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Chapter 26: Your Boyfriend’s Body is Very Strong. Healthy!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


In the darkness, Pei Yutu could not see the expression on Instructor Ping’s face, but he heard him say word for word, “You. Looked. At. My. Computer?”

Pei Yutu could hear a clear murderous aura in the staccato tone of voice, and wrapped his hand around Ping Mo’s stiff arm. “Listen to me. I didn’t mean to do it!”

However the fight didn’t really start. A crisp, loud text message beeped, and interrupted the beating Ping had just started.

Pei Yutu poked his head out from the side, saw that the sender was ‘Leng Li’, thought of the hot female alpha, and immediately felt bad. He said sourly, “What’s that big-boobed lady sending you messages in the middle of the night for?”

Ping Mo responded by simply turning around with his phone, and put his back to Pei Yutu.

Pei Yutu, “…”

Leng Li: [I was just catching up on a TV show and didn’t hear my phone ring. So you want to box? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Pei show off his skills!]

Leng Li: [[screaming]]

Leng Li: [I’ll arrange it as soon as possible!]

After he read the content, Ping Mo just pressed the phone to extinguish it. 

Pei Yutu, who failed to peep, said, “What a mystery. You don’t want me to see it?”

Ping Mo did not pay attention to his words, and coldly said, “Will you get out yourself, or I will throw you out?”

Pei Yutu believed he was Ping Mo’s partner, and knew his temper like the back of his own hand. In fact, from the beginning he didn’t really intend to sleep in his room, but instead to take advantage of the situation, he had said that. He originally wanted to come over just to apologize for what happened during the day. He hadn’t expected Ping Mo to be asleep so early, then he accidentally saw the browsing history on the computer, then he broke into his bedroom.

“I’ll fuck off and get out myself.” Pei Yutu said. “But I’m going with you to go see the doctor first thing in the morning. I got you an appointment.”

Teaching Assistant Pei got up slowly, all the while thinking, Fuck. I wouldn’t bother with you if it wasn’t for your good looks.

When he first saw Ping Mo, he understood for the first time in his life what it meant to have his heart skip a beat. Now that he knew that he was an omega, the enthusiasm that had receded because ‘Instructor Ping turned out to be an alpha extortion king’ was suddenly rekindled. With this filter, he couldn’t get angry with Ping Mo, no matter how cross he was.

This is too superficial! This dog-licking has to stop, Pei Yutu thought. However, when he got to the door, Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t pull it open, but deliberately turned back and said, “Lu DongWang is at the door.”

Ping Mo, “So?”

Pei Yutu, “Old Lu recently suspects that I have something going on with you, and is saying that I’m gay. Hey, I’m an alpha. How am I gay? But coming out of our room this late, he must have something to say.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Instructor Ping went to the door and through the door peephole, he did see Lu DongWang and another instructor smoking there.

Ping Mo’s room was located at the end of the corridor, and because there was a large open space and a row of windows, it had become a sanctuary for the instructors to smoke and chat. Although the accommodation for the instructors was good, most of them are living in pairs. Late at night, if they wanted to do something without the fear of disturbing their roommates, they gathered here. Sometimes at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning there would be people there holding cell phones to watch porn.

Anyone could see Pei Yutu leaving his room late at night and going to Ping Mo’s room.

Pei Yutu was in deep thought. In fact, there was nothing wrong with colleagues visiting each other, but he had a ghost in his heart. It was extraordinarily sketchy. Pei Yutu took advantage of the heat. “Old Lu is not a bad person, he just has a big mouth, alas. I can’t help him.”

Ping Mo had always valued his face and reputation more than himself, and he couldn’t accept being the subject of a ‘peach story’, 1 not to mention the fact that it wasn’t strictly speaking a peach story, but an ‘incident.’

“Stay here tonight,” Instructor Ping finally said. “Have you taken your leave? We’ll leave tomorrow after everyone is out for drill.”

Teaching Assistant Pei was happy to have the opportunity to stay overnight, but before he could rejoice, he heard Instructor Ping say, “Just this once. It won’t happen again, and you’ll sleep on the couch.”

However, Pei Yutu took the initiative this time, and leaned on the bed. “I want to sleep in the bed.”

Ping Mo was amused by his sudden stubbornness. “What did you say?”

Pei Yutu, “I’m tall, I can’t sleep on your small sofa. If you don’t let me sleep on the bed, I’ll leave to sleep!”

This person was blackmailing him!

Ping Mo’s bedroom actually had two beds, but since he was the only one living there, the other one had been reduced to a miscellaneous pile, not to mention the sheets and bedding, so no one could sleep there. Ping Mo gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, you sleep on the bed! I’ll sleep on the couch!”

Ping Mo was really true to his word, as he held the quilt and planned to deal with the night on the couch. But there was a delay in him falling asleep, or rather he hesitated in going to sleep.

Once upon a time, whenever he was close to bonding heat, affected by hormonal changes, he would also have nightmares, and those deepest memories of the grayest, most distant memories, always reappear. But at that time, the Therian special inhibitors were never out of supply, and as long as a pill was taken on time, the dreams of memories would not bother him.

But now that his bonding heat was almost non-stop, he was a little afraid to sleep.

Ping Mo finally couldn’t resist the sleepiness and went to sleep anxiously, but didn’t expect that this sleep would be extremely peaceful and actually dreamless all night.

Until the sunlight coming through the curtains woke him up, and Ping Mo comfortably arched into the ‘quilt’, and shook the cat ears on top of his head.

Wait, cat ears?

Ping Mo woke up with a start, raised his hand to feel the top of his head, and indeed felt the fluffy cat ears, and that early morning surprise was not all of it. He had just arched into a ‘quilt’? What quilt? It was clearly the thirty-seven degree celsius, constant temperature, living alpha named Pei!


