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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Michala


The ringing of his cell phone awakened Fei Cheng.

“What the fuck!” He cursed in the dark, reached out and pressed the bedside lamp. He brought the phone over to see that Shen Chong was calling, and then glanced at the time. 02:48 a.m. He was instantly outraged.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, calling in the middle of the night?!” Fei Cheng was not at all polite and started cursing. “If it’s not important, I will fuck you up!”

“The more I think about it, the more fishy it seems,” Shen Chong said, “Did you let my little sheep get away?”

Fei Cheng was furious, “Yes, I let it go. What do you want? Why don’t you fuck me to make up for it?”

Shen Chong smiled, “Look at you. I was just asking, why are you so angry? I wouldn’t dare to fuck you. You should fuck me, right?”

Fei Cheng didn’t speak to him again. He immediately hung up the phone, and casually threw the it on to the bedside table, then turned off the light to sleep.

Just as he was lying down, he suddenly felt that something was not right.

He reached into his underwear and felt the wetness.


He remembered that right when the phone rang, he was having an erotic dream.

Turning on the light, he took off his underwear and threw it in the trash, and went to the bathroom naked. In the shower, he remembered the dream of the little Lin, fucked until he was crying, and he reacted.

He jerked himself off, then rinsed off for a while, before he dried off and went to bed.

I can’t sleep, damn it.

A shower was not a good idea.

He grabbed his phone and called Shen Chong. “Who is it?” Shen Chong’s voice sounded like he had just fallen asleep.

“Your father,” Fei Cheng said in a severe manner.

“Dad?” Shen Chong said in a daze. “You slept late enough.”

Fei Cheng was so happy that he couldn’t stop laughing.

There was a moment of silence, followed by an angry roar. “Fuck! You’re sick!” Then he softened up. “I’m still shooting tomorrow. Will you stop it?”

“I can’t sleep,” Fei Cheng said. “Talk to me for a while.”

“Master Fei, can you let me off the hook?” Shen Chong said. “I really have a particularly important scene tomorrow.”

Fei Cheng had already returned the favor with a tooth. His heart was much more comfortable, so he did not bother to torment him again, and very magnanimously let him go.

After another half hour of tossing and turning in bed, Fei Cheng finally couldn’t take it anymore. He casually put on some clothes and went out.

At 4 a.m, the hotel pool was empty.

Fei Cheng stripped and jumped into the water, swimming naked.

His body was very good. He had long limbs, full of muscle and full of strength. His skin was a healthy wheat color, wrapped in the light and water. His body’s lines were outlined and more attractive, and could even be compared to professional swimmers.

After swimming alone for a dozen laps, he ran out of energy. Fei Cheng got out, dressed wetly, and went back to his room. Then he took another shower and fell back to sleep.


Nan HuaiLin was awakened by his ringtone. Taking the phone, he saw that it was an unfamiliar number, “Hello?”

“It’s me.”

Even though he was still half-asleep, Nan HuaiLin could tell with one ear that it was Shi Yan’s voice.

“You’ve blocked my cell phone number,” Shi Yan said. “I could only borrow someone else’s phone to call you.”

“…” Nan HuaiLin was silent for a moment. “Is something wrong?”

Shi Yan said, “I saw you at Pure K yesterday, with Shen Chong.”

Nan HuaiLin had guessed that he was there for this and said in a cold tone. “So?”

Shi Yan was silent for a short moment and said, “I just want to tell you that Shen Chong’s private life is notoriously messy in the circle, so you’d better stay away from him.”

Nan HuaiLin felt a mixture of sweet and sour, bitter and spicy. It was indescribably unbearable as he said in a tone full of bitterness, “Who I want to hang out with is my business, it’s none of yours. Shi Yan, from the moment you didn’t want me, you were no longer qualified to dictate my life.”

“Nan Nan…” Shi Yan called him as he did before.

Nan HuaiLin interrupted him. “Don’t call me that, and don’t call me again. In my heart, you’re already dead.”

This was said to stab Shi Yan, but he also hurt himself.

Nan HuaiLin hung up the phone immediately, then clutching the phone for a long time, hysterical, before he finally got up.

After washing up, he just ate breakfast and went out to Fei Zheng’s house.

He was working more diligently and meticulously today than yesterday, because Ruan Xin said Fei Zheng was away on business for two days, and should be home tonight or tomorrow morning. Although Ruan Xin said there were no problems about whether he could get the job or not, the final decision was still in the hands of Fei Zheng. If Fei Zheng wasn’t satisfied, then he would have to lose the job with a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan.


