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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu finished his explanation honestly, but then suddenly reacted. If we are all out to play, why am I the one who is so weak and being questioned by you?

At that moment, the designer Leng Li had brought back was already in position with a ruler and politely said to Ping Mo, “Shall we start now?”

Pei Yutu’s eyes were practically glazed over, even if he had just heard Leng Li’s shocking words ‘AxA love’ he was still thinking of Ping Mo as the above instructor. After all, with Leng Li’s extremely feminine and proud body, and her attitude towards Ping Mo, it was all there so she should wear a uniform! Seduction was made for Leng Li, right?

So, how come Ping Mo was the one getting measured for clothes?

“Instructor Ping, you…uh…Measure your clothes?” Pei Yutu didn’t know how to ask the question, and finally came up with that sentence.

Ping Mo had vaguely guessed what he wanted to ask. Still, it was impossible to tell the truth, and even more impossible to admit that he was getting a custom-made erotic uniform.

Finally, Ping Mo simply and brutally used the majesty of being a superior. “Don’t mind me.”

Generally, in this kind of pretend boss moment, Pei Yutu would feel some dislike since they always gave one another tit-for-tat, but this time Teaching Assistant Pei had a heavy heart. So he closed his mouth, and quietly the tall and big statue stood to the side and watched. No one in the store dared give him an eviction order. Besides, Pei Yutu just silently watched the whole process of measuring his boss’s clothes.

The chief designer, also known as the tailor, kept praising Instructor Ping’s good figure while he was taking his measurements. “Even better than the models.”

At the same time, Ping Mo’s chest, waist, hips, thighs, shoulder width and other data were seriously reported as his assistant took careful notes. Pei Yutu’s mind was full of Ping Mo’s circumference, as he stood without speaking until the measurements were finished.

Finally, Ping Mo also noticed that his Teaching Assistant seemed not to be quite right today, and when he came closer, he really smelled the scent of alcohol.

“Too much to drink?” Ping Mo said. No wonder he was extra slow to react today.

“Ah, I…it’s okay. I didn’t drink too much.” Pei Yutu hadn’t expected Instructor Ping to suddenly approach with a wisp of vetiver alpha pheromones.

Teaching Assistant Pei thought, This person’s pheromones are so light. Is he weak in that aspect? No wonder, no wonder…

Ping Mo was thinking, The more drunk people are, the more they say they didn’t drink much. It seemed that he wasn’t just a little drunk. This was still his man and since they had met, it was not good to leave him like that, regardless. He asked, “Your friends are still around, can you give them a call to pick you up, or do you want to come back to the school with me?”

Leng Li smiled and rushed over to take Ping Mo’s arm. She looked warily at Pei Yutu, “Yes, don’t keep your friends waiting. Give them a call!”

Pei Yutu was quick to respond as he said firmly, “Back to school!”

He said, ‘Back to school!’ in a strong, strong voice, as if he had instantly sobered up. There was no trace of drunkenness. At the same time, he stepped forward, squeezed Leng Li out of the way, and leaned on Instructor Ping’s back. “Let’s go now!”

Leng Li, …What the fuck?

However, even though Leng Li was unwilling to let go, she couldn’t compete with Pei Yutu in terms of force.

Plus, there really was no serious reason to make Brother Ping stay. After all, the things that should be done had been completed. He had to talk to Pei. Finally, Ping Mo was too disturbed, and gave the final word, “It’s late and I should also go back. Li Li, don’t forget what I asked about.”

Leng Li had to reluctantly watch as Ping and the tall ‘drunk’ man left.

It was now late at night, and Taiping Street was at its liveliest. Strong rhythmic music was faintly heard from the nightclubs along the street; the occasional drunkard was spilling his guts; there was a young man who was hovering around the door of a bar as he waited to ‘pick up the body’. The sounds of ambiguous moans that came from the dark corners, and the smell of alcohol mixed with pheromones that spread in the air. Pei Yutu grew up in a second-generation circle. He wasn’t an innocent teenager who had never seen anything, but the thought that the person next to him was the irascible, beautiful and powerful Instructor Ping Mo, and that together they were listening to unseen sex in the night, complicated his feelings.

Ping Mo, however, was ignorant of the mental activities of his own teaching assistant, as his eyes continued to look towards the intersection. There weren’t many cabs at that time, so he knew they would have to wait.

Suddenly, a short scream cut through the night air, while gardenia omega pheromones wafted out.

“Ahhhhh, help! I don’t know you guys!”

That was by no means the sound of mutual consent.

Without any warning, Ping Mo sprinted like an arrow. He was so fast that Pei Yutu almost only saw him as an afterimage.

“… Fuck! Wait for me!” As Pei Yutu went after him, he saw Ping Mo and seven or eight gangsters were tangled up together, and those people actually had weapons in their hands. He saw Ping Mo side-dodge a whistling steel pipe, as his elbow smashed his opponent’s temple, and his toe poised on the fence top to leap. With a beautiful flip, his shirt hem lifted up, and revealed his soft, strong, thin waist. He landed behind a man, who he violently strangled. The strangled man’s eyeballs protruded, and the watermelon knife in his hand fell to the ground with a clang.

The man was outnumbered while he fought with his bare hands, but he was confident and didn’t get a scratch during the melee. He conserved his strength, and every time he struck a blow, he was a fighting machine set to ‘minimum energy consumption’ mode.

Efficient and ruthless.

For the first time, Pei Yutu could understand how watching people fight was pleasing to the eye. He couldn’t help but enjoy the fight for a moment longer before he rushed into it, not forgetting to comment, “Instructor Ping, you’re fighting quite energy-efficiently!”

