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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“…” After Pei Yutu asked for the location of the Wind Chimes Bar, he didn’t care about Leng Li’s increasingly pointed looks, and turned around to leave.

If that was the case, wouldn’t the two omega students be sheep in a tiger’s mouth?

This was the last result he wanted to hear.

Leng Li hadn’t expected the man to walk away and leave. He looked grave, not like a pleasure-seeker, but like he wanted to smash something. She couldn’t help but chase him to the door. “Hey, you wait! That bar is very deep! The owner behind it…”

Leng Li shrugged at his back and whispered, “You’re so ungrateful. If it weren’t for the fact that you know Ping, I wouldn’t bother reminding you.”

As she felt insecure, Leng Li took out her phone and sent Ping Mo a text message. [Ping, I saw your friend go to Ghost Ear’s store.]

Pei Yutu arrived just in time for the bar to do some cleaning.

“Sorry, handsome. We’re closed here.” The waiter looked him over quickly, and stopped Pei Yutu with a smile.

Pei Yutu didn’t hear him. He was carelessly petting the cat in his arms. His eyes were shielded behind his sunglasses, so he couldn’t see his emotions. After a few moments, he just lazily hooked up his lips, pulled out a black card and a bunch of bills, and pressed them in the waiter’s chest pocket, full of playboy style. “Is it closed to VIP customers?”

The waiter took the tip and the black card, and visibly lit up. He knew that he had met a tycoon. “Wait a minute, I’ll ask the manager for instructions.”

A few moments later, the manager himself came out to greet him. “Sir, what can I do for you? What would you like to drink?”

“I didn’t come here to drink, don’t beat around the bush.” Pei Yutu’s tone was quite cross.

The manager had a better attitude, and asked, “Introduced by someone you know?”

Pei Yutu nodded carelessly and didn’t elaborate. Perhaps in the face of an Alliance Limited Black Card, the manager couldn’t stay silent, and with a smile, he spoke first, “We are mainly closed at this time. You should go now, but why not come back in the evening?”

Pei Yutu looked bummed. “I’m not sure I’ll be in the mood tonight. Give me back my card,” he said as he patted the cat’s round head. “And let’s go.”

Ping Mo saw Pei Yutu this way for the first time. His rich second generation temperament was natural but unusual, with a kind of fierce and cross military gangster atmosphere, now being judged by two people. Instructor Ping found it interesting, and decided to help him to make a match.

The cat jumped out of Pei Yutu’s arms, then went to the wine cabinet in two or three leaps.

Pei Yutu didn’t expect his cat to run away suddenly, so he called him, “Mimi, come down!”

Ping Mo looked at his pooper scooper from above, then shook his fur, lay down on the wine shelf, arrogantly spread himself into a cat cake and wouldn’t move. Only the tip of his tail flicked, clearly putting out a, “I don’t want to leave today” stance.


The manager was trying to keep his guest. When he saw the little white cat, he was happy to see its teeth and eyes. “Ah, your kitten is like this. It must have taken that as a cat climbing frame. You see, Handsome, how about this. First, take a look at the photos, and if there is someone you like, certainly tonight…”

The volume of the manager’s voice was getting lower and lower. Ping Mo saw him lowering his head to the past, I don’t know what he said with Pei Yutu, both of them lowered their voices. Instructor Ping twitched his ears, but only heard “younger,” “University student” and so on. Only a few words.

Ping Mo couldn’t hear clearly, but knew that Pei Yutu was trying to determine the whereabouts of the two students.

Leng Li had already reported to him about the proper and shady businesses in Star City, so Ping Mo knew better than Pei Yutu how salacious this place was.

The so-called beautiful boys and girls here, he would bet more than half of them were abducted.

After all, the man’s old job was to sell omegas. Ping Mo twitched his ears, as his round gray-blue eyes quietly watched the manager’s back, as he silently thought, Wait a little longer. You can be uprooted.

However, after Ping Mo turned into a cat, he couldn’t help but to fall into the habits of cats, so it was difficult to maintain a high level of concentration for a long time. Pei Yutu’s photo album was a bit long, and Ping Mo was a bit bored. He lazily rolled over, and found that the fur on his body rubbed the dust, so he started a crazy licking mode.

After licking his paws and belly, he wanted to lick the fur on his back, but the space on the wine rack was limited, and when he turned his head, he accidentally bumped into a bottle of expensive foreign wine which fell with a crash. The bottle broke with a crunch, and the amber liquid rippled out on the white marble floor.

However, the manager’s first reaction wasn’t to look at the spilled expensive wine, but to immediately look at the wine rack.

Pei Yutu also pulled his eyes from the photo album, and saw his kitten crouched frozen in place. His little pink tongue hadn’t yet had time to retract and was stained with a few white hairs. As a result of the shock, the pair of small ears were pressed back over the head, and almost hidden in the fluffy fur, so its round head looked more and more round with a dumbfounded look.

Pei Yutu was so impressed by the cuteness of his cat that he said, “I’ll pay for the wine, but don’t scare my cat.”

