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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


While smacking the candy in his mouth, the little dragon was mindfully studying how to tie up the hair on that big tail, playing with great interest, not noticing that he was slightly further from the ground than before. Seeing its lack of reaction, Doctor Shang nodded in relief, instructed He JiaLun to keep quiet, and followed Eli all the way into the lab.

“Doctor Shang, Doctor Shang – Do I have to give another tube of blood?” He JiaLun hurriedly pulled Shang HaoJia and lowered his voice as he looked at the door, “If…if we still need to draw blood, can we go to a more private place? You also know that my personality after the transformation is more prone to trouble…”

“Don’t worry, I know and MuXi should know. You can not just show your identity in front of outsiders, I will try to keep it low profile.” Shang HaoJia nodded with deep understanding, led him into the lab, grabbed a beaker from the shelf, held the small dragon crawling on the dog’s tail, and put both of them on the lab table.

His actions were too fluid. The little dragon did not have time to react, it was put into the beaker and the roller coaster-like movement caught him off guard, “OMG ah ah ah -“

Xiao Long’s childish screams rang through the laboratory, futilely spinning in the beaker, and gushing tears instantly overflowed along the mouth of the beaker. Almost immediately, a thunderstorm suddenly sounded outside the window, and the sky, which had just turned clear, turned gloomy again in the blink of an eye.

The pragmatic werewolf wagged his tail worriedly and suddenly developed some inexplicable sense of responsibility as a nanny dog. “How about – how about you let him lie back down, he’s not much heavier anyway…”

“It’s okay. If children cry more, it promotes blood circulation, while also exercising lung capacity. Anyway, we are no longer outside, let it cry properly.” Doctor Shang waved his hand blandly, fished out a first aid kit from the cupboard, and took a test tube from the sterilizer, “Come on, let’s go to the bathroom first, and get the serum problem sorted out.”

Although it was clear what the two people were planning to do, the vampire was still anxious to stop the research of various regions. He straightened up, holding the lab table and winked kindly towards the big dog who was pestering for a hug as soon as he transformed, “How about it, do you need me to come along to help?”

“No, no, no – I’m a disciplined person, I’m sure I won’t do anything!” The innocent husky friend instinctively shivered, shook his head vigorously, and pulled Shang HaoJia out the door in stride, “Quickly – you can grab more this time. Do two bottles! Save me from coming back to do this again…”

With the previous experience, Doctor Shang veterinarian’s action this time was obviously more agile and proficient. One hand pinched the neck, pressed the big dog on the washing table, led the dog paw to eliminate the disinfection, drew the tube blood nimbly and put it aside.

“I was just thinking, if werewolf blood really works for the dragons, will you not be attacked by dragons?”

“I don’t know about this – it could be a folk remedy or something. Just like before there were people who said that drinking vampire’s blood could be cosmetic and eating dragon’s meat could be an aphrodisiac. Such rumors are all over the world, and the breeding of carnivorous dragons once became the pillar industry over in Western Europe.”

Under the intimidation of the vampire, this time the big dog grit his teeth and held back his aggression. After surviving the ordeal of the blood draw, he successfully regained his human state and grabbed the clothes laid at the side and put them over his head in one piece.

“Doctor Shang, I’m not one to pick fights. But your half-blooded demon friend – you’d better be careful – although I’ve never seen a male inherit succubus blood before, I think he smells like he’s teasing you…”

“Who are you talking about – Eli?” Shang HaoJia cleaned up the things at the sink, and curiously raised his eyebrows. Apparently he had successfully accepted the whole world was much more than a normal person’s setting, “No wonder that boy has lasted five years in college with a ton of girls. He has received love letters, and everyone in our entire dormitory called him the flower attracting bees.”

“So the succubus was only attracting the opposite sex? I also thought that the attraction was regardless of gender…” The werewolf suddenly snapped at his own head, and suddenly smiled and came to his side, “Doctor Shang, I’m really not one to pick a fight – but do you know that a female demon has flirted with your vampire before? In order to show her feelings, she also took the initiative to write a blood letter to him and sent it to him, the result was that he fainted at that time, and also made the news…”

“Is it the same thing that Eli just apologized to Mr. Wei for?” The other party’s ambiguous statement was not denied, and Doctor Shang rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Just as he was about to ask more about the specifics of the museum, he heard a deafening boom suddenly coming from the end of the corridor.

“Oh no, let’s go.”

Listening to the movement coming from the laboratory, Shang HaoJia put that issue to the back of his mind and quickly rushed back. But once in the laboratory, the situation in front of him made him widen his eyes.

In front of him was the large body of a winged fire dragon.

The fire dragon was red in color and had a fierce face, but a small golden dragon was coiled on top of its head, majestically blowing its whiskers at the crowd, “You bad guys, how dare you bully my brother! I won’t spare you!” 

