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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Nan HuaiLin was confused, “You… What did you say?”

Fei Cheng laughed and said, “One night when I was drunk, Shen Chong sent me to my brother’s place. Did you take off my pants that day?”

Nan HuaiLin was still lost in the shock of “I slept with Fei Cheng?” Fei Cheng shook him by the shoulder, “Come on, did you take off my pants that day?”

Nan HuaiLin recalled and nervously replied, “No, I just wanted to take the belt off, worrying that your brother would get hurt by it while sleeping.”

“It wasn’t my brother, it was me! Me!” Fei Cheng shouted, “I thought I had a vague feeling that I’ve met you before, and I thought I was having a dream again, but it was the real thing hahaha! I was wondering how this dream was so real, and I’m still curious about many of the details.”

Nan HuaiLin suddenly remembered that after it was over, the person on top of him asked, “Come back to my dream tomorrow night too, okay?”

So, the person that night… 3weWas it really Fei Cheng?

Nan HuaiLin looked at the person on top of him in a daze, and suddenly became happy.

One of the things he regretted most in his life was that he had slept with Fei Zheng that night, and he was even more regretful after he had an affair with Fei Cheng, but now he was so happy to know that the person he had sex with wasn’t Fei Zheng, but actually Fei Cheng, whom he wanted to like but didn’t dare to like until now!

Fei Cheng suddenly cupped his face and asked with a solemn expression, “Do you like my brother?”

Nan HuaiLin said, “I don’t even know what he looks like, how can I possibly like him?”

Fei Cheng laughed, “Then do you like me?”

Nan HuaiLin looked down at his chest, “…Yes.”

Fei Cheng lowered his head and kissed him, and asked, “Do you love me?”

Nan HuaiLin muttered, “I think… Not to the extent of love… I guess?”

“I love you,” Fei Cheng kissed him again, “I love you so much.”

Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump!

His heart was beating so fast that Nan HuaiLin felt like he was going to suddenly die.

“Don’t press on me,” he pushed Fei Cheng, “I can hardly breathe.”

Fei Cheng got off him, picked him up and put him on his lap, smiled and said, “So from now on, you’re my wife? The eggs are all laid in the nest.”

Hearing him mention the eggs, Nan HuaiLin just realized that now was not the time to talk about love, the most critical thing has not been clarified yet.

He looked into Fei Cheng’s eyes and said, “But I don’t know what species you are yet?”

Fei Cheng teased him, “Guess.”

Nan HuaiLin took a look at the eggs in the bowl and said his first guess, “Snake spirit?”

At the same time, he prayed in his heart: Don’t be a snake, please, I’m most afraid of snakes.

Fei Cheng burst out laughing and shook his head, “No, guess again.”

Nan HuaiLin breathed a sigh of relief, thought about it, and guessed again, “Bird?”

“Birds are stupid,” Fei Cheng chuckled, “Your husband is so smart, how can I be a bird?”

“Then… Alien?” Nan HuaiLin guessed again.

“No,” Fei Cheng said with a smile, “I’ll give you one last chance.”

Nan HuaiLin said, “Can you give me a hint?”

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “Give me a kiss then.”

“Forget it,” Nan HuaiLin said, “I’ll just think of it myself.”

He actually wanted to kiss, but was too embarrassed to do so. Even though they had slept together, they hadn’t explicitly established their relationship yet.

Nan HuaiLin recalled what little biological knowledge he had left. Animals that laid eggs were usually reptiles, birds or amphibians… amphibians… He had a flash of insight, “Turtle!”

“Hahahaha!” Fei Cheng was laughing at him, “You’re so cute… hahaha!”

So he’s not a turtle, Nan HuaiLin was frustrated, “No more guessing! Heaven and Earth are, demons and monsters show yourselves!”

Fei Cheng picked him up and put him on the sofa, “Come with me to a place where this husband will show you his form.”

Nan HuaiLin said, “Can’t we do it here?”

Fei Cheng looked around, “This place is too small to hold me.”

Nan HuaiLin, “…”

It seemed that Fei Cheng’s original form was kind of huge.

What could it be? I’m so curious.

“Can’t you tell me first?” Nan HuaiLin said.

“Then there would be no surprise.” Fei Cheng winked at him, “Prepare yourself, my original form is super handsome.”

“What about the eggs?” Nan HuaiLin asked.

Fei Cheng thought about it and said, “Let’s put them here first, I’m afraid the car will break them.”

So Nan HuaiLin first hid the eggs in the cupboard then followed Fei Cheng out the door.

When he got into the car, he was surprised to find that his acceptance of the fact that Fei Cheng wasn’t a human being had happened so fast, it was almost unbelievable. Could it be the power of love? But Xu Xian loved Bai Suzhen so much that he was scared to death when he learnt that Bai Suzhen was a snake spirit.

Even more frightening than Fei Cheng not being human, was that he actually gave Fei Cheng a nest of eggs! So, he was also a father? And the father of five children! But he didn’t even know what he’s given birth to yet.

His ordinary life has suddenly taken a tumble.

What was wrong with feeling a little excited?

Fei Cheng hummed happily as he drove.

Nan HuaiLin peeked at him and thought he was really handsome.

Was it true that goblins are really good looking no matter what gender they are?

“I have a question.” Nan HuaiLin suddenly said.