Also, this was not the couch. How did he end up back in bed?

“Don’t move around.” The ‘living alpha’ was obviously not fully awake. His words were blurred, and his strong arm fished out, and urged Instructor Ping into his arms. His thighs were pressed up in a cuddle pillow position.

In this way, Teaching Assistant Pei’s hard six pack was attached to Instructor Ping’s honorable buttocks, and adult men always had a period of early awkwardness.

Instructor Pei literally exploded. He pulled away in anger, but also realized something even more embarrassing. His own tail was actually wrapped around Pei Yutu’s thigh!

The bed was actually a single bed, and for it to hold two grown men was really stretching it. Pei Yutu also woke up. He was red-faced as he stretched, but then his eyes fell on the cat ears on the top of the Instructor Ping’s head.

As Ping Mo managed to pull himself out of bed, his eyes followed, moving from the cat’s ears to the beautiful gray-blue eyes, down to the thin, pursed lips, and then to the neckline of his pajamas, which was a little crooked, revealing a small patch of snow-white, tight skin. Pei Yutu’s eyes stopped there, his Adam’s apple rolled. Perhaps he had woken up still a little confused, because the heart of the evaluation actually came out. “Really white.”


The next second he felt a strong wind. It was a fast, accurate and vicious kick.

The good thing was that Captain Pei was also experienced in a hundred battles, and instinctively dodging the attack. The foot fell short, and kicked the edge of the bed. There was a  “click” sound. The edge of the wooden bed folded with a shocking crack, and a white foot was cut by the kick. His ankle was beautiful, toes round, and each toe pad was a little soft peach pink.

“Crap, Ping Mo are you trying to turn me into a eunuch?!” Pei Yutu felt fear as he covered his crotch. “So hard?”

Instructor Ping leisurely retracted his feet, and slowly reached for his home slippers. “You’re okay. With your speed, how could you not avoid it? How did I come to sleep on the bed? Also, what happened to my ears and tail?”

“I didn’t want to let you sleep on the couch,” Pei Yutu looked at the edge of the bed with palpitations, feeling both a vague pain in his crotch and a little satisfaction that Ping Mo was so sure of his abilities. He continued to say while following down off the bed, so he didn’t see Instructor Ping’s secretly pained expression, “But the cat’s ears hadn’t emerged when I carried you to bed last night. Anyway, we still have to hurry to the hospital. We can’t delay any longer.” 

Damn, Pei dodged really fast! He had kicked the edge of the bed, and it hurt pretty bad!

The two of them took turns using the washroom alone with their own thoughts, and before they could finish cleaning up, they unexpectedly found that Ping Mo’s ears and tail had disappeared! But then, Ping Mo became more worried. “This time, my ears and tail were exposed. But there was no pheromone spillage, and they receded on their own, so it’s really strange.”

Pei Yutu was relatively calm, “This thing may have a reason, like morning wood. A normal phenomenon. Let’s go to the hospital to check, and the examination will let us know. Don’t worry about the cost. As your brother, even if I have nothing else, I have plenty of money!”

When he heard, ”’morning wood,” Ping Mo’s face darkened again, but for the sake of the second half of the sentence, he didn’t get angry and accepted the favor. “I really need to trouble you to pay for it today. I’ll pay you back in a few days.”

Leng Li’s field was very large, and if he went boxing, the income would be worth a few years of an instructor’s allowance. However it also meant the more he earned, the greater the possibility of serious injury. Ping Mo, although afraid of pain, was more afraid to owe a favor.

The rich second generation, Pei Yutu, only thought that ‘in a few days’ was a polite phrase similar to ‘thank you.’ He forgot about it, and didn’t care. He gleefully dragged along Instructor Ping, and drove the stylish spacecraft since he was familiar with the way to a high-end private hospital.

This was one of the most famous comprehensive private hospitals on the whole planet. It was said that even the rich and famous were its regular customers, since it was known for having high medical skills and absolute privacy protection. It must be said that once the money was in place, the service standard was extraordinarily high. After they entered, they were given a ‘patient privacy protection pledge’ at the front desk in the lobby, and the nurses followed the whole process with a smile.

It only took about half an hour to get all the lab results and return to the specialist. However, the doctor read the results for a full fifteen minutes. The old expert pushed up his old glasses, glanced at the test list, glanced at Ping Mo, glanced at the test list and so on and so forth. Watching the ups and downs, in their hearts the two almost suspected that Ping Mo had some kind of terminal illness.

When the atmosphere gradually reached its peak, the old expert finally opened his mouth, “This symptom of yours is normal, but that’s also to say it’s not normal, and is quite abnormal.”

Ping Mo tried to keep his voice even and maintain a decent demeanor. “Just say what you have to say.”

It was Pei Yutu who didn’t feel calm, “We will pay any amount of money!”

The old expert said, “You misunderstand. Some indicators are far above normal. I have been in medicine for so many years, but this is the first time I have seen this, however this is not a disease! I mean, the average omega differentiates between the ages of 13 and 16. Therians may be a little later, but no more than 18. However, you started differentiating at 22 then now at 27, that’s now, you’re really entering sexual maturity. True to form, you are a one in a million male Therian!”

“Right now, the frequent rutting period and the instability of some of your features can all attest to this. This is a good thing. Your adolescence will be unimaginably long. I would suggest that it is best to let nature take its course. Don’t rely too much on inhibitors, and use more resources around you.” The expert looked at Pei Yutu and said to Ping Mo, “Your boyfriend’s body is very strong, use him!”


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  1. sex scandal


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