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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


During the second week of the long vacation, Dr. Shang successfully received his doctorate degree.

The emergency department learned about this and the department director couldn’t stop smiling all day long, going around bragging about it. Dr. Shang earned a wave of hatred. The hospital was very scared that he would abscond with his stethoscope, so he dragged his vampire into the Elves’ luxury carriage, and went to Hawaii to enjoy a pleasant vacation.

“The truth is, I’m still curious. It’s clear that we want to have a good time together, so how did we end up in this situation?” He held the tiger cub, who was already growing strong in his arms, and there was an even bigger orange cat on his shoulder. The majesty of the pure-blood king had apparently been greatly reduced. The crowd remained as if they had not heard, and the villa was a happy mess.

“The teacher of the Dragon Kindergarten called. Stomach Medicine tried to eat the other children again.”

For the situation at hand, the human doctor seemed to have no intention of removing the little Taotie from his shoulder, “Xiao Yao, last time it was because people grabbed his brother’s wings. What was this time because of?”

“Because Jairus mocked brother, just because brother’s name is not the same as ours!” The orange cat majestically straightened his neck and waved his paws, “If I can’t beat him, I’ll eat him!”

“Stomach Medicine did the right thing, we should advise kindergartens to try to keep Jairus out of school, they’re always bullying other kids.” The vampire nodded approvingly and took the fat little guy out of his human’s hands, dutifully guiding him patiently, “Remember to spit it out after you eat it. After all, they’re all classmates, so just scare them. You don’t want a bad stomach, okay? “

Little Taotie nodded vigorously, and rolled in his father’s arms, comfortably licking his arm hair.

“These two relations can be really good, Xian Bao and Xian Bei usually start to quarrel, and refuse to let each other win.” Attracted over, Xian Lin lightly sighed, enviously moving his dragon whiskers, “I sent those two brats to boarding school, but I do not know if I can trust them to learn to behave better. The two listen to you, when can you take them back again?”

“Mr. Xian, are you sure they will learn to behave better with me?” The human doctor, apparently fully aware of himself, raised his eyebrows and shook his head, beckoning towards the hybrid snow fox on the sofa, “Lu Xue, do you remember what the two little ones have learned?”

“Fuck you and Lu Xue, my name is Zhen Xi!”

The second master of the werewolf family grumpily leapt up, and clan instincts made him dive on the ground, he hit his head. He covered his mouth as tears rolled down his face, “Gah, why so hard…”

“I did not expect a snow fox would jump up and hit the ground.”

The pure-blood king elegantly gave a light sigh, grabbed the white fox’s tail and gave him to the ghost servant who floated over. He gathered his human to sit on the sofa beside him, “I left the safe zone, Doaist Yan followed to supervise me, which is understandable. Since Daoist Yan is here, Mr. Elf will come. So Lord Bloodhound also came along so they could rehearse together the performance items, which means my incompetent son also came with-“

“You still know that I am your son! Why do I have to follow behind? The reason I came along was so that your conscience does not hurt, Dad!”

The blood-sucking ball popped over with teeth bared and claws brandished, as he called the king of pure blood out slightly. Then he pursed his lips in disgust, and casually waved him away, “Do you want to become swollen again? Lord Bloodhound, you are feeding on your own blood?”

“In order to increase the amorousness on a certain occasion, I occasionally suck my blood, however, yesterday it bit me.”

The vampire hunter, who was usually dressed as an elite, wore a rare Hawaiian-style short-sleeved shirt today, with the collar open a bit, half revealing the blood-colored mandala mark. He fished up a cup of blood cola and took a sip. “It’s okay, it will go down in a couple of days. But esteemed father-in-law, can you not always emphasize the relationship between father and son that exists in name only?”

“I would be happy to, but my beloved seems to enjoy the fact that Mr. Elf has to call him Uncle because of it.” The vampire smiled apologetically and tilted his head innocently as he politely declined the other party’s request.

Zhuge Kao Yu was not bothered by this and shrugged noncommittally before sitting comfortably on the sofa, “Aren’t you curious as to why we came over?”