“Ask.” Fei Cheng said with a smile.

He had been laughing all night and still couldn’t stop.

Nan HuaiLin asked, “You don’t eat people, right?”

“Hahahaha!” Fei Cheng laughed, “Can you stop making me laugh, baby? I’m running out of oxygen from laughing!”

Nan HuaiLin said, “I was asking a serious question, okay?”

Fei Cheng looked at him with a smile, “Why? Are you afraid I’ll eat you?”

“You definitely won’t eat me,” Nan HuaiLin said, “but I don’t want you to eat anyone else either.”

Fei Cheng took a hand to rub his hair, “Don’t worry, I don’t eat people, my food is normal.”

Nan HuaiLin breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good.” He was suddenly inspired again, “You’re a taotie, right?”

Fei Cheng shook his head, “No.”

Nan HuaiLin gave up completely, “I’d better wait to see you in your original form.”

It didn’t take long for the car to pull into Fei Zheng’s neighborhood.

Nan HuaiLin asked, “Are you going to your brother’s house?”

Fei Cheng nodded, “Yes.”

Although the truth had come out, Nan HuaiLin still felt very embarrassed when he thought about his long misunderstanding. But no matter what, sooner or later, he’d have to face it, so he could only harden his head and brazenly face up to it.

They parked the car and took the elevator upstairs.

Fei Cheng grabbed Nan HuaiLin’s hand and held it in his palm, not too lightly but not too heavily either. Nan HuaiLin then felt sweetness envelop his heart, like he just ate a large white rabbit milk candy.

When they arrived at the door of Fei Zheng’s house, Fei Cheng directly entered the password and pushed the door in. After taking off his shoes, Fei Cheng took Nan HuaiLin’s hand and walked straight in.

Fei Zheng came out of his study with a glass of water, and the three of them bumped into each other.

Fei Cheng said, “Brother, I’d like to borrow your pool for a while.”

“Hello, Mr. Fei.” Nan HuaiLin greeted Fei Zheng awkwardly and hurriedly, and was dragged away by Fei Cheng.

When they arrived at the indoor pool, Fei Cheng started to undress. Nan HuaiLin wanted to look but was too embarrassed, so his eyes drifted around, taking only a glance at Fei Cheng’s muscles.

Fei Cheng took off his clothes in three steps and walked up to Nan HuaiLin.

Nan HuaiLin felt like he was suffocating.

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “I’m really super handsome in my original form, so be careful not to faint from the handsomeness.”

Nan HuaiLin scoffed, “Stop being narcissistic and change your body.”

Fei Cheng hooked his lips and smiled, turned around and walked to the pool. With a standard jump into the water, he swam out several meters. Nan HuaiLin stared at him with rapt attention, fearing that he would miss it in the moment of excitement.

However, the speed of Fei Cheng’s transformation was too fast, and in a blink of an eye, he turned into a snow-white… Dragon!

The white dragon’s body was long and slender, about a dozen meters long, with a thick dragon’s mane on its spine, floating in the water like a clump of white water plants, but the most striking thing was the huge pair of white wings on its back, magnificent to the extreme.

The white dragon quickly made a turn in the water and swam towards Nan HuaiLin, then with a flourish of its wings, it flew out of the water and flew in front of Nan HuaiLin in the blink of an eye.

Nan HuaiLin’s heartbeat and breathing stopped together.

Fei Cheng wasn’t exaggerating, his original form was really super handsome, breathtakingly, but… Also very scary ah ah ah ah! Especially when one was being stared at by a pair of gleaming dragon eyes! Nan HuaiLin’s legs became weak and he almost kneeled down!

The white dragon came a little closer, then rested its head on Nan HuaiLin’s shoulder and rubbed his neck affectionately.

Nan HuaiLin suddenly wasn’t so afraid, and gathered his courage, then slowly put his hand on the dragon’s face, gently touching it.

The next second, the dragon’s tail suddenly wrapped around his waist, huge snow-white wings fanned out and it fiercely lifted him up. Not waiting for Nan HuaiLin to scream, he and the white dragon fell into the pool together, splashing up a large amount of water.

The moment he fell into the water, the white dragon turned into Fei Cheng and swam naked towards Nan HuaiLin, hugging him and kissing him underwater.


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November 5, 2021 2:15 pm

So exciting! 😍

It worries me that the eggs were just left in the cupboard, though. If anyone else had a key or access to his house I’d worry that they would come home to find that mother-in-law was cooking him dinner and was just about to make an omelette or something! 😱😅

November 5, 2021 2:31 pm

It almost feels rushed but NHL does seem like a rational person and he already liked Fei Cheng so I guess it makes sense.

Thanks for the chapter!

November 5, 2021 4:03 pm

Thanks for translating and editing.

November 5, 2021 10:36 pm

Now all the secrets are out and Nan HuaiLin took it really well. Yes, you are a momm… I mean a daddy now so take good care for your little buns.
Ahhh I so want to see Fei Zheng’s reaction to the fact that he’s going to be an uncle.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 8, 2021 12:33 am

Hopefully he won’t have to sit on the eggs like a hen 😂 I expect dragon eggs are tougher

December 14, 2021 12:53 pm

How quickly things are progressing!
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Yay!! Playing in water and they avoided a trip to Jerry Springer or his current contemporaries.
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