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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The most intoxicating nightlife spot in Star City was Taiping Street. To have fun here, you had to have money. One had to be involved in the same things. With a lot of money, rich young men and women could get as many handsome men and beautiful women as they wanted. The moral values of everyone there were all over the place.

Pei Yutu didn’t really look at the music cafe called Ink. He went in another direction, as he followed the directions on his phone.

His rare weekend had been spoiled by Ping, so Pei Yutu wasn’t in the mood to go out anymore. He didn’t know how those young masters had learned about his return to the main planet, but they coaxed him out to give him a good reception and a good gathering.

He was an anomaly in the circle of the second generation. He was neither working in business as he waited to inherit the family business, nor was he pretending to go to college and be an art major to mix up his life like other idle young lords. Without saying a word to anyone, he joined the army. The army had few holidays, especially after someone was transferred to the field, so it had been a long time since he had met with these young masters.

When Pei Yutu arrived at the private room, a dozen beautiful boys and girls had already opened a good wine. Those boys and girls had long heard that today’s protagonist was a super rich second generation, but they hadn’t expected him to be so tall and handsome. Laughingly, they began to swarm him and asked to fill his wine. Pei Yutu drank well, but unfortunately his mouth was quite poisonous, so after three sentences no one else dared approach.

“Are your eyelids pulled with a kitchen knife? So wide.”

“What material is your nose pad? It’s translucent. This technique is so outdated. People only did it like that when my mom was young.”

“Stay away from me, I might be allergic to your foundation. A-choo!”


In less than twenty minutes, the room full of handsome men and women were almost unable to maintain a smile, however this poisonous master was also a soldier gangster, fierce and tall. He didn’t know how to pity the jade, so people didn’t dare to talk back. They could only stiffen their smiles, and swallow their anger.

Yang Kai and Fu Yang surrounded Pei Yutu, one on the left and one on the right, which filled several boys and girls with relief. “Pei, it’s been a few years but your vision is still so high.”

“Yes, don’t tense up, I heard that the army is full of alphas, and you haven’t had a vacation yet. How have you held out so long, without being able to relax and unwind?”

Pei Yutu crossed his legs. With his voice loud and clear over the tinkling heavy metal background music, “I’d rather have a good man than a bad one!”

Once in a while, the young masters got together, of course not only to get the girl, but to pick up the boys. They would play around for a while, then just like changing music, they would exchange feelings together while most were drunk.

A young man who was hugging a fresh-faced omega boy, held up a cup and said vaguely, “I really admire Pei. When he went to join the army, I thought it was arranged by General Dai. I didn’t expect Pei to go to boot camp. He had no one to rely on! Pei, I respect you. Respect you as a man!”

General Dai was Pei Yutu’s grandfather, but Pei Yutu never announced that to the public. In the barracks, except for a few senior generals, only Lu DongWang knew. But Lu DongWang was a child of Alliance’s military bosses. These rich kids were not in the same circle.

Pei Yutu drank another round, but felt dizzy from all the high men and women in the room. He stood up, then went out to smoke a cigarette and get some air. Fu Yang also drank a little, then decided to go out for air with him.

As a result, just as the two just went out, Fu Yang’s expression became astonished as he elbowed Pei Yutu. “Beauty! Hey! Pei, look, how about that girl? Excellent!”

Pei Yutu followed his line of sight. He felt that the person was dressed familiarly, like that back he’d seen when he first arrived at Taiping Street.

Leng Li wore a champagne-colored dress that showed off her figure, nude heels that lengthened her already long calves by seven centimeters, carefully tended curls that hung loosely on her shoulders, a full set of diamond earrings and pendant necklace that reflected a brilliant light in the city’s neon, exquisite makeup, and enchanting red lips.

Fu Yang, as a knowledgeable nightclub prince, was full of praise. Pei Yutu took a glance at her and gave a cold evaluation of three words, “She’s okay.”

“?” Fu Yang thought, This is called ‘okay’? Their brother Pei’s standard for good looks was too harsh!

Pei Yutu smoked a cigarette while he listened to Fu Yang’s tsk-tsk sighs. “How come all the famous flowers have owners? Pei, do you think I should go and loosen the soil?”

“Maybe she’s an alpha. You want to diig her up so she’ll fuck you?” Pei Yutu did not even bother to take a look this time.

But Fu Yang was very persistent. “Although I’m a beta, my vision is very accurate. That little bird-like one is certainly an omega. Should we go closer to see?”

Pei Yutu was annoyed by him. He reluctantly took a look, and then the cigarette almost fell out of his mouth. “!”

The woman was holding a youth who wore a duck-billed cap. The brim was low, the night was dark, but that figure and the set of clothes…straight legs wrapped in slacks, and the rounded buttocks…he still remembered the feel.

Ping Mo frowned, and stopped in his tracks. “We’re here to measure my size?”

Leng Li shook his arm, and smiled cheekily. “It’s custom-made. Ping you might not know it, but that biodegradable material wasn’t initially a military specialty. The first to use it were the erotic dancers since…It’s easy to tear, you know. Right?”

Ping Mo, “…”

Leng Li, “Ping, it’s okay to take off the hat. They are all my people inside. You’ve seen them before.”