The king of purebloods smiled congenially and shook his head, with a flash of blood in his eyes, “No, I actually don’t want to know at all. I just simply don’t want you to follow me.”

“Tomorrow is the eve, and we are out to have fun! We are all paired up. We won’t bother you two. Just let us live the addicting life of living in a villa.”

The little phoenix was a little dusty, eagerly fluttered his wings to come over. He had a cloth hung around his neck. A calm Tibetan fox was squatting inside and gave a friendly wave towards the two, while nodding, “Dr. Shang, Mr. Wei, we meet again.”

“Did you sleep all the way from the sycamore tree?”

Controlling his facial expression when the Tibetan fox greeted him, the human doctor felt sympathetic for the little phoenix and picked a few paulownia leaves, then patted his back, “Can you stay here and eat?”

“They do not care, I have long wanted to eat fish!”

Hai Dai in human form, was smiling and shaking his head. He gave the human doctor an affectionate hug, then was excitedly pulled back by the Mr. Tibetan fox and they went straight to the beach to run.

In addition to the lone hybrid snow fox, the rest of the family were dragged out. The little phoenix was in the lead and was excited to do their own thing. Mr. Tibetan fox walked halfway, finally turned back, grabbed the crying, wet snow fox and asked, “Still want my life?”

“Do not want.”

The mixed-blood snow fox was crying and hiccuping, lifting his small paws to wipe the tears on his face, “Jia Duo Bao, I was wrong. Do not leave me. That vampire will really stew me…”

“What did you call me?” The mixed fox squatted on the ground, grabbed his ears. 

The snow fox immediately and honestly changed his mouth, “Big Brother…”

Jia Duo Bao nodded in satisfaction, carrying his brother’s tail calmly, “Go, help your sister-in-law catch fish to go, I can not catch them alone.”


After the chaos, the villa was finally cleared out.

“Honey, I think there must be something fishy in this.” The vampire jerked the little tiger in his arms, and his eyes faintly flashed a blood color, “So many people have followed, I believe they must not be simply here for vacation. The Special Agency must also have its confidential arrangements, but my forces have not yet spied…”

“Yes, they are here to find the mermaid. The mermaid has been extinct for more than a hundred years. The Special Agency intends to find it, and find a way to protect it.” Dr. Shang was lifting the orange cat up and down, worryingly poking his son’s stomach that had almost begun to deflate, nodding carelessly, “Don’t worry – With Mu Xi, the Special Agency has nothing confidential.”

“So that’s how it is…”

More and more respectful to his handy human doctor, Wei Long nodded proudly, rubbed the little tiger’s ears, and could not help but sigh, “The mermaid’s meat is extremely tasty. Various clans therefore hunted them, resulting in the near extinction. If it were not for the emergence of the Special Agency, such brutal acts would not have been curbed. From this point of view, the Special Agency has indeed done some good.”

“Are they hunting and killing them because they’re delicious?” Usually, the reason for extinction would be due to some special ability or encountering an extremely strong natural enemy, but he didn’t expect it to be for such a ferocious reason. Dr. Shang frowned, and then put down the arm that he raised before it became sore, “Since it is called a mermaid, then it should be similar to humans, but it will still be hunted and killed?”

“Mermaids are mainly divided into two groups, a class with a fish tail and human upper body or a class of fish upper body with human legs. The latter category is closer to normal fish, due to them only having seven seconds of memory,  and their brain capacity is also small. This is the main object of hunting and killing.” The multi-literate pure-blooded ancestor shook his head, patiently sharing his scientific related knowledge of mermaids with his own human. Then his language became slightly hesitant, and he coughed lightly as he continued, “But – the mermaid has no gender distinction. All the reproductive tasks by the fish-headed human with legs to be responsible for ……”

“Mn, I probably understand.” The human doctor raised his hand in time to interrupt, stopping the visual in his head and forcing the conversation away, “How is your altar, have you found the location?”

Although his vampire’s anorexia had been successfully cured, the power of the last pendant had been exhausted. In order to prepare for the next occasional need, the two still decided to activate another altar to replenish the power. This was also the main task of this vacation.

