with a smile, as he pulled out a napkin and handed it to him.

“I told you not to laugh at me.” Fei Cheng wiped his mouth, and picked up the bottle to take a sip of water.

“I’m not laughing at you,” Nan HuaiLin smiled again. “I’m just curious.”

Fei Cheng looked at him, and said seriously, “I only have such a good appetite when I eat with you.”

Nan HuaiLin laughed. “You mean I’m a good eater?”

Fei Cheng nodded. “Very.”

Nan HuaiLin chortled, and got up to clean up the dishes.

Fei Cheng wanted to help him, but Nan HuaiLin wouldn’t let him. Fei Cheng said, “Hurry up and finish cleaning up. Let’s take Hannibal out for a walk. He’s been at home all day and he won’t sleep at night unless he goes out for a while.”

So Nan HuaiLin did the washing, and Fei Cheng did the drying.

The kitchen was obviously spacious, but they stood very close to each other. Physical contact was inevitable, and every time they touched each other, it felt electric.

Fei Cheng didn’t speak. Nan HuaiLin was also silent, as they let the ambiguous feelings in the air silently rage.

After they washed the dishes, the two men took Hannibal out for a walk.

Night had fallen, but it wasn’t much cooler than the day.

Fei Cheng was holding Hannibal, and Nan HuaiLin was walking next to him. He had his phone out, and wanted to take a picture of the night scene of Chang’an Street. Nan HuaiLin hurriedly turned away, but it was already too late. The flash was on!

“Wow…” Fei Cheng trailed off. “You’re filming me!”

“I wasn’t,” Nan HuaiLin denied flatly. “I was taking a night shot.”

“Then let me see.” Fei Cheng reached out for his phone.

Nan HuaiLin refused to give it to him, and Fei Cheng came to grab it. Nan HuaiLin ran away and hid, then accidentally bumped into a little boy.

The boy was knocked to the ground. Nan HuaiLin hurriedly picked him up, and said with an apologetic face, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do it.”

“No, it doesn’t hurt.” The boy said with a smile, and then ran away as if nothing had happened.

“How cute.” Nan HuaiLin quipped.

Fei Cheng gave a humph. “I was much cuter than him when I was a kid.”

“What’s wrong with you? What’s so cute about comparing kids?” Nan HuaiLin lost his smile.  After a pause, he said, “By the way, how come I’ve never heard you mention your parents?”

Fei Cheng said indifferently, “My parents died when I was very young, and my brother raised me.”

Nan HuaiLin looked at him and said, “I’m sorry” in a low voice.

“Silly, there is nothing to be sorry for.” Fei Cheng stroked his head and smiled carelessly. “You don’t seem to have mentioned your parents to me either.”

“My parents are fine,” Nan HuaiLin said. “They are back home in Suzhou, and I only see them when I go home for New Year.”

Fei Cheng looked at him with an expectant face and said, “I haven’t been to Suzhou yet. Can I go there with you this year?”

Nan HuaiLin gave a vague answer. “Let’s talk about it then.”

After they walked for an hour, both of them were hot and sweaty. When they got home, they took turns to shower, then each took a corner of the sofa to watch a very old film. After the film was over, they said good night to each other and went to bed.

Nan HuaiLin lay on the bed, and clicked on his phone album.

Although he panicked and turned the camera away, he still caught a heart-stopping moment. In the glowing night, Fei Cheng had looked back at him. His eyes were gentle and the corners of his mouth were slightly curved. It was so beautiful that it looked like an image taken from a film.

After he looked for a while, Nan HuaiLin sighed slightly and put the phone aside.

In the master bedroom, Fei Cheng was watching the video he took in the restaurant this afternoon.

As he watched, his body reacted. His hand involuntarily went down, and he let out a suppressed moan.


The author has something to say: 

Cheng Cheng: You look like a book.

Nan Nan: What do you mean?

Cheng Cheng: The more I read it, the more I want to sleep (with you).


–One Hundred Cheesy Pick-Up Lines


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November 1, 2021 4:45 pm

When these two are going to be together, what agony of fleeces so close and so far, worse one suffering side by side without knowing it, but still I love them!!! Thanks for the chapter!!!

November 1, 2021 5:55 pm

Ahhhhhh this chapter is so sweet!
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November 1, 2021 8:24 pm

I love these 2. NHL is becoming more and more drawn to Fei Cheng; I hope they get together soon, or FC is in danger of dying from frustration!
Great cheesy pickup line 🧀😋😁
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 1, 2021 9:03 pm

So adorable!! I can’t wait also until they get together! FC and NHL are super cute! I love their connection, it is so natural! ❤️❤️❤️ The cheesy lines are the best! ❤️❤️

November 1, 2021 11:30 pm

The dragon is very hungry and thirsty but his partner is about to leave his nest. This situation can either blow up or be resolved peacefully, depending on what happens next. Can we have so count down to emergence of dragon shelled buns, please?And the cheesy pick-up lines are so cheesy they are funny! 😂

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At this rate it almost seems funny to me that he haven’t found out he is pregnant and they still don’t know about that night.

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