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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Nan HuaiLin ran over, picked up the little dragon that was slapped to the side and was struggling to roll over. He wanted to see if it was okay, but just got close enough to be caught off guard and sprayed with a faceful of water.

It was really very naughty.

Nan HuaiLin wiped his face, bent down and put the little dragon back into the pool, then took off his shorts and T-shirt and stepped down into the water. The water was a little warm. It slowly wrapped around the skin and made it very comfortable. Also the water wasn’t very deep, only up to the chest.

The white dragon swam to his side as its tail swung. Its mouth opened, and the water poured out like a waterfall.

Nan HuaiLin, “…”

The big one was more naughty than the little one.

The white dragon sprayed his face with water and then lowered its head to please, as it rubbed his face, then tilted its head to signal him to climb on its back.

Nan HuaiLin grabbed the dragon’s mane and climbed up. The little dragons saw this and flew over on their fluttery wings, lined up and landed on the white dragon’s back. They sat in front of Nan HuaiLin with their heads and tails together, just like four little white quails.

“Take me along for the ride!” Lancelot jumped into the pool. “I want to ride the dragon too!”

The white dragon swung its tail, and Lancelot was slapped into the water unceremoniously.

Nan HuaiLin couldn’t help but feel sorry for him for a moment. He wanted to give him a hand, but the white dragon had already quickly swum away.

The pool was very big, and the white dragon swam fast. When he swam to the end of a sharp turn, two dragon cubs were unfortunately thrown off. Nan HuaiLin remained thanks to his legs being clamped tightly, although half of his body was submerged in the water as grabbed the dragon’s mane to sit straight.

The two surviving dragon cubs chirped excitedly, and their chirping sounded a lot like birds.

The two dragon cubs that fell into the water flew to catch up, but their dragon father swam so fast that they couldn’t catch up no matter how they tried. They looked so weak and pitiful and helpless that Nan HuaiLin wanted to laugh.

“Hey!” Nan HuaiLin slapped the white dragon. “You swim slower!”

The white dragon suddenly dived. Nan HuaiLin hurriedly closed his eyes, shut up and held his breath, as he was submerged in the pool. Nan HuaiLin wiped his face, and opened his eyes to find that all the dragon cubs had been wiped out, and he was the only one left on the dragon’s back.

“Watch out for the front!” Lancelot suddenly shouted.

Nan HuaiLin suddenly raised his eyes, and saw the two dragon cubs that had been chasing behind him were now flying head-on, and about to hit him in the face. Nan HuaiLin hurriedly dropped down on the back of the white dragon, which then dived again. Just as he went into the water, Nan HuaiLin suddenly felt a hollow beneath him. His body lost support, and began to sink downward.

“Cough cough!” Nan HuaiLin coughed, and glared at Fei Cheng. “You’re playing me, and the little dragons.”

Fei Cheng stroked his wet hair back, and asked with a smile, “Isn’t it exciting?”

Nan HuaiLin nodded, smiled and said, “It’s kind of like a water roller coaster.”

The little dragons swam over, and circled around them both.

Nan HuaiLin asked, “Can they understand me now?”

“They should be able to understand a little bit,” Fei Cheng splashed the baby dragons, and they spat water at him. “They’re very smart, and by the time they become babies, they will probably be able to say ‘Dad’ directly.”

Nan HuaiLin couldn’t wait to see them turn into babies. They would be really cute.

“So what do they eat now?” Nan HuaiLin asked again.

“They eat meat,” Fei Cheng said. “And drink milk.”

Nan HuaiLin nodded. “They seem to be very well fed.”

Lancelot sat by the pool and asked, “Have you named the baby dragons yet?”

They had forgotten about it. Nan HuaiLin said, “Not yet.”

“I heard from Zheng that you’re pregnant again,” Lancelot said with a smile. “It’s enough of a headache for you, to name one litter after another.”

Fei Cheng thought about it. “Why don’t we just give them a number first. Dragon One, Dragon Two, Dragon Three, Dragon Four, so it’s easy to call them. It’s a waste to give them names now.”

Nan HuaiLin said, “But first we have to distinguish who is who.”

Lancelot was leisurely swinging his fishtail as he said, “I bought different colors of ribbons that you can tie on them.”

“By the way, where is my brother?” Fei Cheng asked, only now remembering to ask.

“Went to the office, I think. He took a call at noon and went out.” Lancelot paused, looked at Fei Cheng and said, “Long Er, Zheng brother…Does he have someone he likes?”

Nan HuaiLin whispered, “You guys talk. I’ll take the little dragons to play for a while.”

Fei Cheng nodded. Nan HuaiLin swam out, and the little dragons spontaneously followed, lining up behind him like a mother duck leading a group of small male prostitutes.

Nan HuaiLin swam a few back and forth, and stopped when he began to feel tired.

Fei Zheng had advised no strenuous exercise.

Fei Cheng had finished talking with Lancelot, and was standing at the side waving at him.

Nan HuaiLin stepped onto the deck. Fei Cheng came over with a bath towel, wiped his hair and then draped the towel over his shoulders. “Are you tired?”

Nan HuaiLin said, “Yes.”

The baby dragons flew over, and landed on Nan HuaiLin’s shoulders.

Nan HuaiLin smiled and said, “They are so sticky.”

“Don’t you like them?” Fei Cheng asked.

“Yes,” Nan HuaiLin said. “They’re so cute.”

“Come on,” Fei Cheng took his hand. “Let’s go mark the baby dragons.”

They went back next door through a connecting side door, then went upstairs for a shower and a change of clothes. By the time they got downstairs, Lancelot had the ribbons ready.

