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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: kai


After it started, it was impossible to stop.

One after another, something came out from behind. Nan HuaiLin felt something hot and sticky as it rubbed against his thighs and slid down.

At this moment, Nan HuaiLin was at a loss for words. He froze for more than ten seconds, then hurriedly grabbed his cell phone to call Fei Cheng.

If Fei Cheng saw he was shitting his pants, he would really go to hell.

As the call was answered, the sound of a tap on the door rang out.

“I’m at the door,” Fei Cheng said as he gasped, “Can you open the door? If you can’t open it, I’ll break it down.”

Nan HuaiLin put on a relaxed tone. “I was just teasing you.”

Fei Cheng froze. “…What did you say?”

“I’m fine, my stomach doesn’t hurt at all,” he said. It was true. His stomach suddenly didn’t hurt at all, as if everything that had just happened was an illusion. “I just saw your car parked in front of the neighborhood, so I wanted to tease you.”

“Nan HuaiLin! Do you fucking need to be treated?” Fei Cheng gritted his teeth. “I order you, open the door right now!”

“I’m going to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow to shoot a movie. You should go home too.” Nan HuaiLin forgot to say “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival,” just hung up the phone quickly.

Fei Cheng knocked on the door twice, and got no response from inside. He was worried about disturbing the public, so he gave up.

He sent a tweet to Nan HuaiLin, [If you dare to make such a joke again, you’re dead!]

After a two-second pause, he added, [Good night.]

Nan HuaiLin put the phone down and wondered, How come it doesn’t stink at all?

But the sticky, slimy feeling on his thighs was real. He held back his nausea, carefully took off his loose pajama pants, and got out of bed naked.

He hurriedly drew two pieces of paper to wipe his buttocks, wiped it and took a look. There was no poop on the paper, only a little thin white mucus. He put it to the end of the nose and smelled it. There was no smell.

The pajama pants that he took off were still thrown on the bed.

Nan HuaiLin approached, picked up the waist of the pants to look inside, and was immediately shocked.


A nest of eggs!

He. Laid. A. Nest. Of. Eggs!

No, no, no!

This was not real!

This must be a dream!

Nan HuaiLin rushed into the bathroom, grabbed the shower head, turned on the faucet, and poured cold water over his head. After a while, he turned off the faucet, returned to the bedroom soaking wet, and fearfully lifted his pajama pants to see…

The eggs were still there!

Nan HuaiLin immediately found a pair of pants and put them on. He picked up the nest of eggs in his pajama pants, went out the door, took the elevator downstairs, threw the pajama pants and eggs into the garbage can at the entrance of the building, then ran home without looking back.

He rushed into his bedroom, picked up his cell phone. He wanted to call Fei Cheng, but didn’t do so. He sat on the bed with the phone in his hand, as he calmed himself down and tried to figure out what was going on.

Was all the change in his life because of those eggs?

If laying eggs was an act of fertility, then who made him pregnant with those eggs? Was his body invaded by some strange species? Like aliens or beasts or something?

What could hatch from those eggs?

And so on!

In the past six months, he had only had sex with Fei Zheng.

Could it be that…Fei Zheng was not human?

What about Fei Cheng?

If the brothers really weren’t human, what could they be?

Are they snake people?

The more Nan HuaiLin thought about it, the more panicked he became, and his heart kept beating wildly.

After a while, he stood up sharply, and rushed downstairs again.

He opened the trash can lid. The pajama pants were still there. He lifted them and looked at the eggs, which were also intact.

He carefully cradled the eggs in his arms, and walked quickly home. When he got home, Nan HuaiLin sat down on the floor with his back against the sofa, and gently put the pajama pants in front of him. Then, one by one, he pulled out the eggs and laid them on the floor.

There were five eggs in total, oval-shaped, smaller than ordinary eggs, and with pure white shells. They were smooth and fine, with some transparent adhesions on them.

Nan HuaiLin got down on the floor, put his ear to the egg shells and listened for a while, but there was no movement inside. He sat up straight, and stared at the five eggs. He still couldn’t believe that he had laid five eggs. It was too frightening.

He decided to give Fei Cheng a call.

He believed that even if Fei Cheng wasn’t a human, he would never hurt him.

Fei Cheng answered quickly.

“Fei Cheng, I want to see you,” Nan HuaiLin said. “Can you come to me?”

Fei Cheng said, “You’re not teasing me again, are you?”

“No,” Nan HuaiLin said. “You can come over now, okay?”

“Will you tell me if you love me first?”

“I’ll tell you when you come.”

