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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Seemingly in response to the mood of the little dragon, the rain began to fall in bigger drops. 

The vampire held out the umbrella, trying his best to cover the human doctor beside him. He bent down in a friendly manner, and waved his hand towards the little dragon. “Hello, Your Highness, esteemed divine dragon. Technically speaking, I’m actually a vampire from the West – I would be honored if you could marvel at my race.”

“…” The little dragon flopped twice in the muddy water and looked with eyes full of tears at the amiable vampire in front of him. It cowered and ducked back, sniffled twice, and cried just a few more fierce tears.

“Ah, don’t scare it! Our Chinese dragons control the clouds and rain, and if I’m right, this rain is because it’s crying.” Pulling back the vampire who was intimidating the underage dragon, Doctor Shang patiently squatted down and picked the young dragon up, and pulled out his heel pen, waving it in front of him twice.

The same approach that was used with young humans apparently worked with the young dragon. The scared little dragon was soon attracted by the pen waving in front of him, and gradually stopped crying. It curiously lunged forward, biting the pen cap.

“No, no, this can’t be eaten. If you eat it, it’ll be bad for your stomach.” Successfully finding a reasonable mode of getting along, Doctor Shang nodded in satisfaction, as he rescued the pen from the little dragon’s mouth, and wiped the water from its body. “Do not be afraid, we are not bad people. Where is your mom and dad?”

The little dragon blinked suspiciously, looked at Doctor Shang, who had skillfully turned on his professional mode, coiled up shakily and gently swept his tail twice. “I don’t know, I fell down by accident. Dad flew really high…”

“Are you afraid of heights?”

Shang HaoJia could not help but raise an eyebrow, holding the dragon, he started to stand up. But only halfway up, the little dragon suddenly panicked and rolled into a ball, with its tail tightly covering its eyes. “No, no! I do not want to fly – I’m afraid! I’m afraid!”

Fearing being caught off guard again and being poured on by rain, Doctor Shang could only patiently squat back down again. He gently poked the small dragon ball, “So – you can accept being at a certain height, but only up to here?”

Wincing, the little dragon lifted the tip of his tail to look around and found he was back near the ground. He finally stretched out, and guiltily lowered his head, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to cry, I was really too scared…”

Doctor Shang shrugged indifferently and looked up at the vampire beside him.

Receiving the human doctor’s distress signal, Wei Long raised his eyebrows and showed some understanding, then patted his werewolf friend, “JiaLun, now it’s time for you to show off your skills again.”

“What do you want from me now?”

He JiaLun alertly took two steps back, looking at the vampire who had an elegant smile. He felt all the dog hair on his body stand up in fear, and shook his head without hesitation, “Needless to say, not possible, I know you won’t have a good idea-“

“Do me a favor, I’ll reimburse you for the cost of your pants when I get back.” With a shallow smile, Wei Long patted his werewolf friend’s shoulder and pulled a dog’s tail out of nowhere with a touch at his tailbone.

The werewolf, who was still hesitating, jumped up and subconsciously covered his tail with both hands, looking nervously at the brutal vampire in front of him, “What are you doing?! I’m a regular werewolf! I–“

“I know. I need a small favor from my competent butler.” The vampire interrupted him with a smile, and a faint flash of blood in his pupils easily deterred the distressed werewolf. Satisfied to see him standing still properly, he suddenly spoke in a softened tone as he smiled gently, leaning down with one hand on his shoulder, and pulling the fluffy tail toward Shang HaoJia’s face.

“My dear friend, you can put our divine Dragon Highness on this. At such a height, I believe our little Highness should not feel afraid anymore.”

“Many thanks for your hard work.”

After being rescued successfully, he watched the little dragon clinging tightly to the dog’s tail and Shang HaoJia was finally relieved. He encouragingly touched the dragon’s horns, “Not afraid now? Don’t cry anymore. We’ll help you find your mom and dad later. Tell Brother what your name is, okay?”

Seeing his human doctor in pediatric duty mode, and looking at his almost overflowing gentle patience, the vampire smiled and put away the umbrella in his hand. His ink pupils were colored with warm colors.

The fluffy soft hair on the husky tail smoothly calmed the young dragon’s emotions. The little dragon enjoyed burrowing into the hair and rubbing his face everywhere. Then he carefully settled in, “My surname is Xian, called Xian Bei, my brother is called Xian Bao. We are double-yolked eggs! My father’s name is Xian Lin, and my other father’s name is Xian Gris…”

“Looks like a pretty complicated family relationship. This is all I need to know for now.” Shang HaoJia decisively terminated this topic that looked like it would be able to expand infinitely. He shook his head with a wry smile, as he patted down his body, and pulled out a piece of fruit candy from his pocket. He peeled it open and fed it to the little dragon.

“Brothers have to find your dad first. Be good and stay on the tail of Big Brother He, okay?”