It was a transparent, snowy, gauze ribbon. Very pretty, and in a variety of colors.

Fei Cheng whistled, and the flying dragons landed on the table.

Nan HuaiLin cut a piece of red ribbon and handed it to him. “Tie it to Dragon One.”

Fei Cheng grabbed a small dragon at random. “You’re Dragon One. It seems to stand out more on the neck.”

Nan HuaiLin said, “Then try tying it around its neck.”

Fei Cheng gestured twice. “It’s too short, cut a long one.”

Nan HuaiLin then cut a long piece and handed it to him.

Fei Cheng said, “Wife, you hold it for me.”

Nan HuaiLin held the dragon while Fei Cheng tied the ribbon.

He put the ribbon around the dragon’s slender neck and deftly tied a bow.

“It looks like a freebie from the supermarket,” Lancelot commented.

“How nice,” Fei Cheng was satisfied. “Wife, what do you think?”

“Mn…” Nan HuaiLin stared at Dragon One for a short while, all tied up with a red bow, and said with a smile, “It’s kind of silly.”

Fei Cheng instructed Little Blue, “Cut a green one.”

Nan HuaiLin reached over, and grabbed a small dragon. “You’re the green, Dragon Two.” He smiled and looked at Fei Cheng. “He has the same name as you. What should we do?”

Fei Cheng looked at him, “Nan HuaiLin, I advise you to learn something good.”

“Cut,” Nan HuaiLin made a face. “You’re the little one.”

“Don’t you know if I’m little or not?” Fei Cheng said with a smile.

Nan HuaiLin glanced at Lancelot, kicked Fei Cheng under the table and said in a hushed voice, “Be serious.”

Soon, all four dragons had beautiful bows tied around their necks.

Dragon One was red, Dragon Two was green, Dragon Three was pink, and Dragon Four was purple. The four little dragons were standing in a row, looking silly and cute.

Lancelot tsked, and shook his head. “Poor kids. This is definitely their black history.”

Nan HuaiLin took out his cell phone. “Take a picture of them for a souvenir.”

When they saw him hold his phone up to them, Dragons One, Two, Three, and Four all stretched their necks and looked at him curiously. Nan HuaiLin clicked the picture. Fei Cheng came over to look and said with a smile, “It’s really silly. Hahaha!”

Nan HuaiLin said, “Little Blue, where’s Dragon Five?”

Lancelot said, “In the incubator in my room, I’ll show you.”

Lancelot’s room was on the first floor, and there was a miniature incubator standing on the table. Through the glass door you could see a dragon egg sitting all alone inside.

“Why is it the only one that didn’t hatch?” Nan HuaiLin asked worriedly. “Is there really no problem?”

“The incubation period of dragon eggs can be long or short, earlier or later is possible,” Fei Cheng said. “The most critical incubation stage was completed in Undersea City. Dragon Five is now sleeping in the eggshell. When it wakes up, it will come out naturally. Don’t you worry. “

Nan HuaiLin nodded his head.

Before the Dragon Five broke the shell, he may have to keep hanging on to his heart.

After seeing Dragon Five, they returned to the living room.

Lancelot looked at his watch, “It’s time to feed them, I’ll make the formula.”

Nan HuaiLin said, “I’ll go with you.”

The two of them went to the kitchen together.

Lancelot boiled the water first, then lined up the four bottles and added the formula to them.

Nan HuaiLin helped. He asked for advice on how many spoonfuls of formula to add, how much water to pour, what the right temperature was, and Lancelot patiently told him everything.

“Fei Cheng has told you all of it, right?” Lancelot suddenly asked.

“What?” Nan HuaiLin said.

“About my half-boy, half-girl thing.” Lancelot said with downcast eyes.

Nan HuaiLin paused, and let out a “hmmm.”

Lancelot laughed softly, “You must think I’m a monster.”

Nan HuaiLin also smiled, “I may be more receptive by nature. I was surprised for a minute or so when Fei Cheng showed up in front of me, and then I accepted it very openly.”

He paused, “Today at noon when Fei Cheng told me about you, I wasn’t surprised at all. There are all kinds of existence in this world. I can’t think others are monsters just because they are different from me. You aren’t a monster, you’re just different from me.”

Lancelot looked at him and said seriously, “Cheng is lucky to have you as his wife. Can I be friends with you?”

“Of course,” Nan HuaiLin said with a smile. “You’re Fei Cheng’s friend, which means you’re my friend.”

After the formula was brewed, the two carried the bottles to the living room.

Nan HuaiLin and Lancelot each fed one, and Fei Cheng fed two.

Nan HuaiLin held the green bow-tied Dragon Two in his arms with one hand, and held the bottle in the other to feed it milk.

The little dragon tilted its neck, it’s mouth biting the teat, and sucked uncontrollably. It probably sucked a little too quickly, because the corners of its mouth began to leak milk. Nan HuaiLin’s chest had little wet spots on it.

Looking at Dragon Two’s cute little face, Nan HuaiLin’s heart swelled with a certain sentiment that turned his heart soft and warm.

He subconsciously lowered his head, and kissed the little dragon’s little head.


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Thanks for translating and editing.

November 24, 2021 2:15 pm

I constantly smiled while reading this chapter. It’s cuteness and sweetness overload😍😍😍😍

November 24, 2021 7:53 pm

Surely after you’ve had a Dragon for a companion and five cute little dragon eggs, your three worldviews will never be the same, but every moment in this family is all so sweet, so nice, so cute! The fifth egg will be the most special! Thanks for the chapter!

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Sweet domestic chapter. I’m looking forward to the proper names for the dragon cubs.
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