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Chapter 22: Peng Mo Registered Himself as an Omega?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The Wind Chimes Bar seemed to be no different from other nightclubs. He could hear the deafening bouncing music before he even entered the door, everything was lively, however, just after stepping inside, Pei Yutu was nearly carried out by the strong smell. “…Fuck! What’s going on here?”

The waiter who was following him explained with a laughing voice, “There’s a theme party in the public area today. It’s called Pheromone Night. You don’t have to pay attention to this, the second floor is very clean.”

However, before the waiter could say anything else, someone peeled away from the crowd and squeezed in front of Pei Yutu, and winked at him. “Handsome! How about ‘Strong Alpha Forest’? You can’t find someone to spend the night with if you don’t have enough pheromones tonight.”

The waiter was trying to stop him. “Go, go, go, this is a VIP guest. not a partier–”

“It’s okay,” Pei Yutu was curious. He stopped the waiter and asked, “What’s Strong Alpha Forest?”

The salesman smiled lewdly. “Oh, this is, ah, artificial pheromones with a variety of scents in multiple concentrations. Everything will be to your satisfaction!”

Pei Yutu grew up in the circle of the rich second generation. Most of the second generations would play around, and their love history was richer, but he grew up as a face-con. Everyone was usually too ugly, and with anyone who thought they had a little fancy towards him, he was cold. This was actually the first time he had heard of artificial pheromones.

“Strong Alpha Forest are general artificial pheromones that are super realistic. Even if someone is a beta, they can rely on this to successfully disguise as a top alpha and get an omega. Even though it’s expensive, there are no other drawbacks. Handsome, you have money. Do you want some?”

Pei Yutu had his own pheromones which were super-strong, true-top alpha. Of course, he didn’t need it. He was just marveling at the perversion of technology. “This thing, can it really be faked?”

“It’s even more real than real gold! You can’t tell the difference,” the vendor said. “But to be honest with you, while you can’t use this to suppress other alphas or induce omegas to come into heat, it’s enough to trick people, right? If you want to hype up, I have other drugs!”

“…” Pei Yutu didn’t buy anything. He slipped a bunch of tips to get rid of the people, and went up to the second floor.

The second floor was really something else. The level of luxury was similar to the top clubs he had been to, but not ‘clean’ like the waiter said. Although there was no deafening music, it was also filled with the sound of people.

And everyone’s eyes were pointing in one direction, Pei Yutu also followed the look over, and then his first reaction was to pinch himself. Pain. But he still felt it was unreal, so he pinched the waiter who showed him the way.

“Hey, hey, hey! Pain, pain, pain!” Pei Yutu’s hand strength wasn’t what the average person can withstand, so the poor waiter’s eyes filled with tears of pain, but he didn’t dare speak. Aggrievedly, he asked, “Brother, what is wrong with you?”

Pei Yutu let out a, “Fuck. Really not a dream?” 

Then why was he here?

The waiter covered his arm and followed Pei Yutu’s line of sight and instantly understood his excitement. “Hey, you’re talking about that little beauty? He’s not our ‘male model’ here, he’s also a customer. It’s normal for you to be excited to see him. As soon as this little beauty came up, the whole second floor was abuzz. Look, all the customers in the private room came out. I’ve never seen the members’ area so lively.”

The eye-catching teenager was leaning next to the card table. His eyelashes were deep and his eye color was light, as he stood under an ambiguous hazy light that set off his features. His clothing was also of the season. A folded olive yellow jacket with slightly tight straight nine-point pants, with proportions that outlined his very good body shape. There was a fluttering, soft youthful atmosphere, compared to what he usually wears: shirts, training pants and carrying a laser blaster. The demon instructor’s temperament was very different.

Pei Yutu’s eyes stared blankly. He forgot to go up and identify himself.

Ping Mo was talking with a man in his forties, the man’s neck had a thumb-thick gold chain, flat head, beer belly, and was tall. He looked like he was frothing at the mouth, and seemed to be pleasing the teenager. Ping Mo wasn’t encouraging, but he also didn’t refuse, as he played with a glass of foreign wine in his hand, and occasionally nodded his head.