Ping Mo kicked a punk in the belly, and took the time to say, “This is tactics! Use the minimum loss to gain the maximum benefit!”

Pei Yutu gave a tsk. “You’re a good fighter, but it doesn’t hurt. Look at me!”

Teaching Assistant Pei’s style of fighting and Instructor Ping’s were definitely different. If Ping Mo was about the technical flow of moves, then Pei Yutu was about brutal and purely physical attacks.

Another assailant held a wooden club and swung it towards him but he didn’t dodge, he just raised his muscular arm to block. A crunching sound was heard, but it was the wooden club that was broken!

The gangsters were dumbfounded. They looked at the wooden club and looked at Pei Yutu, and seemed unable to believe that such a thick hard wooden stick had broken. Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t give the man the opportunity to freeze. A straight punch smashed his mouth and nose caused blood to flow. He sent out a vicious kick, which led to screams accompanied by a muffled sound. He’d just kicked in the man’s ribs! Also while fighting, his strong alpha pheromones were emitted with his sweat. A few alphas in the mob instinctively felt their legs and feet go weak. Alphas who encountered a stronger alpha would involuntarily experience a submissive instinct combined with the additional loss of combat power. 

The two instructors worked together, and seven or eight punks simply weren’t enough to even warm up. Three to five lay on the ground, which left only a stunned little girl who was cowering in the corner.

The gardenia flavored omega pheromones were getting thicker and thicker, as the girl was about to passively go into heat. Pei Yutu, as an alpha, hesitated to go forward, but Ping Mo went over, squatted down and asked, “Did you bring inhibitors…? Zhou Li!?”

It was actually his student! It was an omega girl who was a sophomore at the New Weapons Engineering School of the Alliance Military Technology University, Zhou Li.

Zhou Li looked at Instructor Ping with teary eyes. “Yes, I brought them.”

They waited for the young girl to grab her inhibitors before she stumbled to explain the evening’s encounter. She had come out alone to meet an online friend, and hadn’t expected that she would be cheated. She had been intent on leaving, but encountered the group of sexually motivated gangsters.

The two instructors, Ping and Pei, both were momentarily speechless.

Pei Yutu was the most direct. “Are you stupid? You’re grown up, and already an adult, right? A lone omega running around the bar street in the middle of the night? This place is so wild, it would be strange if you didn’t get into trouble!”

Zhou Li was scolded, and didn’t dare raise her head. She choked out, “That…that online friend has been chatting with me for more than half a year. I never thought he would cheat me…”

“Don’t be afraid,” Ping Mo said. “Where is he?”

Pei Yutu looked at Ping Mo’s expression. He seemed ready to go and fight for the girl. Pei Yutu bristled and thought, He’s so nosy, and also like an air conditioner. 1 No wonder he’s charming those omegas in school. Scum! You aren’t you having an AxA love?

“I don’t know,” Zhou Li was aggrieved. “He’s too different from the photo! The photos on the internet are…almost as handsome as Instructor Ping, but in person he’s short and ugly so I ran away without meeting him.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu, “…”

The two of them finally sent Zhou Li safely back to the school. In front of the omega girls’ dormitory, Zhou Li wiped away her tears, and said with a red face, “Instructor Ping, thank you.”

Then she turned around, and ran into the dormitory building.

Pei Yutu, “…No? I also saved her! How come she thanked you alone?”

Ping Mo said mercilessly, “Maybe you’re too afflicted with straight A cancer, so it’s annoying to omegas.”

Pei Yutu immediately cried out at the injustice, “I just gave her a word of advice! She’s an omega who went to meet an online friend in the middle of the night without anyone else. Wasn’t that justified?”

Instructor Pei Yutu, stomped away on the gravel road without further comment.

At night, the campus was worlds apart from Taiping Street. Soft ground lights illuminated the green plants and canals, summer night cicadas cried and the warm breeze was mild.

The atmosphere between the two wasn’t less tense than before because they had fought together, so Pei Yutu started some small talk. “Eh, Instructor Ping. Don’t look at me as a person who is so rough. In fact, I can see omegas or little girls, and their small minds clearly. I don’t have straight A cancer!”


“Really. I grew up with my mother, and saw a lot of stars who are on television. Beautiful women and handsome men. I have aesthetic fatigue and it seriously affected my standards. I also know about those who are fighting the court drama with a small mind. 2 My mother used to have a star dream, but unfortunately my grandfather didn’t agree, so it wasn’t realized.”


“What about you, Instructor Ping? Is there anything interesting about your family?” Pei Yutu didn’t notice that Instructor Ping’s expression changed slightly at the mention of his family.

“…” Ping Mo was silent for a moment before he said, “Here we are.”

Pei Yutu abruptly realized that he had unknowingly walked all the way back to the male alpha faculty dormitory. Was the road always so short?

“Then you also rest early,” Pei Yutu said as he stood in front of Ping Mo’s room.

Unfortunately, Ping Mo answered him by simply closing the door, which narrowly missed Teaching Assistant Pei’s high nose.

“…” Pei Yutu rubbed his nose and thought resentfully, Fuck! This guy is so out of touch, he just throws his face away for no reason.

At this hour, his own dormitory actually was also empty. It seemed Lu DongWang went out to play all night. The room was empty, with only the pile of untouched lesson plans laid out on the small living room table. Pei Yutu saw them and immediately got a headache. He muttered, “If you didn’t look good, I would have beaten you.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. air conditioner is slang for someone who is nice only to certain people but very cold to others.
  2. Basically means people acting like they belong to an Ancient Chinese Court tv drama and being small minded about it – I’m rich, so this means everything I say goes


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