“Open the door,” Fei Cheng said with a smile. “I’m right at the door.”

Startled, Nan HuaiLin hurriedly got up, ran into the kitchen, found a large bowl, put the eggs in it, and hid them in the cupboard before opening the door.

Fei Cheng was really standing outside the door.

Nan HuaiLin stared at him. “Why are you back again?”

“I thought about it after I got home, and I felt something was wrong with you, so I came back.” Fei Cheng raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Why are you staring at me so intently? Is it because you miss me so much?”

Nan HuaiLin lowered his eyes. “Come in.”

Fei Cheng walked in, sat down on the sofa with a big smile and looked at Nan HuaiLin, “Say it.”

Tell me you love me! Say it, say it!

Nan HuaiLin stood far away from him. “Fei Cheng, I have something to ask you, and you must tell me the truth.”

Fei Cheng patted the position beside him and said with a smile, “If you have something to say, why stand so far away? I won’t eat you.”

Nan HuaiLin hesitated, then went over and sat down, but still kept an arm’s length away from Fei Cheng.

Fei Cheng frowned. “What’s wrong with you? You look strange.”

Nan HuaiLin looked up at him, and asked abruptly, “Are you and your brother brothers by blood?”

“Of course,” Fei Cheng was confused. “Why do you ask?”

“Are you from the same father and mother?” Nan HuaiLin asked again.

“Yes,” Fei Cheng nodded. “What exactly do you want to ask?”

Nan HuaiLin looked into Fei Cheng’s eyes, and after a brief moment of silence, asked bluntly, “Are you and your brother…Are you human?”

Fei Cheng’s heart shook sharply, and he stared at Nan HuaiLin without moving his eyes. He asked in a deep voice, “Why are you asking such a question?”

“I am asking. You just answer my question.” Nan HuaiLin’s tone intensified. “I want to hear the truth.”

Fei Cheng didn’t say anything, just looked at him.

Nan HuaiLin stared at him, as he waited apprehensively for his answer.

After a long silence, Fei Cheng said, “No.”

Nan HuaiLin’s heart was beating wildly, and he settled down and asked, “Then…What are you?”

Fei Cheng asked instead of answering. “Aren’t you afraid when I say I’m not human?”

“No,” Nan HuaiLin said. “If you had wanted to hurt me, you didn’t have to wait until now.”

Fei Cheng laughed. “Not bad for someone I like.”

Nan HuaiLin said, “You haven’t answered my question. What are you?”

Fei Cheng squared his shoulders. “You answer me first. Did you find something out?”

If he could, Nan HuaiLin never wanted Fei Cheng to know what happened that night in his life, but he had no choice now, he had to lay out the truth to get another truth.

Nan HuaiLin bit his lower lip, lowered his head and whispered, “I lied to you when I told you that I had never met your brother.”

Fei Cheng waited quietly for the rest.

Nan HuaiLin went, “On the third night of doing housekeeping at your brother’s house, I was too tired. I was resting on the living room carpet and accidentally fell asleep. When I woke up after nine o’clock, I found your brother drunk on the living room floor, so I got him into bed in the bedroom and…And then we just…Had sex in a blur.”

Like a child who had done something wrong, he hung his head low. He didn’t dare look at Fei Cheng’s face.

When Fei Cheng didn’t say a word, his head hung lower and lower, and almost touched his chest.

After a long silence, Fei Cheng finally spoke, “Look up. Look at me.”

Nan HuaiLin slowly raised his head, and looked at Fei Cheng with anxiety.

Fei Cheng took out his phone, unlocked it, tapped it a few times, then held the screen up to Nan HuaiLin’s eyes. “My brother looks like this.”

Nan HuaiLin stared at the picture on the phone.

Fei Zheng and Fei Cheng looked four or five points alike, they were the same kind of handsome, but Fei Zheng gave people a cold feeling, while Fei Cheng was very warm.

“Did you get a good look?” Fei Cheng asked.

Nan HuaiLin nodded. “I see clearly.”

Fei Cheng took back his phone. “Are you sure the person who was drunk that night looked like this?”

Nan HuaiLin said nervously, “Actually, this is the first time I saw your brother’s face.”

Fei Cheng, “…?”

Nan HuaiLin explained. “The power went out that night, and I have congenital night blindness. I was as blind as a blind man in the dark, so I never saw your brother’s face from the beginning, and…I ran away after that, so…”

Fei Cheng wanted to laugh, but he held back and asked expressionlessly, “Why are you telling me this all of a sudden? Does it have anything to do with what we were talking about?”