Nan HuaiLin was so busy all day that he didn’t even bother to eat lunch, and only drank a few sips of tap water.

Ruan Xin had made a point that he was to take Hannibal out for at least an hour’s walk every day.

When Hannibal went out, he was like a wild dog. Nan HuaiLin could barely hold him, and it was no longer a man walking a dog, but a dog walking a man.

Nan HuaiLin had done some research and found that a purebred American bulldog cost more than 100,000 yuan, so he could not afford to pay if he lost him.

After being walked by the dog for an hour, Nan HuaiLin was almost dead, but he couldn’t rest yet. He had to give Hannibal a bath to save him from the dust that would make the house dirty.

After two days together, Nan HuaiLin quickly became acquainted with Hannibal.

Ruan Xin was right. Hannibal indeed had a soft heart. He was not only clingy, but also pampered. Nan HuaiLin was no longer afraid of him at all, but instead enjoyed being with him.

After washing and blow-drying the dog, he took him to the playroom and allowed him play by himself.

Nan HuaiLin was completely exhausted, but felt like he should not sit on the sofa, so he lay on the large living room carpet instead. He took out his cell phone to check the time. It was already 7:30 p.m. He intended to rest for ten minutes before leaving, since he was really too tired.

Who knew that he would fall asleep.


Nan HuaiLin was awakened by explosive thunder.

He was startled and sat up violently, but it was pitch black all around. He had congenital night blindness, and his vision was extremely poor in a dim environment.

Now, he was no different than a blind man. He couldn’t see anything.

The thunder was far away, and the sound of rain pounding on the window was dense.

It sounded like an intense thunderstorm.

He fished out his cell phone and the screen lit up for a while before he could faintly see the time.

21:38 – Oh no! It’s after eight o’clock!

He thought about it and calmed down.

Mr. Fei should not be back yet, otherwise he would have been thrown out.

He turned on his phone’s flashlight to shine it around the room. He walked over to turn on the lights, and pressed the switch twice, but the lights did not come on.

It should be because of the thunderstorm.

It turned out that the mansion had a power outage, ah.

He went to Hannibal’s bedroom to look at the dog. The loud thunder did not wake him up, which was not easy. Wasn’t a dog’s sense of hearing very sensitive, more than ten times that of humans? Apparently, it depended on the dog.

He checked all the windows of the rooms and balconies again. Fortunately, since he was worried about dust drifting in during the day, they were closed properly. To be on the safe side, he found the house’s electrical switch again and turned off the main switch.

After thinking hard, there was nothing more to do, so he planned to go home. Not two steps away, his phone suddenly turned off automatically.

He didn’t pay attention to the battery level just now, so it was probably out of power. He had to put the phone in his pocket and walk forward in the dark, holding on to the wall and being careful.


Another crack of thunder.

Nan HuaiLin was so shocked that his hair stood up and his heart pounded. He had been afraid of thunder since he was a child. Now when he couldn’t see anything and that he was in an unfamiliar environment, his fear skyrocketed.

He stopped in place for a short while, then continued to walk forward.

Suddenly, he smelled the scent of alcohol.

A few more steps forward, the smell of alcohol became more and more concentrated.

There was a vague breathing sound.

“Mr. Fei, Mr. Fei, is that you?” Nan HuaiLin asked anxiously.

But no one answered him.


The sound of thunder accompanied by lightning instantly illuminated the living room.

In the panic, Nan HuaiLin dimly saw a man lying on the ground not far away. The room quickly darkened again, and Nan HuaiLin could see nothing again.

“Woof! Woof!”

The dog barked.

Hannibal was finally awakened by the sound of thunder, and was uneasy.

But a dog couldn’t help him see. So sad.

Nan HuaiLin heard Hannibal run past him, stop a short distance ahead, ‘woofed’ twice. Then he started whimpering, a sound that only came out when he was pampering his master.

Nan HuaiLin followed the sound over, sat down on his knees, reached out and felt an arm. He followed it to a shoulder and shook it, “Mr. Fei? Mr. Fei?”

Mr. Fei did not respond at all.

The scent of alcohol was so heavy. How did he drink so much, ah?

Being the president was not an easy job.