Ping Mo hesitated for a moment, but took off his hat.

Not far away, Fu Yang screamed a series of “shits,” until Leng Li pulled Ping Mo in the store. Even that still didn’t pull him out of the exhilaration. Fu Yang felt he was in a beauty blast. Even the wine’s effects went away.

“Pei, did you see that? That boy wearing a duck-billed cap? Just now that big chest you said was okay, but if that omega is still okay, then with your vision I estimate that you will stay a bachelor for a lifetime.”

Somehow, when Pei Yutu saw Leng Li and Ping Mo’s intimate behavior, he felt very unhappy. 10,000 times more unhappy than when he lost a precious weekend because of Instructor Ping. He grunted through his nose. “When did I say she was average? That bitch is ugly as hell.”

Was Ping’s taste for big breasts?

…Wait a minute.

Pei Yutu grabbed Fu Yang’s collar, and pointed his hand at the fancy store Ping Mo just entered. “What is that store?” 

Why did it look so unorthodox?

Fu Yang was a beta who was also considered healthy and sporty, but Brother Pei used too much strength in his excitement with that tug, against which Fu Yang was like a weak little chicken. He was shocked, and jabbered an explanation. “It’s…That, it’s all erotic uniforms or something. An adult store.”

Pei Yutu let go of Fu Yang with the sentence, “Tell the brothers I have to go first.” Then chased after him with great strides.

Fu Yang also wanted to follow the little beauty to see. Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to continue to follow the furious Pei, so he honestly agreed to go back and pass the word.

Pei Yutu also didn’t understand why he was so upset, but he aggressively followed him in. He thought he would see some lewd scenes, such as Instructor Ping and the big boobs hugging or something. He hadn’t expected big boobs to be gone, while Ping Mo and some others were chatting.

“If you want to earn quick money, then boxing, of course! Sister Li will be able to place the bets…Ping has really steady hands and can win. I’ve seen you fight, you’re really tough!” The man who spoke was a small man. As he spoke, he gave him a thumbs up, his eyes full of admiration.

Ping Mo seemed to think that these ‘deeds’ weren’t worth mentioning. He casually waved his hand, and asked, “Is there anything else? Something lighter.”

Pei Yutu stared at him. He had such a light-hearted look, and he couldn’t help it. The corners of his lips rose, while in his heart he silently cursed. An extortion king.

That person was like this. He would rather die to save face, but also loved to pretend to be invisible.

The small man laughed lewdly. “Easy is not that easy. But with that face, the club, opposite, will have rich women grabbing to buy you.”

Ping Mo didn’t get angry. He laughed and cursed, as he feigned anger and kicked him. The small man seemed very familiar with that look.

“…” Pei Yutu thought he might have heard his boss’s little secret. So he was short of money? But his mind still couldn’t help but think about that little man’s suggestion. Buy Instructor Ping? Fuck, thinking about it was kinda lewd!

“Does this guest want to come in?” A sweet, imperial voice interrupted Pei Yutu’s thoughts. It was actually the ‘big boobs’.

Although this store sold erotic uniforms, it was a high-end line and believed in tailoring. When Ping Mo arrived, the chief designer, that was the big tailor, happened to be away so Leng Li had personally invited him back then ran into Pei Yutu as he blocked the doorway.

Temperament was a very magical thing. Even if Pei Yutu hadn’t said a word and just quietly stood there, he had the kind of hinted at, but not directly fierce aura, that people feared, and made them suspect that he was there to find fault.

Both the chief designer and Leng Li were a bit nervous, but Pei Yutu was more attuned. As Leng Li approached him, he noticed and said, “Are you an alpha?”

“…” Somehow, even though it was the first time Leng Li saw this man, he didn’t like her very much. It could even be said that he had a subtle hostility, so although the other party seemed to be unpleasant, she still sneered back, “What’s wrong with being an alpha? Aren’t you one?”

Pei Yutu opened his mouth, and pointed at Ping Mo. “…I mean, he is also an alpha, so why did you hold him so tightly just now?”

Leng Li didn’t show any surprise, and puffed out her proud chest as she said, “Why not! Do you discriminate against AxA relationships?”

Instructor Ping heard the commotion and looked over. He almost choked on his own saliva, and said, “Li Li! What are you talking about?”

Then, without waiting for Leng Li’s rebuttal, he said to Pei Yutu, “Teaching Assistant Pei, why did you come here in the middle of the night? You seem to have a rich nightlife. Have you finished writing your lesson plan?”

Pei Yutu was still immersed in the shock of Leng Li’s ‘AxA love’ just now. If it were under the usual circumstances, he would have fought back when he heard such a sarcastic comment from Instructor Ping. “I have to write 8,000 words this weekend, but I’m free tonight.”


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July 24, 2022 1:17 pm

Will Pei Yutu’s shallowness garner some depth as the story progresses and he gets to know Ping Mo? PY is incredibly confrontational and tactless too. Quite tge Alpha. He may have met his match in PM’s friend Leng Li though 😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 25, 2022 1:25 pm

Thank You for the new chapter (*’∀’人)♥

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