The little dragon nodded obediently with the candy in his mouth and obediently coiled up on He JiaLun’s tail. Doctor Shang then straightened up, smiled lightly and patted the arm of his werewolf friend in front of him, “Thanks to you – it seems that pet dogs can indeed be very good at calming children’s emotions…”

With a sigh of mixed emotions, He JiaLun turned to look back at the small dragon coiled on his tail and just couldn’t help but shiver hard, “Its emotions are pacified, but I have mixed emotions right now. Can I ask one more question? Do your Chinese dragons eat meat or are they vegetarians?”

Shang HaoJia, who had never thought about this, raised his eyebrows and was about to take out his cell phone to check for him when a familiar voice came from afar, “You guys came so fast. It began raining in the local area recently. The weather forecast is not accurate at all! Have you been rained on?”

Shang HaoJia smiled and responded, “Let’s go back to the lab and talk about it. The air conditioning will make the clothes dry faster.”

He walked up to the other person and gave them a high five, then turned around and introduced him to the others, “This is my college roommate, Eli, who is now a teacher at our university. These two are my friends. Mr. Wei you should have already met, over there with a baby dragon on his tail, is my friend surnamed He. You can do as I do and call him Mr. He. The young man in the back is my patient and the recipient of the serum I am entrusting you with this time, so I brought him straight here.”

“Hello guys – it’s hard for you to have to make one more trip. Just call me Eli directly and let’s talk as we go.” Eli nodded towards the crowd and greeted them warmly without apology.

His figure was well-proportioned, his eyebrows were exquisite, and his voice was so magnetic, that the werewolf, who was frustrated by the dragon bolted to his tail, was instantly excited. 

The vampire’s face remained calm, as he smiled and shook hands with Eli, politely bowing slightly, “Our previous exchange was a bit hasty. Please give my regards to your grandmother. I had the pleasure of meeting her once, and her style really made my eyes shine…”

“Ah – are you the young and talented director of the private museum?” Eli shook hands with him. When he heard his words, his expression could not help but show some embarrassment, and hastily bowed apologetically towards him. “I really do not know how to explain to you – my grandmother, she actually has no malice towards you, but thinks you are very charming. I know this may be hard for you to accept, but she has tried to go to the house to apologize in person, and has gone to the museum several times, only to be told that the curator is not in…” 1

Realizing that there were obviously some past events between these two people that he didn’t know about, Shang HaoJia looked back and forth with interest. But then clapped his hands to dutifully interrupt the pleasantries of the two people,”Well, let’s go to the lab and draw another tube of blood as soon as possible before Eli has it stolen again. Although I find it unlikely, is this little dragon the one that robbed you of the serum?”

“No, it was a – probably a little more European and American looking dragon, with a scarlet body and hard spines at the tip of its nose. It flew especially fast and spat two fireballs at me.”

Looking in the direction he pointed, Eli shook his head gently and rubbed his jaw in reply before suddenly reacting, “No, how is this another dragon – is it that Jurassic Park has closed down and all the dragons inside were sold off?”

“That’s my dad! My dad is the one who can breathe fire!” The little dragon wagged its tail excitedly and wanted to swim upstream, but was worried that it would move too high, cautiously slid down a section and lowered its head in frustration, “My dad said that a dragon can’t be afraid of heights, so he wanted to find me something to enhance my courage, and also took me flying around in the sky. But I was so scared that I couldn’t help crying out, and then it suddenly rained, and then my dad’s fire went out, and then I fell down…”

“Can the werewolf serum increase the courage value?” Looking at the same bewildered husky friend, Shang HaoJia also could not help but laugh lightly. Only then did he shake his head helplessly, his gaze suddenly moved slightly again, he pulled He JiaLun to his side and whispered something.


Although he did not understand the human doctor’s intention, but as a good and loyal friend of humans, He JiaLun still nodded obediently. When the people entered the laboratory building, He JiaLun quietly lifted his tail up a few centimeters without alerting the baby dragon.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Addis note: This part is weird. I think the author forgot that Wei Long has been asleep for 900 years. There’s no way that he’d be awake 80 ish years ago?


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May 19, 2021 9:45 am

Replying to Addis: Isn’t it that it was only mentioned that Wei Long slept for 900 years, but did not specifically mention when exactly he woke up?

May 19, 2021 10:05 am

A little dragon with the fear of hights. Poor little thing, I know something about it.
Thank you for the chapter

May 19, 2021 6:10 pm

Awww so adorable! A little dragon with fear to fly! They are using the poor Mr. He for everything lol so the vampire and Eli knew each other!?! This gets interesting by the chapter!

May 20, 2021 2:32 am

Gosh….Dr Shang so calm mixing with a bunch of aliens🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

May 20, 2021 5:23 am

On translator’s not: unless it specified the 900-year time period, who knows how long Wei has been awake? I need to go back in chapters and look 😊

May 20, 2021 5:29 am

I just love the characters in this.
Their relationships progressed pretty quick and acceptance of all things supernatural, with relative ease, by everyone so far, is very amusing.
Thank you for translating.

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