Ping Mo was finally taken into Pei Yutu’s arms, but the album search didn’t go well, seeing that it had already turned to the end, but there were still no two students.

“Nothing else? I’ve come here to admire you,” Pei Yutu said, looking as if he hadn’t seen anything. “Is this all?”

The manager said they were all here, and highly recommended a few of the 18 or 19-year-old omegas, not as if he were hiding the ‘newbies’ from the public. Then Pei’s phone rang.

It was Hu Lei calling.

The team leader said happily, “Both students are back, they just went out to play with their cell phones and lost their batteries. It was just a false alarm! All right, you all come back too… Oh, it is said to be some kind of fan meeting. They went to the South City. Children nowadays. Blindly chasing stars. I must give them a demerit!”

Pei Yutu hung up the phone, and his heart descended from his throat to his chest. Still, he felt that the matter wasn’t this simple. The boy called Chen Jianghao had told him about the Wind Chimes Bar which certainly didn’t seem like a joke.

However, Hu Lei said they went to South City, so in the end who was lying?

Still, no matter what, it was good that the people were back.


At the same time, in the Coalition army’s big complex, the household group leader’s office.

Zhou Li and Ji An both lowered their heads like frost-bitten eggplants, wilted as they listened to the lecture. Zhou Li was a student under Ping Mo and Pei Yutu, and had already been saved by the teachers, Ping and Pei, after running off to meet an online friend on Taiping Street in the middle of the night alone and nearly having an accident.

And Ji An was a very clean-cut omega male from the School of Economics and Management, second year, and was Cao LingXin and Lu DongWang’s student.

The two people suffered the hour-long mental torture, and both were happy to accept the disciplinary action before being released.

Just outside of the office door, Ji An could not help but say, red-eyed, “Zhou Li, I’m sorry. It’s all because I dragged you out.”

Although Zhou Li was a girl, she was a little stronger than Ji An, and went back to advise him. “It’s okay. I’ll just take one more course and the credit will be back, but I don’t understand. Why are you still protecting Chen JiangHao. Why not tell the teacher the truth? That scum, not to mention cheating, but he also almost caused us to go to that bar…”

“Zhou Li!” Ji An suddenly said loudly. His face was a little pale. “We agreed not to mention that night.”

Zhou Li opened her mouth, and finally sighed. “Forget it. I won’t talk about it.”

Ji An bit his lips. “Never mention it again.”

“Okay,” Zhou Li’s heart ached for her friend, so she hugged Ji An and patted his back. “Don’t be afraid. It’s all in the past.”

Ji An’s chin rested on Zhou Li’s shoulder. His expression wasn’t as helpless as a moment before. His eyes were full of hate as he hugged Zhou Li back. “We agreed not to say anything to anyone.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” Zhou Li solemnly promised.


The cat must have been really frightened, because all the way back it was extraordinarily well-behaved. Up until it was back in Teaching Assistant Pei’s dormitory, it remained tightly wound into a hairy ball without moving. No matter how he teased it, it refused to stretch out its body, so Pei Yutu just followed his afternoon training schedule, and a cat was left alone in the small living room.

Ping Mo remained in the hairy ball state for a while longer, to make sure no one would return to the dormitory before he released his paws.

A few white pills that looked like vitamin tablets fell out, and scattered on the coffee table.

They were from the Wind Chimes Bar. When the bottle of wine fell to the ground, he grabbed them from the wine rack.

At that time, the manager hadn’t even looked at the spilled wine, but kept staring at the empty wine shelf, so Instructor Ping felt that there was something going on, and indeed there had been a groove under the bottle which was full of similar small pills.

That person’s bar would never have anything good. Ping Mo guessed this was either an aphrodisiac or pheromone inducer, left by the male and female thieves of that place. He and Ghost Ear would battle eventually, so he took a little back for evidence, or research and study. It was always good to know.

Anyway, no one would suspect a small kitten.

Ping Mo went over and sniffed, but didn’t smell anything. After he studied them for a long time without coming to a conclusion, he took his paws and pushed them to the edge of the coffee table. He was planning to find a way to move the pills to his room.

At that moment, the dormitory door was pushed open, Pei Yutu came in carrying a water bottle, saw Ping Mo squatting on the coffee table and instantly seemed to relax. “Little thing, I thought you were scared sick, so I came back early from class to see you, eh? Are these Vitamin C effervescent tablets?”

Before Ping Mo had a chance to intervene, Pei Yutu had already thrown the ‘effervescent tablets’ into his water bottle.


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July 31, 2022 10:13 pm

All sounds very dodgy. Why is Ji An covering up for someone that almost caused them both harm?
Oh dear, what effect is taking these unknown pills going to have on our top AAA+ Alpha?! There are bound to be consequences for a certain kitty cat too. Why do I think it might be witty, at least in part?
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 3, 2022 1:15 am

The whole situation is not so easy as it’s seems… Illegal actions of that bar, false confession, now even pills! ⊙△⊙
Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
August 13, 2022 7:46 am

Stupid Pei Yu Tu! 😆 Wonder what will happen. His pheromones affects Ping Mo.

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