Wei Long nodded and smiled lightly, tapped the phone’s blood navigation and handed it over, “Found it. It is not far underwater. We need to go first to rent a set of snorkeling equipment for you. My friend introduced me to a snorkeling rental store, and the price is very fair. Or we can always go find another.”

The human doctor went out with his vampire and found a fair price for the snorkeling rental.

“Just call me Xian Yu. What kind of snorkeling equipment do you wish to rent? Is it for ordinary human use, or do you want this fully automatic, drainable and waterproof set?” The owner was a handsome young man, except his legs seemed to have some disability, and were covered with a thick fleece blanket. Skilfully maneuvering the wheelchair, he received these two special customers with a smile.

Looking at the set of snorkeling equipment which were almost comparable to a miniature submarine, even the more knowledgeable King of Pureblood, could not help but feel a little shock, “Mr. Xian Yu, I do not mean to offend – but the snorkelers are mostly for swimming. Would such equipment really be used by people?”

“There will always be a need. The world has some people that are actually not good at swimming, but had to live in the water to survive.” The boss smiled calmly, with a slightly inclined head, he had a laughing look, “This is not strange. But if you think its style is not beautiful enough, I also have a fully transparent jellyfish here, which is also completely waterproof. One can be free to enjoy the beauty of the sea, but the speed is a little slow, and over time you may also float back. At present only sightseeing tours on the project are put into use, but I can give you a swordfish or tuna to pull it!”

“Thank you, I think this ordinary equipment is fine.” The human doctor spoke up in time and refused the odd amenity for himself. He paid the money to rent the diving suit and oxygen tanks, signed the rental agreement, and handed the pen over, “How long have you been here, just you?”

Meeting the gaze, the boss gently blinked twice, revealing a mischievous smile, “No, my family is still huge, they are just hidden in the depths of the sea – friendly human friends, if one day you happen to pass by a reef in a boat and hear from above the sound of singing coming from it, just please play some new songs and update their old songbook a little.” 

Shang Haojia also smiled, nodded gently, and stretched out his hand for a handshake, “Happy to help. Wish me luck with this.”

The vampire didn’t change face and the human doctor carried their equipment quickly out of the diving store. Looking at the playful and joking Special Agency agents, and glancing back at the mediocre store, the human doctor finally laughed and shook his head.

The last mermaid would probably never be found.

[End of story]



Addis note: Thank you all for sticking through another novel with me! Since this was a surprise release, there will be no other novel to replace it. 😀

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June 4, 2021 10:12 am

I will admit to getting a bit confused, very occasionally, but I loved the characters and this witty adventure.
A perfect signing off from our gorgeous main couple too.
Thanks to the author, and to you for bringing us and translating, this novel.

June 4, 2021 10:48 pm

Ai…the ending too short😢😢😢

June 5, 2021 4:19 am

A mermaid running a diving equipment store… quite fitting, but those mixed blood species from the Agency might not notice it at all with their level of intel.

Thank you for the chapter and the whole novel!!! Very amusing read.

June 7, 2021 4:45 pm

Haha! The mermaid is running the dive shop so it always knows who’s going in the water. And of course the doctor and his hubby wouldn’t be allowed to vacation without the entire crazy family following along. Very nice story. Thanks for translating it!

June 9, 2021 4:36 am

Thanks for your hard work translating this novel.

I like the way the mermaid is hiding in plain sight. 🤭

June 22, 2021 10:41 am

Such a chaotic family..It’s really good,just imagining it to have a live version will be so much fun

June 24, 2021 1:47 pm

Thanks for the translation

May 10, 2022 4:12 am

Thank you for the book.
It felt too abrupt of an ending, but looking back it was many adventures along the way. It’s good to see the Dr. Gave up being the top. Lol

May 22, 2022 3:08 pm

Thank you, Addis

June 16, 2023 11:05 am

Thank you Sir Addis for an interesting story. The mixed non human race is rather confusing. i like the couple, Wei Long and Dr. Shang and his big family.

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