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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Dr. Shang recently had a consciousness problem.

At first it was fine, but occasionally everything would go black, then after a few seconds he would be fine. But over time, it became more and more serious, until one time when he was on duty and directly collapsed in front of the patient, scaring them half to death.

Falling in the emergency room was obviously the safest place to fall. Within three minutes, the unconscious Dr. Shang had been carried to a consultation bed, had a bedside EKG, put on the ventilator with a cardiac monitor, and even had the privilege of having an electrical resuscitation.

The doctor had always been the most easily squeezed labor force. The emergency department doctors came and went with high frequency. It was high pay and high risk and inevitably the departments were up and down. But then again, everyone could directly become a patient. Looking at the easily saved Shang Haojia’s pale face leaning on the lounge, the big director gritted his teeth and waved a pen, and directly approved a three-month leave.

“Director, actually I think I am fine…” 

The discomfort left as quickly as it came, and Dr. Shang stubbornly tried to struggle a second time before the director took him by the collar and  threw him onto the lounge, “It’s a vacation. The emergency department doesn’t need you. If there is news about doctors dying of overwork, no one will want to be a doctor in the future.”

The director was worried about his feelings of respect. Dr. Shang nodded convincingly and sat back in his chair, pressing his wrist to feel his heart rate.

Seventy BPM, not too high, not too low. The beats were powerful, and he could not figure out where the problem lay.

The treatment between the medical and nursing cells had always been rash and crude. Dr. Shang barely buttoned up the few buttons on his shirt that had been ripped off, agonizingly turning the pen in his hand, contemplating how to write his definitive diagnosis, when a figure suddenly appeared beside him.

Wei Long obviously came in a hurry, the blood in the pupils had not yet receded, his hand propped up on the table he was leaning on, half crouched down and raised his head with concern, “Honey, you-“

“I’m fine, we have to go to the Special Agency.”

The next moment when he saw his lover’s bloodshot pupils, Dr. Shang’s heart suddenly flashed with a premonition. Pulling his wrist, he skillfully jumped into his arms.

The vampire’s response was also quite airy. He grabbed his legs neatly, picked Dr. Shang up steadily, kissed him on the forehead, stepped on the window lightly and disappeared into the night.

The set of movements were completed in no more than 3.5 seconds.

“Honey, you haven’t told me you’ve been dizzy lately.” The vampire’s low, mellow, and elegant voice sounded in the human doctor’s ears, not half as smooth as usual, but with a faint trembling of fear.

When he was notified of Shang Haojia’s collapse, the pure-blood king whose power went out of control, had been helping the werewolf housekeeper shave, and accidentally shaved a large part of his head bald. The hybrid husky was now lying on his back in the bedroom wolf-howling incessantly.

In a rare moment, the human doctor blinked vainly and leaned back into his arms, “I’ve been too busy lately, and I thought I was just tired, so I did not care much…”

In the Special Agency, with a large amount of information and strong support, his research had reached the most critical stage, and he would often spend days in the laboratory on duty. The doctoral dissertation was about to be completed, so he had intended to wait until he finished writing the dissertation and then deal with his situation.

The taste of electric shock was really bad, and his chest felt like he had just been hit by a train. Shang Haojia secretly rubbed his chest, and suddenly another cool hand pressed the back of his hand, gently pressing it clockwise with gentle force, “Does it still hurt?”

“Much better.” Dr. Shang did have a weak heart this time, and so his attitude was rare and cooperative, hugging the vampire and gently hooking his lips up. The vampire continued to patiently rub for him, and with a few long leaps, he landed on the roof of the Special Agency, “Honey, why did we come here?”

“I feel that the problem is out of this world, and not something scientific means can solve.”

He was a doctor, also known as the million dollar emergency doctor, and Shang Haojia certainly would not let his situation unfold. All of his arrhythmias were born in the hour after midnight, and instead of making up a new disease, he preferred to believe that he was possessed by something.

After hearing his lover’s words, the vampire placed him gently on the roof of the building and looked grim.

“There are indeed means that even I can not detect.”

Shang Haojia wanted to ask what, but the vampire simply gave a direct answer, his pupils suddenly turned blood red, as he carefully tilted his head.

“If it really is for that reason, I will find out who.”


In the matter of the inhuman world, Dr. Shang trusted his vampire. However, while listening to An MuXi vocally singing to the fourth song, even the human doctor with the title of Daemon King, finally felt some indescribable pressure.

