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Translated by zellyfish of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Zhang Jue cooked a meal for Chen Boqiao that night.

They call it cooking, but it’s actually just cooking the rice and the vacuum pack meal and then mixing them together, but Chen Boqiao was polite and said it was delicious.

Previously, when Ai Jiaxi praised Zhang Jue blindly, Zhang Jue accepted it. After all, Ai Jiaxi was the kind of person who could mess up even an instant cooking bag. Now, Zhang Jue only felt embarrassed to listen to Chen Boqiao’s compliment.

After dinner, Zhang Jue presented all the information on the ship they’ll board the day after tomorrow and briefed Chen Boqiao on what not to do after boarding the ship.

The cruise ship they’ll take was very large, carrying nearly 3,000 passengers and more than 1,000 staff. After entering the open sea, the casino will open. There were a lot of surveillance cameras in the area near the casino, so they had to stay away as much as possible. Zhang Jue used his laptop to open a simple map of the ship, introducing the location of public facilities on each floor, the distribution of guest rooms and restaurants, and so on. Chen Boqiao’s memory was as good as ever. After looking at the picture once, he had a general idea of the place, and he even corrected Zhang Jue once or twice.

After giving the blueprint of the ship a once-over, Chen Boqiao went to take a shower first.

Zhang Jue sat on the sofa for a while and decided to pack the things he would bring on the boat the day after tomorrow again.

He disassembled the gun, put it in a flat weaponry box and then into the hidden pocket of a special suitcase. Then, he went back into the bedroom, and brought the duffel bag that he had brought from the border town to Bangkok to the living room, and placed some essential clothings into the suitcase.

There was the cat plush toy that looks very similar to Angel at the bottom of the bag. It was brought here from another safe house in Bangkok.

Chen Boqiao put it in the bag himself.

The fur of the doll was very soft. Although it was made of man-made fiber, it was well-made and felt smooth and delicate. Zhang Jue sat on the carpet with the doll cat in one hand, and stared into its crystal clear eyes.

He didn’t have any complaints. He just felt that Chen Boqiao’s feelings were really hard to guess. He thanked him with such a sincere expression, but actually, he never liked any of these attempts to please him. Zhang Jue tightened his hands, holding the soft belly of the cat plushie as he frowned slightly and contemplated. Finally, he quietly put the toy back into the duffel bag, and put the bag back into the bedroom cabinet.

Of course, it was not right to take back what was gifted, but Zhang Jue thought that Chen Boqiao may forget it somewhere, or accidentally leave it in some corner to gather dust. Zhang Jue could keep it for him, keep it for him so well that it’d still look brand new when it is taken out. He’d be a very secure safe for the plushie.

Just as he closed the door of the cabinet, Chen Boqiao came out of the shower. Zhang Jue went out after hearing the commotion and saw Chen Boqiao standing next to the luggage he had been packing. Chen Boqiao leaned over, patted the hidden pocket of the luggage, and smiled at Zhang Jue, “It’s good luggage.”

Zhang Jue approached, saying, “When we get to the dock, we have to go through security checks, so you can’t carry the bag.”

Chen Boqiao nodded, and Zhang Jue added, “The anti-detection box can only hold three guns, a few dozens of bullets, and two knives.”

Chen Boqiao sat down on the sofa casually, took a drink of water, and replied, “That’d be enough.”

Because Zhang Jue did not have an abundance of supplies for disguising Chen Boqiao, they would need to avoid leaving their room once they’re on board as much as possible, but if they kept getting catered meals every day, it would easily arouse suspicion, so Zhang Jue wanted to bring some of the instant meal packets onto the ship and heat it up in the common area. 


In order to be considerate of Chen Boqiao’s tastes, Zhang Jue got Chen Boqiao to pick the ones they wanted to bring together.

The space in the kitchen was cramped. It’d be a bit small for two normal people, but Chen Boqiao was taller and broader than normal people as well as standing very close to Zhang Jue. His pheromone was affecting Zhang Jue, which made Zhang Jue very distracted and he just stood still for a long moment.

Chen Boqiao planted himself at his side dutifully. seeing Zhang Jue being still. He quietly opened a drawer, as if he was planning to look for his favorite instant meals. However, he was unlucky and accidentally opened the one with the free condoms.

Zhang Jue saw it and felt dumbfounded. He stared at the drawer motionlessly, feeling that something was wrong. After a few seconds, he realized that the box was placed in the wrong position.

It was originally placed on the tissue box haphazardly, but now it was stuck neatly into the gap between the edge of the drawer and the tissue box.

“This…” Zhang Jue said, thinking hard to come up with the words. “Did you move it?”

“No.” Chen Boqiao fished out the box, and placed it face down on the table. He looked at Zhang Jue, and explained, “Pei Shu came in to get water and saw it.”

Zhang Jue originally thought it was nothing, but as soon as he heard that Pei Shu had moved it, he immediately became alarmed and frowned. “He shouldn’t be rummaging around like that.”

Chen Boqiao smiled for some reason. He gently poked the surface of the condom box with his fingers, looked at Zhang Jue for a while, and said, “It’s my fault for letting him come in to get his own water.” He pushed the box towards Zhang Jue again, “I explained to him that it was stuffed to you by volunteers at the supermarket.”

