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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


The action that had been rehearsed countless times came to a screeching halt as the vampire looked over at the tall werewolf who was blinking his bewildered dog eyes, and gave a kindly, soft laugh.

“Okay, okay, it’s not good to abuse dogs.” Shang HaoJia patted Wei Long’s shoulder and moved to the side to make some room for him, who apparently wasn’t much more amiable, “By the way, you’re not really planning to bite me, are you?”

“In order to ensure my elegant enough image in front of you, I would not choose such reckless and stupid behavior.” Wei Long smiled helplessly and had to move to sit by his side, patting He JiaLun’s shoulder. His tone seemed very friendly and enthusiastic, “My friend, you should know, if Doctor Shang hadn’t helped, you would probably be down there running after the car by now.”

“I messed up again?” Driven by instinct, He JiaLun shivered hard, and although he hadn’t been able to figure out the situation, he nodded subconsciously, “Okay, then next time when you bite him, I won’t interfere.”

Being frustrated by this awkward werewolf, Wei Long shook his head helplessly and didn’t bother to talk to him much. He turned to Shang HaoJia, “My friend, you must be very tired. This is still some distance from the police station, you might as well take this opportunity to rest for a while–“

“No, I still have a few things I’d like to know.” Shang HaoJia waved his hand and sat up with a boost of energy, “I’ve been in the Emergency Department for two years now, and I’ve never encountered these strange and bizarre situations. Are there often werewolves going around hurting people, or these vampire and werewolf street fights?”

“No, no – these situations naturally have a cause.” Wei Long smiled and shook his head, keenly noticing the waist that Shang HaoJia held with his hand. He thoughtfully reached over and held the rather well-built human doctor’s strong, narrow waist.

“In the past, this city was temporarily inhabited by vampires. Because vampires are a very elegant and low-profile race, and can not leave images on any surveillance or photographic equipment, the existence of vampires had not been noticed by anyone. But not long ago, the first wandering werewolf appeared here.”

“Not me.” He JiaLun automatically raised his hand and skillfully braked steadily at a red light, “I have a dog license, vaccinations, and a pedigree certificate, and my parents have lived in this city for a long time. Unlike those random coyotes out there. My mom never lets me play with them.”

“Then you werewolves are still really – very integrated into modern life…” Removing the hand that touched his waist, Doctor Shang nodded in a mixed mood and patted the momentarily lost vampire soothingly again, “Here comes the first wandering werewolf. What happens after that?”

In Wei Long’s heart, he crossed out the third article of the relationship manual, ‘Have more physical contact with them and let them get used to your scent’ as well. The frustrated vampire was only lost for a moment, then he gathered himself up again and met Shang HaoJia’s gaze with a light smile, “After that, the situation became very chaotic. The werewolves gathered more and more, and the vampires were unwilling to back down. In order to compete for the new year’s temporary residence permit, the two races of low and middle-ranking forces had more and more frequent friction…”

“You guys want temporary residence permits too. Is it actually still a yearly renewal?” Shang HaoJia mistakenly propped up his body, and was reminded of the soreness coming from his waist and could not help but suck in a cold breath.

Wei Long hurriedly reached out to wrap his arms around him, one hand gently rubbing his back, unobtrusively infiltrating his blood power through his palms, “My dear friend, will this make you feel better?”

“Much better. Thanks a lot…” Comfortable coolness quickly dispersed the sore back muscles from sprain and overexertion. Shang HaoJia couldn’t be ruthless enough to refuse such a benefit anymore. He sighed in self-loathing, but was once again taken by the vampire.

“We are not required to have a temporary residence permit, as we are the resident ghosts of the city. But for the large number of wandering ghosts, without a temporary residence permit, all the celestial masters, Taoists, elves, and magicians, have the right to drive them away or even eliminate them.”

Finally finding the trick to get along with each other, the vampire’s inky pupils flashed a blood color. His hands moved in patient and gentle movements, willingly continuing to be a free masseur.

“I wasn’t quite able to adapt to the unique Chinese system of ghosts and monsters at first, but after all, living here, it’s still necessary to follow the customs.” Very satisfied with the current situation, Wei Long lightly smiled and replied, then without warning, swept the person into his arms again, “But this time, why there was a low-ranking wolf pack, I have not yet fully ascertained. It is possible that the fight has escalated, or it is possible that the prophets have checked their identity and caused them to be alerted…”

“Can you not keep using the terminology of werewolf killing to describe such things. It’s very middle-aged you know?” He JiaLun, who had been silent until now under the deterrent of power, finally couldn’t help but interject again, and slapped the steering wheel with annoyance, “I think other human inventions are fine, but this werewolf killing is really too awful. Did the werewolf eat his family’s rice or abduct his family’s dog to elope? Why is it interesting to gather a group of people around to kill a werewolf?”

