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Chapter 21: ‘Pheromone Night’

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The lost students were from the Command College, but all the colleges responded to the call for a safety meeting. The safety meeting at the New Weapons Engineering College lasted two hours, and repeatedly emphasized one key point: to mend the fold and not to lose any more students.

The dean was a slightly fat old man, surnamed Jin, gave an impassioned speech, “Don’t think that human trafficking is far away from us. The ‘Ghost’ is the head of the super interstellar pirate group and based in human trafficking. Omegas, teenagers and children are their key hunting targets…”

The back row of faculty listened. “I heard that the boy has been lost for three days. The police have no clues so far, and they have no hope for him to still be alive.”

“The boy must be 19, 20, right? They trafficked an adult alpha? Why? Are you sure the student didn’t run out to play?…”

Pei Yutu kept turning his head to peek at Ping Mo.

Even if this kind of meeting was important, once the leader started to speak, it would become boring. Dean Jin’s speech was long, and by the third point, the attention of the teachers on the stage started to wander off. Some whispered, while some looked at their phones secretly.

This guy is so involved in the meeting, Pei Yutu thought, and his frown is pretty.

The meeting dragged on until five o’clock. Ping Mo sent a message to Leng Li, asking if his Therian inhibitors had arrived yet.

He didn’t expect Leng Li to reply almost immediately, [Ping, I was just about to send you a message, is this a tacit agreement! [Too Happy] Ghost Ears has returned to the main planet, but not sure if he will arrive at The Wind Chimes Bar or not.]

Ping Mo, [I’m going over there now.]

Leng Li, [Good!!! I will prepare snacks for you. [happy] [cute] [thanx]]

Ping Mo went out. He wore his duck-billed hat again, and when he arrived at Taiping Street, he didn’t go straight to Leng Li’s music cafe, but went to The Wind Chimes Bar first, where the waiter at the entrance stamped the back of his hand with a fluorescent stamp for customers who had bought admission tickets.

It was after eight o’clock in the evening and the bar had just opened, so there were not too many people there.

“Welcome! Today we have a theme event. Pheromone Night. Super exciting! Handsome man, you are…uh, alpha?” The waiter twitched his nose and smelled the light, vetiver grass scented pheromones. “Alpha tickets are two hundred Alliance coins.” 

However, Ping Mo didn’t rush to pay. “I want to go to the second floor.”

The waiter looked at him again, saw that he had a duck-billed hat that covered most of his face so he couldn’t see his appearance, and was dressed very ordinarily unlike the rich people. Then he said, “The second floor has a membership system. The membership fee isn’t cheap, and you need a friend to introduce you.”

“How much is the membership fee?”

The waiter quoted a number, and when he saw that the customer was silent, he couldn’t help but mock, “Of course you have to pay to come out and play. Unless you’re an omega, then  omegas can go everywhere for free!”


In the small private room of Ink, the music and tea house, Leng Li had really prepared a lot of snacks; cucumber sandwiches, cream scones, starry macarons, colorful mousse cupcakes, all arranged on a delicate three-tier dessert tower.

Ping Mo never ate sweets in front of outsiders because he always remembered that he was supposedly an alpha. After all, that wasn’t something a fierce man should eat. However, Leng Li was an exception, and they’d known each other so long that she knew all his little habits by heart, so Ping Mo relaxed a little in front of her.

He picked up a scone, and slowly licked the cream on it while listening to Leng Li’s report, “Ping, the Therian inhibitors you want may have to wait a while…Its not out of stock, the goods have been ordered, but with the black market crackdown, they can’t be shipped in. A conservative estimate is that the soonest will be next month…But the clothes you ordered last time have arrived, want to try them?”

Ping Mo didn’t listen to the latter half of the sentence at all, as he frowned and nodded. He was confident in Leng Li’s ability. If he couldn’t even buy from her, it would be approximately the same as the entire main planet.

As for the rejection of Cheng Cheng’s application, it was indeed outside the realm of reason, but also expected. The application for M-type inhibitors required layers of approval. This was tantamount to making public the truth that he was a Therian, while that was something that Colonel Lu Feng tried his best to hide. After all, he had served in the Army as an alpha for many years.

He understood the Colonel’s heart, but the bonding heats were getting more and more violent, and the effect of ordinary inhibitors was getting more and more half-hearted. He didn’t know if he could last a month…

Since the inhibitors were really not as effective, it must be because he had just entered sexual maturity, as the class said, but he was already twenty-seven years old.

“Brother Ping?” Leng Li interrupted his thoughts. “The clothes are here, try them on.”

“Mn, I thought I was already measured. There’s no need to…what’s this?” Ping Mo asked, pointing to an olive-yellow coat that stood out among several sets of identical plain T-shirts and pants.

“I made this one just for you! How about it, does it look good? Ping, you only wear clothes all day like an old cadre. You should also occasionally follow the trend, this is also a biodegradable material, go try it!”

Ping Mo wanted to refuse, but when he heard ‘biodegradable material,’ the set of clothes and pants in front of him automatically converted into four-digit Alliance coins, and they were made to his own size. Five minutes later, Ping Mo stood expressionlessly in front of the mirror, struggling to ask, “Can I still return it?”

“No!” Leng Li’s eyes lit up, “It looks great! It’s so beautiful!”

She used the word beautiful, not handsome. Ping Mo’s skin was white enough to support the light-colored top, the olive-yellow color coat was layered with a white tee. Only the short edge of the hem stopped near his thighs and together with slightly tighter straight-legged nine-quarter pants that revealed his slim ankles.

… It was a good look, but it was too omega-like.


At the same time, Pei Yutu was driving his stylish spacecraft out of the AMTC and into the night, headed straight to Taiping Street. After today’s security meeting, he received another advertisement from the marketing push of the Wind Chimes Bar. The last time he met someone there with his cat, he left his phone number even though he didn’t have a card.

Pei Yutu still remembered the alpha boy named Chen Jianghao, who stopped him and swore that the two lost omegas had gone to the Wind Chimes Bar. Then the two came back with a story that didn’t match Chen Jianghao’s at all, and now it was his turn to go missing…

He had the uneasy feeling that these two things were related to that bar, and since he suspected it, he wanted to go to see. If he couldn’t find any clues, he would use it as an excuse for a relaxing pastime, so there was nothing to lose.


The Wind Chimes Bar was loud at 11:00 p.m. Men and women were swaying their bodies to the rhythm of the strong music. Ping Mo wasn’t wearing his duck-billed cap but was wearing the olive yellow jacket, giving himself a juvenile air. If he hadn’t sprayed the blocker carefully, he would have leaked a little bit of very light, sweet, grapefruit-scented pheromones. “I heard that omegas can get in for free?”

The waiter stared at his face for half a minute before he remembered to answer the question. “Ah, yes, yes! Free!”

“Can I go up to the second floor?”

“You can go up as many floors as you want, but I advise you not to-“

Ping Mo didn’t wait for him to finish before nodding lightly, and squeezing sideways into the bar.

The waiter looked at his back for a long time, and exclaimed, “Boy! The Pheromone Night tonight is a mess. Such a handsome kid, he will be eaten to the bone! I don’t know if he’s even an adult yet…”


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August 4, 2022 10:54 pm

I can’t see things getting snything but harder for Ping Mo without the right inhibitors. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell him someting!
Such a seedy club; PM and Pei Yutu are bound to team up. Will they find the student alive?
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 11, 2022 2:29 pm

Oh, so it was CJH wo went missing~ This case is really weird…
Thank You for the new chapter ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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