Although the two had no intimate interaction, Pei Yutu seemed unhappy, and his chest quickly stirred with jealous anger. He wanted to grab the gold chain around the man’s neck to drag him out, and throw him as far away as possible. He had just taken a step when the waiter pulled on his sleeve. “Customer, do not go over! The one wearing the gold chain is our second boss. Can’t you see other customers aren’t bothering them either? Second boss does not have a good-temperment, and he refuses to give up on any omega he likes, so I’m sorry!

“Omega?” Pei Yutu caught the key word. “You say he is an omega?”

“Ai, brother, this is obvious. Look at his body, and that face! I have worked for so many years, but I have never seen a more beautiful omega…Besides, this is a members’ area. Only omegas can enter for free without a card. I saw him register with my own eyes.”

“…” Ping Mo registered himself as an omega?

Pei Yutu’s mind went blank for a moment. That night’s dream about the cat-eared boy suddenly came to him. Instructor Ping and omega…

When he came back to his senses and looked over again, there was no one left in front of the card table. He only glimpsed the corner of the gold chain man’s coat as it disappeared around the corner.

“The manager specifically instructed me that you like them young. Preferably students. We have a new male model here who’s only 17 years old, and especially tender. I opened a box for you to see him… Hey, hey, hey? Where are you going?”


Inside the VIP box, Ping Mo relaxed a little after the door closed. Although there were soundproof walls between the first and second floors, the party downstairs had the standard pheromone spillover, and it still made him uncomfortable.

The second boss was still spitefully bragging, “In fact, I used to be a number one in the jungle, no worse than ‘Ghost Ear’! But now that I’ve retired, I don’t like to talk about the past! I really didn’t expect you, a young omega, to be interested in such things…”

“If you guys really know each other that well, how come you don’t know where he is and when he will come to the bar?” Ping Mo lifted the curtain of his long, thick eyelashes and trailed off, “You’re teasing me, aren’t you?”

The second boss was irritated by the petulant-like tone, “He said he has enemies who wanted to trouble him, so he has to be extra careful! I can only wait for him to contact me, and can’t go to him. This time, he is likely not to return to the Wind Chime. Anyway, I manage the bar for him. That person is cautious.”

Ping Mo smiled thoughtfully. the “enemy” Ghost Ear mentioned. Was it him? But if he didn’t dare meet with him, why did he send those gilt roses again and again? Was it to deliberately disgust him and provoke him? In any case, he must meet with Ghost Ear. Not only to settle accounts, but he also had too many questions he wanted to ask him face to face.

The second boss watched Ping Mo. His eyebrows looked like he was pondering. His eyes slid downward recklessly. The more he looked at the teenager in front of him, from his face to his body, everything was excellent and so beautiful that it made his heart palpitate. He poured a glass of sparkling wine again, and leaned over ambiguously. “It’s not early, let’s get down to business.”

Ping Mo surfaced from his thoughts. “Here?”

“Right here!” The second boss said. “Don’t worry, these rooms are specially designed. The peephole door is solid as gold, strong and soundproof. No matter how much noise we make, those outside can not hear it!”

“… Is that so? That’s good.” Ping Mo suddenly hooked his lips up. At the same time, his hand quietly went to the small of his back, and the cold light of a military dagger flashed.

The second boss was so delighted by Ping Mo’s light smile that he was completely unaware of the danger, and actually reached out to touch his lower back as well.

At that moment, the door of the compartment, which was said to be ‘solid as gold’, made a loud bang. Pei Yutu stepped on the collapsed door panel and blocked the doorway with his tall and big foot. His eyes went to the grimy hand of the second boss, then moved to Ping Mo’s stunned gaze.

Ping Mo, ...Fuck!

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August 5, 2022 5:56 pm

If Pei Yutu finally catching on?

August 7, 2022 12:58 am

Have Pei Yutu’s eyes and mind finally been opened?
He should know by now, that Ping Mo is way more than capable of handling himself and must be acting out a plan… no need to barge in like that.
I bet PM will say he’s disguised, while looking for the student.
Is the 17-year old model referred to going to be him?
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 11, 2022 2:39 pm

Best that disgusting scum! The rest of ‘guests’ also need good kick! (ノ`Д´)ノI can’t wait to see it PYT connected puzzles~
Thank You for the new chapter ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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