Sensing his werewolf friend’s genuine anger, Wei Long smiled helplessly and leaned down slightly as a sign of apology, “Please excuse me – I may indeed be a little addicted to werewolf killing lately. After all, this game is really very interesting, especially when there are those gnome friends, who do not remember very well, are participating. Allow me to correct my statement. I’m not quite sure why there were indiscriminate attacks on the crowd by low-ranking werewolves who couldn’t hide their identities this time…but I personally rather suspect that someone from the Investigation Department was on to them and made them a bit agitated.”

Shang HaoJia raised his eyebrows with interest, and was about to continue to pursue the question, when the car smoothly parked in front of the police station, “Okay – wake him up. Let’s just go to the police station and talk.”

As the son of a double police member family, Shang HaoJia was more familiar with the police station than his own neighborhood. He pushed the door open, jumped out of the car and when the dazzling sunshine hit him, he instinctively raised his hand to block his eyes. It was only then that Shang HaoJia remembered that there was a vampire in the car who was afraid of the light. 

Wei Long did not seem to care much, just holding the car door, intending to get out of the car, but Shang HaoJia pressed on his shoulder to hold him back, “Sunscreen can not completely block ultraviolet rays and today’s weather is very good. You are sure it does not matter?”

“My dear friend, your concern touches the bottom of my heart. But please don’t worry, I am after all a vampire that has survived for thousands of years, just walking under the sun for a short time like this still won’t make me get sunburned. According to human research in astronomy, the moon also reflects sunlight and according to this theory, moonlight is also a threat to us. Since it is this way, wouldn’t we be unable to survive in this world?”

“Don’t talk to me about science – I can’t figure out what science is anymore.” Shang HaoJia shook his head resentfully and pushed the vampire, who was standing in front of him, into the shadows before turning back to help the sleepy youth, “Awake? Come out. In a moment, you’ll be questioned.”

“Doctor – we’re at the police station?” The youth rubbed his eyes, only to see the majestic police station building in front of him. He was suddenly excited, and he smiled and rubbed his hands, “Well, we can also show them back that I am also a good man who has been in the bureau and came out alive…”

“According to you, I have been a good man for twenty years.” He JiaLun also locked the car and came around, Shang HaoJia nodded towards the vampire leaning in the shadows, and led a line of people into the police station.

The attendant had long been familiar with him, and once they met, he enthusiastically patted SHang HaoJia’s shoulder, “Xiao Jia, look at your parents, one word and they give up Xiao Jia for everyone – it’s really hard for you. On behalf of the organization, Uncle sends his cordial condolences to you!”

“Good – please convey a word to the organization on my behalf? I’m starving to death. Can the organization manage me a meal?”

Although he ate in the middle of the night, stitching was a physical job, and he’d ran around half the night. His stomach had long been empty. Shang HaoJia signed the register and was about to wait for his parents to come to the hall to collect the person when his eyes suddenly lit up, “Mom! How did you know I was coming?!”

Not expecting to have the chance to see his mother-in-law, the vampire’s inky pupils lit up with blood again and he looked over with interest.

The woman walked quickly toward them. Although her face was kind and gentle, her pace was quite robust and sharp. She did not look like she had a son in his twenties, who flung himself into her arms. She smiled and gently patted his back, “Your father said, according to your speed of action and from your hospital to the police station road analysis, that you should arrive at this time, and asked me to come down to meet you. I heard that you were stitching up people all night. Are you tired?”

“Not tired, just hungry.” Seeing the rice bowl in his mother’s hand, he finally felt the warmth of affection once again. Shang HaoJia was so moved that he almost choked, took it and poured two mouthfuls into his mouth, “Mom, look – you brought me congee, but did not add a pair of chopsticks. This meat porridge needs some salt though…”

He JiaLun shrugged his nose and suddenly tugged Wei Long’s sleeve worriedly, giving a wink in the direction of the two.

Receiving the mind waves from his werewolf friend, Wei Long’s eyes widened slightly in surprise, hesitated for a moment, and finally shook his head sorrowfully and firmly.


Unfortunately, Shang’s mother obviously did not understand the two people’s bitterness. Just lovingly patted her son’s shoulder in front of her and helplessly shook her head, “Silly boy, this is for that werewolf. Your aunt specially cooked some dog food, I just sent it to them by the way…”


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May 17, 2021 2:00 pm
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How thoughtful…. ‘dog’ food though; is that not a little disrespectful? Hopefully not.
His parents both seem fully familiar with vampires and werewolves. Has the supernatural been their area of expertise all this time?
Thank you for the chapter.

May 17, 2021 11:06 pm

Okay?? Are his parents in a super natural
Unit?? What is this about calculated projection lol I loved how WL took advantage of the situation and held the doctor in his arms! I also thought it as cute how he worries of WL may get burned ❤️❤️

May 18, 2021 1:00 am

The mother so cruel…smashing the son food dreaming just like that😂😂😂😂

May 18, 2021 7:17 am

I don’t know how many times I’ve laughed while reading this chapter!!! But then again, his parents are all too well accustomed to dealling with the supernatural beings.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 6, 2021 8:16 am

No sir. I’m a good were-husky with a dog license, vaccinations and a pedigree certificate. Hahahaha….oh, the laughter, it hurts…..

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