“I see.” Zhang Jue lowered his head, paused, and couldn’t help but ask a very realistic question, “Did he believe it?”

Chen Boqiao’s silence was enough of an answer.

Zhang Jue felt a little irritable. He lowered his head and emphasized to Chen Boqiao, “I didn’t lie to you. They really made me take it.”

He actually wanted to say that he was on the pill, and there was no need for him to go asking for random condoms that may not even be of the right size in order to give Chen Poqiao sexual hints. He liked Chen Poqiao, but he was not that thirsty. But Zhang Jue did not have the courage to say all that and ended up not saying anything.

Chen Boqiao stayed quiet for a few seconds as well before saying, “I know.” He raised his hand to anchor on Zhang Jue’s waist, and motioned him to come closer. “But…” Chen Boqiao paused and whispered into Zhang Jue’s ear.

The light was still on in the bedroom.

Zhang Jue tore open the plastic packaging by the toothed edge and took out the condom that was moistened by lube. His hands were a little wobbly, and his fingertips inevitably touched Chen Boqiao’s erection.

He aligned the small ring with the tip and pushed it down, but due to the size being incorrect, he didn’t dare to use too much force, so he hesitated.

Chen Boqiao waited patiently for a while, brushed Zhang Jue’s cheek with his hand, and asked softly, “Don’t you know how to use these?”


Zhang Jue raised his face to look at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao’s hands grabbed his wrist and he commanded, “Push.”

Zhang Jue tried a few more times, but really didn’t want to go through with it. He took it off, looked up, and said, “…You can just come in.”

He pressed his hand on Chen Boqiao’s side, and slowly crawled forward. Chen Boqiao’s cock pressed against his lower abdomen, and as he crawled, the tip brushed past his torso, and came into contact with his erection. Zhang Jue’s legs were jelly, so he sat back on his heels and leaned over to kiss Chen Boqiao.

“Can we not use it?” He asked Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao didn’t say anything and pushed himself in. While he moved slowly to wait for Zhang Jue to relax, he asked, “If we’re not going to use a condom, what would you do if you got pregnant?”

He wrapped his arms around Zhang Jue’s shoulders and pressed Zhang Jue under his body. He did not move very fast, placed his palms on Zhang Jue’s lower abdomen around where the birth cavity was located, and moved towards it, pressing down a little as he asked again casually, “Zhang Jue, what would you do?”

Zhang Jue’s whole body felt electrified by Chen Boqiao’s touch, and he let out a soft and muffled noise. Chen Boqiao paused and wanted to touch him again. Zhang Jue stopped him in time.


“Don’t do that.”

Chen Boqiao silently fit his fingers into the grooves of Zhang Jue’s hip bone, and his movements were bigger now. Zhang Jue’s legs hurt from the snapping of his hips, and he felt Chen Boqiao getting deeper and deeper. Every time he bottomed out, Zhang Jue’s insides seemed to be stirred by him. The ceiling lights looked blurry to him.

Chen Boqiao folded Zhang Jue’s knee down until they were almost touching his shoulders and then suddenly stopped. He looked down at the place where they connected, watched for a few seconds, and commented, “You got the sheets wet.”

He pulled Zhang Jue by the arm, embracing him. His face was near Zhang Jue’s neck, and he breathed hotly onto Zhang Jue’s skin. His hand was a comforting weight on Zhang Jue’s back as he gently pressed his lips to the glands, he didn’t seem to be planning to open his mouth to bite. But Zhang Jue’s glands were very sensitive. As soon as Chen Boqiao got close, his whole body tensed up. Chen Boqiao seemed to have noticed it, and he quickly moved away.

Of course, in the end, Chen Boqiao withdrew from Zhang Jue. He came on Zhang Jue’s lower abdomen. Their semen mixed together and smelled strange.

This smell seems to have a strong effect, making Zhang Jue yearn for Chen Boqiao inside him. Zhang Jue even felt that he might be experiencing his heat again. He wanted Chen Boqiao’s fluids and marks, he wanted intensity, he wanted to be lost in pleasure and insatiable. He wanted to be enslaved by his instincts.

In his dazed state, he hooked his arms behind Chen Boqiao’s neck and tried to find Chen Boqiao’s lips. This time, Chen Boqiao easily gave in, leaning over and clashing their lips together.


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February 9, 2022 12:42 pm

Blimey, that nearly set my sofa on fire.
I wish Zhang Jue could find his voice more, with Chen Boqiao.
CB is the one instigating sex and becoming more intimate with it.
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 9, 2022 3:40 pm

Well alright then. I appreciate the author not shying away from the intimate scenes. It is at least showing us that CB’s attitude is changing.

February 9, 2022 8:13 pm

Ermmm…don’t forget the cruise itinenary 🙈🙈🙈

February 12, 2022 4:39 pm

I feel for this not quite together couple. Lots unsaid between them. But I think the author has trouble planned for them. ☹️🥺

April 14, 2023 5:54 pm

Lots of sex between these two.

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