The fire dragon was quite large, and he almost filled the laboratory, making the small space crowded. Eli, holding the glass beaker, was sitting on the laboratory table, and the youth standing to the side, was shivering.

“Where is Mr. Wei?”  Shang HaoJia looked around the laboratory, but couldn’t find the vampire’s always conspicuous figure.

“I’m here, my dear friend. What can I do for you?” The familiar voice of elegance suddenly came from behind the fire dragon, and Shang HaoJia looked over toward the voice to see Wei Long sitting on the window sill, patiently bending the bent guardrails with his bare hands one by one, and in the mood to smile lightly, waved to him.

After three seconds of seeing the vampire who loved to deface public property, Doctor Shang smoothly hid the blood he had just drawn behind him, waved his hand to indicate that he should continue to bend the railings, and shook the short claws of the fire dragon in front of him in a friendly manner, “Are you the parent of Xian Bei? His fear of heights is somewhat serious. If you want to live a smooth life, it is best to stick to the treatment and not to give up halfway. What is your opinion?”

Caught off guard by the other party, the fire dragon’s huge head sheepishly swung twice, then suddenly brought up a harsh and powerful wind.

Sitting on the laboratory table, Eli’s hands clutched the baby dragon in the beaker, and hung on to the laboratory table, “Shrimp, I suggest you tell him not to move. In fact, why did he jump in when he is so big? To be honest, I was also shocked at his size change…”

“Sorry, sorry, sorry – I thought you had kidnapped my son, so I purposely changed my body shape and gave you trouble, trouble…”

The fire dragon politely turned around, following Shang HaoJia’s example, he wanted to shake hands with Eli who was lying on the test bench. But he didn’t realize that his two claws were too short, and after stretching forward as far as he could, he wasn’t able to reach his opponent’s arm, and could only tiptoe and gently pat the top of his head twice.

Suddenly receiving a friendly pat on his head by the dragon’s claw, Eli was still protecting the beaker with a great righteous posture. He also had to hold the test bench with one hand to ensure that he did not fall, while crying and laughing at his old classmate who was actually just watching the show and made a plea for help.

Shang HaoJia nodded thoughtfully, shifted the instruments and beakers in his hands to a safe place, and with one hand propped up, he half-crouched lightly on the test bench and patted the fire dragon’s shoulder, “Mr. Xian Gris, can you please change back to your original size first? As you can see, my friends are almost out of places to stand.”

“Can!” The fire dragon nodded repeatedly, and tried to reach the top of his head with his claws, to pull down the little dragon lying on his head, but unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, it was clear that he was still going to be a long way off. “Bao’er, first go with Bei’er to the side, Daddy is going to change back.”

The little golden dragon on top of his head seemed to like this game. He proudly flew several circles around his body before he dived down and landed near his brother, who was hiding under his father’s tail. Then he comfortingly wrapped around him and rubbed him, “Bei’er, don’t cry! Is that human bullying you? Brother will help you bite him!”

With that, he pounced aggressively and bit down on Shang HaoJia’s trouser leg.


As the little golden dragon pulled his trouser leg, Doctor Shang looked at the guardian dragon, who had just shrunk to his normal size, and patted his wings, “Mr. Xian Gris, can I ask – did you give your oldest son the serum you grabbed earlier? Did you?”

“Sorry sorry sorry, at that time I did – I don’t know how to describe it accurately in your Chinese language, it’s probably, anger from the heart, evil bile?” Hearing him mention his serum robbery, the fire dragon bowed apologetically and uncontrollably, and his sharp bone wings brought up a strong wind. The wolves at the side of the table pounced on Eli, who was doing preparatory activities, and pulled him to the ground.


The fire dragon, apparently not yet aware of the series of chaos he had caused, remained apologetically bent over and tried to cover his face with his two little claws in shame, but could only barely cover his chest. “In fact, we dragons, regardless of species, all rely on essence blood to draw power and complete our evolution. While passing by, I was suddenly attracted by the friendly atmosphere full of liveliness, bravery and rich spirit of exploration, so I couldn’t help but go astray for a moment, and Lin has already scolded me severely…”


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May 19, 2021 11:54 am

So his classmate inherited the blood of a succubus, and now they are talking with a fire breathing dragon… OMG I seriously love this novel. Dr. Shang is taking everythin in stride!
Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 19, 2021 6:22 pm

So has the doctor always been surrounded by all these things! He seems to be taking it easy lol I love how he puts on different faces, the professional face, the pediatric face lol he is hilarious!! ❤️❤️

May 20, 2021 2:52 am

Gosh…the dragon family so cute🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

May 20, 2021 5:41 am

Thank you for the chapter.

June 6, 2021 9:03 am

One friend is an elf, the patient is a werewolf, lover is a vampire, the lab tech is a demon….Does Dr. Shang know any actual humans? Oh, and the dragon dad is a complete doofus.

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