“What’s that look on your face. I told you I haven’t sung in a long time, and I’m now at level 8 in Daoism!”

Although with the successful use of rap instead of singing, his tune was still full of acid even though the elf’s heart no longer had unspeakable pain. “The two of you came in the middle of the night, instead of seizing the time to exchange feelings, and come to me to listen to my Singing?”

“Sing another song. I probably already feel his wave.” Wei Long held his jaw and spoke in a slow voice. 

The tone caused An MuXi to instantly lose his temper, but he reluctantly continued, “We communist successors, inherit the glorious tradition of the revolutionary ancestors -“

“Shut up – stop singing!!!” The hoarse and gloomy voice suddenly exploded. The trail of black gas spilled out straight from the human doctor’s chest, rushing the unsuspecting elf. But before the demon could make it across the room, he was shot through the body with the precision of a diagonal talisman, nailing him hard to the boxwood desk.

“Master!” An Mu Xi turned his head, shouted cheerfully, and flung himself head first into the arms of Yan MaiFan.

“In the future, let’s avoid provoking these things, okay? If you need to, you should remember to set up a barrier first, hmm?” Steadily catching the pouncing large elf pendant, Yan MaiFan patted his head, and watched him obediently nod repeatedly, before turning to the vampire, “Now that matter has been dealt with. No one had noticed that the demon was attached to the body of Dr. Shang. Now, in this matter, we will make a sincere apology and review.”

“Not your fault, the demon did not come to the meeting at that time. I didn’t expect for him to be difficult, and I didn’t expect that he would search for the mark left by that dark magician to find him.” Wei Long shook his head, and helped his doctor straighten out his shirt. Holding his hand, he looked over, “Dear, how do you feel now? Is there anything uncomfortable?”

Having watched the legendary demon drill out of his chest, the human doctor still did not feel anything, only blankly shook his head.

“…Really do not feel anything?”

It was not the same, the pure blood king blinked, suddenly doubting his own handiwork.

Yan MaiFan looked at the stars before finally pushing his glasses up. Smiling and shaking his head, he thoughtfully started to talk to solve the confusion for the two people.

“Dr. Shang and the dragons signed a contract, and so his soul also has a kind of dragon reinforcement, so the demon’s teeth could not gnaw at his soul. However, during his attempt to gnaw, Dr. Shang more or less felt vertigo from the soul shock. This demon is so thin he is just skin and bones. In fact, even if left alone for a few days, he would not have been able to resist running out. “

“……” The vampire really couldn’t figure out how he saw the skin and bones of that black mist, but he wisely chose to give up the pursuit of questions. After confirming that his human was indeed in no danger, only then was he reassured and the two said goodbye, but did take the box of warming soul elixir, intended to ensure the tooth marks on the doctor’s soul were also completely eliminated.

Held by his vampire, they leapt in the night, and the human doctor only vaguely felt some sleepiness. Yawning lightly, he tilted his head curiously and asked, “Where did the demon come from?” 

“That auction. The dark magician called Lang WeiXian wanted you to be a sacrifice to the demon. But because of the road restrictions, the demon did not make it in time. You worked too fast, and he was left behind.” Wei Long smiled and spoke in a low voice, casually conjured up a cloak to wrap him up, and gently dropped a kiss on the top of his head, “My dear, your soul is still a little damaged, sleep well. Sleep and you’ll be fine.”

“It will be fine now, our director gave me a three-month leave of absence ah…”

This time the tiredness seemed to be extra hard to resist, like coming up from the depths of the soul. Shang Haojia yawned again and skillfully found a comfortable position, leaning against his vampire’s chest, his voice almost murmuring because he was too sleepy, “My doctorate should be finished soon. When the degree arrives, let’s go out for a vacation. How about a vacation?”

The vampire’s eyes widened slightly, some surprise flashed in his bloodshot eyes. He lowered his head and kissed the corner of his lover’s lips, and his smile finally couldn’t stop his eyebrows from rippling.


“I’m willing to listen to you. Whatever makes you happy…”


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June 4, 2021 9:15 am

Possession no less!
Poor hybrid husky werewolf butler (I cannot think of his name, it’s not used enough)… can he not wear a wig for a bit too? 😉
Thank you for the chapter.

June 5, 2021 3:54 am

One demon exorcism, please. The more paintful the better. No one other than his vampire husband is allowed to bite Dr. Shang.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 7, 2021 4:21 pm

So that’s what happened to the demon. A rapping taoist elf and now a bald werewolf husky. Just another day in crazy land. Good chapter!

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