“Wait for me.” Nan HuaiLin got up, went into the kitchen, opened the cupboard, took out the bowl with the eggs, then carefully carried it to the living room and put it in front of Fei Cheng.

“What are you doing with a bowl of eggs?” Fei Cheng looked confused. “Is it for me to eat?”

Nan HuaiLin had trouble speaking, and only after a long time said, “This isn’t an edible egg.”

Fei Cheng asked, “Then what kind of egg is it?”

Nan HuaiLin gritted his teeth. “I don’t know. I’ll have to ask you.”

Fei Cheng was even more confused. “Where can I find out?”

Nan HuaiLin gave up and explained. “An hour ago, I called you and told you that my stomach hurt, because the pain was so bad. I couldn’t hold back and…I didn’t want you to see, so I didn’t let you in, and only when you left did I realize that I…I had five eggs.”

Fei Cheng was so shocked that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

He looked at the eggs in the bowl, then at Nan HuaiLin and said in a broken voice, “You mean… These eggs…Did you lay them?”

Nan HuaiLin nodded shamefully.

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha!” Fei Cheng suddenly let out a loud laugh, completely unable to stop. “Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Nan HuaiLin thought he was being laughed at, became irritated and said loudly, “No laughing!”

Fei Cheng pounced on Nan HuaiLin, pinned him down on the couch, and said excitedly, “I’m a father! I’m a father! Hahahaha! I’m so happy I’m going to explode! Hahahaha!”

Nan HuaiLin couldn’t understand what he was saying.

What father? Did he mean these eggs?

But these eggs weren’t his, they were his brother’s.


After a long time, Fei Cheng finally stopped laughing. He looked at Nan HuaiLin with bright eyes and said with a smile, “Baby, the person you slept with that night was not my brother. It was me.”


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November 4, 2021 3:07 pm

Ahhhhhhhh, it all got revealed at once!!! Now they can work on their relationship and raising these babies.

November 4, 2021 4:24 pm

This was soooooo good!!!
For some reason I thought the eggs would be much larger and couldn’t imagine how on earth (or from where) Nan HuaiLin would pass them!
The revelations to both, especially NHL, are completely life changing.
I simply can’t wait for the next chapter and… I adore both our main characters to pieces.
Thank you so much for translating and editing.

November 4, 2021 4:24 pm

NHL throwing the eggs away is an a+ reaction. I would have too! And I like that although he was nervous he was straightforward in asking if FC and FZ were human.

FC laughing in happiness bc he’s a dad now is also a+. I guess it makes it better bc he totally in love with NHL.

But now I need the next chapter or five. Like HOW? Has FZ ever had an accident like that?

November 4, 2021 5:18 pm

hahahahah…I love Fei Cheng he really made me laugh. I love this novel, want to see Nan Nan’s reaction, looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for one more chapter! ❤️

November 4, 2021 7:10 pm

Yes! There will be no confusion!! I love love the MC and ML they are just great! I’m so looking forward to NHL reaction! They are both fathers!!! I don’t think NHL was ready but I know he will have FC’s unconditional support! ❤️❤️

November 4, 2021 11:08 pm

Father Fei Cheng ❤

November 5, 2021 1:52 am

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Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! These are your and Fei Cheng’s babies, how could you?! 😲😱😭😭😭

Then he went and retreaved the eggs and called for Fei Chang to explain the situation.

Me: YES!!! That’s how it’s done!!! 🤩😁👍

And then Fei Chang connected the dots and told NanHuaiLin who he slept with.

Me: Ahhhh the cliffhanger!!! 😳😳😳

Thank you for an emotional chapter!!!

November 5, 2021 3:48 am

I love this novel because of NHL and FC and I am very happy about this chapter. When NHL first turned away FC I thought things would not be revealed and I got upset. Then when he called FC back I got happy. Became even happier as the revelations progressed. NHL’s ‘no laughing’ response is priceless considering the magnitude of all aspects of their entire conversation. 😄😄😄😄

December 14, 2021 12:48 pm

FINALLY!!! The truth is out! ❤️

Jin Sung-Ryeo
Jin Sung-Ryeo
February 15, 2022 10:29 am

This was so good…from throwing the eggs away to getting them back and to straight forwardly asking FC if they were humans and to becoming parents…. Gotta love Nan Nan!!

This is amazing! Love to the translation team. Thank you!

February 17, 2022 4:54 am


March 6, 2022 5:54 pm

Thank you for the chapter.
Bahawha!! I’d be so angry if I was confessing to sleeping with my crush’s brother, and they reacted like that.

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