Nan HuaiLin had read a small science article that said that when someone had passed out drunk, they should lie on their side and never on their back. This was because being drunk made you more likely to vomit, and lying on your back was likely to cause the vomit to flow back into the trachea. This could cause tracheal blockage, resulting in asphyxiation. It could be life-threatening.

Nan HuaiLin decided to get the man to bed first, and then he could turn him sideways.

His first attempt was a princess carry. However, the person on the ground was so heavy that he couldn’t hold him. It was a little humiliating, as he was, in fact, quite strong. It must be because he was unable to see anything.

So he tried to carry the person again. He first made him sit up, and then pulled his two arms back, and made a great effort to stand him up.

God, how was he so heavy? It felt like he was hoisting a small mountain.

He couldn’t see now, so he was staggering and stumbling in the dark, feeling along as he walked.

Hannibal was also silent, and probably went back to his room to sleep.

The good thing was that his sense of direction was quite accurate, and he safely escorted President Fei to the bed.

Nan HuaiLin groped for President Fei’s feet to take off his shoes, took off his jacket, took off the pants… er, he would not take off his pants, just take off his belt.

Fei Cheng felt someone unbuckling his belt. He opened his eyes, adjusted to the darkness, and saw a face that was three parts familiar and seven parts unfamiliar.

Small actor Lin?

Was he dreaming about little Nan again?

Little Lin was taking off his pants….another wet dream?

Fuck, why was he similar to Shen Chong, suddenly having a sexual addiction?

However, since the dream came, then let’s have fun, it wasn’t illegal.

Fei Cheng grabbed the wrist of Little Lin, gave a strong tug and pulled the person into his arms. He rolled him over and pressed him down before he lowered his head and kissed him.

The construction of this belt buckle was rather strange, and Nan HuaiLin could not easily unbuckle the belt. Then his wrist was suddenly grabbed, and without waiting for him to speak, a strong force pulled him over into a strong chest. Then the sky was spinning and Fei Cheng solidly held him under his body.


Just after saying one word, his mouth was sealed.

“!!!” Nan HuaiLin abruptly opened his eyes wide, froze for three seconds, and then began to resist. “Mnnnn!”

Fei Cheng grabbed his two hands that were pushing hard, and confined them to the top of his head. He pressed him to death with his strong body, and kissed him tenderly but forcefully, attacking and driving straight in.

Nan HuaiLin wanted to bite his tongue.

But in the light of day, the thought that had long been dispelled suddenly popped up again.

He came here in the first place with the purpose to sleep with Fei Zheng, right? Now that Fei Zheng had taken the initiative to drag him to bed, why didn’t he choose to submit? One night for a chance at the top, fair enough, it was worth it.

While Nan HuaiLin was in the middle of a battle, he suddenly smelled a familiar scent in the rich wine smell – the smell of Sin City, Shi Yan’s favorite perfume. Shi Yan liked to spray this perfume every time he went to bed.

He was thinking of Shi Yan at this moment.

The Shi Yan that he loved and hated at the same time.

His thoughts had been confused to the extreme. Nan HuaiLin unconsciously stopped struggling, but he also didn’t respond. He only presented a give-and-take gesture, out of his own unclear purpose. Or no purpose at all, he just gave in to the most primitive desire.

But the gentle kissing stopped abruptly.

In the darkness, Nan HuaiLin heard a low, dark voice, “I didn’t serve you well last night, so you’re coming to me again tonight, huh?”

Nan HuaiLin froze.

Did…Fei Zheng take him for someone else?

“I’m drunk,” Fei Cheng laughed a little. “I heard that men last very long when they are drunk. If you don’t want it anymore, just beg me to stop and I will stop.”

Nan HuaiLin wanted to stop right now.

He completely ignored the possibility that Fei Zheng was not single. However Fei Zheng didn’t give him a chance. His lips were kissed again, and the tenderness ceased and turned into a rough rampage.

Nan HuaiLin was dragged into the abyss of lust by the aroma of ‘Sin City’ and the chaos. He was  falling and sinking.

He was like a small boat in the sea, tossing and swaying violently in the storm.


The author has something to say: You smell like his perfume, it’s my nose’s sin, I shouldn’t smell his beauty, wipe off everything to sleep with you. –The Perfume is Poisonous

To sum up chapter 5, Nan HuaiLin thought he was sleeping with Fei Zheng, but in fact he was sleeping with Fei Cheng, who was drunk and thought he was dreaming, and that’s it. Thanks for your support, see you tomorrow.


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